Author Topic: Also work new huge pack (demo name MASTER-88 Lemmings world)  (Read 111 times)

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Also work new huge pack (demo name MASTER-88 Lemmings world)
« on: September 16, 2023, 10:42:07 AM »
I started work that some week ago. Like my custom +3  i´ll plan make 150 levels. Easy-Extreme. With this time im not learn new skills, so starting are little bit more harder than my Custom+ series packs.

I am Crane 1.05 version pack test player. And i have to say i am did my job very well at this point. But sadge we have to denied so many genius ideas. Crane want be keep his own pack unique and perfect. But those denied ideas are really useful. I´ll sure most persons never are see those tricks what i have to throw when i we keep test player job. That what we work Divise Action and Splashdown. There was around 10 backroutes both levels. We fixed those perfect. That was so tired. We both was tired. But those denied ideas will goes deep grave. So i think its good time and motivations make new pack myself which used those unique tricks.

My plan is use those denied ideas my own pack what i´ll work. Yes i am learn a lot better lemmings players when i am work Crane 1.05 version. Crane is very genius and very good lemmings player. I am still sometimes little bit bullzoder and awesome trick thrower.

Let see. I´ll back that progress later when i am done with Crane 1.05 version. My custom+ triology is ended. That was my 2nd longest project. Total 394 levels and 3 years. My longest project was SNES lemmings max point. Started 2010 and there is still few levels possible improve, How ever its seems TAS only.

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