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NeoLemmix Levels / MASTER-88 NEW Custom +V2 Pack is done
« on: April 30, 2022, 10:37:16 AM »
Okay logo and music is addes and everythings is here correct. Lets play.:):thumbsup:

120 Levels
30 per each difficulty. 4 Difficulty.
Step 1: Simple Cakewalk
Step 2: Easy Roadtrip
Step 3: Tricky Boaradwalk
Step 4: Suffering Hellrodas.

Logo and everythings is done.

I started make my 3rd pack and demo levels, but its will done probably end of the this year. Its depend my insipirations. This pack is fucking awesome. Very much easy levels and really much tought levels.

Orginally this Pack was making older Neolemmix version, but eveyr levels is changed working new neolemmix version.
This pack includes 8 Avarage lemmings skills +10 other skills.

Its not includes: Lasers, Sliders or Jumpers. Those was new. My 3rd pack which are coming in somedays future will includes also those skills.

General Discussion / 14 years in lemmings forum
« on: April 19, 2022, 02:10:26 PM »
I just check out. I register 14 years ago and make my first post. Some levels records are going in lemmings WIKI, like Cascade 100% solution (i actually saw that few years ago, that was my 2011 video). That was very hardcore record year 2008. Now we can make this one without using even pause button.

I have to say. Peoples are increase lemmings skills a lot and neolemmix is awesome system. Those Licences lemmings games start go way too easy with masters.

I´ll pick up some my own masterworks and have to thanks to peoples who help me make those strategys

SNES Lemmings Max pointed

NES & SNES Lemmings pause free

I am also make two Neolemmix pack and i am pretty glad with both.
Pack 1

Pack 2

Thanks everyone. Without yours help i never maded all thats.:thumbsup:

I am asberger nerd who like spend time play lemmings. I never bored play lemmings series games. Sometimes i still keep break and play other videogames. My Videogames experience are a lot games. Im not even start go count.

NeoLemmix Main / What are those new skills?
« on: April 17, 2022, 05:36:33 AM »
I am just see some youtube videos with very new skills. See some horizontal jumps and etc..... stuffs.

My Neolemmix version give me all orginal lemmings skills and next new skills:
1: Swimmer
2: Stoner
3: Stacker
4: Walker
5: Disarmer
6: Platformer
7: Shimmier
8: Glider
9: Fencer
10: Cloner

Is that some new update?

Okay let see how i can post that. So I´ll post In Development site first and look did this post it correctly.

If everythings went right. This contains 120 levels 30 levels per each step. Its like similar as my previous pack.
Step 1: Simple Cakewalk
Step 2: Easy Roadtrip
Step 3: Tricky Boardwalk
Step 4: Suffering Hellroad

Otherwise this pack played well my neolemmix and i beat all levels and take all replays up. Its also seems those levels played order to 1-30 and etc...

I´ll test that first.

Okay its seems this zip post it fine enought and levels are rightorders.

UPDATE IMPORTANT START 19.4.22.****************************
Pack is fixed and everythings match new Neolemmix version. No impossible levels anymore. Also broken level is changed. So here is new Step 4 level 29 and new Step 3 Level 7. Mostly i just fix gliders levels. Most those was impossible with new neolemmix version.

UPDATE IMPORTANT END*******************************

UPDATE IMPORTANT START 18.4.22.************************************
My Pack is maded older neolemmix version. Its look Shimmiers bug jump into exit is fixed later versions so at least Step 1 Simple Cakewalk level 11 En Garde Lemmings is impossible level to beat with new neolemmix versions of the game. I´ll later Update this level where it is possible with new versions players too. Thanks with report this bug.

Sorry Master-88 The Shimmiers don't in 12.12.4. I even watched your replay and the shimmiers don't jump into the exit. They end up dying in the trap to the right.
That level needs a fix.

That's a bug and was fixed ;):
And I'd recommend keeping solutions replays of your pack in the latest NL so you have proof they're solvable and nobody waste time on a impossible level.

