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NeoLemmix Levels / Re: MASTER-88 NEW Custom V3 Pack is done
« on: June 24, 2022, 12:10:16 PM »
Its always welcomed see your videos my levels guys. I think PRO players can skip Step 1 & 2 levels. Most those levels harder version come step 3 & 4 mode. But amaterus player migth enjoy more step 1 & 2 modes.

I think this is my last 120 levels lemmings pack for while. I still plan make short Millenium Mayhem Special pack in future, but its will contains only few hard levels. Why i start make 2 & 3 pack that soon. Reason new skills like sliders, lasers and jumpers and unwanted things, like pick ups/neutral lemmings make me some fresh ideas.

Comments and solution replays my levels are more than welcomed.

Lets enjoy. Thats probably my best lemmings pack ever IMO. I wante make levels also noob players. But When you enter stpe 3 Chaos core or Step 4 Millenium Mayhem, you have to be master to beat those levels.

New Pack contains 120 levels (30 per each Steps)
1: Training Zone (Simple, but when its goes later its surprisely hard (equal Fun-to taxing normal lemmings levels)
2: Rocky Road (This equal Mayhem or Havoc mode in normal lemmings. Its really tough mode
3: Chaos Core (This mode is hard like hell) Much lemmings exp will help out here
4: Millenium Mayhem (Pure intense, you need your all neolemmix skills and tricks, you will be really lemmings master if you can beat this.

All levels are Normal or Ohnomore lemmings type levels.

I´ll only give 3 talisman with this time. When you beat Rocky road you got Bronze. When beat Chaos Core you got Silver and when beat Millenium Mayhem you got gold

This pack includes all possible lemmings skills (inlcudes lasers, sliders & jumpers)


Few troubles here. Not that huge. Somereason my autoreplay not saved all completions. But luckily i saved all Step 3 & 4 levels done manually. Have to make those replays order Step 1 & 2 levels.

But this is going quickly fixed.

I´ll create another topic in completion levels when i am done those alls & replays. Then i´ll post my pack.

Thanks a lot jkapp with my logo. Im not need think that anymore. You make some hard job and im very thankfully about this

My 3rd pack is done, expect Logo. Did anyone could help me make great logo like jkapp did my 2nd pack. I personally not have any ideas how create those logos.

Example great logo which jkapp create my 2nd pack.

I´ll call my new pack Master-88 custom +3. So i´ll need logo like this

BTW.Checkout every 120 replays and not impossible levels. I think i want this logo first before i post my pack.

This is probably my best lemmings pack ever. Even better than my 2nd pack. Its insane great pack.

About logo: Its just could be simple like this, but number 2 is number 3 rightnow.

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: MASTER-88 NEW Custom +V2 Pack is done
« on: June 10, 2022, 01:52:31 PM »
BTW if you want you can record and load my levels in youtubes if you want. Im not goes prohibit it. Just keep mind this is my pack and my levels and have to mention my pack when you post level. Or give just this link. When you post video.

Every videos is allowed. Just post that link or tell its Master-88 Pack.

I am make two pack already. And i start progress my 3rd pack 1-2 months later when i make my 2nd pack. Its good progress rightnow.

My 3rd pack will includes all current skills (+Jumpers, sliders and lasers). Few classic levels are remastered. Cascade 2022, Lemmingology 2022 and Steel Work 2022 and all those levels are new remastered and also includes harder version which all come again in Step 4 modes and those levels will be brutally hard here. If you think cascade 100% is hard, you cannot even imagine how hard its here.

New 3rd will includes difficulty (30 levels per each) More If i got find motivation i might make some extra
1: Training Zone 30 (Done)
2: Rocky Road (30 Done)
3: Chaos Core (30 Done)
4: Millenium Mayhem (Progress) (around 20 levels are done)

With this this time Neutralemmings are common in most levels (never used my old packs) I also remastered some levels my 1st pack, using little bit new levels and new skills.

Step 1, 2 & 3 are done and most level Step 4 are done, but i´ll need some fresh ideas yet make some levels.

