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Level Design / Re: Best way avoid make backroutes?
« on: September 22, 2023, 07:59:41 AM »
"skills you can't live without" challenge; Nepster mentioned he frequently did this as a backroute testing strategy. It won't catch everything though.

Thats is one i use myself a lot. I just counted those skills and and skills you cannot solved, i´ll just list those skills pen & paper and try another approach. How ever this strategys is useful levels where is very less skills. But levels where is several skill and much lenght, its quite pointless.

I´ll personally like make speedrun levels, because not need worry about backroutes, but have to throw tons tricks in one go. I did High Speed Steel Wrok (my own version & also amiga version) Those levels are backroute free, just all is enought when you saved all in timelimit. Yes its one Lemmings levels category. If we want make strategy levels its not work here, then we have to think a lot.

Most backroute free levels are speedrunlevels and button smash levels.. Fun to build & hard to completed, but you are allowed use what ever way you want. Only goal is completion. Some individual tricks are really hard to throw., I´ll see this in Crane pack without slip backroutes, its really hard.

I´ll also PM with Crane he is tired. I think he will need some rest. Im not want are that asshole who make his live too hard and spam backroutes all times. So if we i have to keep break we will keep it. Crane is extremely good lemmings builder. But those intention ideas is very hard to got finnish without backroutes. Its not easy for me too. We spend few levels over 8 hours work in row and we both was very tired at this point.

Lemmings Main / Re: Most Crap Lemmings themes?
« on: September 22, 2023, 07:32:27 AM »
namida mention London bridge, its not are bad theme. I´ll also know orig 11 is balet theme and also quite good.

What is Orig 10. Its my favorite one.
Is that Orig 10 Nothing to free?
There is Pendlum theme with this, and its sounds like Orig 10 a lot.

Lemmings Main / Most Crap Lemmings themes?
« on: September 22, 2023, 07:09:04 AM »
Thats quite fun topic. Don´t just too serious. Little bit humor and etc....

Which theme you hate most.  I have some my list
1:Oh no lemmings theme 2 (this theme is so horrible) I´ll usually just goes editor and changed it if i work some hard level. Or i simply off my music. This theme give me headache.
2: Orig 8 (Not that horrible like Oh no 2, but also painful at least in hard levels)
3: Orig 17 (How ever Genesis version with this theme is much better IMO.) Orginal version are quite horrible.

My Favorite are
1: Orig 10
2: Orig 2
3: Orig 13
4: Orig 9.
5: Oh no 1 is also good lemmings theme.
Extra: Special levels themes Beast 1 & 2 are very good.

Level Design / Re: Best way avoid make backroutes?
« on: September 22, 2023, 05:01:02 AM »
I am Crane Test player 1.05 version. I only can imagine that Crane frustration levels. Progress solved, fix and fix things over again. And sometimes its seems its infinite vicious circle, where is not way out.

How ever i am learn a lot better player myself and some backroutes not are that cheap ones, but we have to buried most those ones. Crane like his theme system, so we not are allowed break it roughly.

How ever im not want throw trash all my awesome ideas and so i also start build my own new pack which will use some buried ideas I´ll plan 150 levels pack again. This will be very large progress. My custom +series contains 394 levels and its take total 3 years.

I´ll might make some short packs too. Planned Amiga classic 2 which will contains only 30 levels. I´ll also use that my large pack like i use my Amiga 1 my custom+ series.

I´ll focus more my own progress until when Crane 1.05 version are done.

Armani was my test player custom +3. And yes i´ll feel that frustrating levels make EXTREME levels. Its not are fun hobbies. Its just hard work. I´ll personally used some buttons when some backroutes was simply impossible to fix. I´ll also know, buttons will reveal some routes and its not very ideal choice, sometimes its only one at least in large levels, which have a lot skills.

I can only imagine Crane frustration levels at this point. I also was very tired & cranky when i got done my custom +3 Step 5.  But when i was done it i was very glad my pack. Expect Crane levels, my own levels not have real themes, so im not are personally that nitpicking about all things.