IIRC That was only level which use that trick. Luckily peoples raport with this.

Im not know is there other fixed bugs in later version. Then just Raport it with me. I´ll fix those levels and repost my pack again. So we will keep this pack in Development site until my final update versions are maded.

UPDATE IMPORTANT 18.4.22 END**********************

UPDATE IMPORTANT 2 START******************
Okay i recommend you stop play that my pack if you have new neolemmix version. This is maded old version and so many version differnces make this pack impossible. Biggest one are Gliders and this make a lot impossible levels at this point.

I´ll fix those all match new neolemmix version. Its will take few days i guess. I´ll repost my levels again when those are fixed match new Neolemmix version.:P

NeoLemmix Main / How long time its build your custom level or pack?
« on: April 06, 2022, 09:47:26 PM »
Thats interesting question.? When i pick up my inspiration, i´ll make levels whole 8-12 or even more hours in row. Its not usually that long.

I make first levels in hour per level. But my personal longest progress when i did my last level my 1st Neolemmix pack. WTF level 30 take me 12-14 hours to make and plan. I still yet one shit metal bug here. Its fixed later. Its still haved back routes. Those endurance levels are very hard to make.

New Pack includes level Name: Step 3 difficulty level 30: Hellgard take me 6-7 hours to make and plan. Im not wanted make it too hard at this point, so i´ll give golden talisman if you cannot use harder method. Avarage levles to make take me 2-3 hours when we talkin harder ones. Practice levels take some 20 minutes per each

When i am insipirated. I make Around 3-4 lemmings levels per day and spend 12 hours. Its around avarage.

Which is hardest neolemmix custom level which you are played and completed?

Im not have much experience myself yet. Just finally completed Plus 1 pack & Psycho mode. And this was really hard mode compared license  lemmings games, which are so easy and take only 2 days.

I´ll chooce few levels which are hardest in Plus 1 pack
Psycho 8: Snowed In. This level stop my progress first time and then i chooce level select. That was level which really take me long and super frustrating strategy. That was only level i give up and spoil it.:P

Psycho 9: Coalburner part two. Another super complicate level. I attempt that a lot year 2021, but no hope. Finally done it, its not that hard execution, but that plan was really tough one. Really well planned level.:)

Psycho 19 Perfect nightmare. I spend some hours with this in year 2021. When i reback 2022, i spend 2 days and total 10 hours planning when i solved & completed this. Expect two previous hard level. This level was extremely hard executed too. So its not only plan. If we are played that level SNES or DOS Mechanism that was are so much easier, but neolemmix basher is different.

Psycho 11: Three birds in one shot. This level is definitely most important mention. Its just take me a lot paper and pen when i count those frames/pixels. Yeah and its take also hours to complted.

I am hear here is even harder lemminsg pack available?  Is there any leves which are: REALLY SUPERB HARD????

General Discussion / intelligence quotient about lemmings players
« on: December 12, 2021, 12:14:14 PM »
I test my own some years ago its 135. Its not too bad, but no too good. its above avarage.

I have some special skills. Thanks my asberger syndrome. Extremely good visual memorize skills. Just not about lemmings only. I can remember every capital citys and flags in whole world, but my math is bad one. My School went pretty okay overall. Not very good, not too bad, somewhere avarage ranges. My geography was always best possible, but math and english was worse. My Socials skills is probably worst ever in world.

Lemmings requires just most your visual skills. When you have look level overall and look little things everywhere. Most my skills is my experience. But i am extremely good visual skills player myself.

About lemmings games. I think everybody can beat orginal lemmings games if your IQ is around 100. But beat some very hard custom levels make this game really hard. Lemmings is like Shack.

I´ll keep little bit break make my own NeoLemmix custom levels rightnow and back to play Plus 1 Psycho mode again. I am got 100 hours practice about game and thats make most levels really easy. I´ll think my own pack is harder one. We always overlooked somethings. I am have to fix my own levels many times. Its not easy make hard levels, but interesting levels.

