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See Armani's slider bug report topic, which also mentions this shimmier issue:

As I mention there, it is technically an expected outcome of other physics details (specifically, in this case, the shimmier doesn't quite end up far enough below the level bottom boundary to actually die), but it's definitely a corner case that needs fixing.

Workaround in existing levels is to add water or fire along the bottom, or just make the bottom-touching terrain not Shimmier friendly.

This will be fixed in 12.12.

NeoLemmix Main / neolemmix is dead
« on: April 01, 2021, 06:59:38 AM »
april fools lol

As part of the goal of wrapping NeoLemmix up, I'm going to set cutoff dates for new suggestions. To avoid any doubt, this relates solely to the player, not the editor!

No new physics suggestions (except relating to the new skills / objects), effective immediately.
No new UI suggestions starting from 1st July (or, if this is sooner, two weeks after V12.12.0 stable is released), unless they're connected to features introduced in 12.11.0 or later.
No new suggestions at all once 12.13.0 goes into RC.
Existing suggestions of all kinds, remain open even beyond these cutoff dates, until they are either implemented or rejected. It is only a stop on new suggestions being made.
Bugs may (and should) continue to be reported until further notice.

The first stage of this is going to come into effect immediately. No new topics proposing new physics, or alterations to existing ones, will be given consideration. Existing topics are exempt from this, and the discussions going on in them may continue.

There will be two exceptions to this:
- Topics relating to the two new skills that are being worked on, or to any potential new object type that gets declared a strong contender, may continue to be created.
- Bugs may still be raised. This is more about new ideas, not about problems with existing ones. (With this being said, my thought is that eventually we need to accept "this is good enough, we can't play whack a mole forever" with bugs. I just don't think it's time to do that yet.)

Note: If you have a topic to create that's very on-the-edge as to whether it's acceptable or not, create it. Unless someone is spamming the board with obviously-not-relevant ideas, the worst that will happen is that the topic catches the express train to the Closed board.

The second stage is going to come into effect at whichever comes first - the 1st of July, or two weeks after NeoLemmix V12.12.0 stable is released. From this point, the only new suggestions that may be accepted are UI suggestions that are connected - in a way that does not require using the word "technically" (or similar words / phrases) to explain - to features introduced in 12.11 or later.

The third stage will come into effect when V12.13.0 goes into its RC phase. From this point, all new suggestions will not be accepted. To be very clear, this does not mean that "if a suggestion hasn't been implemented by 12.13, it will never be" - if a suggestion was made before the cutoff, and was not individually rejected, it could still very well be implemented at a later date. It's just about setting a cutoff for any more suggestions to be made.

At some point in the future, I will start to follow a similar process for bugs - first starting with physics bug, and UI bugs following shortly behind. I will not make any decision around the timing of this until V12.13.0 goes stable, at the earliest.

Contests / [NeoLemmix] Save-'em-up Contest #2 (Open Choice)
« on: March 12, 2021, 08:48:52 PM »
Entries are now closed.
Skill selection is now closed.

Alright, well, the last save-em-up was a blast, but it was very inconclusive as to which pack is the preference for the next contest so - I'm going to go with the option that allows for all of them.

So, to enter, pick four levels. The rules when nominating levels are:
- You must pick specific levels. You cannot ask "pick at random" or pick less than four. (This is because having random selection to fill the gaps would not be practical for open-choice.)
- At least three of your nominations must be levels created by someone other than yourself.
- You cannot nominate a level someone else has already nominated, nor a level that has the same or near-same layout (repeats, or near-repeats like the Just A Minute levels) as one someone has already nominated.
- In order to be eligible a level must (a) have at least one entrance, and (b) have already been released on new-formats at the time this topic was created.

Once entries are closed, I will compile the final list of levels for this contest by selecting 20 levels at random from the levels that entrants have picked. If there are less than 25 selected levels (due to less than 7 entrants), entrants will be asked to nominate an additional number of levels each, such that the total number of levels nominated is at least 25.

Entrants must then each select a skillset. This skillset should be submitted via PM, not posted publicly. You may only reveal your skillset publicly once the playing phase begins. Your skillset may be any eight skills of your choice, except that you may only pick up to four of the skills that are on the following list: Platformer, Builder, Stacker, Basher, Fencer, Miner, Digger.

To clarify here, the timing for selecting your skillset will be "after entries close, but before the final level list is revealed". So, you will know what the candidate levels are, but not exactly which ones are going to be selected.

