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NeoLemmix Main / NeoLemmix V12.10.0-RC Released
« on: Today at 01:57:06 am »
At this point, the target date for V12.10.0 stable is not decided. However, it will be no earlier than November 1st - and probably a bit later than that.

The Release Candidate build for V12.10.0 is now here.

Known issues (click to show/hide)

Download (V12.10.0-RC1, editor not included):

This download only includes the Orig and OhNo styles, plus "default", "xmas" and "special". You can use the in-game Style Manager (in the Settings) to download other styles, or you can download styles manually:
- All styles: (Updated 4th Oct 2020)
- Any individual style: (replace XXXXXXXX with the style's name, eg: for orig_fire)
That link is NOT a mistake, "12.8" in the link is correct. Said link is based on "minimum version the styles are compatible with", not "current version".

As always, it is recommended you install the RC build to a new folder, rather than trying to use it in the same folder as your existing version of NeoLemmix. You can copy across your hotkeys file (from the Settings folder) after running the RC build for the first time.

Changelog from V12.9.4 (click to show/hide)

Please report any bugs you find! In particular, report any broken replays that worked on 12.9.X - there should be NO physics changes whatsoever.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / [DISC][PLAYER] Level selection menu
« on: October 16, 2020, 07:36:38 am »
I have locked this topic and the others to keep all further discussion in one place - the V12.10.0-RC release topic.

So, the other remaining part that still needs attention is the level select menu.

I've done some significant work on this already. You can now see a level's stats / skillset - including number of zombies and neutrals specifically - in the level select menu. This does mean the preview image has been shrunk to accomodate, of course.

Even more so, you can see detailed talisman info - rather than try to explain it, here's a video:

I haven't yet got around to adding whole-rank / whole-pack talisman lists - that's next.

Any feedback on the changes so far?

Remaining todos:
- None currently.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / [DISC][PLAYER] Level preview screen
« on: October 13, 2020, 10:38:36 pm »
I have locked this topic and the others to keep all further discussion in one place - the V12.10.0-RC release topic.

Alright so, let's talk about what needs to change on the level preview screen. Pretend that I haven't read any previous discussions on this subject - what is your stance now on what should or shouldn't change on it?

For reference, changes that have already been made are very small. Firstly, in line with general mouse-friendliness improvements, there is now a visible cursor and clickable "Play level" or "Exit to menu" texts instead of the "click left button click right button blah blah" text. The previous mouse behaviour still exists, if you click in "empty space". And of course, the preview screen benefits from the global menu screen improvements - 864x486 internal resolution and taller / better-color font. In terms of making use of the extra area from the resolution boost, the only changes are the word wrap cutoff point for talisman requirements, and the size of the level preview area - increased to 864x160, from a previous 640x128.

Possibilities to consider are:
- Displaying skillset and/or additional stats, perhaps using a semi-graphical representation (eg. a skill panel render)
- Displaying zombie / neutral counts
- If / how talismans are displayed

Regarding talisman display, I realise to some extent, the input here will be dependant on what talisman display is available elsewhere. Assume that (a) the Talisman menu (F4) will be removed; (b) full talisman info will be accessible in the Level Select menu (F2); and (c) in-game display of talisman info will not happen in V12.10.X but will come in a future update. Ideally I would like to at least display how many talismans exist + what colors; displaying their requirements are negotiable (players could open up the Level Select menu to check if they're interested).

Remaining todos:
- Currently none.

I have locked this topic and the others to keep all further discussion in one place - the V12.10.0-RC release topic.

As well as some other recent changes, this video does a good job of showing the current state of the title screen:

I am well aware that a bit more work is needed on the graphics themself, especially re: panels. These are not intended as final permanent graphics, they're placeholders for while I was working on the functionality / sizing / positioning. With that being said, feel free to put forward offers to make them, and/or suggestions on what would work for them.

