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New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] New skills general discussion
« on: January 11, 2021, 03:32:26 PM »
V6 grenader observations:

It's very hard to go down anymore when throwing right against a wall. I think it's only 2 pixels now. Also in general the digging upwards/downwards capabilities took a hit, they are still good/effective though!

Most importantly all my levels could be easily adjusted terrain wise --> all behaviors from before are still there and effective. Just to a lesser ammount and when the goal was to decrease the level-breaking potential I think this has been accomplished based on my first observations!

Here are my solutions! :thumbsup:

I think I've got mostly intended ones, but a few backroutes as well. ;)

SuperLemmini / Re: SuperLemmini Source?
« on: January 08, 2021, 09:45:44 PM »
The exact recreation of the original games is the central argument for timed bombers in my opinion.

If you are especially looking for that, with some quality of life additions and timed bombers, I would recommend Lemmini. I don't think the hassle of editing SuperLemmini is worth it just for that option.

Sticking to Lemmini and rebuilding the missing original levels would be much more efficient.

In fact quite a lot of the original levels are quite poor puzzles and more like dexterity tests. They go more for execution difficulty rather than puzzle difficulty and exactly there is the point of clash between old and new. The difference between the originals and near all custom content.

At the point you go beyond wanting to replay the original levels in true fashion, throw the timed bombers into the fire. There are just a hassle beyond that point if you take off the nostalgia glasses.

I actually forgot one comment:   

- 4 07: You have to assign every lemming a swimmer here before he drops into the water. Why not make the hatch spawn pre-assigned swimmers so you don't have to do it all manually 20 times? ???

Closed / Re: [BUG][PLAYER] NeoLemmix 12.10.3 crashes on startup
« on: January 07, 2021, 09:39:44 PM »
Do you have any level packs inside your "levels" folder? When it's completely empty I think NL crashes.

Resolved the level. :)

Your pack has definitly some bite! I would classify it as Medium or Medium-Hard.

And here is the resolve. ;)

Finally noticed the update and resolved the levels. ;)

Groupie 40 is possible to 100% even with a spare builder as it seems.

What is still bothering me: Noisemaker 15 and Diva_24 still have the same level ID. It would be nice if one would get a new ID.

I still suspect a few backroutes in Groupie though.

I try to be there. :)

I resolved the levels! :)

The recreated levels are much better now! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I still think there are a couple of backroutes left though.

4 15 : Backroute : in fact, the time limit is useful in this level to avoid backroutes, but unfortunately, I left too much time : 1’15 now !

I don't think the timer is the optimal way to block the backroute though --> see replay.   Maybe a pick-up skill is the more efficient way.

I resolved the levels. :)

Here are my solutions to the pack. :)

I noticed that the starting screen on level 7 is not placed correctly on the hatch. ;)

And here is the rest of the pack - or rather the missing rank 3 ;P


- Morning Walk 25 and Running 4 still have the same level ID. ;)

- 3 05 The timer makes no sense here.

- 3 06 Let's say the timer doesn't make the level better here. Otherwise it's an even simpler bomber turorial though. I would change the level to something better/different here to be honest.

- 3 22 The exit should be made visible here.

My favorites were: 3 03, 3 13 and especially 3 15! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

More replays. :)

Resolved rank 2+5+6 and solved rank 4.


I appreciate the changes to lower the builder ammount and the one in 5 12! :thumbsup:

4 02 And here I need to nag again about the unnessesarily wide gaps you need to build across. ;)

4 05 was the hardest level of the pack for me so far. The solution I found is quite precise, but still nice. :) It's also one of my favorites :thumbsup: even though if this is intended, a tiny bit more leeway for reaching the upper neutral chamber could be given. ;)

5 15 Remove the timer or reduce the lem count. :devil: It made me ONLY turn up the RR earlier.

4 22 If my solution is not a backroute, I don't the the reason for the timer. I catched the reason in 4 18 though. ;)

4 23 You know exactly what I'm gonna say here. ;P  50 builders is too much when most of the time you just mindlessly build upwards.

More favorites were: 4 06, 4 12, 4 16 and 4 19  :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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