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Contests / Re: Level of the Year 2021: Playing Phase
« on: May 16, 2022, 08:18:25 PM »
Just a little reminder that this is still going on! ;)

I don't think this solution is a big change but at least now I am at the save requirement again. :)

One thing though:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

@The Tomato Watcher

I think you're on an old version. V3 has been released which automatically breaks your solution! :P

I realized that, but I checked the version numbers on page 1 of this thread and it matched the version I had. But uh... that was pretty dumb and lazy of me... oops. :(

Well, there was no new post for the V3 update so I missed it.

As I always state in the update topic: "2. Make a new post for a new update; do not edit your most recent post." ;)   Then delete the old post.

Totally fine solution! Good job! :thumbsup:

New solution, but now I again saved an extra Lemming.

Resolved and I got a good feeling now that I am at least close. :)

Resolved the fixed level.

A variation on "Sneaker 21" that should be considered by a possible fix.

Here is the next resolve. :)

Here are my updated all talisman solutions. :) (except that new talisman on Super Sonic 6 that is currently impossible as saving the cloner makes you not reaching the save requirement)

Now it's intended! :thumbsup:

V 1.8 is out!

Finally got through eric's replays. All but one were either intended or acceptable alternatives.

The following level has therefore been backroute fixed:

- 4 20 (added some steel)

I forgot the talisman on Extra 6 -- attached a new replay. :)

Played through the pack today and attached my replays.

Great pack! :thumbsup:

I suspect not many (if any) backroutes. :)

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