Still up for discussion is the one row vs two rows discussion. I put up a poll in the main menu overhaul topic, this was before I created this topic and a few people had voted so I decided to leave it where it was.

One thing not shown in this video relates to the rank panel. The "Step __" / "Rank graphic not found" placeholder has been done away with, and instead, if a rank graphic is not present for a rank, its name will be displayed on the rank panel using the menu font (likely scaled down to fit).

That aside, any other input relating to the title screen - fire away.

Remaining todos:
- (Currently none)

NeoLemmix Main / [EXPERIMENTAL] Editor V1.28 - Lots of fixes and stuff
« on: October 07, 2020, 11:32:52 pm »
Let's learn from what happened with 1.25, and put out an experimental first. Should be fairly reliable, but still - treat it as an experimental. Look out for bugs, especially new ones, and report any that you do find.

Download link:

Changes from V1.27:

> Added support for copying/pasting terrain groups between editor instances
> Added support for editing (not merely preserving) the direction and speed of moving background objects
> Added support for opening levels via command line / drag-and-drop (this also allows configuring Open With with the editor)
> Grid status indicator added in lower-right of level area
> Quantity of normal, zombie and neutral lemmings is now displayed next to the lemming count input box
> "Snap to grid" option added to menu bar
> Fixed a bug where backgrounds would sometimes not display correctly
> Fixed a bug where the group / ungroup piece options in the Edit menu were non-functional
> Fixed a bug where trigger areas were shown for object types with no trigger effect
> Fixed bugs that caused piece locations to "jump" when selecting them if the grid is enabled
> Fixed a graphical bug with nine-sliced objects
> Fixed the bug where the color of the Jumper skill count input box doesn't change like the others do based on skill count

Known issues:
- Isses with initial sizing of window - see reply #6
- Pieces dragged outside level have positioning issues - see reply #8

Levels for other engines is the correct board for SuperLemmini levels, so all level packs that have been posted here have been moved to that board. This topic is just here so that people know their packs were moved, not deleted.

Levels for other engines / Level Packs board rules
« on: September 28, 2020, 07:00:31 pm »
1. At most, create two topics for your pack - an "in development" topic and a release topic. Close the development one when you make the release. (It is also okay to use a single topic the whole way through.)

2. Prefix the topic title with the engine your pack is for. EG: [SuperLemmini] or [Lemmix]

3. Do not post NeoLemmix or Lix levels here. There are dedicated boards for those: NeoLemmix Levels and Lix Levels

4. This board is not for mere ideas. If you aren't seriously working on a pack (or making a serious proposal that you genuinely expect will go somewhere, in the case of eg. community packs), don't create the topic here.

5. Generally, you should not post content created by other people. The exceptions are (a) if you are converting / updating / maintaining a pack by an author who is no longer active - this is somewhat subjective but as a rough guideline I would suggest "hasn't materially participated in the forums in over a year" AND they have not explicitly stated they do not want people doing this, (b) if you are posting content made by someone who is not a member of the community (and in this case, if at all possible, link to where the author has posted it rather than reuploading), or of course (c) if you have the author's permission.

This issue seems to have resurfaced. Haven't investigated further than that yet.

Reportedly, opening another level then re-opening the original one should fix it. If not, restarting the editor almost certianly will.

My hunch based on the previously-identified causes for this issue, is that it shouldn't arise if you avoid clicking "Group Pieces" while clear physics mode is enabled. However I have not confirmed that this is related to the issue yet.

This is a specific situation relating to a level sent to me by another forum member, and I do not currently know what the cause is - my investigating so far is only as far as "I can confirm that the bug happens for me too".

This level loads and saves perfectly fine in the editor (EXP V1.26-B), but gives an error message about a group containing a mix of steel and nonsteel when loaded in NL itself (and thus doesn't load). On the balance of probabilities this is more likely a bug in the player, but I cannot say this for sure yet.

Should this turn out to be a player bug, it will be fixed in V12.10, and no editor update that supports piece grouping will be released until player V12.10 is too. If it's an editor bug, of course, that's just a matter of an editor update.

