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General Discussion / Re: GigaLem's Blog and Reviews Thread.
« on: March 08, 2023, 04:26:53 AM »
Update Video

While things aren't entirely set in stone just yet I have a poll running on my community tab, at the time of me posting it's up to 4 votes. I'm taking the time practice each of my candidates for each of the LPs, Voting for the next two LPs will end on March 31st 2023.

The Choices are

-Metroid Zero Mission (Wii U VC, 100%)
-Katamari Damashi REROLL (Switch)
-Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Wii U, New Play Control)
-The Legend of Zelda:A Link to the Past (Wii U VC)
-Oh No! More Lemmings (FS-UAE, Amiga)

Lemmings Main / Re: Most annoying Lemmings level to you (any game)?
« on: February 25, 2023, 08:08:27 AM »
Triple Trouble on PS1
and King of the Castle on any version.

While im at it, just. PS1's Taxing Rank, due to the flawed frame work and controls, I find the PS1 version to be the worst non-8 bit version of Lemmings. Why the heck does the cursor have momentum?!

General Discussion / Re: GigaLem's Blog and Reviews Thread.
« on: February 23, 2023, 09:43:41 PM »
I didn't want to make this my 1400th post here, but I received bad news this morning, and of course this had to happen after my birthday as well. so for the third year in the row something wants to crush my soul into dust.

First I will confirm what may happen for sure later once my mom gets an answer from our current landlord

Not even two years into living in this tiny home and already the home's owner wanted to sell the place and lied about my family not paying the rent, My mom even stated that she payed a lot more this month and had to talk to the landlord about it, the landlord will have a stern talk with the owner but in case I have to move again well they're at least gonna try to help us if my mom was asked "how many bedrooms" was something to go by.

This year hasn't been very fun so far for me, having to deal with family issues and not being able to get to stuff I honestly need to finish. I wanted to resume Millas after my 13th Let's play was fully edited and such. I'm still editing Plague of Shadows at the time of this video currently at part 11, and on top of that I was gonna make an update video after editing my Kirby first impression video (which weirdly enough will likely come out after I have the game) but combo that with the uncertainty of moving again and all the stress and issues with the family. and getting self conscious about myself, my personal life outside the forums, and worrying about making or have made mistakes that have made people hate me and wishing to make amends. I'm not exactly in the best state of mind to be able to work on the things I want to do because I can't have another move happen again and so soon, not again.

Why does it feel like every time I wanted to finish Millas something has to get in the way? I wanted to a longer break from recording so I can dedicate a month to working on actually finishing Millas, but my passion gets stripped away from me because of something I can't predict and/or control.

Again, I'll confirm if I have to move or not, but this will be affecting my mood to create and I don't like it. I'm sorry if I so silent about things, im caught in the miasma horrid luck and in the middle of winter too.

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Festival Millas 2022 - Release Thread
« on: January 28, 2023, 10:59:13 PM »
Did a quick hot fix to add a missing credit, thanks to piece grouping I didn't need to update the sets.
Link is the same, just with the hotfix applied

In Development / Re: Bits of Levels You Can Finish!
« on: January 24, 2023, 03:48:24 AM »
Some unfinished levels from me, some of the levels use FM sets and require the FM set updates in the FM22 thread, check my signature.

NeoLemmix Levels / Festival Millas 2022 - Release Thread
« on: January 23, 2023, 12:14:28 AM »
Guess who miss the christmas deadline the first time in years?
Unforeseen circumstances and a very stressful time made it hard to finish this pack but hey, it's finally done. Please note I might take a mental break unless I feel a creative itch in my mind, I need to reassess and refresh myself, I want to get Millas done this year so if im not making a level for FM23 or FM19 Overhaul, I'm making a level for Millas and I'm focused on redoing a lot of levels and filling in spots that needed filling up a long time ago. With that being said without further ado

The Fifth of the Festival Millas packs, with this one have Space and IIDX Casthour influences This includes 35 Levels (and a credits level), 3 New Sets, Set updates and music to go with it.