Once I have received skillsets from all entrants, I will reveal the list of levels, and this is where the competition really begins! Your goal will be to play through the levels, using the set of skills you have selected, and try to save as many lemmings as possible. Across the entire set (NOT per-level), you may use up to 25 of each skill; and you do not need to meet each level's save requirement for your result on the level to count. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be fewest total skills used.

Some changes will be made to the levels:
- All lemmings will be set to normal lemmings (not neutrals or zombies)
- Every level will have 50 lemmings
- All lemming limits on entrances / exits will be removed, as will all preplaced lemmings
- For technical reasons (re: replay autosaving), save requirements will be set to 1

If you submit a result, but then (while playing phase is still open) find a way to improve it, you will be permitted to resubmit. Replay submissions should of course be done privately, to avoid giving other players ideas.

To avoid doubt (as this was asked a lot in the first contest) - there is no requirement to save at least one lemming on every level. You may "skip" levels if you wish (it just means you saved zero on that level).

Entry will remain open until midday UTC on March 26th. Once that passes, contestants will have until midday UTC on April 2nd to confirm their skillsets - to avoid doubt you do not need to wait for me to confirm "entries are now closed, send in your skillsets".

The playing phase will close at whichever comes first - (a) midday UTC on 24th April, or (b) when all entrants have submitted their replays and 72 hours have passed without any players re-submitting.

In any case where the version of NeoLemmix used makes a difference to the result, V12.11.2 will be considered the "authoritative" version for this contest. The correct versions of levels is attached, along with the styles the levels use. These have the lemming count set to 50, save requirement set to 1, skillset and talismans stripped, preplaced lemmings and skill pickups removed, all lemmings converted to normal lemmings, entrance and exit lemming limits removed, as well as the removal of any messages the levels had set up. You can use NL QuickMod to quickly add your custom skillset to all levels.

For the music files, please go to this post.

Entrants (9)
Silken Healer

Possible Levels (32)
ArtLems / Ancient 2 "The Crypt Of Ramesses II"
Clammings / Arcane 1 "Barrel o' Laughs"
DoveLems / Coward ? "Caution, Work In Progress"
GeoffLems / Fun ? "Mezzanine"
GeoffLems / Mayhem 4 "The Long Beam"
GeoffLems / Mayhem 28 "Dazed and Confused"
Insane Steve's World / Difficult ? "Bolero"
Integral Lemmings / Epsilon 1 "Unconventional Techniques"
Lemminas / Magical 14 "Lemminas Go Forth"
Lemminas / Pandemonium 15 "Nothing Is Impossible"
Lemmings / Fun 10 "Smile If You Love Lemmings"
Lemmings / Fun 11 "Keep Your Hair On Mr Lemming"
Lemmings / Fun 13 "We All Fall Down"
Lemmings / 2P 19 "May The Craftiest Player Win"
Lemmings Open Air / Heavy 22 "Valkea Joulu"
Lemmings Migration / Migraine 10 "Excavation Site"
Lemmings Plus I / Wimpy 29 "Russian Rescue"
Lemmings Plus I / Psycho 20 "No Time To Die"
Lemmings Plus I / Psycho 28 "To The End!"
Lemmings Plus III / Rough 15 "Lem Particle"
Lemmings Plus Omega II / Spiky 14 "Hot Plate"
Lemmings Redux / Manic 8 "Is This A Circus?"
Lemmings Reunion / Ultra-Violence 24 "Heroes Of Lemkind"
NeoLemmix Introduction Pack / O&F 17 "Neutral Response"
NepsterLems / Moon 1 "The Game Of 1000 Balls"
NepsterLems / Moon 4 "Holiday Trip"
PimoLems / Calm 2 "Training Day"
PS3 Level Pack / Tricky 1 "Keep An Eye On Mr Climber"
Oh No! More Lemmings! / Wicked 1 "Lemming Tomato Ketchup Facility"
SEBLems / Revolution 7 "The Legend Of Ray Beeston"
The Lemmings Have Grown / Running 17 "La Princesse Au Petit Pois"
Zemmings / Kiwi Knight 8 "The Great Bomber Escape"

Solutions submitted: 0/9

NeoLemmix Tutorials / Replay Filename Patterns
« on: February 18, 2021, 05:40:30 PM »
In V12.11, the options for filenaming for replays are presented as a dropdown with a few options. However, you've probably noticed you can also type into this dropdown - but it just ends up with replays being saved with literally the name that you type, eg if you were to type "Position + Timestamp" you would literally get a replay file called "Position + Timestamp.nxrp".

