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Contests / Level Design Contest #29
« on: September 29, 2023, 04:31:35 PM »
Welcome to another contest of the Lemmingsforums! This time the three rules have been picked by Kingshadow3 for winning contest #28.

A few words to new participants and forum members: If you haven't entered before, I strongly encourage you to try - even if you don't win, it's fun to participate; and we have had cases where first-time entrants have won before! There are three choices of rules given, you may enter one level for EACH one of the rules.
You may either use new format NeoLemmix, or Lix.
If you have more than one entry, they may (but do not have to) be for the same engine. Please make sure you tested your level for basic solvability before submitting and be sure to also submit any custom tileset you are using, so others have no problem playing your level. ;)

Pre contest testing: You can choose 1-2 persons who do a bit of pre-testing for you, so that the biggest backroutes and screw-ups of your levels can be detected before the playing phase. I cannot control this so it's only a guideline, but still I would prefer not everyone knows every level before the playing phase starts. ;)

Here are the rules on how the submission deadlines work:
- Initial submission phase deadline will extend such that it's 72 hours from the time of the last submission, up to the 5th submission (inclusive). After this it no longer changes no matter what.
- Update phase deadline will not extend over the initial dead line!
- Even if you missed the cutoff date for the initial submission phase, late entries are accepted until the update phase ends. There is no penalty for a late entry, beyond that people are less likely to spend as much time on the level before voting begins.

And here is the new ruleset:

Rule 1: Side to Side

Make a level with at least 3 hatches along one side of the level. Then place the exit on the opposite side (You are allowed more than one exit).

- All hatches must be placed near the same side of the screen.
- All exits must be placed near the opposite side of the level to where the hatches are.
- Use the vertical or horizontal borders as the oppposing sides.
- Use most of the chosen side for the hatches.
- No horizontal or vertical wraparound (in Lix).
- No teleporters (in NeoLemmix).


Rule 2: Take me for a ride

Make a level where the terrain depicts any type of vehicle.

It can be one vehicle or several vehicles. Any vehicle is fine from Cars, Trains, Planes to Bulldozers, Tanks, Blimps, Rockets, UFO's, etc. The vehicle in question is allowed to be a fictional one such as one of the USS Enterprises from Star Trek or Thomas the Tank Engine. The vehicle or vehicles must have a major role in the solution. There can also be additional terrain around the vehicle.

For Rule 3. Kingshadow made two rules that are exclusive to each particular engine as they feature objects unique to each engine. Follow the former rule if making a level in Neolemmix and the latter if making a level in Lix.

Rule 3-NL: Teleporting Zone

Make a level with at least 3 pairs of teleporters/receivers that are linked.
The Teleporters must teleport lemmings in a meaningful way (Don't simply use them as though they would act like traps i.e teleport them into an inescapable room or into deadly areas)

Rule 3-Lix: Yeeting Zone

Make a level containing at least 3 of the objects that move Lixes in some way. These objects need to be used in a meaningful way.

Submission phase ends November 30th 2023 at 00:00 UTC.

Ruleset in detail again:

Send me a personal message with your level/s and if needed tileset/s to participate. It would also be nice to also tell me the rule which each level satisfies.

Please use the following naming format:  User1_Levelname_R3V1.nxlv ---> Level "Levelname" by User1   for Rule 3   Version 1 of the level

Prize selection:
- US $5.00
- Pick next contest's rules

Entries so far: 0

Contests / Lemmings Forums Level Contest #28 - Results
« on: September 26, 2023, 08:16:00 PM »
Ladies and gentleman, we've got our final results! :)

The winning level is:

Kingshadow3's "Lost Temple from the 4th Dimension"

The 2nd place goes to:

Armani's "The Weasel Island"

Congratulations to Kingshadow3 for winning the contest! :thumbsup:

Congratulations to Simon for reaching the 3rd place with:

Simon's "Gentle Slope"

Choice for the prize for the first place is either:

- picking the next contest's rules
- US $5.00 (PayPal would be the easiest here I think).

The final round has started! :)

Here is my resolve. :)

Still seems a bit suspicious.

Semi-finals are up! :)

Next round is up! :)

I will be away over the weekend and come back on tuesday so the next round might be a bit delayed!

