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MASTER-88 NEW Custom +V2 Pack is done
« on: April 30, 2022, 10:37:16 AM »
Okay logo and music is addes and everythings is here correct. Lets play.:):thumbsup:

120 Levels
30 per each difficulty. 4 Difficulty.
Step 1: Simple Cakewalk
Step 2: Easy Roadtrip
Step 3: Tricky Boaradwalk
Step 4: Suffering Hellrodas.

Logo and everythings is done.

I started make my 3rd pack and demo levels, but its will done probably end of the this year. Its depend my insipirations. This pack is fucking awesome. Very much easy levels and really much tought levels.

Orginally this Pack was making older Neolemmix version, but eveyr levels is changed working new neolemmix version.
This pack includes 8 Avarage lemmings skills +10 other skills.

Its not includes: Lasers, Sliders or Jumpers. Those was new. My 3rd pack which are coming in somedays future will includes also those skills.

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