How much time its take we reveal all SNES & DOS levels backroutes. We spend that progress over 10 years. There might be still some remain yet.

We hardly work Crane pack. Good news one broken level is now perfectly fixed, even its take a tons time and have to test different tool sets. Finally got done perfect level which make Crane happy.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

When 1.05 is ready. Its will be extremely good/strong version. Even its take that what its take. Just a lot frustrations and time. I´ll hope im not make Crane too mad. Its my testplayer job. Im not are good guy. I am ruthless asshole who break levels all times.

My intention is still good. If im not figured out those backroutes, someone else will be figured out then later. I´ll make sure, 1.05 version will be really strong and very hardly improve.

Current backroutes/possible backroutes we have to solved:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I´ll Wish good luck. ;)

So a couple of Chaos levels are currently broken and I'm trying to think how to patch or redesign them.  It's a little frustrating, but that's the nature of things sometimes.

Is there several levels broken?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Good luck. Yes i´ll imganine that some frustratings.

No problem.

Here is final 1.04 version Chaos level completed.
Level 25 Immortal

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

1.04 version is now completed succesfully. All 30 Chaos levels. Okay Challenge 29 is remain yet. And im not are run through all cute mode replays 1.04 version. Though play all those through 1.01 version.

I´ll might look some Crane 1.05 proto levels yet, if we could fix those routes before 1.05 version will be released.

BTW Crane. This is yout topic you can erased all my unwanted post here. Its not matter much. Im not even know what i did wrong? but its might culture difference. I am sorry about this. Np other words. As far as i thin youtube videos is also okay? Righht? What to heck i do wrong? Tell me?

Im not want make your angry or sad. I´ll be glad we are making through those all progress.

Dman i am fucking drunk right now. I think i have to erased some?

Did this Ok im post your completion solutions in yotube. (I´ll also make its less spoil as i can) Used minimal reveal picture.

This look i am used spoiler tags, What heck i am forget under spoiler tags?

Damn sorry Crane. I forget some spoiler tags. My bad.  :-[ But how ever im not revela those new levels.

I´ll use spoiler tags when i think i need those. I think that was my fault too. Luckily its could be fixed. But im not revela too much. Yes i´ll fix my post. Sorry Crane.

What you ask me hiiden there under spoiler tags? Just i think im not revela too much. At least 1.05 version will be secret.

Sadge we cannot fix Chaos 22 hallowed grounds., Yeah its techincally impossible, because there is no theory way make it and block backroutes. Let see which is Crane plan/visions here??

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Divisive Action & Splashdown will be some really brutal next time. Also Dropship 12. I´ll give up Crane latest proto Dropship 12. That was simply too hard for me.. But yeah that take also some several protos to fix correct.

We are worked Crane levels to hard. And luckily most are fixable, even its sometimes took a lot work and frustratings.

I loved that job are Crane testplayer. Crane pack is always are my personal favorite.

Be right back. Crane will give more informations later. We are quite close 1:05. ;)

I started work that some week ago. Like my custom +3  i´ll plan make 150 levels. Easy-Extreme. With this time im not learn new skills, so starting are little bit more harder than my Custom+ series packs.

I am Crane 1.05 version pack test player. And i have to say i am did my job very well at this point. But sadge we have to denied so many genius ideas. Crane want be keep his own pack unique and perfect. But those denied ideas are really useful. I´ll sure most persons never are see those tricks what i have to throw when i we keep test player job. That what we work Divise Action and Splashdown. There was around 10 backroutes both levels. We fixed those perfect. That was so tired. We both was tired. But those denied ideas will goes deep grave. So i think its good time and motivations make new pack myself which used those unique tricks.

My plan is use those denied ideas my own pack what i´ll work. Yes i am learn a lot better lemmings players when i am work Crane 1.05 version. Crane is very genius and very good lemmings player. I am still sometimes little bit bullzoder and awesome trick thrower.

Let see. I´ll back that progress later when i am done with Crane 1.05 version. My custom+ triology is ended. That was my 2nd longest project. Total 394 levels and 3 years. My longest project was SNES lemmings max point. Started 2010 and there is still few levels possible improve, How ever its seems TAS only.