I finally played through the pack. :)

I don't think I hit any major backroutes, but let's see.

Replays are attached!

Voting for rule 3 has started! :)

Next rule's voting is up! :)

Sadly, I am at my hometown during that weekend. So I won't be able to make it. :'(


Rule 1 -- 7 levels to 2 for the mixed rounds (~29% survival rate)
Rule 2 -- 7 levels to 2 for the mixed rounds (~29% survival rate)
Rule 3 -- 7 levels to 2 for the mixed rounds (~29% survival rate)

Rule 1

Group 1

geoo's "Fast Food Forest" (1 vote)
Simon's "ξ" (3 votes)
Armani's "Das Elfenlied" (1 vote)
IchoTolot's "The God Of Fear & Hunger" (1 vote)
kaywhyn's "Sports-tacular No Athlete Rescue Mission" (1 vote)
Kingshadow3's "Lost Temple from the 4th Dimension" (7 votes)
NieSch's "The L-Team (Part II)" (2 votes)


Rule 2

Group 1

geoo's "Frog Clog" (3 votes)
Apjjm's "In Circles" (1 vote)
Armani's "The Weasel Island" (4 votes)
IchoTolot's "I Am The Night!" (3 votes)
kaywhyn's "Chalkboard Math with Mr. Starfish" (2 votes)
Kingshadow3's "Mobius Dickins" (2 votes)
NieSch's "Snakes & Lemmings" (1 votes)


Rule 3

Group 1

geoo's "Underground Club" (3 votes)
Simon's "Gentle Slope" (4 votes)
Armani's "P!=NP" (1 vote)
IchoTolot's "Wishful Work Within Woodwork World" (4 votes)
kaywhyn's "Quick Emergency Patch Work" (2 votes)
Kingshadow3's "More builders, Less level!" (2 votes)
NieSch's "Feeding Time" (1 vote)


Mixed Group

Round 1

Simon's "ξ" (4 votes)
Kingshadow3's "Lost Temple from the 4th Dimension" (6 votes)
geoo's "Frog Clog" (2 votes)
Armani's "The Weasel Island" (6 votes)
IchoTolot's "I Am The Night!" (5 votes)
Simon's "Gentle Slope" (6 votes)
IchoTolot's "Wishful Work Within Woodwork World" (5 votes)

Round 2

Kingshadow3's "Lost Temple from the 4th Dimension" (8 votes)
Armani's "The Weasel Island" (8 votes)
Simon's "Gentle Slope" (5 votes)


Kingshadow3's "Lost Temple from the 4th Dimension" (7 votes)
Armani's "The Weasel Island" (4 votes)

In each voting round, you're allowed to vote for up to a certain number of levels. Vote for the levels that you want to stay in the contest, not for levels you want eliminated. You may vote for fewer levels than the permitted maximum. You may vote for your own levels.

It's not allowed to discuss the levels publicly on the forums during the voting phase, even if the level is not in the current round, or even between rounds.

You may discuss any level in private messages. You may discuss publicly off-site, e.g., you may post Youtube videos of your playthroughs, or discuss in IRC chat. Eliminated levels may be discussed anywhere, even publicly on the forums.

There'll be voteoffs within each design rule, to get down to one/two/three remaining levels per design rule.

If after the rule voteoff the number of remaining levels is >9, I will create 2 mixed groups semi-randomly out of the remaining levels to bring down the number even further. For all of this no tiebreakers are planned. After this, all qualifying levels will go into a final mixed voteoff.

Generally, the number of levels that qualify for the next round will be the same as each user's permitted vote maximum. I've decided to keep the percentages of "surviving" levels of the rule-voteoffs somewhat similar to give every rule a fair chance. Example: A rule with a 66% survival-rate and one with a 33% survival-rate for the mixed rounds doesn't seem that fair to me.

There's only a prize for the 1st place winner - of course, getting close to that still means you made a great level.

So... let the voting begin! Each round will be open for voting for 3 days, except the final which will be 4 days.

All levels are still avialable in the discussion topic:

Will put up the voting topic soon. :)

The first one kaywhyn mentioned here should already be covered by "Blockers Blindside".

The rest are noted down. ;)

Here are my updated replays. :)

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