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This post is follow-up to Strato's "Tricks with the new NeoLemmix skills"

I've been playing with new experimental skills for past few weeks.
Both laserer and slider are fantastic imo and they have a lot of puzzle potential.
I think it's good to have a thread for discussing what we can do with these new skills.
So, let me start :D


The most basic usage of slider is probably giving a lemming capability to survive a fall of any height.(works as a substitute for the floater)
I think the most glaring differences between the slider and the floater are 1) slider can transit to shimmier and 2) slider turn around after every falling

1) Slider can transit to shimmier
Slider in combination with the shimmier, it can cross underside of platforms. And it opens up opportunities of accessing area where lemmings never had access to before.

2) Slider turn around after every falling
This is what makes the slider a more interesting skill. Slider lemmings turn around after every falling. This is very powerful ability definitely, but at the same time this ability can be disadvantages at some points. So when you play a level featuring slider, you always have to keep in mind that when you take advantages of slider ability(fall survival, turning around), you have to overcome its disadvantages at some points.

e.g1) Imagine you have only one constructive skill and one gap to cross, and the worker lemming is a slider. If you just build across the gap, the worker lemming will turn around after he finished his job and die.

We want to reuse the slider so don't want to let him die. So what can we do to save him?

You can assign digger to the slider lemming after he finish building then he will fall down without turning around!

Or you can assign blocker to the slider lemming after he finish building and later release him with second pioneer lemming.

e.g2) You can contain group of slider lemmings in creative ways. Here're some examples :

You can later release them with just one destructive skill.

You can even contain slider+climber athletes with stacker+miner(or stacker+basher)

e.g3) You can send a lemming to a bomber hole and make a splatform from there.


The lemming stand still and fires 45 degree laser and destroy all the terrains in its way until the laser comes into contact with steel or reaches its maximum height. Unlike laser blaster in Lemmings2 the tribe, Neolemmix laserer is angled.

1) The most basic usage of laserer is probably using it at the end of the level to release the crowd.
Contain every lemming except for one pioneer lemming -> Send pioneer lemming right next to the exit -> use laserer to destroy the ceiling and release the crowd.
This method is only possible when the exit is at the lower layer of the level than where the crowd is.

2) Laserer can destroy multiple layers of terrains.
e.g1) With only one laserer, you can release the crowd by destroying the terrain under the blocker and at the same time, destroy the upper layer of the terrain so the shimmier can keep going.

e.g2) Combine with blocker(or cloner), laserer can destroy both left and right side of the terrains.
(You need to place a blocker to hold back the crowd anyway. ;))

3) Laserer create shimmier-friendly terrain.
As you can see from the above gif, laserer tunnel is wide enough so that the shimmier can keep going.

So, I tried to introduced some of the tricks I found featuring new skills.(I exclude some advanced tricks that I already use in my unreleased new skill levels. :D) Feel free to add any tricks you know !

Climber->Shimmier transition doesn't work for climber/slider athletes.

This bug doesn't occur in V6.

Left/Right sides of a level are not deadly for a slider.


And bottom side of a level is not deadly for a shimmier lemming.

Playing with new skills these days, I found another bug related to slider.

Slider -> Shimmier transition fails if the platform is only one pixel thick.

As you can see, you can assign shimmier to a sliding lemming, but it doesn't work and he fall down.

But you can get desired result with two shimmiers.

There's no problem if the platform is more than one pixel thick though.


I found out that reachers are allowed to enter midair exits, which means you can use shimmier to let a lemming enter the exit mid-air.

Also at the last frame of jumping phase, the lemming can enter mid-air exit too.

Both should be banned in my opinion :)

New Skills / [BUG][PLAYER] Climber/Slider/Swimmer Bug
« on: March 18, 2021, 08:10:43 AM »


This bug doesn't occurs if the terrain is climbable(In this case, the tri-athlete climbs up the terrain.) or downward slope(In this case, the tri-athlete swims downward.)


The title says it all. Slider lemming can slide through 1pixel floor when the ceiling is low enough.

I'm playing many various level pack from many different authors these days. And I once again, need some recommendations on which pack to play next. Here's the list of the packs I've played so far(in chronological order) and my personal opinions on them.

Dovelems - Dovelem is indeed a great pack without doubt. The pack has very classic type of levels : most of the level use only classic 8 skills and L1 styles.(iirc, there were few levels featuring new neolemmix skills.) The pack starts with very easy levels and the levels get harder and harder toward the final rank. This was the first custom pack I completed.

Pimolems - Similar to dovelem, it starts with mild levels but get quite challenging toward the end.(I myself think Pimolem's most difficult levels are slightly more difficult than those of the Dovelems.) And it is a very traditional type of pack too. And the level "Prisoners of the Pun" from the Hurricane rank is still one of my all-time favorite levels.

Geofflems - It's maybe the easiest pack of this list. The pack gave me the idea of what makes "good easy level" I think making a good easy level is as hard as making a good challenging level.

Lemmings Reunion - Starting with very easy tutorial levels, difficulty increases a lot and ends with very challenging levels. Along with the Nepsterlems, the pack shows it is possible to make very difficult levels only with classic skills, which was quite surprising to me.

