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Level Design / Re: Immediate turn-offs
« on: November 25, 2023, 11:53:49 AM »
Armani tolde me my pack i´progress is overall good. But few levels he told me is list which he hate.

All Step 5 levels.
-Speedbuilding 2023 ( This level is pixel perfect) Yest it is.
-Just a Minute MASTER edition (Another quite pixel perfect level, but this actually allow few frame errors (But its just a minute NEO Lemmings, SNES version if also pretty naughty) Thats not horrible hard. I havaf to play it thorugh 5x, because broke my replay with backroutes, but its always take some good amount time find correct setups. I think its allow few frame errors here and there. Also level is short
-Impossible Staircase (This level is PURE hell) Armani give up. I myslef spend 2h 30 min with this manipulation. I first plan make it even harder, but when i work 2h 30min. I think its hard enought and for sure it hard enought. Impossible Staircase might be hardest level to completed my pack.

Most my levels not contains those shit things. Like Armani say. Only few your levels are piece of shit and rage quit, most are very nice levels. I´ll make list those levels when my pack are done. Rage quite levels might some fun challenge when you are bored and want make some great.

I still work my pack, but for sure even 1:00 version not are done in this year, not even Demo version. This pack will be huge. 150 levels plan. Expansion might even more.

Armani are played most my prototype levels. I´ll warning. This pack will contains some frame perfect levels in Step 5. Even Armani not want make shot with those levels. There is around 3-4 levels which requires those frame timings.. Not just trash entire pack away and just moved next level. I´ll later make list RAGE levels. You can solved those "RAGE" Levels just yourself and feel euphoria when you are done. Othwise just skip those levels and moved next one.

Why hell i make those levels. Some peoples like crazy challenges. I was example when i push off Frame perfet slide glithc SNES Mayhem 2 Boiler Room. Its take 8 hours on console and 6 days emulator practice. When i did it on console i was super happy.

But those levels will be just guys/girls who really enjoy shit challenge yourself.

In my 150 level packs. There will be only 4-5 levels which could required that shit and all those are short ones. I´ll warning those levels. I think my pack first version might be done Spring 2024 and ithen i´ll list those rage quit levels. Just don´t play those levels and moved just next. If you want show your master skill play those levels and enjoy just keep going. Usually 2-4 hours is enoought. Sometimer more.

That warn.

Level Design / Re: Immediate turn-offs
« on: November 01, 2023, 07:24:51 PM »
6. Bad music

Ok, that's highly subjective. I just can say that I can't listen to the original tunes anymore, so I'm happy with every pack that uses custom music. I admit I have a soft spot for Arty's packs, especially Sub Lems, for he used different tunes for every single level. Considerung tunes, I'm not a big fan of loops too - that's too predictable for my taste.

LOL That was nice thing i totally forget mention. Most lemmings themes are luckily quite good there is only few really bad ones. But i have some pain time when i play Christmas lemmings. I simply turn music off. I hate those themes way too much like all Christmas music.

About neolemmings. If some level have so crap theme, i´ll play it through with lemming editor and change some my favorite theme. So its never are that trouble. I´ll also like most regular lemmings music too. Orig 4 & 10 maybe my favorite funs. I still used those themes my levels sometimes.

About NES lemmings. This version like bug about music and sounds effect, so i´ll turn always music off if i have to throw some sharp things. That when i did pause free solution some hardest levels and i have hear build warning effect and etc.... That most console lemmings trouble.

I currently loved freedomplanet music my own levels. For sure all peoples not like.

But its little bit trouble add music zip. There is size limit what i can to post. I usually have to make 3-4 post add some special music zip. So i´ll recommend you are loaded my music zip when i am post those. Then i not have post those again.

Level Design / Re: Immediate turn-offs
« on: November 01, 2023, 11:59:13 AM »
I think im not really have much hate levels. I am managed frame perfect things on console conditions like sliding glitch in Boiler room. Its might one most frustrating thing ever can made on lemmings without tool assist. I just hear most peoples dislike those frame perfect timings.

IMO lemmings have several style levels. Some endurance levels have long lenght, much skills, but are quite easy to completed. Sharp element levels requires sharp timings, but those are mostly shorth. Puzzle type levels which are cunnings, but releativily short. Speedrun type levels, which have hard timelimit.