Jupiter is the first and easiest of the 5 Ranks, as you trek through the early game. This is the first pack to feature remakes of my older levels such as this one here.
"A Spectacle as cold as the Night"

Past Jupiter is Saturn with it's rings, like the winter weather it's rings are made of rocks and ice. So expect things to pick up
"Have them exit first"

It's a planet that people have to pronounce differently because of how it sounds unaltered so if channels say it like "Ur-run-us" or "u-ran-oose" you now why. The middle rank where it's harder than most, but easier than the rest.
"Metal in our Affairs"

The fourth in outer space, named after the gods of the sea. Dear Neptune the punch pulling is off for this the further you are in the Galaxy, the colder it gets
"Chipping Address"

Named after Hades, Pluto is here (and I never used the Song Pluto or Pluto Relinquish dang it!) this is where all the brutal levels go and some are levels either I completed or Armani Completed
"The Ominous Plane"

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Music Credit
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The Level Pack(Extract into your levels folder)
The Graphic Sets(extract in your neolemmix folder)
Music(Extract in the Music Folder)


The set being used is early in production, a finished version of the set will be featured in FM22

But since it's needed to investigate the issue, I'll supply the version being used just extract in the styles folder

The editor does not handle semitransparent terrain properly. This is a known issue but hard to resolve with how the editor is written.
Well I knew about the semitransparency problem, but what about the grouping of semitransparent pieces? The other pieces were used to show a example of piece I used.
Why does the grouping for semitransparent pieces result in what's seen in the player?

The first issue involved grouping, when the terrain is grouped in Editor like below

The player instead decides to render it like this

The other issue, overlaying a transparent piece on steel, I don't know weather or not to count this as a bug but it does carry the properties of when a destructible terrain piece is overlayed on steel, all the contents of that piece can be destroyed, I guess it doesn't count as a bug since the terrain is functioning correctly, but at the same time well...

The Images below will best describe what im talking about

In Editor, The Paint Object works similarly to one way arrows, I applied steel here but I also used terrain with "allow one way" unticked

But in game, Paint Ignores this and overlays anyway

Festival Millas 2022 should hopefully be picking up speed soon, Second Graphic set will be under way as most if not all of the concepts for the new sets should be ready for the spriting process.

I already have one tester for the graphic sets down and they're free to send any levels they've made to the project if they want to have it in the project.

but I am also interested in having those try out the new sets ahead of time. 2 or 3 more at most will be fine since this is a smaller project.

Hopefully January 2023 can be where I can pick up steam and start resuming Millas as project once again and get it done because I'm still taking any level donations specifically for the easier ranks and they'll be gladly accepted until the point of testing is near. again this also includes the levels that I offered to be touched up.

October was a very hectic month for me and im just trying to get the chaos done. I'll likely have an update for the end of the year in december on my channel.

Thank you for your time, and for your support it means a lot.

Sorry for the lack of things on my end it's just im juggling some video projects and getting back in groove of things so here's what going on.

I'll be taking a moment to look at levels that were sent to me to figure out the final touches, titles, music, etc. I thank those who've applied so far, gave their input and such. Your names have already been added to the level design section of the credits.

FM22 sets are being worked on and the first set is almost complete, if in case you wanted to submit a level to that project let me know and I'll allow you to use the new sets early when ready. Any sets used in FM18-21 are allowed, GigaLem Special and Plom510 Special are also allowed

I've been editing video project for october, so im hoping to have those out of the way ASAP or have freetime if any.

To ease the workload, I'll be scaling back the number of levels I might have to focus on the final set of redesigns, and take any levels I wanted to keep around towards a "1.5" of levels, A pack like that wont take priority until I know Millas is ready for testing. If im lucky, I won't have to do much since it'll be a smaller pack.

Man I wish I could manage my time better, with that said, gotta get through the chaos and get my brain a tinkering again. I know I have a lot to do but im hopefuly managing better than was years ago. the 2 week break did help air out some steam.

Decided to post these ten or so levels that I need some help with touching up visually, I'm stumped in making them look pretty, if im luck some ideas will come to me, but as it currently stands, I'm not happy with how these look, to play/edit them again grab this set update

Heck just giving a design idea can go a long way like, making a pretty design with the terrain could help immensely. it's helped before with select FM Series packs.

PM me you do

I'm gonna rant about my issues lately and what's preventing me from getting this level pack into testing before 2023, I apologize if I sound snappy but this is me being frustrated about another roadblock in the progress, one that's be prevalent since 2018. I'll be away for the rest of august to early September starting the 27th, while im hoping my cali trip goes well. one thing that's prevented me from making levels lately besides my 11th lp was this!

Decided to unceremoniously drop this due to lack of time, current lack of help, lack of motivation with levels. I've for while have a had a lack motivation because it feels like I could never get this last piece of the pie secured and I Really wanted to make a new demo with a complete tutorial rank I wanted to do a video playing through new tutorial rank. But there were many things that was working against me latetly.

