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I will definitely give this pack a playthrough at some point. In particular, I would love to LP it, and when I do I'll provide you the link to it :)

At this point i´ll give the my promise public my pack if you want. Im not really care much about my name about pack. Those levels are just making for fun and most lemmings fans might like solved. Its not matter who really make it. I used my nick name MASTER-88.

Im not are Disney.  Everyone who like used my levels with your own boards is allowed. Im just like make lemmings playing for fun. New Challenge. So those boards not are patent. I actually used some SNES, Genesis, NES levels with new appearance. Just make some things different.

Most levels are unique which never see before.

Only things which piss me off about my pack about last level. I choose music: Name:
musicfactory, but somereason game like change this one orig 5. Its only things which piss me off.

No any troubles my windows 7. But other load change it orig 5??? Its only real fault my pack.

I will definitely give this pack a playthrough at some point. In particular, I would love to LP it, and when I do I'll provide you the link to it

Okay. At this point i have so many different gameprofress and absolutely no my own skills about zip files anymore. I even ask my brother which is degree datanome. He is much better than me, but, because there is minor things and its not matter about pack itself.

I was pretty dissappoint about last level music when neolemmix choose it wrong when we load that other computers. Its okay with my computee, but i have windows 7 and other windows 10. But otherwise i cannot find other bugs. Like i already said. Every way is allow make though 1-2 difficulty (LOL & YOLO) My Brother got find few bugs and new route, but those was actually harder than i planned so i`ll accept. Big question is OMG and WTF mode. My brother cannot even beat those levels and those levels are super hard.

I personally loved level WTF 28 and final Level 30, both are some so fucking great planning in lemmings history. 28 is my personal favorite, because its impossible if you make one single mistake and all is over. And this level will probably hardest level i any lemmings pack ever. When you do how completed this, its pretty easy one. Its level which requies all your skills. Its definitely my best level.

Thanks your advice Kaywhyn.

I´ll agree this point music and many little things in this pack is are goes wrong. I haved much troubles make that. Even i check out other lemmings pack. I suck Zip files and most give me real troubles.

Like i said i back my vacation, so i´ll might make some correct later. I also start make new pack, which is PLUS 2 Pack, but its will requires mostly new skills. I start those my year 2021. I have other game progress rightnow. Just spend most my time play Seikendenetsu 3 (aka Secret of mana 2)

For sure this my pack is for sure worth playing. My Brother play LOL & YOLO mode and also found some bugs with few levels. Im not are worry about this. Easy modes are allowed use all yours skills and use all your bugs. OMG and WTF might be super hard find any cheap ways.

I think i have idea. I have to check out work on this. I´ll attach that zip. Let see did this working.

EDIT: That working. Just load this zip. All levels will go ready to play.

I´ll post that also mainpage

I think i´ll need little bit help how post my whole pack. I think might want make some logos, but its not that important thing.

Here is visual test video OBS recorded about my pack

No logo includes (just no idea how make it)
Also difficult uses Step 1 LOL, Step 2 YOLO, Step 3 OMG & Step 4 WTF.

All levels come rightoriders so no real troubles with this.

How post my pack? Its easy attach one NXVL file per each level using attachment option. I want post my whole pack all 120 levels in on go?

This look my pack working well like other lemmings players pack. You can play it and choose level. Its give completion mark (when you beat each level or difficulty)

At this point i think my pack is ready to submited. I play every levels through and contains few talisman challenge. I am got every replays (also recorded all OMG & WTF) mode levels with good quality my OBS (not use crap camera anymore) and make completions solutions those all. Those all solutions is confirmed to completed and i can prooft it

About LOL & YOLO mode both have auto replays too. So replay file will be available. How ever i am play those levels through several times and its are make several different replays.

About i am pick up few failed replays. But i have also corrected ones. Its probably depend, i did some changes my levels when i replay those alls and usually just new replay is only working one.

Next things are check outed too
1:All traps
2: All goals
3: Levels completed
4: Levels are order 1-30  & difficults are order 1-4. Pack run always that order 1 to 120 levels.