I´ll mostly try build all type levels my packs.

I think if you make long pack its some good you will show some harder tricks in easier difficult with easy setups. Neolemmings contains a lot tricks you maybe never are see, so when trick like this goes later levels and you not have any idea about it, its goes impossible to completed level. I´ll techinically like all type lemmings levels. Though i only are good build level using orginal boards. How ever i usually play neolemmings using clear physic mode only, so its not matter much is there special boards or not. Special boards are some messy to navigate without clear physic tool. So i´ll personally favor orginal type levels.

Im not really have hate type levels myself. I can always change level if i cannot figured out it and will back it later when i have more fresh ideas.

I am quite patient player myself. So im not really goes mad if i have to reback level over again. Yeah i´ll know its might be very nasty if level have 20 minutes to lenght and your skills end right before goal line. :D I usually used tons practice replays so i can easily navigate it through again with better and also used tons pen and paper. No trouble for me. I am throw much harder and frustrating things with console conditions without tools. Neolemminsg luckily have replays and tool sets. Yeah that was some really painful make on SNES system when i make those max-% min skills challenge. For example this Boiler Room pixel perfect slide setup at end. Its take me over 8 hours attempts. :devil:

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Longest custom level?
« on: October 29, 2023, 02:51:08 PM »
BTW Is there video world longest lemmings levels (That 37 minutes level) Its might interest see which system this level haved? Im not goes build that long level. Those lenght make levels pretty lame. But thats interested me to see which look 37 minutes level?? I cannot even imagine?

My Current longest levels
1: Custom +3 Step 5 level 30 Jailbreak alcatraz (time limit 25 minutes) avarage completion 23- minutes below
2: Final level my progress pack Hostages in fire camp (time limit 20 minutes) avarage completion 18 minutes)
3: Great Colosseum (Custom +3) Step 4 level 25 (Time limit 15 minutes avarage completion) 12 minutes
4: Red Sun Rise (Custom +3) Step 5 level 27 (time limit 15 minutes) Gold talisman is 10 minutes and its very sharph)
5: Confuse Loops my new progress pack (time limit 15 minutes) avarage completion 11 minutes. How ever speedrun completion could be done 7 minutes. Maybe even under. But this level take a lot plan, so im not set time limit very hard.
6: Divide et Impera (final level custom +2) Timelimit 10 minutes and its quite sharph one.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Longest custom level?
« on: October 29, 2023, 11:48:16 AM »
Finally maded intented final level my new progress pack. Its 2nd longest level i ever made. Time limit 20 minutes and completion take me 17 minutes 59 seconds.

This level got also pretty nice/unique theme. No repair zombies with this time. This is also quite hard with long level. Its surely harder than my longest level my custom +3. There is quite nasty skills limit, but avoid too much frustration i let some errors frees. Its really hard working level. And if you count some skills wrong you usually have to reback level entire again. So this level could be easily take few hours to completed. Its take me over 8 hours to build.

My current progress pack contains too much short levels (1-3 minutes avarage). At this point there is at least 2 long levels and few quite long levels. New pack contains more trick theme. Added sharp elements is not are possible long levels. Like always most 1-3 minutes levels is more frustrating than those long levels.

One 1 minute level in Step 5 is freaking frustrating. At least when i got find backroutes and have to break my replay and play this over again with new setup. I´ll hope i finally got find backroute free setups. I´ll always spend about one hour to find those sharp elements again.

My current progress pack has some really sharph elements at least Step 5. Those levels are luckily short, but very frustratings. One example is speedbuilding level. There is many very hard timings, but most worst are frame perfect timing at end. Yeah its frame perfect. Its technically was impossible make level with that precise, but i got figured trick where its forced use that setup. Armani break it few times, but finally got build it perfectly.

This pack definitely will got place EXTREME category. Even more than custom +3. Its might TOP 3-4 hardest pack in lemming forum. Ichotolot, Armani & Crane pack are maybe another TOP hardest packs.

Over 100 levels are done.. But at this point its risk i´ll lost my inspiration. Its really hard make multifaceted levels with very-hard/extreme mode. I can easily make levels easier difficulty.