The way to make use of this is by using the correct placeholders - tags that you can write in, and they get replaced with details of the replay / level / etc.

The following placeholders are supported. The curly brackets are part of the actual tag, and these are case-sensitive.

{TITLE} - Inserts the level's title.
{PACK} - Inserts the name of the base group that the level is part of. For example, "Lemmings Redux", "Lemmings Plus I", etc.
{GROUP} - Inserts the group (eg. "Gentle", "Quirky", etc) that the level is part of.
{GROUPPOS} - Inserts the level's position in the group. If this is single-digit, a leading zero will be added.
{TIMESTAMP} - Inserts the timestamp at the time the replay is saved (not necesserially the time it was originally created, if eg. you're loading and re-saving a replay).
{VERSION} - Inserts the version number of the level that was used to create (or last used to modify) the replay.
{USERNAME} - Inserts the username of the replay's creator (not necesserially your username, if eg. you're just loading and re-saving someone else's replay).

There are some cases in which the GROUP and especially GROUPPOS tag are not useful, namely when dealing with single or unordered levels. You can specify two patterns - one for levels in an ordered group, and one for other levels - by entering both patterns, seperated by the | character. The pattern for levels in ordered groups should come first, with the one for unordered groups / single levels (including testplay mode) coming second.

If you want to open a file selector dialog box, but you want to set the default name, you can do this by entering the name you want as a pattern (as explained above), then adding a * at the beginning of it.

NeoLemmix Main / Plans for V12.12.0
« on: February 10, 2021, 06:49:43 AM »
The major feature for V12.12 will of course be the Slider and Laserer skills.

If I feel up to it, we might also see a replay manager and/or an improved replay editor. To be clear - these are both "will happen eventually, but may or may not happen in this version" features. It may be that the new skills are the only major feature for 12.12, but if a second major feature does come, it will be one (or both) of these.

In terms of minor features, the following are possible candidates. This doesn't necesserially mean all of them will happen, and I may delay (or outright reject) some of these later, but they're ones I want to at least give consideration to during 12.12's development.

- User-friendliness improvements re: replay insert mode, in the replay editor (possibly as part of the overall improved replay editor)
- Auto screen start position
- "Anyone's replay" records
- In-level talisman display
- No-effect triggered objects
- Turnaround indicator for skill shadows

- Exit physics? (Reacher in particular is to be considered a bug)

- Assignment near level edges
- File selector trapping mouse
- Incorrect window position in test play mode
- Pause-during-load bug
- Preview text / select level bug
- Replay filename bug
- Shimmier going under level bug

Where feasible, fixes to these bugs will generally also be backported to the next 12.11.X update (but won't themself be cause for releasing one).

Closed / [BUG][PLAYER] Graphical bug with terrain groups in high-res
« on: February 09, 2021, 11:04:08 PM »
Attached level demonstrates this issue. It's fine in low-res. Use of the slider is not critical to seeing the bug, so this level should be fine (and display the bug) on stable.

I think I know what's happening here, but I discovered this in the middle of working on another bug so just dropping a topic for now.

NeoLemmix Main / NeoLemmix V12.11.2, Editor V1.35 Released
« on: February 07, 2021, 08:10:03 PM »
Alright, so this one ended up being a "lots of small things" update rather than having too much in the way of major features. With this being said, one major feature it does have is - finally - resizable terrain. But yes - many very nice smaller features, so check the changelog below to see what's on offer.

Changelog, V12.10.3 -> V12.11.0 (click to show/hide)

Changelog, V12.11.0 -> V12.11.1 (click to show/hide)

Changelog, V12.11.1 -> V12.11.2 (click to show/hide)

Download: (permalink to V12.11.2)
Styles: (link will always download latest styles download)
Editor: (permalink to V1.35)

You no longer need to download the styles; this is just provided for if you want to quickly grab all of them in one go. You can instead download styles as needed in-game, which is the recommended way to obtain styles and may be more up-to-date than the all styles ZIP.

If you are upgrading from V12.10.X or earlier, please set up in a new folder (you can copy over your Levels and Settings folders). If you are upgrading from V12.11.0 RC builds, you can just extract over the top of it.