Todays i spend 12 hours make per each single level. Probably my masterwork solution, that was worth it. I did easy and hard version with this level. Also easy version seems tough one, but hard version is really fun.

I think i can make my pack done end of the this year, but have to check out it many times, so its will be public somewhere next year. Its seems i am sometimes overlooked something. Its take a lot time make one single level. Usually 4 hours, sometimes 12 hours.

Have to say Namida making extrmely good job Lemming plus levels. All licensed games was simply too easy for me. Make without pausing give me some fun. Namida Plus 1 are giving me good challenge. Few Psycho leves are remain, but i am completed those quite fast when i start make my own levels. I learn that mechanism. Thats will be fun progress.

EDIT 20.12.21: You can play my new lemmings pack Just load zip and use neolemmix. Its just that simple.

This wll contains at least 4 different difficulty:
1= LOL mode 30 levels (step 1
2= YOLO mode 30 levels (step 2
3: OMG mode 30 levels (step 3
4: WTF mode 30 levels (step 4

This Pack difficulty is pretty high or low depend my intelligence quotient is only 135 and around 30 years lemmings experience. So levels will come very hard to end.

I´ll post whole pack when its come out, but here is few pictures my levels. Much unique levels, but also much levels will be Remake with harder skills.

Load Zip attach and lets play..;P

Just attempted that level few days without hope and i have to go look completion video. I see a lot version differences.

Here is completion solution by Flopsy, but this version seems give some major version differences. Like starting release rate is 1. My version start 50 releaserate, that make right side completion impossible. Too many will die.

About left side. Here is completion solution by Flopsy. Thats look lemmings will stop bashing when it bash left side corner. About my version, lemmings will run out and all were die

If you take miner way one round earlier, too many lemmings will drop the water.

Here is Flopsy completion (just start watch this video point 10:45.

Here is my few pictures. And yeah its requires 4 builder at end so i cannot turn/cancel that basher with builder.

So that Flopsy completion solution cannot work. Seriosly i cannot find nothing strategy completed that level with those skills.

Okay we talking about pause free solutions in other lemmings version.

Yes i got my NeoLemmix work around week ago. I load Plus 1 pack and i am completed whole Mild, Whimpy & Medi difficulty and 18 levels in Danger difficulty.

At this point i am have to used framestep button only two levels. Medi 20 The Diving boards. This level was really hard. For sure its could be possible without framestep/pixel step button. I count 7-8 pixel perfect timing in this level.

How about Danger 18 The build station? I count 25 pixel perfect timings in one row.
Its more than any lemmings games solutions ever. IIRC Some SNES lemminsg hardest solutions challenges like Pillar of Hercules 2 lost requires use some 8-12 pixel timings in one row. Though you cannot use frame step button any console lemmings.

About Danger 18 The Build station. Here is simply replay. Its look easy level to make in replay. IMO this is nearly impossible level make without frame step button used. Without pausing is even more impossible. I just did it using heavy amount pausing and frame steps. Replay make it look easy.

Lemmings Main / TOP 10 Hardest NES lemmings level
« on: November 03, 2021, 08:48:56 AM »
See here is topic TOP 10 hardest lemmings levels and TOP 10 hardest oh no more lemmings levels. I think i can make some really fresh analyze TOP 10 hardest NES Lemmings levels. Actually Gameboy version levels are similar, as NES but those levels are make much easier on gameboy version of the game. For example mayhem 19 allow you lost both blockers, Nes version not allow lost anything.

My TOP 10 list
1: Mayhem 19 How much more can you take (difficult 10/10)
I´ll list that my first one. Mayhem 20 was even harder my first playthrough, but its much more simply than this level overall. This level might be some real hard to solved and completed first time.

2: Mayhem 20 They are clean and green (difficult 10/10)
Really, super hard starting and end saving in this level.  Also this level are making harder on NES than Gameboy version. Here is only 1 allowed lost on NES. Some timings are even harder than mayhem 19 IMO.