My intention is make 150 levels like custom +3. Orginal custom +3 includes only 120 level. Add those 30 over year later.

So im not are plan how much level i´ll actually make its might be even more than 150 or less, but i think its will be pack update then, because im not goes make another huge pack anymore. Those EXTREME category levels are really hard to make. Usually you need very good idea and then very hard executions and tons testing.

I´ll attempt make my pack demo version done End of December. I am currently make some 100 levels+, but most those are easy Step 1-3 levels. Step 4 & 5 levels are brutally hard to make.

Like my Custom +series. This pack contains retro level style. Somereason i have really hard make boards with new style levels, so i used orginal/oh no more type levels. Custom +2 contains 4 Special levels and those was good ones. I´ll keep my retro style also here. That also one reason i liked so much Crane pack. Yeah Crane are inspirated me a lot.

At this point this look my levels are pretty shorth. I counted avarage lenght is 2-3 minutes. Longest level i make a tonight was 15 minutes time limit (but its could be done easier sub 10 minutes) But this level is really unique. At this point i ranked it my best level. How ever long level like this, i have to forget shaprh elements and etc.... But its really mathematical Take pens and paper and i did my personal records with practice replays. At least its different than my causal levels.

Be right back. Hope we got some Demo Version out end of December. My intention is show this my brother when we meet. I maybe not public demo version. But i am artist my inspiration can continue or totally lost. That happen when i did my custom +3. So i´ll back it over year later and make large update.

Level Design / Re: Best way avoid make backroutes?
« on: October 20, 2023, 06:13:03 PM »
Much progress my own pack. Making whole 10 EXTREME level and anotuher 10 Intense levelsin few weeks

Few levels goes totally broken with testing. So i have design those levels both over again, because there not was possible fix those levels with my old setup. Let see if does break those anymore.

Armani keep some holidays, so i am alone my levels rightnow. But its very okay, because i founded many rude backroutes my own levels when i test those again.

Its surprise. I started play neolemmings year 2020 IIRC. And still new tricks always got find. Armani are show me many new things i never are see before.

In my whole life im not have time play all lemmings packs through. Only Crane pack take me 6 months, and im not are beat 1.05 version and maybe never even beat it, because its very strong rightnow.. Namida pack take me also few months. That was my all around first lemming pack i played through. Yeah that was good pack with noobies, like my custom +1 both are releativily easy packs with startings.

I´ll plan attempt Armani Uncharted when i goes bored my own pack or lost ideas here. Test playing Crane pack give me tons ideas. How ever Crane never not uses new skills like sliders/lasers, so most slider tricks are pretty unknow for me. I got find many though. Slider and cloners are maybe most hardest skills lemmings IMO and laser are always most backroute risk skill. Technically i always break my levels when i add laser.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: First Note: Don´T Make it
« on: October 07, 2023, 08:42:36 PM »
Im too bad with enghils to discuss with those things. So i´ll give up myself., Its not mean i´ll accept it. Thats also Amnesnysty not accept death penalty like me, but reblicna shit losers still use and can´t make nothing about with this diktatorship

We cannot make nothing about Lemmings Lords,  so what ever. If someone start ask me why my levels are impossible. I´ll just ask Namida.?  Im  not really haved motivation fix over 500 levels mathc with new things. I did very big progress to  fix my levels and im not are motvivate make it again..

NeoLemmix Main / Re: First Note: Don´T Make it
« on: October 07, 2023, 04:50:05 PM »
Serisolusöy talkinmg about. Most we who are make large pack don´t want those replays got broken. You only can imagine 600 levels one by one. I did once and its take me 2 weeks and 12 hours per day about.

I did Super  Lemmings Demopack. I´ll knew its full amount bugs, so i let its shorth. I´ll see it laterly totally broken. So i´ll want make levels neolemmings.

Animation bygs is one idea whih most advance player use. Its seems bug, but IMO its extreme technique.;)

NeoLemmix Main / Re: First Note: Don´T Make it
« on: October 07, 2023, 02:21:03 PM »
What everi. Its seems you not like me and im like you. BTW Crane will kill you when you ruin his level. He was mad enought when i broke those. LOL.

