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Re: Lemmings Forums on Youtube
« Reply #195 on: November 25, 2018, 07:39:22 pm »
Ah, that's a good opportunity for me to catch up with your LWT videos as far as comments are concerned! ;) I watched them all, of course, but I haven't gone into details about the solutions yet.
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Re: Lemmings Forums on Youtube
« Reply #196 on: Today at 06:11:45 pm »
Since Rocket Slime has finished, I have a new upload schedule. Lemmings World Tour will be uploaded every Tuesday and Thursday now, instead of Tuesday and Friday. A new Let's Play will start tomorrow and be uploaded Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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Re: Lemmings Forums on Youtube
« Reply #197 on: Today at 07:37:45 pm »
My Legends of an Otherworld: Curse of Saria playthrough is finally complete! :thumbsup: At least, the final episodes of the main playthrough are up. I still intend to do one, maybe two, more videos on optional bosses, and at some time in the future, continue the low-level game I've been doing alongside the main playthrough.

I hope to use some of the time I have during my break to continue other video projects, including my Sonic 1 (Game Gear) LP.