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Fixed in commit E3E6DAD.

Except for the occasional update of the "X of Y downloaded" (or "extracted") text, there's no indication that the installer is doing anything while downloading, and it appears as if it's crashed.

One user has claimed the installer crashes when he tries to use it; as he was able to see the list of level packs, this suggests the crash comes only when the download was actually started. This means there's a good chance it hadn't actually crashed, but it was just this issue.

Workaround: None needed. The installer is working, it just doesn't respond properly to user input / system messages while downloading. But this needs to be fixed for user-friendliness reasons.

NeoLemmix Main / Future release schedule.
« on: Today at 09:01:45 pm »
I created a topic a while back to talk about what the future release schedule for NL might look like. Since no one weighed in, I'm going to adopt mostly my original idea there. So, from now on, NeoLemmix updates will generally follow this schedule, with the updates happening around the middle of the month.

February: Even-numbered major stable release (V12.8.0, V12.12.0, V12.16.0, etc)
May: Odd-numbered major stable release (V12.9.0, V12.13.0, V12.17.0, etc)
August: Even-numbered major stable release (V12.6.0, V12.10.0, V12.14.0, etc)
November: Odd-numbered major stable release (V12.7.0, V12.11.0, V12.15.0, etc)

From now on, the even-numbered updates will be mainly focused on cosmetic features. The odd-numbered updates will be mainly focused on gameplay features, with cosmetic changes generally being limited to those that are necessary to support the new / changed gameplay features. UI improvements may occur in either. V12.7.0 might not quite follow this perfectly, since some features were promised for it before this schedule was decided on.

Minor updates will be released as needed, usually for urgent bugfixes or to implement things that were obvious oversights.

Styles updates will be released if needed monthly.

The other thing to consider is how experimentals will be treated going forward. I'm going to divide them into two categories - "Experimentals" and "Release Candidates".

The ones that will remain "experimentals" are builds that are released for the purpose of testing / discussing a specific feature. An example from the past would be the build Nepster released for Shimmier testing. These should be treated as unstable - don't build content that relies on them, the feature might not make it in, or might get significant changes. It's there for evaluating and bugtesting proposed features only.

The ones that will now be known as "release candidates" are basically beta versions of the new stable release. They need testing, they may need bugfixes, but they're close to stable. An example would be the V12.6.0 experimentals I released shortly before the actual V12.6.0 release. They can generally be used to update content or make new content for the upcoming stable release, as long as you wait for the stable release and test your content on it before releasing it publicly. Basically - while it's not outright guaranteed nothing will change or break between a release candidate and the stable build, it's intended that as much as possible will stay the same, and changes would generally only be to fix bugs or handle obvious oversights - pretty much, the same kind of changes that might be expected in a minor update to the stable release.

You're strongly encouraged to test out the release candidate builds. The more testing they get, the less minor updates will be needed later.

This only relates to the NL player and its styles. The editor will, for now, remain on an "updates released as and when ready" basis, although generally a major update to NL will be accompanied by a corresponding editor update.

Confirmed that this is caused by something in the recoloring code. If I get rid of the recoloring effect on default:owa_XXXX, it no longer has this bug. (Of course, it doesn't recolor either without that line.) I further tried adding this recoloring effect to a different object (specifically, default:flag_blue) and sure enough, it started exhibiting the bug too.

Here's the result of various arrangements, and how they come out. All of them function correctly; the bug is purely visual.

For reference - the first set of directions (without the "2"), the opposite direction is made with a single flip or invert (as applicable). The ones at a 90 degree offset are made with a single rotation from the original state, then a single flip / invert for the opposite direction. Then, the ones on the right are made by copying the ones on the left, and flipping / inverting them - whichever one would not affect physics.

Of particular interest, is that some of them do actually come out correctly - or come out as a different wrong orientation. In all cases though, the alternate orientations don't get recolored.

Modified the above to reference that I've created sub-boards for the Player and Editor respectively, and that topics should still be created on the main board.

Also, I'd like to remind people to include the relevant tags - whether a topic is a bug, suggestion, etc; and whether it relates to the player, editor, etc - at the start of their topic titles.

Dullstar's topic here references what I believe to be specific cases of the same issue:

Closing this topic as I believe this is simply a specific case of this:

Cannot reproduce with the default style pickups. This is what happens when using a custom one that hasn't been updated, so I suspect one of two cases here:
1) A custom pickup skill object that looks similar to the default one, but hasn't been updated, is being used.
2) The latest styles update wasn't downloaded, or for some reason, the default style's pickup skill object wasn't overwritten with the new copy.

