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Dodochacalo other pack
« on: July 24, 2020, 01:22:28 AM »
ok here is Dodochacalo's other Lemmini pack he had, now for neolemmix. playtested all good.

tweaks I made for this pack
1) in catchapack level 9 (Mesa Amarilla) had to add pickup skills since the glitch doesn't work in neolemmix

2) in dodo pack level 5 (A Lemming to love) had to add a walker but subtracted a builder since builder trick doesn't work in neolemmix

3) in dodo pack level 9 (Secret Labratory) had to recreate solution since this level is a superglitch in Lemmini(not even sure if it works in Superlemmini)
  but skill counts remained the same and didn't add any pickup skills.

4) in dodo pack level 10 (All that a basher can do) had to add walker pickup skills since this glitch doesn't work in neolemmix(I think this only work in regular lemmini because the basher doesn't complete bash
         also I don't think it would work in Superlemmini)

5) made all levels unlimited time except 1 since I think it may affect solution.

To play just extract to neolemmix folder will go in right place. also
For music Dodo used on his youtube channel download this dropbox link(I changed the 0 to a 1 so it will download automatically)