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Boy 2022 is looking daunting for me and personally projects, I have two video projects to try to make during January and after that I'm trying to get my Millas project on the road again.
I need to stop procrastinating, My mental disability sometimes makes me slow in a few areas, and after making my last few videos based on 2021 projects, I'm looking to try to do way more on the Millas side of things. So where to start

Millas Progress?

I've been a bit exausted with the Holidays and my videos, as well as getting FM21 released on time, the good news being I managed to do it. Aiming for a low number of levels I think helped, I knew I wasn't gonna aim high, I don't know exactly when I can get to fixing the back routes for FM2018, and I need to inspect the FM2020 replays by Armani, that's long overdue. I already have a few Ideas for levels for FM2019 and levels for FM2022, but I need to kick my motivations into high gear big time. I have big definitive list of levels to remake for all my projects Festival or not, so here it is. NeoLemmix Level remakes list levels hand picked from Me and Kaywhyn, however im thinking on slowing down on remakes so whatever I don't Make for Millas may go towards a Sequel Pack. FM2022 is in early planning and on top of that, I should let folks know that the Festival Millas packs will likely receive its final pack in 2024, early planning is decided for the next three FM packs and as of right now, it'll not be of Priority just yet. I'm gonna try to do work on Millas and if I feel the itch to work on Festival Millas 2019's overhaul again, I will. Speaking of a Sequel Pack

Will I make a Millas 2?

Given I've made two sets from Freedom Planet 2, It's definitely gonna happen, but, it'll not be formally announced until good number of levels are made, nor will it be developed until I have Millas under my belt, I want to get to finishing Millas and the Sequel pack will have to wait until I know im ready to go for full development. I'll say this in short, I'm not announcing it here properly, right now its too early for it to have further development it'll happen when it happens.

Will I update the Freedom Planet Sets again?

Yes I will! I have a list of new objects planned for the sets, its a few, but It can work. Will I put the new objects into existing Millas sets? It'll depend on the release window, it's likely that they may come out when it's really late into level development.

2022 just started, Freedom Planet 2 is finally on the horizon and here I am needing to get back into the swing of things, I hope enjoyed this update folks

Lemmings Main / Re: Secret exits (Amiga)
« on: January 07, 2022, 05:13:53 AM »
I've never heard of these at all, I might need to see these in action

Non-Lemmings Gaming / Re: Games I'm maybe thinking of completing one day.
« on: December 22, 2021, 11:06:08 PM »
Currently My Backlogue consists of games Im filling my Wii U up with, games I want to get through Xbox Game pass, and stuff I've been wanting to grab for my previous console generations

it's basically this

Megaman Battle Network Series (currently playing the first one off my Wii U)
Super Metroid and Prime Trilogy
Earthbound and Earhtbound Beginning
Sonic Forces, and Colors ultimate (Xbox version) and Lost World Wii U
The Messenger
Doom eternal
The classic doom series including Doom 3 and Sigil
the rest of Bug Fables

and there is plenty more im thinking about too.

NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Freedom Planet Tilesets (2017-Beyond)
« on: December 17, 2021, 12:45:56 AM »
With FM2021 now Released, I've updated some download links to accommodate the new release.

FM set - 2021
Change Log
All Sets
Resizability + Nineslicing
Sets that didn't have waterfalls or proper transparent water before have it now

Midnight Formosago
Improved Pieces for the Bricks

One Way Fields, Teleporters, and Switches

NeoLemmix Levels / Festival Millas 2021 - Release Thread
« on: December 17, 2021, 12:45:45 AM »
Again before Christmas, we have the yearly level pack, and im lucky to have this one be made at all

Featuring 2 new graphic sets, A number of Set updates for the sets from 2020 and before, 30* levels (2021 was not gonna be a big year for the FM levels so I aimed for something feasible), and the first use of the FP2 Millas in the Festival Millas set of Packs. Only thing it doesn't have are levels from Nessy, Nessy couldn't make it this year due to scheduling conflicts so I do wish him the best.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

First a Preview of what You'll be going through this time

This year's Rank theming is the Chinese Zodiac, Easiest being the Rat Rank, where the more tamer levels are placed, each rank has an end of rank talisman

Second the Dog rank, where learn about bigger responsibilities

Third the Tiger rank, the middle of the road but where path forward won't be easy. The difficulty becomes more ferocious

Fourth the Ox rank, the rank of my Birthyear, Big strength and knowledge is needed for the adventure ahead

Last the Dragon rank, where legends are forged, the most Difficult Tasks are within this rank, you're not gonna beat this rank easily

Level Pack
The Sets needed to play it, basically set's I've used in tandem with the new set's available
Music Pack
Download (I apologize again for the size)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Music Credits
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Theres an update to the pack, and that's the form of a playable build of the game, check the first post for details

Site Discussion / Re: Lemmings Forum Discord
« on: December 09, 2021, 10:33:34 PM »
I have some pleasing news to tell everyone, I finally had the Discord ticket resolved, I have ownership of the server again finally. I apologize for how slow it is, not only does Discord have millions of servers to deal with, but I having to overcome my fears to get the ownership transferred. I'm very sorry for the wait. 2021 has taken a toll on me mentally and I've been needing to grasp some positive energy as of late.

General Discussion / Re: GigaLem's Blog and Reviews Thread.
« on: November 23, 2021, 04:35:30 AM »
Apologies on the double post but I wanted to post an update to the poll. The straw poll I used initially broke, so I had to find another option, I have updated the link to the one you now see above you, please vote through there instead. Thank you!

EDIT by namida: Fix to be included in 12.13.0 12.12.4

Found this out while I was making another level, for some reason if a zombie goes into a right facing splitter, a lemming far away SOMEHOW turns a lemming into zombie.