Did am i overlook somethings? @Its always very possible. We always got some new finds even DOS lemmings levels which are very old. But as far as i can tell. I did fix out many possible cheap ways. That mostly harder levels OMG & WTF mode. LOL & YOLO mode solutions are allowed use several different completion solution, so we can´t overlook that so much.

Next question is how i can public and submit my whole pack? I´ll go vacations middle of the week and back somewhere next week. I have few days before vacation.

Finally make done 120 levels and i think its enought test your all skills. At least three last levels are just insane difficult to beat and insane difficult to solved. Spend a lot time with this myself.

Next i´ll replayed my pack and add some talismans and look every levels are okay. Hope no much overlooked or ETC.. cheap ways at least latest levels.

But actual public might happen in next year. I´ll have some new video game progress so i think those 120 levels are very okay rightnow. Last WTF mode could be even harder than Psycho mode lemmings plus version. At least its pretty tied hard as this. At least its come very hard right before end. Especially i am glad levels WTF 21, 28 & 30. Those are really interesting looking levels and pretty awesome strategys required. Also pretty good soundtrack in last level.

About news my personal progress. That are started much harder than i think before.

Only 5 levels are remain to hardest mode (WTF). (115/120 levels are done) Those easy levels was fast to make, nothing cannot overlooked. But about hardest levels, its extremely easy overlooked and make some unintention cheap ways. I spend most times fix those things.

About my progress.I´ll public my pack when 120 levels are done 30 per each difficulty.

1= LOL mode (diffiuculty is around Fun to Tricky) You can also overlooked levels if you want
2= YOLO mode (difficulty is around Taxing to Mayhem) You can also overlooked if you want
3= OMG mode (difficulty can compared only Neoplus levels its some Medi to Danger
4= WTF mode (difficulty can compared only Neoplus levels its some Danger to Psycho.

OMG mode and WTF mode levels take a lot time to make.

This level on under take me whole 12 hours to make. Here is also easier version level with this. I make first hardest version first. (easy version is OMG 26) hard version (WTF 21)

I might done all 4 difficulty in this year, but definitely have to look every levels before public my pack and this will definitely happen in next year. I´ll fix things and avoid things which i can avoid overlook or cheap ways. This is most hard things about lemmings levels. Its very easy overlook.

Lets see.:) That my first real lemming pack. I can make extra difficulty later, because at this point make each level take whole day or more.

General Discussion / intelligence quotient about lemmings players
« on: December 12, 2021, 12:14:14 PM »
I test my own some years ago its 135. Its not too bad, but no too good. its above avarage.

I have some special skills. Thanks my asberger syndrome. Extremely good visual memorize skills. Just not about lemmings only. I can remember every capital citys and flags in whole world, but my math is bad one. My School went pretty okay overall. Not very good, not too bad, somewhere avarage ranges. My geography was always best possible, but math and english was worse. My Socials skills is probably worst ever in world.

Lemmings requires just most your visual skills. When you have look level overall and look little things everywhere. Most my skills is my experience. But i am extremely good visual skills player myself.

About lemmings games. I think everybody can beat orginal lemmings games if your IQ is around 100. But beat some very hard custom levels make this game really hard. Lemmings is like Shack.

I´ll keep little bit break make my own NeoLemmix custom levels rightnow and back to play Plus 1 Psycho mode again. I am got 100 hours practice about game and thats make most levels really easy. I´ll think my own pack is harder one. We always overlooked somethings. I am have to fix my own levels many times. Its not easy make hard levels, but interesting levels.

Todays i spend 12 hours make per each single level. Probably my masterwork solution, that was worth it. I did easy and hard version with this level. Also easy version seems tough one, but hard version is really fun.

I think i can make my pack done end of the this year, but have to check out it many times, so its will be public somewhere next year. Its seems i am sometimes overlooked something. Its take a lot time make one single level. Usually 4 hours, sometimes 12 hours.

