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Bugs & Suggestions / [Duplicate][Sug][Player]Center pre/post-level text.
« on: September 20, 2018, 09:24:07 pm »
Icho suggested I'd pitch this so here we go
big image
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Yeah, gonna be honest, the text should be at the middle of the screen instead of the top

Bugs & Suggestions / [bug][pack toolkit]I literally can't save my pack!
« on: September 19, 2018, 06:46:34 am »
When I try to save my pack it give me an error even when im doing something intended.
its gives me the "Path not supported error" even when I press cancel >:(>:(>:(
I'm selecting a folder but it just spits out this error

Bugs & Suggestions / [Sug][Editor]Search Bar on the Terrain/Object viewer
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:39:11 pm »
For those incredibly big sets (Like VGAspec for example being a general use special set) scrolling for pieces may tend to be a chore. What if there was a search bar where you could have the result take you to the piece you wanted? Maybe that can make level making easier

Bugs & Suggestions / [sug][Player & Editor]Pan Background Position
« on: September 08, 2018, 05:59:18 am »
There are certain backgrounds that, to get the full enjoyment out of it, a bigger level must be made, but I want to have to ability to move the position of the background so I can choose to have a good view to complete the feel of my level. Like I'm making a dragon valley level and i'd like to move the BG upwards just to see the mountain.

now that custom sounds for locked exits and switch are back, let me know what sets used custom sounds for exits and entrances in the old format so I can add them to the new format.
I know some of the sets i've used those in were
-Labyrinth Zone (Me & Flopsy)
-Desert Mod (Me)
-Metropolis & Press Garden (Plom510)
and those I wanted to add were
-any locked exits in my FP graphic sets
-any Sonic sets that have locked exits

While NLEditor is fun to use I think there's room for improvement. This can go for all other tools too. Use this topic if want to suggest ways of making Neolemmix more convenient

I'll give my input for my suggestions

For Neolemmix Editor
I want a better way to view all the pieces, for big sets with tons of pieces, scrolling through em is a major pain! I want the piece selector to give you the option to view more pieces at once maybe even have it pop out of the editor too.

My second suggestion would be the gray boarder to always be visible no matter how much your zoom in. What I mean is that whenever I zoom in towards the edge I want to see a bit of the gray area so I know im at the end of the map, this was so useful in the old editor I would very much like it back here

Third one is something that others might find handy, and X/Y co-ordinate viewer for the objects and terrain. For those that want to be precise, having that there would be very helpful.

Fourth one would be having a tab for the backgrounds on the piece chooser, it doesn't even have to say "View Backgrounds" it could just say "Choose Background"

For the Graphic Set Tool (New format)

This one is a big one. Complete UI overhaul. The new graphics tool is too small and too buggy. you can't seem to see the full size of the objects or pieces. you have to add stuff externally because adding it internally has a bug where if you name this object and press enter, it deletes itself and renames all the objects to the one that came before it. The size of the program should be much bigger, and UI should be user friendly. Allow us to have the program auto holo out pieces that have any of that "Fushia" color you know the one. This one "R:255 G:0 B:255". Allow us to select if we want import the strip vertically or horizontally. and most importantly allow us to select lemmini resolution for any graphic sets we want to convert. and allow us to edit sound on objects that were editable in the old format (Custom sounds on switches and locked exits)

I'll add more once I use the level pack tool.

Closed / [Fixed][bug][editor]Level size is completely locked!
« on: July 16, 2018, 05:52:50 am »
This shows up when I try to edit the size of a previously saved level

I can't seem to change the size of a level for some odd reason, If I can't edit the size of any level period. I'm forced to downgrade until this bug is fixed

and before you ask, I tried editing the size of a new level from scratch, same error occurs.

Lix Main / Editor, Giga's rant
« on: April 08, 2018, 05:09:26 am »
And finally I have made the first Review, split off from my Blog thread.

Why the Lix Editor is not so good

I hope I explained everything. Had to use Google doc since Microsoft word was a no go.
If there's anything I missed I'll see If i can explain it. so without further ado, give it a read

Level Design / Recommendations for Level music
« on: March 26, 2018, 04:40:12 am »
I decided to put this in level design for the lack of a solid place to post.
This is a place for sharing music you use in your packs the others can use it.

If you want to find the music yourself and share it with others either go to YouTube or head to
Mod Archive

You can also share the music you've made for lemmings if you want to.