My all custom levels always includes time limit. With this pack shortes time limit is 20 second and longest 15 minutes.  Usually levels take 2-5 minutes to beat, most hardest levels are short like 1 minutes. This 15 minutes level is actually not are very hard, but its might frustrating make reback again overt and over and this might make some hard times to solved. How ever i got find two very different way make it. Probably we can find even more ways make this. Short levels are usually most painful and tough like hells.

I´ll update this topci when i goes make new things and levels.  I´ll post this pack when i am done it. I´ll hope we not throw troubles like my 2nd pack, which includes fixed bugs and very different glider flyride.

I am pretty sure this pack will be done at least September 2022. Probably sooner or probably later. Its all about my insipirations.

This pack will be harder than two previous ones. Much about new Neolemmix experience. And that reason its will take while make Step 4 Millenium Mayhem, i´ll really want make this mode hard like hell.  I use all my inteligence and all my skills and inspiration make this mode superb.

I´ll back and update this page when we are make those alls.

Have to good weekend guys and girls :thumbsup:

All levels are done and im almost ready post my pack. But i´ll need help make logo.
Simple logo like this is good enought. Just Name Custom +3.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: What are those new skills?
« on: April 30, 2022, 07:12:55 PM »
They were trialled, and in the end namida decided not to add them to NeoLemmix. Further, the version that included them was time-limited, so that people wouldn't go back and try to make levels with an old version just to include those skills.

Thanks. Its not matter me a lot. I´ll hope i got informations if new things happen. I really piss off when i pick uphrades  make different gliders route lines. Thats forced me fix most my levels again and yeah its take a lot time 10-12 hours.

Its fixed. no worry anynore. I´ll want know is new things happen in future.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: What are those new skills?
« on: April 30, 2022, 10:47:36 AM »
What happen skills like Speared and Greanades. I watch some Ichotolot lemmings videos. Is those skills coming up. I started make my 3rd pack which will use also skills like Sliders, Jumpers and Lasers.  But we not have spear or grenade here.

Okay logo and music is addes and everythings is here correct. Lets play.:):thumbsup:

120 Levels
30 per each difficulty. 4 Difficulty.
Step 1: Simple Cakewalk
Step 2: Easy Roadtrip
Step 3: Tricky Boaradwalk
Step 4: Suffering Hellrodas.

Logo and everythings is done.

I started make my 3rd pack and demo levels, but its will done probably end of the this year. Its depend my insipirations. This pack is fucking awesome. Very much easy levels and really much tought levels.

Orginally this Pack was making older Neolemmix version, but eveyr levels is changed working new neolemmix version.
This pack includes 8 Avarage lemmings skills +10 other skills.

Its not includes: Lasers, Sliders or Jumpers. Those was new. My 3rd pack which are coming in somedays future will includes also those skills.

I made a VERY quick logo screen for this pack. It's here if anyone else wants it.

Thanks very great logo. Its work well my zips. Did i have to post all my Zips again and with this logo?

Okay i´ll add this and post this ready pack. Thanks a lot.:)

I started make 3rd pack demo levels in week. My 3rd pack might be ready probably end of this year. Depend my insiprations.

Added my Pack in mainpage and also logo is added. Thanks a lot.

I have to mention one thing yet. Its not my game creater fault. I pick up one bug. Its Zombie hitbox level 29 Step 4 Suffering hell round and this new level name is Hellgard part 2. If you compress little bit wrong . Zombie will kill you lemmings, even its not infected you, but its still make sounds effect, but its happen when its close enought with you. This bug is completely possible avoid. Just compress better. This is not impossible level and make several completion. 

Im not really find anyreason why this happen. I guess its hitbox bug. I´ll recommend report it. Its just more annoying than hard. I spend 2-3 hours attempt test that and yeat its seems that happen when Zombie is floater and its are too close your lemmings.

I have correct replays with this level and i can avoid that bug easily, just keep enought distance with Zombie.

New Step 4 Level 29 Hellgard is super frustrating level to beat. I mean it is it, even without bug. Its forced you go back to back and sometimes you have to back whole level if you compress wrong. Its surely is beatable, i didi several completion. Not give up.

I´ll warning that level. Its super frustrating to beat. There is not clear strategy beat this level. I´ll give you a lot skills Blockers, Walkers, Shimmiers and thats all you have to compress all. Also Locked Realeaserate make it mad.

