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I will take notes from the feedback you send me and prepare a overall patch when at least 1 or 2 players get through it. (So I don't need to upload x versions in the first few days).

Do not be shy to send me sharp criticism!

Hopefully soon becuase i don't want to deal with the basher glitch

One replay and the basher glitch is gone ;)

A few month certainly. I'll wait at least until namidas pack tutorial (if I port it to NeoLemmix) and I need some rest from big pack creating.

Can you run this with superlemmini?

No, but maybe I'll try to port to NeoLemmix/SuperLemmini after some time.

So tested it:
Made a new Lemmini folder from scratch and extracted the status quo, copied in the pack content and my player profile for lvl access. Choosed Your Turn and it functions, so the problem should be fixed.
Please let me know if any more errors accure!

Fixed the Readme, and packed it again securing that this is "Really" the right styles folder.
If the prob continues, try to copy the Dirt folder manually. Had some problems with Mobilems and PacGuy's pack running together and sometimes bringing back the standard config from Mobilems didn't worked with simply copying the whole folder and I had to patch the broken stuff manually (crytal and the bubble steel for example).
I think Mobilems changes the standard sets a little bit, because with standard Lemmini styles sometimes I got some errors, too.

Hm, that would be the case. there is sth not right with the styles folder. I'm looking what is causing the prob.

I highly recommend using the NeoLemmix version of this pack! All newer updates are just made for the NL version nowdays! Also it is way more convenient to play there as in Lemmini ;)
You can find it here:

1.) Download Links:

Lemmings Reunion (v 1.5):      


Lemmings for windows (if needed):

2.) Installation:

Step 1 is ment for people who doesn't even have Lemmini. Step 2 is the pack installation.

1.1) Download everything and put "Lemmini" and the files for "Lemmings for windows" in different folders.

1.2) Run "Lemmini.jar" in the "Lemmini" folder and select the "Lemmings for windows" folder as the source and the "Lemmini" folder as the target

2.1) Make a safety copy of the "Lemmini files"

2.2) Copy the "Lemmings Reunion" folder of the pack into the "levels" folder of "Lemmini" and overwrite the "styles" folder of Lemmini with the one from the "pack".

2.3) Copy the files in the "Packs" "music" folder into the "music" folder  of "Lemmini"

2.4) Have fun ;)

3.) Some words

It was back when I was ~ 4 years old as I played Lemmings for the first time on my fathers Dos pc. I loved it from the first moment on (even though I got only to the first repeats of Tricky) and began to create drawings of levels with skillsets, timelimit and everything. The level were simply "build to the exit" ones, but nevertheless I always wanted to create my own levels.
I searched and searched for an editor over the years with no success (the basic game and Oh NO were finally played through).
But then through some random Youtube search I found Pieuws, Dodochacalo's and Lacktardos custom levels for Lemmini. I downloaded Lemmini and played DoveLems which (and the single custom levels of course) opened my eyes in terms of what is possible with Lemmings.
I also stumbled across RTW's playthroughs at this time which gave me a gooood time.
PimoLems and Revenge of the Lemmings later as I was uploading the "Revenge" solutions I came across a comment from 84kingmartin which had the question in it, if I make also my own levels and I thought: Yes Icho why don't you make your own levels, you know that there is the Lemmix editor which works with Lemmini out there.
And so the creating of the pack started and now it is finally done (lil me is cheering in the backgroung :D) and I hope many people will have fun and frustration :devil: with it!

4.) Ratings

I'm too young to die

NoKnight Shall Die!:

In the first rating you will encounter tutorial levels, a few go to the exit ones, levels teaching you basic tricks and your first real puzzles. Don't expect it to go as slowly as the original game! (The final level of the rank will prob a spike as it counts on you using a bunched of tricks you learned so far)

Hey, not too rough

Rock and Metal:

Puzzles are getting harder, the tricks you learn will be advanced ones and even some pixel-precision will be needed.

Hurt me plenty

Whispers and Lights:

It gets a lot harder here. Levels getting way more difficult and longer and you have to frequently use all the tricks you learned so far. Sometimes think outside the box!



Now it's on! It is getting frustraiting sometimes and you have to use everything you got.


Justice for Heroes !:

Are you serious? Let's find out! The first ~ 15-18 levels will be just plain hard, but then :devil:. I am no longer your friend here! I am your worst nightmare! Levels are mostly long, complex, require perfect precision and everything out of your trickbox. They will be frustraiting, but consider: THIS IS THE NIGHTMARE! RATING and not the cuddle one!

5.) Thanks to:

84kingmartin                                     for encouraging me to create my own levels
Pieuw, Dodochacalo and Lacktardo   for inspiring me (their custom levels were the first I saw and opened my eyes)
RTW                                                   for entertaining me with Lemming playthroughs all the time
namida                                               for helping me along the way and getting me also into NeoLemmix (further all his created packs)
möbius                                               for giving me some advise along the way and for mobilems
The whole community                        for letting the Lemmings live on and also for Revenge of the Lemmings


email you can reach me at:


Now have some fun with Lemmings Reunion and send me a few replays to get these pesky backroutes!

It.....It LIVES!
I finally get the levelpach.ini right! All levels are shown in Lemmini and even the right music plays in the first levels :) I nearly had a little tear in my eye :'(
Now I will play through it and create replays of all the levels to ensure everything is alright (might take a few days and I am not at my creating computer at the weekend) and then.... writing the readme and prepare the release forum post :8():.

The Final boss level is done! A 10 minute monster with cool design and a (hopefully not backrouteable) very hard solution  :devil:. The tileset used for all the boss levels is a very special one, to create beautiful and also strange landscapes. But possibly you know this tileset already.
Now the levels get their final polishing (or more the ones that still look not as good as the other).
After that it is position arranging time!

It is still going outside the regular terrain in editor mode (tried it on Sports and Shadow Version 1.29).

Ty for the Save as hint  ;)

Traditional Lemmix. I did not try it out on NeoLemmix yet.

Just a tip - click the "Only on terrain" property on any one-way arrow objects you're using. This way, they'll "snap" to the terrain pieces, and disappear once the terrain has been destroyed. (You don't need to do this for NeoLemmix, and I don't think you need to for SuperLemmini either (but might be wrong on this one), but you do for Lemmix and Lemmini.)
I did this on every level, but on some of the custom tilesets some empty space counts as terrain. In playing mode the leftover arrows disappear (so it looks normal). I have made the screenshots in Lemmix, so there they seem to be placed incorrect.

Just the final boss level to create! The release will probably be on the week after easter (I'm not at my "creating" place at the weekend); maaaaybe when I am really in a finishing rage it can be at the end of this week (but I doubt that).

Lemmings Main / Re: In what order should I play the Lemmings 2 levels?
« on: March 29, 2015, 05:17:03 PM »
Exactly.  :)

Some Tipps for Lend a Helping Hand:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I am astonished that everyone has another challenging (not broken) solution to T=0K. So there are 3 at the time; Let's see how many we can get! ;P

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