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This is a non-profit project by fans of Lemmings and Freedom Planet.
Milla and Freedom Planet are property of GalaxyTrail, Sabrina DiDuro, and Ziyo Ling
Lemmings is Property of SONY
Please support the official Release!

This is a sample I made for the Update to the FP2 Dragon Valley Set, and the New Avian Museum Set, this short pack shows what is possible with these set and possibly more.
This also has a new millas folder titled "gigalem_millas2" to make the millas match their FP2 appearance.
However, be aware that this remain a sampler until both Millas AND Freedom Planet 2 are released.

Place in your NeoLemmix folder, and extract.


Milla and Freedom Planet
Galaxy Trail, Sabrina DiDuro, Ziyo Ling

Lelia "Woofle" Wilson, Falk Au Yeong, Sean Evans

Sprites (Original and Fanmade)
Rafael Ventura, Pixy, Daniel Taylor, Tim Jonsson, Plom510

Namida and Nepster

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Downloaded this pack. Somehow I missed this one. And it wasn't even in the Developement board.
Also nobody it seems has played it.
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Hello Gigalem,

I have finished all the levels here. I have attached my replays.

General Remarks

First, let me describe the visuals. As usual, these are wonderfully designed levels! :thumbsup: Excellently made tilesets and many are quite eye pleasing to look at, especially with a great choice of a background. My only gripe is that on level 6 it's extremely difficult to tell what's background and what's terrain. If you must know, I'm one of those players who almost never uses CPM, not because I don't find it useful, but rather as a Lemmings player I believe in figuring stuff out as I go. Hence, I don't take the easy way out and use CPM to see what's background, what's terrain, what's a button/trap, etc. Also on level 7 the window bars can easily be mistaken for solid terrain when it's actually background. Otherwise, you've made some pretty levels in your other packs that I have played, and it continues to hold with this demo. Nice job! ;)

Really interesting looking traps and custom objects here, especially the buttons on level 7 and 9. The frog-like trap kind of reminds me of Yoshi from Mario Brothers, where he generally uses his tongue to eat stuff. That's also a really interesting triangular warning symbol to mark the trigger area for that trap. I can see how it can get in the way at times, but I generally didn't have any problems with that while solving the levels.

Great music as well. That's really cool that the music that plays on level 8 is a track that also plays in the United pack. However, this appears to be a remix? It sounds slightly different than the one that plays on the Millas levels in that pack.

Feedback on the Levels

I can certainly agree with the difficulty of hard to an extent. Some of these were challenging. I think the only reason why I managed to breeze through the pack more quickly than I thought I would is due to all the training/experience I've gained from solving so many level packs over the years. I have, after all, solved some of the most difficult packs currently available, including United, Lemmings Plus Alpha, SEB Lems, etc. The longest I've taken on any single level in this demo was about 10-15 minutes. Honestly, many of your levels from your earlier packs were far harder, but to be fair, this is only a demo of 10 levels and thus I have yet to see some of your nastier levels for this pack. Hence why it's a sampler of things to come from you possibly at a later time. Not to mention that some are of these should definitely be backroutes :P

Ok, now feedback on the individual levels.

Sample levels 1 - A Fine Display! Nicely designed, somewhat challenging level to start off the demo. Once again, not paying close attention to the save requirement in relation to the cloners got me into trouble again, as I kept thinking I needed to rescue the blockers that are used too :XD: It's actually an easy level.

Sample levels 2 - The Problematic Gap One of my favorites. Bit harder than the previous level, but not that much harder.

Sample levels 3 - Total Construction Breather level. Great design here.

Sample levels 4 - Wyrmwood Much easier than I thought. Probably a backroute?