Yippee! More Lemmings - This is the first complete pack that features shimmier.(which is my favorite skill!) The pack is not that difficult and the difficulty curve is quite smooth. I very much enjoyed the shimmier levels("Tarzan and Jane" and "Signs to guide you" come to my mind), and I even nominate several levels to LOTY2019.

Xmas Lemmings 2019 : This was the first pack of which I was a pre-tester! Beautiful aesthetic is the strong point of the pack and I also nominate several levels to LOTY2019.

Lemmings United : Ironically, this is the first custom pack I played. I found Ichotolot's youtube videos(creator's commentary on Pacifism rank of the Lemmings United) and registered to this forum to download the pack. I completed first two rank and asked Ichotolot to recommend me some easier packs to play. And those were the Dovelems, Pimolems and Lemmings reunion.
The pack is notorious for its insane difficulty. But I think the first rank is quite manageable to everyone on this forum and the overall difficulty curve is not that steep. So if you are hesitating to play Lemmings United because of its difficulty, I strongly recommend you to actually play the pack.

Lemminas - The pack has musics composed by Willem himself, styles and also Lemminas sprites! It was slightly more difficult than his previous pack; Xmas lemmings 2019.

Lemmings Plus Alpha and Omega2 - LP Alpha is a small pack with only 45 levels equally divided into 3 ranks. Even the first rank is not easy though and difficulty increases quickly. "Troublesome Trio Go To Hell" from the final rank is one of my all-time favorite levels and I even made a level inspired by this. LP Omega2 start with much easier levels than LP Alpha and ends with as difficult levels as LP Alpha.

Lemmings Destination - I really loved Nessy's LOTY2019 nominated levels  so I wanted to play his levels more! First rank is not that easy compared to other custom packs. But it's difficulty curve is smooth until the 4th rank and the 5th rank has quite a few hard nuts in it. I'm now waiting for Nessy to fix my backroutes before I play the pack again.

Godlems - It's a very small pack with only 15 levels, and overall difficulty is not so high in my opinion. But the final rank has some hard nuts, and I was really impressed by one of them ; "Hard4 Godlem". It's a small pack so if you want to play a medium-difficulty pack but you don't have enough time to play a huge pack, I would recommend Godlem to you.

Lemmings Open Air - It's still in pre-testing phase, so I don't want to spoil much about the pack. This is the first pack for me to features recently added skill : jumper and I've enjoyed a lot so far!

NepsterLems - This is one of the hardest pack I've played so far.(maybe be the second or third) NepsterLems break my firm belief that it is impossible to make challenging level with only classic skills. And also, most of the levels are small in size and provide very limited skills, but they're still very difficult.

And I'm playing Lemmings Plus 5 recently. I've completed first 3 ranks so far. I'm looking forward to play final level of the pack since I really enjoyed Ichotolot's contest level "Tribute to V".

So, these are the packs I've played. Any kind of recommendation will be very much appreciated. Personally, I almost enjoy every kind of levels. Difficulty doesn't matter at all, I both love traditional levels and brand new levels that full of Neolemmix skills and objects. The only thing matter to me is that I want to remain in New NL formats since I want new NL's technical stuffs.

General Discussion / Armani's Blog
« on: July 06, 2020, 12:42:45 PM »
Hello all lemmings lovers!! :D
Finally I almost finish my military duty and now I'm on ETS leave.

So I thought I'd just make a blog thread like some other forumers did.:D

General comings and goings :

 It is mandatory for men to serve in the military for 18 months(548 days) here in South Korea. I’ve worked at a military intelligence of a regiment in a frontline troops. The army base I’m in, is so close to MDL(Military Demarcation Line) so sometimes I was able to hear sounds of broadcasting propaganda using loud speakers along demilitarize zone or firearms trainings from North Korea. North Korea has blown up the joint liaison office recently that was open as part of a deal to help the South and North Korea communicate few months ago. And North Korean army moved into demilitarize zone beween South and North Korea. Over the last few months, tension have significantly escalated between the two countries. I really worried what's going on, but fortunately it seems I can finish my military duty in peace. :D

 I will go back to university in September. I‘m a sophomore and majoring in mathematics and statistics. I originally planned to write a long first post for my blog thread but I have no idea what to say. So let me just make a to-do list for now.

To-Do list(in order of importance) :

  1) Traveling to somewhere

Actually, I had a plan of traveling abroad for few months right after I finish my military service.
Countries I’ve visited so far :
Singapore – Before I enlisted in the army, I went to Singapore. I stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel for about a week. You can enjoy spectacular views at the rooftop swimming pool of the hotel. It's just wonderful!