3: Mayhem 16 Hello John got a new lemming (difficult 9/10)
My old route make this level super hard. New strategy is completion much easier. Mostly all difficult come with very complicated solution. Many things could goes wrong all times and you really need handled NES lemmings mechanism here.

4: Taxing 13  Can you stand the heat (difficult 9/10
This level is really complicated. Its quite easy when you how know solved it, but first time its could take good amount time. Even this is short and simply looking level. Its incredible tough one.

5: Mayhem 9, Pass me that lemming (difficult 9/10)
Here is at least two different solution and that 2nd make it at least easier. But my 1st and 2nd playthrough this level was insane hard to solved. Later i got find pretty cheap way beat this one.

6: Mayhem 13 Revenge of the lemming (difficult 8/10)
This is one all levels might your way got stopped most players. Its allow you only two lemmings lost (Gameboy version allow 3 lost and make this level cheap) But making two lost, you have understand how NES lemmings mechanism work.

7: Taxing 23 Help my lemming of fire (difficult 8/10)
Okay this is hard level, at least your first playthrough. Thats take me while when beat it. That was also one my big question? about pause free playtrhough, but got it pretty easily done here.

8: Taxing 22 Seen it all before (difficult 8/10)
All difficult are extremely hard timings. Actual solution is not that hard and complicated.

9: Mayhem 23 Keep quiet at the back (difficult 8/10)
Its quite complicated level. Its still fun level, might take while to solved your first time.

10: Mayhem 22 Is that lemming licensed (difficult 8/10)
Here is at least two different solution beat this level. Its could be little bit hard, because many things could goes wrong at end and this level is one longer entire game. So its might give some frustrating.

Thats my NES version TOP 10 hardest list.

Tech & Research / NES Lemmings Glitches???
« on: October 30, 2021, 11:16:36 PM »
That interested me, because this game is pretty glitch free IMO. Most common bash through blocker. Its never break it then.

This solution got two glitch in one go.

I´ll interesten NES version glitches if someone can find better.

This topic probably could locked or erased. I am very worst about zips and i have really trouble make neo lemmix working my computer. Probabably 97 windows in too old.

I have still several (around 60 lemmini custom levels) All is INI file in my computer. Only can open using lemmini & java.

Those lemmings levels are create lemmini. But all those are nice on.

Im really bad about zip files. So that was more test post.

Challenges / Lemmings Genesis Present 24 Everyone´s hard nut challenges
« on: December 14, 2019, 02:52:36 AM »
If you guys are bored thats might be good day spend one day.

Years ago i did dfferent challenge solutions and its really interesting level. Please don´t watch my videos if you want try solved its yourself. I still have videos all when i was bored.

4 Different solution? Did you guys can solved.

1: Under 1 minutes (very easy)
2: Without used Builders
3: Without used Bashers
4: Without used Diggers (Its hardest possible all IMO)

I´ll put videos up, but please dont watch before you make it yourself. This probably take good couple hours kill you time. I did this year 2013 and its definitely good time spend day. Proof can find under. But just dont watch this. Make it yourself and keep fun.

Under 1 minute
Without Builders
Without Bashers
Without Diggers

Lemmings max points. Max-% saved with minimal skills used .European SNES Version used. I´ll updated this when i going redo. Also videos and playlist will be updates

UPDATE 25.11.2020
Mayhem 29 Save me is improvement one less skill. 22 skills is new record and that 9703 points. Its updated youtube playlist. Not in archive yet.

UPDATE 26.2.2020
Mayhem 20 & 26 improvement is update archive org and youtube playlist.

UPDATE 19.2.2020.
Sunsoft special list update. Level 4 is 2 points (2 skills) improvement over previous. Youtube & archive link is both update also skill list.

UPDATE 15.2.2020
Sunsoft special list are update. Thanks awesome Sunsoft special 3 route. I got accidentally find it right before i  was going sleep. Just pick up one "stupid" idea and its seems work.:) This game started are pretty much done rightnow. Who know? New ideas always will born.  We are make awesome progress.

