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NeoLemmix Main / First Note: Don´T Make it
« on: October 07, 2023, 10:14:16 AM »
Armani Told me with this and We Lemmings verterans don´t want this.  We are make own those pack for years.

I'm pretty sure this is what you intended. But if I remember correctly, Namida confirmed that the fact that non floater/glider lemmings can enter a exit midair is a bug in the discord Lemmings Forum server. So it will be blocked in the future Neolemmix update.

There is some Nuke bomb levels ant etc.. Those goes totally broken if someone make  that fucking crap udpate. I´ll personally lost at least few levels. Crane will lost at least one and not know about Aramani or others. We are working we packs with months/years. Im not want that stupid things happen. >:( Its not even bug. Its just hitbox glitch.

I´ll know many noobies not care about this, but we lemmings veterans are strongly against this. I´ll hope i´ll say what i have to say. Curse you. I´ll be against this. That mean i have to start fix my old packs again.

Someone later told be why its impossinlöe? Im not are there alwaysw Then its will be impossible.

Lemmings Main / Most Crap Lemmings themes?
« on: September 22, 2023, 07:09:04 AM »
Thats quite fun topic. Don´t just too serious. Little bit humor and etc....

Which theme you hate most.  I have some my list
1:Oh no lemmings theme 2 (this theme is so horrible) I´ll usually just goes editor and changed it if i work some hard level. Or i simply off my music. This theme give me headache.
2: Orig 8 (Not that horrible like Oh no 2, but also painful at least in hard levels)
3: Orig 17 (How ever Genesis version with this theme is much better IMO.) Orginal version are quite horrible.

My Favorite are
1: Orig 10
2: Orig 2
3: Orig 13
4: Orig 9.
5: Oh no 1 is also good lemmings theme.
Extra: Special levels themes Beast 1 & 2 are very good.

I started work that some week ago. Like my custom +3  i´ll plan make 150 levels. Easy-Extreme. With this time im not learn new skills, so starting are little bit more harder than my Custom+ series packs.

I am Crane 1.05 version pack test player. And i have to say i am did my job very well at this point. But sadge we have to denied so many genius ideas. Crane want be keep his own pack unique and perfect. But those denied ideas are really useful. I´ll sure most persons never are see those tricks what i have to throw when i we keep test player job. That what we work Divise Action and Splashdown. There was around 10 backroutes both levels. We fixed those perfect. That was so tired. We both was tired. But those denied ideas will goes deep grave. So i think its good time and motivations make new pack myself which used those unique tricks.

My plan is use those denied ideas my own pack what i´ll work. Yes i am learn a lot better lemmings players when i am work Crane 1.05 version. Crane is very genius and very good lemmings player. I am still sometimes little bit bullzoder and awesome trick thrower.

Let see. I´ll back that progress later when i am done with Crane 1.05 version. My custom+ triology is ended. That was my 2nd longest project. Total 394 levels and 3 years. My longest project was SNES lemmings max point. Started 2010 and there is still few levels possible improve, How ever its seems TAS only.

Site Discussion / Why this site enter me always off?
« on: September 09, 2023, 12:37:58 AM »
I´ll mean PM i make some hard job and i´ll log out automatically.  My engöish is not my native language, so its take me to make some correct text. Its not even first time, when i logged and try make PM, lemminghs forum will log my out.  Okay this piss me off.

I think i am faster writer my own language, but not that fast a english.

So i´ll hiope more time create text and messagees. Im not speak nativa english, so i have to look many things when i wrote englis correct, but i not have time, because site log me out automatically.. When its log out right before when i did 30-40 minutes text. Its start piss me off.

IIRC this iis internation forum, we have to make longger sitting session. Im  not want wrote bad english my friends.

General Discussion / Asbergers Special Skills?
« on: September 01, 2023, 10:36:17 PM »
I got personally diagnose asberger syndrome when i was 31 years old. Still  was bit weird little man in huge world.