Sample levels 5 - Cy-clone Another favorite of mine! :thumbsup: Looks difficult, but it's not that hard. I absolutely love the solution here with the two tricks needed, especially with preventing anyone from falling to the bottomless pit on both sides.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Sample levels 6 - The Good Ol' Switcheroo Oh hey, there's a level in the Bonus rank of United called Switcheroo, so you probably got some inspiration of this level from there? Then again, Switcheroo was a contest level that Icho put in the Bonus rank. Same concept, where there's two specialist groups, and they each take their own route to the appropriate exit. This is probably a backroute, though :P

Sample levels 7 - Attack in the Capsule Another favorite of mine! :thumbsup: Somewhat challenging, but that was especially great with getting me to think, I'm a constructive skill short, how in the world do you solve this level if the two platformers go in the most obvious places and then you need one for after you mine the crowd out? Few minutes later I realized what needed to happen ;)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Sample levels 8 - Mi Laboratorio es su Laboratorio Difficult one. IMO the hardest one or close second for hardest of the entire demo. However, I love the solution here. That's especially cool with those spinning things in the air to be the buttons. Almost like playing one of them video games on a TV console. Some timing needed in the solution to prevent some from dying to the trap in the starting area. However, seems like it's generally not a problem as long as you free the crowd at the right time. Also, I think I realized that maybe timing isn't needed at all, as I probably could had done it the other way instead.

Sample levels 9 - Build! Block! It's all in the mind! Surely it's not supposed to be this easy? Lots of skills leftover :P Probably the level title is a hint to the solution? At least the first part of it.

Sample levels 10 - Treehouse Trial I saw how there's plenty of skills, especially destructive ones. Then I checked the skillset again and realized there's no builders or any kind of constructive skill :o and that made me scream. Joking here, of course. I said ok, I'll rise to the challenge and get the level solved :P This is a really good no builders level to end the demo. It's definitely a difficult one, and probably the hardest or even close second for hardest in the demo. Luckily, there's way more than enough skills to get through the level. Really good puzzle in figuring out how to get through the level when the most powerful classic skill, the builder, is not provided. The only talisman in the demo, but you will always get it if you manage to solve the level, as that's exactly what it is.

Truthfully, I already want more. This was just too short and wasn't really all that hard for me. Ironic, since earlier today I said that I'm getting burnt out by all these hard levels I've been playing, especially since I finished LPing a 156 level pack earlier in the day. Even great puzzle solvers like me need a break from level solving :crylaugh: So, take your time, though I know you said that you're currently taking a hiatus from LPing and content. In the meantime, there's always the Festival Millas I said that I was going to LP. I'll likely do that in the upcoming weeks or so.

Once again, nice job with this demo, and I look forward to more content from you whenever you get your creative gears going again. Also, I will take a look through your earlier packs and let you know which ones I possibly would like to see remade. Just let me know when you would like me to do so. I'm already more than happy to do it, just let me know when you would like a list ;) - My YouTube channel and you can also find my playlists of Lemmings level packs that I have LPed
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I'll take a look at these replays at somepoint, Im doing things I've been needing/wanting to do for a while, one of those is updating Festival Millas 2018 & 2019 and I am in the middle of that right now. I'm glad you liked the sample pack. I much as I want to make more, two sets from Freedom Planet 2 is not going to be enough for a huge level pack. Someday this go from a sample pack to full blown project but that won't be until Millas is Released and Freedom Planet 2 is released (which btw, Sabrina diduro finally posted another preview shot on her twitter)

Festival Millas is getting priority due to me wanting the previous year packs to have level qualities that match my standards for today, I'm almost finished with the remake levels for 2018, I just need to make one more before I make the replacement levels for 2018 before moving on to 2019's Remakes and Replaces (old levels go in the time capsule pack if you're wondering)

The other reason is I'm trying to get enough done before my move, I hope I can get them done before the end of April.

I can see why Level 6's BG may be a problem, that'll need an adjustment

Level 8's music is a newer version of FP2's Dragon Valley with some added touched to the song

and Level 10's Talisman is there because its for completing the demo, it'll probably be replaced if a more challenging solution comes up.

I don't know when I'll get to back route fixing because I have quite a bit to worry about at the moment

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Hey Gigalem, no worries about fixing up the sampler pack. Do you what you need to do to get done before the big move. If anything, I will probably just wait for the updates to be done before I start LPing one of your packs. In the meantime, there's plenty of other content to keep me busy. Also, let me know when you would like me to look through your old packs to let you know which levels I think are worthy of a remake ;) - My YouTube channel and you can also find my playlists of Lemmings level packs that I have LPed
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