I've a attached a level below to show this behavior

General Discussion / Re: GigaLem's Blog and Reviews Thread.
« on: November 17, 2021, 10:29:26 PM »
Days ago I posted an update for my 200 subscriber milestone as well talking about plans for LPs and such
Here's the update in case you missed it

As I discussed the choices are

Record a shiny hunt in Sun and Moon - I'll be hunting for Shiny Samurott or Serperior via island scan

Do my second QnA Video - I'll awnser more questions while playing BOTW

Super Smash Bros, SRB2K or CTR:Nitro Fueled, or Mario Party Super Stars with Friends - Self explanatory

Voting ends December 4th

I don't know how this happened, but considering the file was 73 pixels tall and not 72 after looking into it, I should hopefully have it remedied. Try this!

Here's a suggestion I want to throw my hat into the ring. I want there to be an in-editor Style Sorter, allow us to move and name styles and then NLEditor does the rest, let us choose what order their in, have presets for style order (like Alphabetically, Author Alphabetically, Generalized type, or a saved custom preset) Something that will allow users to have the freedom of how they want to sort their styles with a bit more accessibility (IE not have to change the numbers of a bunch of other styles in the Style.ini just to get the order you want, because that's rather slow not nearly as accessible IMHO)

NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Freedom Planet Tilesets (2017-Beyond)
« on: September 29, 2021, 09:18:00 AM »
Just a heads up, your ZIP (at least, via the link you posted in the styles update topic) also contains a copy of your personal "styles.ini" file.
Oh yeah that, I was wanting to have proper names for the FP sets including some of My friend's sets, is it okay if those names could be applied to default neolemmix style.ini file?

I'm not asking for the file to replace the current one, im only asking for the proper renaming so finding my friend's sets are no longer an issue

The last two months have been my most productive on Millas, I'll be sorting levels sometime after this post. Let's Start off with basics

First September 2021's Set update
This applies to the FP1 sets and any fanmade sets made for Millas. Check out This Post! for the update, I'll be sending the update to the staff in a bit

Second Festival Millas 2021
I'll likely will do some preliminary work before opening collaboration submissions for that, It won't be as big as Festival Millas 2020 due what I've been through during the summer. here's the plan.
The Project will have 5 ranks and at minimum 30 levels (6 per rank) and at best 40 levels (8 per rank). The sets from 2020 and prior will be receiving some updates (resizable terrain, proper transparent water, piece touchups maybe a new BG or two if any ideas surface. I can't guarantee everything here will be applied but I know some stuff will be added) and on top of that, One set is finished and I'll likely be testing it out soon, another set is in need of work but it will be worked on. one collaboration submissions open, those who are willing to join will get early access to the new sets. These new sets and set updates will remain private until the mini project is done

Third remaining remake suggestions from Kaywhyn
I'll likely slow down on remakes for a bit as it might have helped complete a good portion of the pack, so I might hand pick stuff to put into Millas from any of my old or deprecated projects. I might decide on what to save for later, what remake for the NL Community project, and what to remake for the Festival Millas packs (my remaining remakes might go into the FM2019 overhaul)
But aside from, this evolution of my level development skills has made me want to refine my older works, it'll be another part of my reevaluation.

Lastly New Demo?
I'll make a new demo only if I have a complete newborn rank, I'm bad with tutorial levels and I need help on that front, I also want to make some advanced tutorials that I can spread through the Puppy, Hound, and Adulthood ranks. Tricks that can ease players in to the more cooler stuff that you can do.

Anyways until next update I shall bid you adeau, here's hoping for 2022 because FP2 finally has a release window yay!

It's finally here, lots of QoL stuff and more, it's time for the September 2021 update
Video Here

You can grab the Set update right now, link Below


Now for the Change Log!
New Set - Brevon's Lair by Plom510, based on the final dreadnought set, this factory based set gives the idea of were Brevon Builds his Robots

Millas - Slider offset fixed

All Sets
All sets save for 3 has recieved brand new steel, some are resizable, and all of them have corner steel
All sets went through piece tagging, resulting in clean up in the editor through deprecated pieces, and nine slice resizable pieces to making certain sets easier to use
All but Final Dreadnought and Stone Core has added Transparent Water/Water falls

Shang Mu Academy
-Unlock Target adds an extra unlock frame
-spikes are now resizable

Aqua Tunnel
-Resizable and ninesliced water added
-fixed waterfall animation, adding 2 extra frames in order of animation
-spikes are resizable

Sky Battalion
-All but one fire hazard had resizability
-Pick up skill had number adjustments
-Cloud objects

Dragon Valley
-Fire and no-trigger objects have resizability
-Entrance's coloring is finally fixed after 6 years, I'm sorry if that entrance drove you insane
-Water is no longer a recolor, instead its a brighter version of Thermal Bases's new water

Final Dreadnought
-Electricity Resized/nine sliced
-Green Water Fall added

Fortune Night
-Daytime BG added
-Water has been nine sliced
-Splitter added

Jade Creek
-Day Time BGs and Underwater BGs added
-Decor has been made resizable

Relic Maze
-Resizablity has been added to spikes and decor
-Nine Sliced Fire pit
-Millas now have Gong's Colors for this set

Thermal Base
-Fire and Water has been nine slice, vertical fire has been added to get around NeoLemmix's wierdness
-one way conveyor belts added

Basset Temple and Stone Core
-Day time, Autumn and Winter BGs added to the Basset Temple Set
-Nine Sliced Water
-More Colored Block Pieces

GigaLem and Plom510 Special
-Adjusted pieces
-Autumn leaves
-updated one of the FM2020 credits pieces due to a name change
-Sapphire, Gold and Platinum versions of Relic Maze, no I will not add purple ones for the "Toys for Bob" relics thank you very much

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