I spend most time time schoools to library instead recess, when i was young school boy. Why i tell this? I´ll also practice wrote english better. I´ll wan tell story. Most person call me stupid and retared, because im not understand they social live.???I test my IQ i got 135. Its not bad, but its not best. Good for me.  Asberger give me some special skills. Its all visuals. I am bad with Math. But extrmely genius look little things.

Lemmings is just all visual master hobbies. BTW no girld frend yet. .:)

NeoLemmix Main / Longest custom level?
« on: August 24, 2023, 07:57:35 PM »
Which is your longtest custom level what you maded or completed or see?

I am watch many youtube videos and play many packs.

I think i have my personal record. My final Level Custom 3+ have 25 minutes time limit. Its take me 23 minutes and Armani did it much faster, but still some avarage 20 minutes. Luckily this level is quite easy. Its migt take much less progress than my levels where is 45 secons time limit.

Other longs levels. Crane Pack Chaos 30 bronxe talisman take me over 12 minutes. How ever gold talimsan under 3 minutes.

How ever im not never are see 25 minutes custom levels expect my own. How ever its extrmely genius and very graphical level. Alos i got pefect idea. I´ll say its my one greates levels visual.

Is anyone make even longer levels`?

Level Design / Best way avoid make backroutes?
« on: July 29, 2023, 10:55:04 AM »
Best way avoid backroutes? We everybody lemmings levels builders hate those backroutes. So ask which is good way avoid make this

1: Please enlight always level (Set traps, teleports, splitters & metals correct. That my very casual error myself and i´ll also see most lemmings pack maker make those same errors. I just break most Crane levels, when i got find most backroutes, i used enlight tool. Just be very careful with spiltters. You can even make splitter pointless using single Stacker pass it and make whole spiltter pointless. when i check out my olde levels, im very lucky those not work well enought, its most biggest backroute riski.

2: Buttons usually block rough backroutes easily, but many persons not want use that way.

Those are my ideas. This 1st one is most important.

Okay Super Challenge. Try beat my 1st Custom+ Pack without tools using classic mode (no shadows). Pause button is only allowed. No reback no others. This is easiest my pack and only which really will be possible wihtout tools.

jkapp76 did very good job making all my custom 1+ levels Superlemmix mode. All levels used orginal skills.

Let start this super challenge. I think this is wrong place. Moderator could moved this topic right place.

I´ll also attempt that myself. I can imagine some rage levels at end.

Closed / Neolemmings replay bug
« on: July 26, 2023, 11:45:45 AM »
Okay i´ll show video, because its extremely hard explain with my bad english.

How ever that sometimes happen. When you run replay, you will completed level, but you will not pick up completed mark or talisman. So only way avoid this is stop replay right before level end. Just usually used release rate drop. Its will break this bug. Sometimes releaserate is locked, so i have to stop replays and make last skill myself which create completion mark

Video about this

SuperLemmix / [BUG] Dangler can phase through a 1px-high platform
« on: July 20, 2023, 10:47:51 AM »
Okay its more easier show this in video than explain its. But yes its pretty similar as Miner/Blocker glitch in DOS And SNES Lemmings. You very rarery need it. Im not know is this creator intentions. Yes you can pass through floor. No worry its not work neolemmings.

General Discussion / Drug you use make custom levels?
« on: July 19, 2023, 09:27:11 AM »
Thats pretty unique topic. And because this is is internationala forum, many drugs are banned in some worlds and legal with some worlds. But did you boost your sense make levels using some psychoactive drugs?

I´ll personally most use regular beers. But sometimes used cannabis, only when i have to make some greatest visual levels. I am artist. I have to sometimes boost my visuals skills make visions work well i want.

Which is your way boost your visual sense make levels? I´ll especially ask that persons who make really tough levels.

Cannabis give me some extremely visual ideas. Yes its inlegal in finland. But in most country its legal. How ever as far as i know most artist use psychoactive drugs making those great ideas.