EDIT: Confirmed to be an editor bug and that it is indeed allowing mixed groupings. Have not yet figured out the "why", only the "what".

EDIT2: Confirmed to actually be a *player* bug after further investigation.

Site Discussion / Downtime / Security warnings earlier today
« on: August 17, 2020, 01:00:17 am »
Just for peace of mind: This was not the site being hacked or anything - just an oversight leading to me not renewing the SSL certificates, which expired today. I've now fixed that.

Closed / [SUG][EDITOR] "Autosave" type function
« on: August 14, 2020, 08:48:35 pm »
Prompted by a crash-during-save leading to a user losing a significant amount of work, I'm wondering if autosave should be implemented?

To be clear - this would NOT automatically invoke the "Save" function. That itself has far too much potential for damage, too. Instead, it would be more like, every so often, a copy of the level is saved to a seperate file - perhaps in an "Autosave" subfolder or something.

It would be possible to disable this feature, probably on both a "Disable permanently" and "Disable until I close the editor" basis.

So, yeah, V1.25 was a bit of a bungle.

To hopefully avoid a repeat of this, I'm going to put V1.26 out as an experimental at first too.

Changes from V1.25 - included in released exp build:
- Implemented a "Paste in place" feature. Under the "Edit" menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+V.
- Fixed the bug where pickup skills were set to unassigned + single skill count when loading a level.
- Fixed the bug where No Overwrite, Erase and *not* One-Way Capable were ignored on instances of terrain groups.
- Fixed a rendering bug when pieces are grouped while in Clear Physics Mode.
- Implemented a clean fail when attempting to copy-paste a selection that includes terrain groups, between two different instances of the editor.
- Implemented autosave functionality. Default is "save every 5 minutes, keep up to 15 autosaves" but both are configurable, including possible to turn off altogether.
- Style / piece alias support has been implemented.
- Fixed a bug that occurs when multiple consecutive pieces in the piece selection list, are marked as deprecated, and "Show Deprecated Pieces" is turned off; resulting in the wrong piece being inserted into the level.

Known issues:
- Sketches can be added to groups. (Fixed in source code but not yet in a released build)
- Background is sometimes not rendered correctly after creating one level, saving it via File -> Save, then starting a new level via File -> New.
- If the first piece (in draw order) in a terrain group is erased, player versions V12.9.3 and earlier may reject the level as invalid. This is a player bug and is resolved in V12.9.4.

Closed / [MENU][PLAYER] Font color
« on: August 11, 2020, 03:03:24 am »
In the main menu overhaul topic, one of the most widely-supported changes is a tweak to the font color.

For reference. Image credit to Dullstar.

Most popular is "Amiga Blue" based on discussion. Let's see if a poll upholds this. Note that "other colors" could include a color that is not in the image.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / [SUG][PLAYER] Custom helpers
« on: August 10, 2020, 01:06:51 am »
So we currently have the fall distance helper in-game. It was recently modified to account for climbers. It was later pointed out that shimmiers have a different fall distance yet again, due to how far their feet are from the ceiling vs climbers.

My train of thought on handling this ultimately lead me to thinking that helpers should be completely customizable. Some defaults would ship and be configured in the default hotkey layouts, but it would be possible for the end user to configure as many custom ones as they like, on whatever keys they like. This would essentially work as a hotkey with a sub-option (similar to what eg: skill select, frame skip, etc have), with the option being selecting an image file.

Is there much interest in such a feature?

Closed / [BUG][EDITOR] Jumper skill field color does not change
« on: July 29, 2020, 07:49:10 pm »
Quote from: IchoTolot (Discord)
just noticed now in the editor that when I turn the jumper skill count number up the field stays grey instead of white like all the other counts (doesn't affect the game though)
everything acts normal it just looks a tiny bit off

Have not looked into it yet, just making this topic so I don't forget.

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