UPDATE 13.2.2020
Archive link is update and sunsoft special & mayhem. Contains 100% Sunsoft special 2 solution. Some Archive links will be progress yet, but they are coming. Youtube & skill list is updated

UPDATE 12.2.2020.
Youtube playlists is updated. Contains mayhem difficulty (mayhem 19 96%/ 21 skills added) Sunsoft special 2 99% & 18 skills added.  Also skill list is update

UPDATE 7.2.2020.
New mayhem playlist is up in archive & youtube included mayhem 3 5 skills solution. Skills list also updated.

UPDATE 1.2.2020.
New Taxing difficulty playlist update. Contains level 4 2 points improvement records. Skill list and etc.. updates.

Lemmings skills per each level
1: 1
2: 10
3: 3 (94%) 47/50
4: 11
5: 3
6: 2 (96%) 48/50
7: 2
8: 3
9: 2
10: 3
11: 5
12: 5
13: 3
14: 5
15: 9
16: 9
17: 4
18: 5 (92%) 65/70
19: 6
20: 11
21: 3
22: 7
23: 5
24: 3
25: 4
26: 5
27: 6
28: 10
29: 13
30: 2

Lemmings skills per each level
1: 4
2: 3
3: 8
4: 9
5: 9
6: 8
7: 12
8: 15
9: 9
10: 14
11: 9
12: 9
13: 12
14: 12
15: 3 (70%) 7/10
16: 6 (92%) 46/50
17: 2 (96%) 48/50
18: 3 (90%) 9/10
19: 5
20: 7
21: 14
22: 10
23: 24 (99%) 99/100
24: 7
25: 13
26: 2
27: 10
28: 4
29: 5
30: 8

Lemmings skills per each level
1: 10
2: 7
3: 9
4: 14
5: 12
6: 4
7: 10 (99%) (99/100)
8: 9
9: 3
10: 8
11: 12
12: 10
13: 9
14: 20
15: 11
16: 19
17: 7
18: 12
19: 5 (92%) 65/70
20: 7
21: 7
22: 6
23: 15
24: 6
25: 8
26: 12
27: 12 (97%) (97/100
28: 16 (90%) (90/100
29: 8
30: 3

Lemmings skills per each level Mayhem
1: 27
2: 19
3: 5
4: 5
5: 14 (95%) (76/80
6: 10
7: 13
8: 9
9: 13
10: 30 (97%) (73/75
11: 3
12: 15
13: 6
14: 17
15: 14
16: 4
17: 11
18: 18
19: 21 (96%) (48/50
20: 6
21: 56
22: 14
23: 16
24: 3
25: 12
26: 16 (95%) (95/100
27: 4
28: 9
29: 22 (97%) (97/100
30: 24

Lemmings skills per each level
1: 7 (25%) (1/4
2: 29 (26 skills is confirmed possible on emulator and also it could be improvement few less skill i think.
3: 32
4: 8
5: 8

Levels is added in playlist and every levels is orders. Just max-% saved and minimal possible items used. All is recorded my real SNES system and European version
Fun 1-30 levels (3rd update)

Tricky 1-30 levels (8th update)

Taxing 1-30 levels (8th update)

Mayhem 1-30 levels (15th update)

Sunsoft 1-5 levels (7th update) (Level is 2 no max pointed) Confirmed 26 skills solution emulator, but 29 skills on console is good enought.

I want thanks Ichotolot his tips in mayhem 30. I already got 10059 points but when he told me new build strat i got one more point. I want thank Zimer. He max pointed levels years 2010-2017 and this keep my motivations up. I want also thanks Richard Diaz aka lemmingsmaster. He are find many most awesome strategys. He is only who are got 10001 points in Sunsoft special 2 without tool assist.

How ever. There is little chances i´ll find some better points in future if new strats can be found.

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