I beat this level 3 times, so its not impossible, but its freaking frustrating and if this fucking bug happen, its make it even more frustrating.

If you want try bea this level through. I´ll put single link. I warning this level is fucking freaking hard. Just trey it. Definitely its not impossible

General Discussion / 14 years in lemmings forum
« on: April 19, 2022, 02:10:26 PM »
I just check out. I register 14 years ago and make my first post. Some levels records are going in lemmings WIKI, like Cascade 100% solution (i actually saw that few years ago, that was my 2011 video). That was very hardcore record year 2008. Now we can make this one without using even pause button.

I have to say. Peoples are increase lemmings skills a lot and neolemmix is awesome system. Those Licences lemmings games start go way too easy with masters.

I´ll pick up some my own masterworks and have to thanks to peoples who help me make those strategys

SNES Lemmings Max pointed

NES & SNES Lemmings pause free

I am also make two Neolemmix pack and i am pretty glad with both.
Pack 1

Pack 2

Thanks everyone. Without yours help i never maded all thats.:thumbsup:

I am asberger nerd who like spend time play lemmings. I never bored play lemmings series games. Sometimes i still keep break and play other videogames. My Videogames experience are a lot games. Im not even start go count.

Here're my replays for Suffering Hellroad rank!
There are many nice and brilliant levels! I enjoyed it a lot :thumbsup:

Finally watch your replays. Expect level 1 & 29 is failed. This level 29 somereason not work on new neolemmix versions so this level is changed, its totally bugged that level when you attempt play it, so update version have totally new level 29. Level 1 replay was failed with some reasons. I did little bit modified with this level, because glider things not allow my orginal strategy work here.

Otherones was awesome and nearly everylevels was completed way different than my own completions solutions and also way different than Turrican solutions. Thats fun how many different way here is beat those button smash levels. My own ways is very different. My personal favorite was definitely Level 25 Ice Burner. Thats your way was simply awesome. Liked that your huge shortcut here.:)  Also liked your way solved level 18 Dungeon of flames. My own record was 76 saved and you did save 78. (74 is required completed this). This is pretty complicated level and one which take me a lot work to make.

Great route level 26 Demon Core. I just always think my route is only way beat this level. Your way working very well too.

And level 21 The Dropping Techinique part two was also really awesome. Its very different than my own completion way.

Thanks your videos. I really loved watch your replays. New version not really matter much Step 1 & Step 4 modes. Just Step 2 & 3 are mostly improvement, because those glider things make impossible with many levels Step 2 & 3 modes. Step 1 & 4 working pretty much as well older or new neolemmix versions. Its not matter much with those modes.

I´ll wait see more replays. Just load new version if you want go through two totally new levels and here is no impossible levels anymore. So every levels can be completed with update versions.

This topic could be moved Ready packs rightnow. Its not Development anymore.:)

Okay new link is done. This is fixed version. No goal bugs and no impossible levels.

This pack is mostly fixed levels Step 2 & 3. Most levels in step 4 working with old version too. Step 1 levels only level 11 is fixed, that goal bug is fixed here. No needs use jumps anymore.

Broken levels is changed. New Step 4 level 29 level is name Hellgard part two and this is really tough level. Also Step 3 level 7 is whole new level and level 10 is radical reformed, but its same board with very different skills. Otherwise i just mostly fix glider things here and there.

I´ll post that fixed link in mainpage and take old one out.

I´ll also add new link with this post.

Here're my replays for Suffering Hellroad rank!
There are many nice and brilliant levels! I enjoyed it a lot :thumbsup:
It looks like you checked all the replays manually one by one to see if there's any broken level. I think I can help you a bit here

Thanks Armani i´ll watch your replays later.:) and give you my comments. Go load this new version too. :) That Step 4 levels mostly working very well with both lemmix versions, because there not was that much glider things. Mostly Steps 2 & 3 includes a lot impossible levels. But loading new version you will open two more new levels and at this time everythings could be completed.

Thanks. I am sorry when i have post that all twice. I didn´t know those version differences and fixed bugs.

I actually test that massreplay, but that was horrible bad. My replays are just very shit orders in my files. So i did check out all my replays one by one and everythings working rightnow. So we not have any impossible levels.

Be rightback.  If you want beat all levels just load new version. Its added in mainpage too.

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