Yes i orginally used very firrst neo lemmings player and and its create impossible levels. I was really mad. I have t to add all pixelss corrext Luckily at this point threre wa only 150 levels. Its still take 20 hours total.

I´ll personally loadedd Neolleminhs 12. 5 with current best. Im not want we make change here. Most peoples are works his pack for years and we have to fix all over again. Its not fair humas who make extrme levels where pixels is pixels. 1-2 pixel error marginal migjt make some 3 5  hbour fix per extreme level.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: First Note: Don´T Make it
« on: October 07, 2023, 11:00:44 AM »
Okay thanks your comment. Yes im not spreak native Engclish and yes its make me hear sounds retred. Did you can speak Native finninhs? Misundrestoondt strated happen alltimes. Becasue this  is legal site. There is a lot peoples entire differet countries.

Only thing what i´ll know and prove, i am extrmelyy good lemmings player. Maybe Top 10-20 in world. Lemmings skills is my native language. Still new fins still happen.

Im not want fix my all pack again with some reason. I did once my 2nd pack, because 1st pack glider routes changed. This fix take me 34 hours.

IBTW m mean nuke bomb. I mean this animatoon. There i same animation with many other skills.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: First Note: Don´T Make it
« on: October 07, 2023, 10:19:07 AM »
Serisoly we need that thing very rarery. Its one super advance trick Most Pack builders  here is one Special level whih use that.

Its usually are we bonus levels. Its not causal trick what we use. Its very hard create and very hard perfrom. Im not want we locked it with this single stupid reason.

NeoLemmix Main / First Note: Don´T Make it
« on: October 07, 2023, 10:14:16 AM »
Armani Told me with this and We Lemmings verterans don´t want this.  We are make own those pack for years.

I'm pretty sure this is what you intended. But if I remember correctly, Namida confirmed that the fact that non floater/glider lemmings can enter a exit midair is a bug in the discord Lemmings Forum server. So it will be blocked in the future Neolemmix update.

There is some Nuke bomb levels ant etc.. Those goes totally broken if someone make  that fucking crap udpate. I´ll personally lost at least few levels. Crane will lost at least one and not know about Aramani or others. We are working we packs with months/years. Im not want that stupid things happen. >:( Its not even bug. Its just hitbox glitch.

I´ll know many noobies not care about this, but we lemmings veterans are strongly against this. I´ll hope i´ll say what i have to say. Curse you. I´ll be against this. That mean i have to start fix my old packs again.

Someone later told be why its impossinlöe? Im not are there alwaysw Then its will be impossible.

Level Design / Re: Best way avoid make backroutes?
« on: October 06, 2023, 02:32:25 PM »
As a tester of your levels, you are doing pretty good at backroute proofing your levels. Of course some of them take several versions but majority of them are quite solid from the first version.

I´ll appericate this a lot. ;) You might change your mind when we progress that "cursed level" Cunning freeze circle. IIRC that 5-6 patched version. Maybe 4th with under your testing. :D

There is intented at least one advance trick i´ll want to show and combine few others cunning tricks.

My main idea my progress pack is Step 1, 2 & 3 levels most show basic & advance trick or tricks with easy situations. Step 4 & 5 levels you have figured out that thing and also add some other tricks or sharp elements make level harder. I think very good level might max contains 3 advance tricks or other sharph elements. Its usually very hard make more than 2.

My custom+ series (2 & 3)  contains a lot speedrun levels, button smash levels and zombie apocalypse levels. At least those levels are always techinically backroute free, because you are allowed use all your tricks make buttons down and open exit or survive alive middle of hundreds zombies. Those levels are actually quite fun to make, will add more different style levels with this time.

Long levels always requires some special theme. I was very glad my final level my custom+ 3. It is 25 minutes long, but definitely backroute free. Custom +2 final level is 10 minutes, but its quite bit same idea level.

IIRC my custom +3 contains another very long level 10-15 minutes: Red Sun Rise Step 5 level 27. That was simply too way impossible to build without allow your breaking it. I´ll forced add those two buttons. Its not my orginal intention reveal this route, but thats level not give me other choices.

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