It seems to be inconsistent as to whether the one-way arrows actually do flip or not. For example - place a one-way left arrow and rotate it into each direction. The right and up display as left, while the down displays as up.

Completely custom one-way arrows (eg. those in the fire set) are not affected, so this is probably to do with the recoloring - it might be incorrectly using the unrotated / etc graphics to generate the recolored one.


Back in 1995, Lemmings 3D was released. I don't recall for sure exactly when I got it myself - but I absolutely loved it. Within weeks of discovering LemEdit, I was constantly searching the internet for any signs of a level editor - but none existed. This was something that stuck with me though - I always wanted to create my own Lemmings 3D level pack.

The first sign of hope came a few years back, when Pooty documented the level format and released a custom level he'd created. Unfortunately, that was as far as it went - no editor arose as a result of this, nor did any further custom content. At the time, I wouldn't've had any chance of making a decent level editor myself - I could have made sense of the format, sure, but I wouldn't've been able to actually do anything useful with it.

But, since then, I've gotten much better. And earlier this year, I decided - since no one else was making an L3D editor, it was time for me to do it. Thus, L3DEdit was born. Of course, it's not much use having an editor if I'm not going to do anything with it. At first, I just created a couple of odd levels, but I quickly decided - nope, I'm making a whole pack.

And so here we have it. The latest entry in the Lemmings Plus series, and the first entry since the release of NeoLemmix that's been on any engine other than NeoLemmix; introducing Lemmings Plus 3D. A pack of 80 new levels for 3D Lemmings.

Since there's only so much that's known about L3D at this stage, and even less that's editable, I decided not to go to my usual extent of reskinning the whole game, etc. The ranks are still "Fun, Tricky, Taxing, Mayhem". There's very little in the way of custom graphics - though there is one thing in there. For the most part, this is really just a level pack, not a full-blown content pack.

Download link: (Always links to latest version)

To set up this pack:
1. Get a working copy of Lemmings 3D
2. Use L3DUtils to apply the music patch. You can skip this step if you're using CD audio music, but it should be applied if you're using soundcard or MIDI music. (My recommendation: MIDI + an AWE32 soundfont.)
3. Copy the unique graphic files from Lemmings 3D Winterland, into Lemmings 3D's "GFX" folder. You can download them here:
4. Download the pack above and extract it to the base L3D folder.
5. Optionally, use L3DUtils' "Unlock All Levels" button to create a save file with all levels unlocked.

All levels in Fun, Tricky, Taxing and Mayhem will be replaced with the Lemmings Plus 3D levels. Practice levels are not affected and will remain unchanged.

The difficulty varies throughout the pack, and I've gone for a "something for everyone" approach here. Fun consists mostly of fairly-easy 5-of-everything levels (though these do get harder as you get further into Fun). Tricky contains puzzles similar in difficulty to the first half of the official game, while Taxing contains puzzles similar in difficulty to the second half. And Mayhem goes fully brutal, delivering challenges harder than anything the official levels throw at you.

Similarly, the "something for everyone" approach does mean there's a couple of levels that may not be the most popular by modern standards. It comes down to "some people do enjoy these levels", and that I remember enjoying them back when I first played, even if I wouldn't now. These definitely will not come anywhere close to being every level in the pack - there's maybe five or six levels in the whole pack that fall under this.

If you'd like to share your replays, you can use L3DUtils to save them (as long as you're running L3D via DOSBox in Windows, that is). I encourage you to share your replays, especially if you're not sure if a solution was intended.

I will release intended solution replays (and videos, most likely) at a later date.

Huge thanks to:
- Pooty, for his work on figuring out the L3D formats
- Pooty (again) and Nessy, for pre-release testing
- Clockwork Games, Psygnosis, etc for Lemmings 3D itself; I know not everyone agrees, but I consider it probably the best game in the Lemmings series outside of the L1-style games

Reported by Flopsy on Discord. I have not yet investigated it.

- Checkboxes are correct, only the graphic in the level view area is wrong
- The skill is correct (according to checkboxes) when the level is saved

To be honest - I'm quite liking this "ohnoers lose their permanent skills" suggestion. Not saying it's a sure thing yet, but I'm heavily leaning towards that one.

Contests / Re: Lemmings 3D Level Design Contest
« on: August 22, 2019, 02:19:42 am »
Unfortunately, even with the extra time there has been no further entries, nor anyone indicating they want to participate but would like further additional time, so I'm going to have to cancel the contest.

I'll leave the topic open, so that those who made levels for it can, if they wish, post them here for people to play anyway.

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