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Random level map generator
« on: October 08, 2018, 11:54:31 am »
This was an area I was working on about two months ago for personal use initially but I thought I might share this with you. This topic is about creating level maps using the random integer generator. I've created an OpenOffice (I presume it's still free) spreadsheet based on this.

Basically, the idea is to set the coordinates of terrain pieces (The lucky one turned out to be part of addamsgallery. I hope that's still available in the download, but the dimensions of 48x25 for a terrain piece are just right for this) and arrange them randomly using the RNG. The RNG also changes the skillset and dimension (Thanks to the one who lifted the screen size restriction) according to the coordinates, along with a few other parameters.

However, I do run into common problems like airborne exits, instant death starts and overlapping terrain pieces over objects. Looks like I'll need to create a few more parameters and some more terrain pieces to override these issues, but if this idea is popular, I'd be more than happy to come back and work on this, and eventually do all sorts of stuff.

Here I have some downloads below:
* A spreadsheet where you can add the coordinates for up to 52 terrain pieces (More can be added if necessary). They also give you instructions listed on the right of the border on how to set the level up correctly.
* A .nxlv document of an example level. This document can be edited with notepad. The level itself is doable and not too hard.

Hope I explained everything clearly. Have fun! 8-)
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