Have to say Namida making extrmely good job Lemming plus levels. All licensed games was simply too easy for me. Make without pausing give me some fun. Namida Plus 1 are giving me good challenge. Few Psycho leves are remain, but i am completed those quite fast when i start make my own levels. I learn that mechanism. Thats will be fun progress.

Challenges / Re: NeoLemmix: Maximum Saved Records
« on: December 12, 2021, 12:20:06 AM »
I post that wrong page. But yeah Psycho 26 Oblivion.

19/20 saved. Its one better than update record. Camera replay

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Lemmings Plus Series
« on: December 12, 2021, 12:14:09 AM »
26 Oblivion 18/20

Psycho 26 Oblivion. I got 19/20 saved. Its might new record or this page is not updated for while

Replay video with my camera. Bad quality but idea were simple.

Okay news my progress. Many levels are coming. I think my fist pack will includes only those 4x30 levels per each difficulty. 1: LOL, 2_ YOLO 3: OMG & WTF  I´ll make 12 evels dozen "impossible dozen" extra pack, but that will take much later in next year. At this point each lemmings level take 5-12 hours to make succesfully. My longest each level period is 14 hours per single level

I have to break every possible cheap ways and loverlooks is not allowed. Damn its easy overlook levels. So i´ll test make "hundreds different route" Thats reason why level making take forerever.

Few Demo pictures my pack is here. I´ll post Pix later.

I´´ll my firsr whole 4x30 pack public in this year.

Impossible dozen will be next year.

I would recommend trying out OBS (Open broadcaster software). It is 100% free and can record NL with audio and voice. Just be sure to just capture "fullscreen" with it as the software tends to not recognise the NL window properly. So simply capture the whole screen, set up audio and you should be fine.

Thats is program i used recorded console games, like all my SNES lemmings levels and most speedruns. I cannot make that work on PC or other versions. Its will definitely good way. I also plan make Oh no more lemmings pause free completion, but just cannot find correct video system with this.

About my picutures all those levels are Demo version yet. So i´ll just show some  levels which not are optimize all way.

My Pack is progress i really hardly working on it. My previous pictures show just most my demo levels. I´ll improve most my levels, especially when harder difficulty coming out.

All LOL mode 30 levels are done (might fix some things) not need fix major things, those levels is always easy

All YOLO mode 30 levels are done (also those all are pretty easy and fun) Some things will be fixed all times

19/30 OMG mode levels are done (those levels are mostly hard and i have to be very carfeul with my strategys. Easy ways not are allowed. A lot solutions is remain and some keep some more focus

15/30 WTF mode solutions are done and most will be requires some better looking. I don´t want pass any cheap way to pass those levels. Mostly those levels are hell fucking hard and really hard to make without pixel step button used.

???/? Let see did we need some few levels in this mode. I think making whole 30 levels will be repeat little bit my max create skills. WTF mode will be all you have to need to make. (About Lemmings +pack its take me only two days make through Mild-to Psycho 8. Then this game start goes nearly mad like hell. I still have some levels remains with this pack.

My Pack will includes few new things. Its will includes levels with teleports and etc... Those teleports levels are definitely my hardest, because its really hard go in with correct realease rate.

I think i´ll public whole pack when i am correctly looking everythings. I have DEMO levels, but, those are just DEMO. This pack will take a time. Sometimes i am really make 8 hours per day with this.

Hopefully in next year i could public my whole pack. I´ll promise you lemmings fans will enjoy it. Its really good pack. Its not too impossible, but its a lot harder than console/PC lemmings games and its will includes orginal & oh no more lemmings solutions and music will be repeat like SNES levels. 120 levels is at least coming. I´ll hope make at least few VERY HARD bonus levels. Making very hard levels take sometimes very much time. I spend 12 hours with each level when i got it pretty much hard, without cheaping ways.

My pack will make you crying when you reach 4th WTF difficulty. I luckly make videos my every replay, because those levels was hard to planned and very hard to completed.

But my progress is not done yet. So We have wait next year. New lemmings game will appeared then.;P

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