To start off, I want to thank Yung Gotenks for helping me find the soundtrack to H2O from Webfoot. Attachment is below

NeoLemmix Graphic Sets / When you update your set, please PM Nepster
« on: March 17, 2018, 03:52:31 am »
If you're working on your set in the NeoLemmix v12 format, please remember:

When you create or change a graphic set, to make it auto-downloadable in the next release of NeoLemmix, please create a .zip file of your graphic set and send the .zip to Nepster by private forum message.

This will help you in the future. ;)

One thing I've noticed is that one section of the profile options is pretty outdated

Do we need this anymore considering AOL has been shut down since the end of 2017?

only thing I could suggest is just changing stuff to something more relevant?
like Being able to add your Discord tag, Skype tag, Twitter, etc. Stuff like that

In Development / Random level sharing topic!
« on: February 26, 2018, 09:06:24 pm »
Got any levels you want to share? are not developing a pack but wanted to make some level or practice your skills at level making?
Well we have a topic for you!

In this topic you can share 1 or a small amount of levels you made as a testing ground or if you felt like just making one.

How do I share my level?
Attach the level to your post or give a link, then give us details about the level.

Format: (New/Old/Lix/Lemmini)
Level Name:
Graphic Set:
Other Details and Trivia:
and image if possible

Can I donate the level to a collaborative pack?
Yes, I'll give two known examples, all you need to do is follow their requirements

Lemmings Mania
NeoLemmix community pack

If you're looking for ghost levels, go here. You will need V1.43 for them to run.
Ghost Levels

If there are any other pack you wish for me to put on this list, I will put on this list

Can I give feedback for this level or these levels?
Yes you can, send replays, talk about backroutes or ask how they can fix the level (I stress the last one btw)

All that's left to do is just share, share what you can. enjoy :)


Yeah, I have several reasons why this happened and I need go on why that is

Why is it "in Development?"
There isn't exactly an "Archived" or "Closed" Project board here, if I could be honest I wish for that to be a thing (Along with Skill emojis for the site) so those who ask with their last post to be sent there.

Why? and why now of all times?
1.I lost all inspiration for this project, I haven't even bothered with the logo or the graphics and music yet
2.Over Ambition, this is something i've ceased in my early years because I did too much at once and boy am I such an idiot for doing that
3.I really want to move on to other projects that need my attention sooner, its been on the back burner for so long that im gonna jump right in with a high head and good mood.

What also stopped me?
I play too much Pokemon XwX'

What did it contain anyway?
It would've had
-6 Ranks with 10 levels each
-Be the debut of my Friend's levels. you may know him as "Plom510" (Please get on the forum soon, you prowess needs to be shown)
-The subtitle "Homeward bound"
-The story was that the lemmings ran out of fuel during their last delivery, and they have to take the long way home, They'll travel forests, snowlands, and old factories.

What did it end up with
-94% Complete in terms of levels with two unfinished wips.
I didn't even get to assemble a .nxp

What's gonna happen with my projects in the future?
I should focus on more Realistic projects, My Milla's project is going slow but its to ensure its quality. I have to if it comes to newer levels.
If I want to make future holiday packs, I'm gonna make em smaller if I can help it. Maybe something called "Winter Festival Millas" which should have less levels with new graphic sets if possible.
have for the "GigaLems" level pack moniker....I have decided to officially Retire it, I may release my other unfinished projects and continue to focus on one big project at a time.

I deeply apologize for not keeping up with it every year but these things just fall out of my control and so does this levels block.

Plom, I thank you for helping me in the long run but it wasn't fully enough

Heres the in-assembled prototype Download

General Discussion / GigaLem's Blog and Reviews Thread.
« on: January 14, 2018, 11:19:43 pm »
I've decided to do something new with myself for this year on the forums and that's a "Blog and Review" thread.
where I do the following....
-Talk about life
-Talk about experiences
-Review games
-Review movies
-Point out my problems using programs

Now I might write most of these in google docs or text files but yeah it should be something worth a read.

The first thing I'll need to put together is
"Why I Don't Like Lix's Level editor"
and I'm gonna need a lot of time for that one because I wanna get all my points across.

but yeah enjoy

Closed / [FIXED][Content]Unneeded white space in the pillar set
« on: January 08, 2018, 06:58:26 am »
White getting my feet wet I found this

I don't think that's supposed to be there

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