NeoLemmix Main / Style Manager and V12.11
« on: January 26, 2021, 08:47:18 AM »
For reasons relating to the possibility of styles using V12.11 features not working properly on older versions, Style Manager support for older versions will be discontinued after V12.11's stable release.

From the time V12.11 stable is released - any new style updates after this time, will only be downloadable in the Style Manager when using V12.11 or higher. The Style Manager in V12.8 to V12.10 will continue to work, but will not receive (or detect in the update check) any updates that were made after V12.11's release.

From a few weeks after V12.11 stable is released - the Style Manager will no longer be able to download styles when using NeoLemmix versions prior to V12.11. Manual downloads of V12.8 versions of single styles will also no longer be possible (but the all-styles zip will remain available permanently).

This arises from a forwards compatibility issue - that older versions of NL might not handle newer versions of styles properly, not the other way around. As such, to be very clear, there is nothing you need to do in your styles to accomodate this.

New Skills / [DISC][PLAYER] Slider - Naming, visuals, etc
« on: January 24, 2021, 04:17:54 PM »
Similar to the Laserer, I guess at this point it's time to talk about the visual / etc aspects of the Slider skill.

For reference, the existing Slider sprite is derived from the Climber, while the existing Dehoister sprite is (very obviously) derived from the Hoister. There is no reason that either needs to remain the case; I'm certianly okay with eg. using the L2 slider sprite if it's preferred, and using a new Dehoister animation (if someone's willing to make one, of course).

Similar to the initial phase of the Laserer's version of this topic, it's "no such thing as a bad idea (within reason)" at this stage; and the physics of the Slider, not the cosmetics, are what's confirmed (more or less) already.

Closed / [DISC][PLAYER] Slider physics - any more changes needed?
« on: January 20, 2021, 10:44:14 PM »
Aside from bugs that have their own topics - is there anything that anyone feels still needs to change regarding Slider physics?

New Skills / [DISC][PLAYER] Laserer - Naming, visuals, etc
« on: January 20, 2021, 06:48:44 PM »
Alright - with the Laserer confirmed to be making it into NL, and the physics more or less set in stone, it's time to start discussing the cosmetic side of things. How should the laserer look? Should the name "laserer" be kept or should we pick something else? Is the current position on the skill panel alright?

At this point, this is the "no such thing as a bad idea (within reason)" phase. Feel free to make radical suggestions - I recall seeing either in another topic or on Discord the idea that maybe it should be a waterblaster rather than a laser, sure, that's the kind of idea that can be thrown around now. Remember - what's confirmed is "we're getting a skill with more or less the exact physics the Laserer has in the latest exp build"; not "we're getting a skill with more or less the exact cosmetics the Laserer has in the latest exp build".

NeoLemmix Main / NeoLemmix V12.11.0-RC Released [RC2 update released]
« on: January 18, 2021, 09:34:54 PM »
The Release Candidate build for V12.11.0 is now here.

Known issues (click to show/hide)

Download (V12.11.0-RC2, editor V1.34 included):

This download only includes the Orig and OhNo styles, plus "default", "xmas" and "special". You can use the in-game Style Manager (in the Settings) to download other styles, or you can download styles manually:
- All styles: Not currently available for V12.11-RC; please use style manager or individual manual downloads.
- Any individual style: (replace XXXXXXXX with the style's name, eg: for orig_fire)

As always, it is recommended you install the RC build to a new folder, rather than trying to use it in the same folder as your existing version of NeoLemmix. You can copy across your hotkeys file (from the Settings folder) after running the RC build for the first time.

Changelog (from V12.10.3) (click to show/hide)

Closed / [PHYS-BUG][PLAYER] Swimmers have wrong fall height
« on: January 18, 2021, 08:10:24 PM »
Already fixed in source code.

Attached level demonstrates it - note that the water's trigger area and the terrain are at the same height, and furthermore, it can be verified in CPM (by mousing over and looking at the pin) that the walkers and swimmers are at the same height before falling. However, the walker survives the fall, while the swimmer does not. Moving the landing platform 1px upwards allows the swimmers to survive.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / [SUG][PLAYER] "Auto" option for screen start
« on: January 16, 2021, 07:43:09 PM »
I don't want to go as far as Lix does and take away the option for level creators to manually set a screen start position altogether.

However, I would still like to implement support for automatically determining the screen start position, and in turn make this the default option for new levels - with levels still able to override it and pick a position manually if they prefer.

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