Okay. Quite short pack. All level is classic mode Remake levels. I used ready remake boards. This pack use ready Boards but some boards are modified harder. Just extra traps or blocks. Level boards are all classic and familiar games:.
-Amiga Lemmings (120 levels)
-Genesis Lemmings (180 levels)
-Oh No More Lemmings (100 levels)

New skills (includes all neolemmings skills). Sometimes Zombies, neutrals, buttons and extra traps blocks some backroutes. This includes also some my min skill/max-% challenge solutions (idea my SNES score board) and some are even harder version. Its also includes precise time limit solutions and some really different old level solutions where is Zombies or neutral lemmings. This is actually very hard mode with normal lemmings levels.

This pack start quite easy and its become harder at end.  How ever all levels are at least medium difficult. So i´ll recommend you are played at least normal lemmings levels through, because every boards here is a lot harder version than normal lemmings levels. Few last levels are freaking hard ones IMO.

Used some orginal lemmings music. How ever i usually used here some special music.

Evolution my pack
Update June 16 (Orginal Release)************************

Update June 17 (Fixed back route level 26 Path of Evil Twins & changes some music*****

Update June 24 (jkapp76 add new logo and new level list system)************

Update June 29 (HUGE UPDATE) Final Version my Pack*************************
-Fixed two backroutes levels 20 (Quick Zig in LemStreet) & Level 25 Direction complex
-Maded harder next levels: 16 Group controlls (5 seconds less time limit) Level 25 Direction complex 15 seconds less time and many backroutes fixed. Level 28 If they have to fly (Less skills) One less climber and no floaters. Level 29 Mind The Step MASTER-Edition (one less climber) (make it a lot harder)
-Fixed all talisman systems (also fixed broken talisman in last level) and add a lot new talismans. Next levels contains talismans challenges:
Level 5 Infections (3 different talisman challenges)
Level 9 Turn around old lemmings (2 different talisman challenges)
Level 10 Miners & Fencers (1 talisman challenge)
Level 15 Super Lemmings Adventure (2 Different Talisman Challenges) Gold talisman is very hard
Level 18 Reaper Work (3 different talisman challenges) Gold is hardest
Level 21 Snow Work (1 Talisman challenge added)
Level 22 Zombie Lemminggology (1 talisman challenge added)
Level 26 Path of Evil Twins (contains level completion talisman +Time limit talisman
Level 27, 28, 29 (contains level completion talisman only (those level are really hard
Level 30 contains level completion talisman +speedrun talisman (this talisman is fixed) My previous version was broken.

+Name all talisman..
Newest link is added in maingpage and all old is removed.  Okay i think my pack is perfectly ready rightnow.:thumbsup:

If you got some troubles. Just tell me about this.

Current Best Version 1:04 B & C. B versions is identical like C version, but its not contains any backgrounds pictures.  C version contains 150 backgrounds pictures. Also new Music Zip is added. 4 New Themes.. 4 Unique levels. Some levels are fixed and some removed.

MINOR UPDATE 11.8 (2023) 1:04 B version is released. Its Identical sames as C version, but not contains any backgrounds, so its will be best RAW version if you like play very normal style lemmings and dislike backgrounds
-Also Update Level list/fix list in mainpage. 
-Also STYLE list link is added mainp age. You will need a lot Styles if you play my current 1:04 C version. You will need several backgrounds
-Removed my oldest version ZIP in mainpage.

HUGE UPDATE 9.8 (2023) 1:04C My best version. Few levels are removed. 4 unique levels added. Many level are listed again (see level fix/order list under spoiler TAG)

HUGE UPDATE 6.8. 2023 (1:04 My newest version. Fixed only Step 5 levels less backroute frees. I´ll list those later.

HUGE UPDATE 3.8.2023 (1:03 my Newest version is public)  See fix list below.

HUGE UPDATE 25.7.2023 (Full 150 Levels are done) Version 1:02 will be Done. All graphic are improvement and huge amount level list fixed and much new added See under.