JES JES Finally my another masterwork are done. Chaos 13 Cliffside Hostel (Please Crane if this not your intention, please don´t patch it) This is way too genius. I think i´ll list this your pack TOP 3 hardest level at this point.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

BTW Look my fucking timings. This solution was so freaking mad. I am so happy. As happy as when i got beat Denial.

Here is video and zip
Chaos 13 Cliffside Hostel completion solution. I´ll hope its intented or its wil l stay alternate solution.

Im not want touch that level anymore. But this completion make me super happy. I was close to freaking out when i complted it.  :lem-shocked:

My Cliffside Hostel solution will stay 1.05 version. I just see Crane intention solution, its completely very different, but technically very genius one too. Hard to say which are harder one, but both are way different solutions. Though both used all tools and a lot tricks.

We finally got perfect Chaos 18 Splashdown done. Thats tired we both. Crane fix and solved. IIRC that 7-8 prototype version which forced me use intention route. We also make it little bit harder/sharper. I think i´ll make some youtube video collections all denied routes later when 1.05 are released. Many denied routes was also genius and learn a lot with lemmings. Its like Chaos 17 Divisive Action. Its also take a lot work patch all.

BTW my Chaos 1 SUNSOFT Swindle and Polar Pass both was backroutes. With this time i not have even any good clues about intentions those solutions How ever:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Also Chaos 9 Oveflow was backroute. (that not my personal favorite level, i´ll look it later though. At this time we hardly work Chaos 22 Hallowed Ground. This like new Splashdown and Divisive Action. So many alternate ways and very hard find intented.

Thats my real full time job are Crane test player. I am learn a lot with lemmings travel with this.  8-)

Chaos 6 Mind the Gap (1.04 version completion solution (not contains talisman) and its might backroute. Im not know Crane intention idea here. My 1.01 version route was closed, so i goes little bit different with this time, but quite similar main idea used.. 1.01 starting replay working well here. But end part goes different

EDIT 2***********************
Chaos 14 There is one small problem

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Only 2 Level are remain Chaos mode 1.04 version (3 levels remain total 1.04 version) 147/150 levels completed)
13 Cliffside Hostel (only level i never are beat even 1.01 version). This level is heck nightmare. Only good thing its quite shorth.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
25 Immortal (new board is completely different. Im not are give any shot new version level yet, might go for it soon.

I think Chaos 15 is totally fixed i cannot solved it anymore. That previous proto version was tough ones, this newest is burn out. :devil:

Okay we are figured out a lot backroutes Chaos 18 Splashdown. Have to fix it a lot.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Chaos 12 Chilly disposition is ready. Okay this level also take some several times patch alls. My completion solution was little bit different than Crane, but accetable.  Chaos 27 Dodge It was intention last time. That was very frustrating level for me. Take me total 12 hours and got find two backroutes. Both will patched 1.05 version

Chaos 10 Wrong Side-Failure

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

BTW here is my new completion. I think its intention. There is not really other choices
Chaos 2 Polar Pass.

Chaos 9 Overflow (1.04 version completion solution) Two my backroute was fixed already 1.01 version. Not sure is this ideal? But that way i got pass it with this time.

Only few 1.04 version Chaos levels are remains yet I count 5 levels.

Chaos 1, 6, 13, 14 & 25 We still make hard progress 1.05 version. Its will be some very brutal compared 1.04 version. :devil:

EDIT 2***************************************
Chaos 1 SUNSOFT Swindle (1.04 version completion solution)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Total 4 Level remain in Chaos & 1 level remain challenge mode. 145/150 levels are completed 1.04 version.
Challenge 29 (yes im not are put effort wiht this level) I just are helping improve Crane pack and mostly Chaos levels.
Chaos 6, 13, 14 & 25

I am nearly testing everythings and yeah this all are taking so much time, but luckily i have good amount waste time.:) I´ll glad to help improve Crane pack. I think we both are pretty tired and frustratings at this point. Backroutes here and there. :P Have to make better and plan better.

I´ll hope i am good test player. I´ll do my best. :thumbsup:

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