Author Topic: converted old format Gigalems to new format with new music  (Read 943 times)

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converted old format Gigalems to new format with new music
« on: September 18, 2020, 05:48:45 AM »
Now that I have Gigalems in the old format download, I decided to convert it to new formats. Also since the old formats music wouldn't play using the Gigalems_music.dat(probably due to wasn't updated to 1.43). So since that was the case I wanted to have the pack with better music. So I converted it to New Formats. I Had to use Namida's NXPextractor to get the levels level000.dat to
level004.dat(the 5 ranks levels)) first from the Gigalems.nxp file then I used 1.43 to extract each level separately from the 5 levels.dat's that were inside the Gigalems.nxp file. Then I used the
neolemmix editor to load each level(.lvl) that was saved from 1.43 and saved each to .nxlv(with new added music). Then finally I used the data packer program to pack the .nxlv levels into ranks.

And that's it. Of course I tested the pack to make sure each had the correct levels in each of Gigalem's ranks. Also made sure the music I added was playing.

And I already finished the first rank Warm saving the replays.

Now to get the pack just extract it to the main neolemmix folder(perhaps a new player)
also to get the music download it from my dropbox link:

Note: Converting packs from old formats to new isnt always possible, expecially if the old packs rely on culled objects. Also Some people are better at some things than others. For example, I may not be the greatest at fixing backroutes(according to 1 person) or puzzle solving(which I do actually admit). But I'm definitely good at converting whether old to new formats or even Lemmini to Superlemmini which I've done for many such
as Lemmings reunion(This was a major project, also often a major headache with the editing). I'm pretty sure not everybody would have accomplished this.

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