HUGE UPDATE 31.5.2023 10 Extra Levels. its mean Step 5 mode. Called Millenium Mayhem Special.  NEW ZIP link is added. This contains Step 5 Millenium Mayhem Special 10 levels.
EDIT: Added Music Zip files because here is two special music. If you play whole pack here 3 special music. Other levels use lemmings themes. Its look all lemmings themes automatically zip correctly. Not sure about special themes. if you cannot zip music and you want use my personal music. You can load this zip. Then you at least can.

ORGINAL POST 18.6.2022*******************************************************
Lets enjoy. Thats probably my best lemmings pack ever IMO. I wante make levels also noob players. But When you enter step 3 Chaos core or Step 4 Millenium Mayhem, you have to be master to beat those levels.

New Pack contains 120 levels (30 per each Steps) Added Step 5 later update 1:02 version, which currently containsa 30 SUPER HARD extra levels.
1: Training Zone (Simple, but when its goes later its surprisely hard (equal Fun-to taxing normal lemmings levels) This is training mode. But its learn you use all neolemmings skills.
2: Rocky Road (This equal Mayhem or Havoc mode in normal lemmings. Its really tough mode +Advance Traings levels. You will need those skills later.
3: Chaos Core (This mode is hard like hell) Much lemmings exp will help out here also some special advance trainings.
4: Millenium Mayhem (Pure intense, you need your all neolemmix skills and tricks, you will be really lemmings master if you can beat this.
5: Millenium Mayhem SPECIAL (30 Extra super difficult Neolemmix levels i used all my 135 IQ and this is limit what i did can make hard levels. I cannot make any harder myself.) (ADDED 25.7.2023):thumbsup: Modfy 6.8. Even more harder levels in 1:04 version

All levels are Normal or Ohnomore lemmings type levels expect final level.

EDIT STYLES**************************************
All Styles could be load here, its mostly if you want play my best 1:04 C version, you will need load several backgrounds:

EDIT: EVOLUTION MY PACK***********************************
V:1:00 Orginal Release (120 levels)
V:1:01 Orginal release but added 10 Special levels prototype (130 Levels) (I´ll keep this Zip in mainpage. If you need some replays help 1:02 might break many your replays
V:1:02 Grpahic Improvement, New unique levels. See fix list under. Also contains full (150 Levels)
V:1:03. Much backroute closed. Big thanks by Armani. He make so great job and help me make my pack harder. Few more music and few graphic things. Contains Two unique level. Step 1 level 30 & Step 3 Level 4.
V:1:04 A Armani help me a lot check out my levels PM. I think those finally match mostly my intention and i was overall very happy.
V: 1:04 B & C Current Best versions (both are identical same) Expect B not contains any backgrounds) C contais all 150 backgrounds. So Keep mind you have to load all Style list if you want play my C version.

LEVEL FIX LIST 1:01 VS 1:02***********************
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You will need only two Special Tilesets***********************************************
Agony & Cloud by Zansindorf (both is need last level only)

How ever here will be a lot special music. Im not goes post those in mainpage, because its break Size in lemmings forum and i cannot compress all in limited one. I´ll add those my post later. You will find several music zip in this topic.

I used my own style list levels. Someone dislike this, but i´ll personally like. How ever its different than many other. Im not handled that regular system list levels. If someone want list my levels better. you are welcomed make it yourself. I´ll add zip in mainpage.

I´ll rarery used talisman (expect my amiga pack) My pack contains two remake level rules. So there will be harder level come later game. So we don´t really need talismans a lot. There is still few expect. All my greates amiga levels contains 2-3 talismans. All is way different. Also few other levels contains talisman. One example Step 5 level 27 Red Sun Rise, contains gold talisman. This level is really huge and im not want, make it too tight, so you will got gold talisman here if you make it better.