One, lack of help, I've stressed that level submission and help positions are open, they still are, and always will be until the remaining ranks are complete im struggling with non-braindead easy levels, most of the time I try to make an easy level that isn't braindead it ends up too hard for the rank, the Puppy Rank is stuck at 25 levels, and I can give a final number count for the Newborn rank because im not sure what'll it be for once all bases are covered. on top of that another level developer for the project Nessy I've been trying to contact for months, on this forum, on discord, on steam, whenever they were online recently. No Response I've wanted to keep in touch and now I feel like I did something wrong to get no response and I've been dealing with the feeling since march. And that feeling has given me panic attacks, and it sucks it really does

Two, no response to my call for help. Speaking of no response, while I was glad to hear people talk about the topic in the forum discord, and I'm glad to receive a suggestion from ichotolot for a level and I'll still make it once I think of something, no joke it felt like my topic post got ghosted. I wasn't expecting too many PMs asking about joining the project to get to last spots filled. Having the offer be completely ignored on the forum itself upsets me. Because I've been asking for help on the last push, I thought I was gonna get it done this year, but it's looking like im doing my repeat of never getting it done again! I'm gonna stress this right now I want to release this level pack! I really want to finish Millas because im tired of with holding it from the public. I have what will be soon 7 years of work that I don't want to release in an unfinished state because im struggling on two crucial areas. I NEED HELP WITH EASY LEVELS IF THAT WASN'T OBVIOUS ENOUGH, IT'S THE ONE THING LEAVING THIS INCOMPLETE! I've had the final level made months ago. That's how bad I need this done If it sound like im frustrated about this, I AM! I shouldn't have to ask more than once to get some extra minds and pointers because I can literally taste a full level set. But I can't because I can't think of something easy, easy levels are hard to make and I can't stress this enough. Now I get it, I won't be able to do progress until I return september, but good god. So if me saying it nicely wasn't enough, I'll say it directly, If you want to see this pack released at all, I honest to god NEED YOUR HELP! Level ideas, sketches, incomplete level files, anything that can finally fill that hole in the puppy and newborn ranks, anything to pretty up these levels I want to keep. Anything! I NEED A FINAL PUSH. I never wanted to get like this, but the tumbleweeds response was not what I needed at the time I've posted.

Three, to go with two, yes this help can extend to Festival Millas wether it be overhaul or new pack, I can send playable versions of new sets or festival set updates. If you're wanting to pitch in I'll happily give you what you need if you have some ideas and such. Share any progress you've made with me when you're able, full levels, partially complete levels, replays with those levels, im willing to look at anything related to Millas or Festival Millas if you want to aid the project. If you do want to apply I'll happily get things going starting from when I return home on September 13th

Four, I'm thinking for if I have the "too many good levels to keep" issue again, im thinking of putting them in a smaller bonus pack titled "Millas 1.5" while I can fit levels in to that, I will not prioritize unless I have the extra time. This is the ease the workload so I don't have to worry about a bonus rank after the fact.

If you want the set update go to this post

Im honestly sorry for my frustration, but I needed to get this off my chest, I hate roadblocks and this roadblock came at a terrible time. I'll see you with any further updates if any should exist (I hope)

NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Freedom Planet Tilesets (2017-Beyond)
« on: August 22, 2022, 03:09:09 AM »
2022 Update

Here's the Shadow Drop-esque update so here you go, im getting this out there since I'll be away for a couple of weeks, plane trip happening
All Sets
Corner Steel for Everyone!

Relic Maze
Claw Trap Added
Splat and Anti Splat Pads
Alt Colored Teleporter
Splitter Clock
New Pieces

Fortune Night
Splat and Anti Splat Pads
New Pieces

Sky Battalion
Locked Exit and Switch Added

Thermal Base
Purple Pieces and BGS
Fields of all kinds

Pangu Lagoon
Two New Traps, one is Single Use
Teleporters Added

Trap Hideout
Overhauled all Trap

Battle Glacier
Locked Exit and Switches

Final Dreanought
Additional BGs added

Brevon's Lair
Steel Boarder Updated for visibility
Alternate options in the special sets

Special Sets
a certain graphic edited due to missing the 2022 release date
Playstation Stuff Added
Blue Dreadnought Pieces and Objects

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