Germany – I visited Berlin to watch World Championship of League of Legends in 2015. I went to Mercedes-Benz Arena, and the team I rooted for won the champion ship.:thumbsup:
Japan+China – I went on family trips to Osaka, Fukuoka, Nanjing and Beijing. But I was too young then, so I don’t remember much about.
Sadly, I altered my plan to domestic travel this time due to COVID-19 outbreak. I hope this pandemic situation gets better soon. :( I will go on a domestric trip for about a month and after that I will be more active in forum than ever before. ;)

  2) Making my first custom level pack

Related development topic :
Check the above link for more details! I have made about 25 levels so far. And I’m planning to make a level pack with 100(~120) levels. I wish my pack will cover wide range of difficulty : from easy levels to very challenging levels. First one or two rank will (hopefully)be good puzzles for beginner and final rank will (hopefully again)be a real challenge even for experts. I will mainly use original and L2 styles and some custom tilesets by other forum members. My favorite graphic set to work with is ‘Bricks’. There are two main reasons : 1) Red is my favorite colour and 2) almost every terrain piece of Bricks tileset is shimmier-friendly.

  3) Playing some custom packs by other members

The packs I‘ve completed so far(in roughly chronological order) :

Original and Oh No More Lemmings(about 10 years ago :forehead:)
Dovelems by Dodochacalo(less than two years ago from here)
Pimolems by Pieuw
Lemmings Redux by Lemmings Forum
Geofflems by Geoffster
Lemmings Reunion by Ichotolot
Lemmings Openair Demo by Strato Incendus
Yippee! More Lemmings by NieSch
Xmas Lemmings 2019 by WillLem
Lemmings United by Ichotolot
Lemminas by WillLem

The packs I’m going to play :

Lemmings Plus Series : Namida recommended me to play Omega2 and alpha. So I will start with Omega2 and then to alpha.
Lemmings Destination : I really enjoyed Nessy’s LOTY nominated levels(‘Butterfly Cult’ comes to my mind) so I want to play his pack.
If you have any packs in mind, please recommend me! Or you can just recommend the packs made by yourselves! I love challenging levels but I also enjoy easy levels. I prefer packs by currently active members but I don’t mind playing packs by inactive members. I‘m fond of newly implemented Neolemmix skills(especially I’m one of the biggest fan of shimmier), but I also like levels with classic skills only.

  4) Studying English

It took more than an hour to write this post so far and I know there are many grammatical errors and incorrect expressions. I have no idea how to improve my English but I will try my hardest anyway. I have memorized a lot of English vocabularies so far, so I have no problem in reading and listening English but speaking and writing English is too hard for me. Do you have any good idea? :(

  5) Making a girlfriend

I got dumped by my ex-girlfriend few weeks ago and I was in the army base back then, so I couldn’t ask why and have no idea what was the problem. :P

  6) Playing some computer games

Of course Lemmings is always my #1 video game. ;)
Other than that, list of computer games I’m playing - Starcraft1, Starcraft2, League of Legends.
I’m quite an expert at Starcraft1. I have played it more than 15 years. I’m in intermediate level in Starcraft2. I’m in Diamond league of 1vs1 and play Zerg and Protoss race. I’m a scrub at League of Legends. But I enjoy playing it. If you play one of these games and want to play with me, feel free to tell me. I’m also gonna try Fortnite and Cyberpunk2077 in the future.

I ran out of idea what to write. :P  I'll be back  when I have nice idea of what to say .

In Development / [NeoLemmix] Lemmings Uncharted (In development)
« on: June 16, 2020, 12:44:14 PM »
Update 12/09/20 : [36/100 levels completed]

I’m working on my first lemmings level pack. :-[

Lemmings Uncharted

- Featuring new Neolemmix skills including shimmier and jumper. And if final 20th skill is implemented before the release, this pack will also feature that final new skill.
- 100 levels divided into 5 ranks (so 20 levels per rank)
- Focus on original L1 and L2 graphic sets and less than 5 levels per rank with custom tilesets by various authors.
- Covering wide range of difficulty : From easy levels that are no more difficult than original game to very challenging levels that require you hard thinking.
- Aiming for a early 2021 release - I have a lot of level ideas in mind but no time to makes them into real lemmings levels now. After I finish my military duty in August, I will roll up my sleeves and get to work ;)

(I haven’t decided names of the rank yet)


King's Cove :

No introduction levels, few X of everything levels and you will get some puzzle levels very soon. But don’t worry. I can assure you that the overall difficulty of this rank will not go beyond the original game.


Secretly! Greatly! :

You will encounter slightly more complex terrain and skills combinations. Most of the levels will not be ‘anyway you want’ levels. But there will no very difficult levels yet.


Snow Flower :

From now, you require more thinking. It’s getting heavier and sometimes you need to find some totally new tricks to clear the levels.


Price of Progess :

Your puzzling power will be tested seriously now. Most of the skills need to be used for multiple usage and the solutions are very unobvious and hidden.


The Strategist :

This rank features the toughest puzzle I could make. Several levels will takes days or even weeks to solve. But, you will get satisfying feeling of accomplishment after these ultimate challenge. Keep in mind that you never fail until you stop trying!

Direct transitions from climber to shimmier don't work in some cases.
I'm not sure but I suspect this would happen when the ceiling is 1pixel thick
I can assign shimmier to the climber but it is cancelled immediately and the climber fall down.

Watch this 30s video and you can see what I mean

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