EDIT MUSIC***********************************************************
There total 6 Music Zips below in this topic. Cannot post those zips in mainpage, because size limit. Keep mind you load all my music zips if you want play my music you will need load those. Its might be some borring hear some Orig 1 lemmings themes in 25 minutes level. Or levels which will take your hours to solved. So i´ll add some best music what i´ll knew. M_stage 10 is also familar with Crane Pack. My pack contains more freedom planet music. Megaman, Castlevania, Freedomplanet, Raiden & Others.

I also used normal lemmings themes Orig / Oh no. Its my intention. If you will hear great music in easy leves you will be bored. So my intention was let special music later game. Step 5 levels everysingle containssa Special themes. Those levels are freaking HARD!

LEVEL FIX LIST 1:02-1:03 VERSION UPDATE 3.8.23.***********************************

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

LEVEL FIX LIST 1:03 VS 1:04 VERSION UPDATE 6.8.2023****************************************************
Step 5 Millenium Mayhem Special only.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

LEVEL FIX/LISTED LIST 1:04 B & C VERSION UPDATE 11.8.23*******************************************************
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

EDIT ABOUT TRIOLOGY************************************:
Triology This is final part which ended my Custom + Triology Total 394 Levels.
Custom +1 (120 levels) (only orginal lemmings skills)
Custom +2 (124 levels) (all other skills, but no jumpers, lasers, sliders) Also contains 4 Special level
Custom +3 (150 levels) All Neolemmix skills is here.
Amiga Classic (special pack) used Amiga boards, some are modify and some are similar (30 Levels) My 1 & 3 pack pack contains some my greatest Amiga levels.

Thanks: jkapp76 maded all my logos. :thumbsup:
Thanks: Crane. His awesome pack learn me play this game better and also motivated make my harder levels. Crane really test about my lemmings skills his Chaos mode.
Thanks: Armani (he are help me improve 1:03 future version better.

I am make two pack already. And i start progress my 3rd pack 1-2 months later when i make my 2nd pack. Its good progress rightnow.

My 3rd pack will includes all current skills (+Jumpers, sliders and lasers). Few classic levels are remastered. Cascade 2022, Lemmingology 2022 and Steel Work 2022 and all those levels are new remastered and also includes harder version which all come again in Step 4 modes and those levels will be brutally hard here. If you think cascade 100% is hard, you cannot even imagine how hard its here.

New 3rd will includes difficulty (30 levels per each) More If i got find motivation i might make some extra
1: Training Zone 30 (Done)
2: Rocky Road (30 Done)
3: Chaos Core (30 Done)
4: Millenium Mayhem (Progress) (around 20 levels are done)

With this this time Neutralemmings are common in most levels (never used my old packs) I also remastered some levels my 1st pack, using little bit new levels and new skills.

Step 1, 2 & 3 are done and most level Step 4 are done, but i´ll need some fresh ideas yet make some levels.

My all custom levels always includes time limit. With this pack shortes time limit is 20 second and longest 15 minutes.  Usually levels take 2-5 minutes to beat, most hardest levels are short like 1 minutes. This 15 minutes level is actually not are very hard, but its might frustrating make reback again overt and over and this might make some hard times to solved. How ever i got find two very different way make it. Probably we can find even more ways make this. Short levels are usually most painful and tough like hells.

I´ll update this topci when i goes make new things and levels.  I´ll post this pack when i am done it. I´ll hope we not throw troubles like my 2nd pack, which includes fixed bugs and very different glider flyride.

I am pretty sure this pack will be done at least September 2022. Probably sooner or probably later. Its all about my insipirations.

This pack will be harder than two previous ones. Much about new Neolemmix experience. And that reason its will take while make Step 4 Millenium Mayhem, i´ll really want make this mode hard like hell.  I use all my inteligence and all my skills and inspiration make this mode superb.

I´ll back and update this page when we are make those alls.

Have to good weekend guys and girls :thumbsup:

All levels are done and im almost ready post my pack. But i´ll need help make logo.
Simple logo like this is good enought. Just Name Custom +3.

