Author Topic: What video game(s) are you playing at the moment?  (Read 22349 times)

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Re: What video game(s) are you playing at the moment?
« Reply #150 on: July 03, 2018, 01:39:36 pm »
Legend of Grimrock. It's a dungeon crawl with a good balance between combat sections, puzzles and hunting for secrets. I got into this game through youtuber Alex Diener, who is part of the DROD community. I've already completed Grimrock 1 on Hard mode, and now I'm just finishing off an old-school mode (i.e. no mapping) run so as to get 100% achievements, before moving on to Grimrock 2 (which my girlfriend gifted me last night -- we each gave each other a game to celebrate the end of her exams).

One of the main points of interest is that both games have dungeon editors, and there are already some pretty awesome mods out there.

Both games are on sale at the moment; you can get both for £9 if you're interested 8-)

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Re: What video game(s) are you playing at the moment?
« Reply #151 on: July 04, 2018, 07:48:10 am »
Decided to finally try out Sly Cooper and the Theivius Racoonus after rescuing it from the garbage.

Disc is playable just audio clips are hit and miss. I am liking what i'm playing so far, though I may need get another copy just in case. I should probably get this sequels as well.

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Re: What video game(s) are you playing at the moment?
« Reply #152 on: July 06, 2018, 05:53:04 pm »
Superstar Saga is pretty great. Since it seems like you're trying to keep things challenging, I'd stay away from the Mush Badges. They snap the game in half, literally removing all difficulty from any remaining battles in the game if used properly. It's fun to experience such power at least once, though.
Thanks for the suggestion (I'm reading it late, though :P), I am using the Mush badges. They aren't as strong now though, as I don't have so many mushrooms, not grinding, and not buying from the item shops.

When my year at school ended I got two great presents from my mother: the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, and Yoshi's Woolly World. The latter is more appropriate to talk about here ;) (and, to be honest, I haven't used the first yet :$).
Since Yoshi's Woolly World's release, I've been planning to get it, and since it came out I have also been listening to the soundtrack. Surprisingly, I actually liked the Yoshi's Woolly World soundtrack more than the original Yoshi's Island soundtrack - which is my second favourite SNES soundtrack (behind Donkey Kong Country 2).
Now I know the rest of the game is amazing too!! I can't play it at the moment, as I'm at my own home and my Wii U is at my parental home. But I am very impressed by the amazing graphics and level design. ^.^ Even those truly rival the original game, which is very impressive, as so far, the original Yoshi's Island (I wouldn't be able to pick between the SNES and GBA versions) is my favourite video game I've ever played.