UPDATE 13.8.2023 Released 1:02 B & C version.
There is nothing completion difference between orginal 1:02 version. I just set some traps, tiles more balances and add several unique music. 1:02 C version will contains backrounds all 124 levels. So its pure graphically coolest version. 1:02 B is identical, but there is no backrounds. Thats if you like play lemmings levels just orginal graphic.  This update is minor one.

UPDATE 10.7.2023. Release 1:02 version

Demo Version 1:00 RELEASE ONLY DEVELOPET SITE********************************

Orginal Version 1:01 RELEASE APRIL 30TH 2022********************************
120 Levels
30 per each difficulty. 4 Difficulty.
Step 1: Simple Cakewalk
Step 2: Easy Roadtrip
Step 3: Tricky Boaradwalk
Step 4: Suffering Hellrodas.

UPDATED Version 1:02 RELEASE JULY 10TH 2023*************************
124 Levels
31 Levels per each difficulty
Step 1: Easy Road Trip
Step 2: Medium Miles
Step 3: Tricky Boardwalk
Step 4: Suffering Hellthrough

Logo and everythings is done.

Orginally this Pack (Demo 1:00 version) was making older Neolemmix version, but eveyry levels is changed working new neolemmix versions.
This pack includes 8 Avarage lemmings skills +10 other skills.

Custom +2 Its not includes: Lasers, Sliders or Jumpers. Those was new when i did orginal version. My 3rd pack which are maded and released will includes also those skills. Also updated 1:02 version not includes those skills. I´ll learn use those skills Custom Plus 3 packs Link below.******************

Fixed Things 1:02 Version. Its heavy amount better Graphic Improvements List things
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

List Improvements Levels that HUGE:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

BTW Music files you can load below post. I post two music zip. Those are way too large in mainpage. Special Music in levels (have to load music zips make those work
Clashing waves (Castlevania) (Used Step 1 level 31
Crusifix held close (Castlevania) (Used Step 3 level 30
Divine Bloodlines (Castlevania) (Used Step 4 level 31 (final level)
at am length BC (Bionic commando (Used step 2 level 31
Kayleigh (Used step 3 level 31 & Step 4 level 30)
M_stage10 (Freedom planet) Used Step 4 level 29
Beast2 (thats might automatically added lemming music) (used step 2 level 29)

Next Tile sets is required 1:02 Version all special levels only
Machine Namida (Step 2 level 31)
Gronkling_beast (Step 3 level 31)
Agony (Zanzindorf) (Step 1 level 31 & Step 4 level 31

All Styles could be load here:


I use my own style list levels. If someone are interesting make all levels list better. You are welcomed to make it. Its too hard for me.

Update Version is little bit harder than previous one. Also some name is changed.

Step 1 Easy Road Trip (previous name was Simple Cakewalk) Difficulty equal Fun-Taxing. Last Special level is more Mayhem equal level its easily hardest in Step 1.

Step 2 Medium Miles (previous name was Easy Road Trip) Difficulty equal Taxing to Mayhem/Havoc. Special level is even harder one and hardest level Step 2.

Step 3 Tricky Boardwalk Difficulty equal Mayhem/Havoc +Higher. This is point where you really need lemmings skills

Step 4 Suffering Hellthrough (previous name Suffering Hellroad) Difficulty is Very Hard-EXTREME. This is even little bit harder than last time. See level fix list.

ABOUT TRIOLOGY************************************:
Triology This is 2nd part my triology Triology Total 394 Levels.
Custom +1 (120 levels) (only orginal lemmings skills)
Custom +2 (124 levels) (all other skills, but no jumpers, lasers, sliders) Also contains 4 Special level
Custom +3 (150 levels) All Neolemmix skills is here.
Amiga Classic (special pack) used Amiga boards, some are modify and some are similar (30 Levels) My 1 & 3 pack pack contains some my greatest Amiga levels.

Thanks: jkapp76 maded all my logos. :thumbsup:

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