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On the included portal object in namida_systemtest, the result is the receive point being 1 pixel further to the right than it should be. (Workaround for this in the meantime is to move all portals where this positioning is critical, eg. portals that receive lemmings who are climbing / sliding, one pixel to the left.)

Untested how flipped portals are affected and what the exact cause / impacts are, beyond the observed effects on the sample object.

Can be seen at around 51:50 in Ryemanni's video here:

Basically, the lemming should not turn around. His first course of action if suitable should be to attempt to ascend the wall (if either it's only one slab high, or if he is a climber), otherwise, he should turn in accordance with the block's direction. He should only turn around in this case if the wall is not a deflector and not ascendable.

Related to this, a miner who is also a climber and hits a wrong-one-way-wall (maybe also steel?) turns around instead of climbing it.

Loap / [BUG] Hotkeys get "stuck" when file selector opens
« on: March 10, 2022, 06:19:18 PM »
Steps to reproduce (one example):
1. Assign "Load Replay" and a move camera function to the same key
2. Load a replay on the preview screen via this hotkey
3. Go into gameplay
4. Notice how the camera moves as if you were still holding the key

Okay so, this one seems to be something pretty low-level in how the framework and the file-select dialog interact with each other, so I'm not sure that I can fix it. Putting them on different hotkeys should help, of course; beyond that, I likely need to find a better cross-platform solution to open a file dialog, or failing that, write platform-specific code each for Windows and Linux here to handle it properly without interfering with keyboard input. This is likely to become one of those minor "stuck" bugs that doesn't get fixed for a long time, unfortunately.

Loap / Coarse-grained Spawn Interval
« on: February 14, 2022, 08:14:38 AM »
Edit Simon: Split from Simon blogs, committees and spawn intervals

VSI had nonzero benefit and still sparks debate.

As you'll recall, I gave thought to this for NeoLemmix at one point. I wasn't very keen on an outright cull; I was a lot more keen on the idea of making it much less fine-grained; having a smaller number of possible values (with a larger difference in spawn interval between them).

With Loap, I have gone for such an approach right from the start. Instead of 1 to 99, Loap's spawn rate (I'm using this term internally, though I suspect people will likely continue using "release rate" in most discussions, to differentiate it) ranges from 0 to 9. A Loap SR n is equivalent to an L3D release rate of n9 (eg. 9 is equivalent to 99, 8 to 89, etc). It's now confirmed that all official levels are solvable (including Winterland); some custom levels have issues, one of which is due to this (not due to the coarseness, but rather due to that Loap's minimum is equivalent to L3D's 9, while in L3D the level in question has an L3D RR of 1, and the difference is solution-breaking).

Loap / Linux build?
« on: February 12, 2022, 08:39:32 AM »
Is there anyone who'd be interested in me providing Linux builds during this early test-build phase? Note that I intend to, if possible, release Linux builds once it's time to go stable either way . This is purely about during the current phase of development.

(Mac, on the other hand, I am going to rule out at least during the test phase.)

Loap / Virtual Lemming / Highlight bugs
« on: February 07, 2022, 06:17:35 PM »
(Note that at the time of creating this topic, these two features are not supported in the latest release build, but are supported in the latest commits on Bitbucket.)

Applicable to both
- The Turner skill cannot be assigned
- Skill icons don't do the "animate once" thing like they do in L3D

Exclusive to Highlight
Currently none

Exclusive to Virtual Lemming
- Camera immediately snaps when lemming turns around instead of a gradual rotation like in L3D
- Camera direction doesn't change for Blockers / Turners
- Lemmings in front of the VL camera, but behind or on the VL lemming's position (including the VL lemming himself) will be picked up by the mouse
- Other lemmings may disappear or flicker when in Virtual Lemming mode, usually only if the camera is rotated
- The shrugger ? icon is not visible for the VL lemming in Virtual Lemming mode

Loap / DireKrow's missing feature list
« on: February 07, 2022, 01:00:05 AM »
Copy-paste from Discord. Updated as I work on things with strikeouts / new additions.

Main things L3D has which Loap currently doesn't:
- Virtual Lemming. (added in commit 2504296 / for V0.0.14.0)
- Hilight Lemming. (added in commit 7f92b4c / for V0.0.14.0)
- Proximity-based sfx volume. (added in commit 71cdae5 / for V0.0.14.0)
- Solid camera physics. (added over several commits, can be considered complete as of 5b44093 / for V0.0.15.0)
- Display a lemming's assigned skills on hover. (added in commit 1ec80a3 / for V0.0.15.0)
- Automatic level exiting. (added in commit 7f9334b / for V0.0.15.0)
- Visible cameras. (added in commit 7df92ec / for V0.0.15.0)
- Hatch opening animation / sound. (added over several commits, merged in a6a7460 / for V0.0.18.0)
- Main menu. (added in commit 321c524 / for V0.0.18.0)
- Level select, including records. (partial support as of 92dc7b7 / for V0.0.18.0)
- Automatic replay saving. (added in commit b2d8bb3 / for V0.0.16.0)
- Options menu.
- Minimap.

For options, chiefly I'd say display and render resolutions, fs/windowed, vsync/framelimiter, music/sound vol, key & mouse rebinding, camera sensitivity, cursor lock on drag, cursor trap in window are the main things you'd want for this in v1.0.

NL features that are not in L3D but are desirable in Loap:
- Button to hold to assign to walkers only.
- Save state and load state.
- Go to next shrugger button.
- Hilighting currently selected lemming on hover.
- Changing climber/floater/etc's color.
- Clear physics mode equivalent.
- (Mass) replay check.
- Insert mode and replay editor.

Then there's the editor, if you choose to make one.

Loap / [BUG] Basher doesn't stop at slope
« on: February 06, 2022, 10:40:30 PM »
In L3D a basher will stop if there isn't a wall in front of him when he reaches the edge of a block. In Loap, he will currently bash even for a slope in this case - which L3D only allows when the basher is first assigned.

In particular, this prevents the (presumably) intended solution to Tricky 29 "Land Ahoy" from working (though the level can be solved via backroutes).

Haven't tested if this also happens with teleporters and rope slides. Not tested, but my hunch is this will not affect blockers.

EDIT: Confirmed for rope slides too.

Loap / [MISSING FEATURE] Cameras not visible in-game
« on: February 06, 2022, 08:29:23 PM »
In L3D, you can see other cameras as actual visible objects.

While an option to turn this off might be desirable, Loap should at least allow showing them.

Screenshots illustrate better than words do for this one.

Loap / [BUG] Basher can fall through builder staircase
« on: February 05, 2022, 01:16:48 AM »
To reproduce:
1. Let a builder build at least two steps
2. Assign a basher to a lemming who is standing on one step, and on the next frame will move upwards onto the next step

The result is that the lemming will have the basher animation for 1 frame, before falling through the bridge (without damaging it).

Loap / Builder issues at top of slope
« on: February 02, 2022, 06:23:25 PM »
Seems to be that the "go down the slope" is overriding "step up onto the brick" instead of the other way around.

Loap / DireKrow's UI feedback (based on
« on: January 27, 2022, 06:09:07 AM »
These almost certianly still apply in the latest version at this time (commit 99546a7) as they're the kinds of things that I'd have to specifically try to address, and have not done so.

1. Camera rotation seems to be tied to the framerate in some way? When the framerate is extremely high (over 1000 FPS), mouse rotation becomes extremely low sensitivity, where large mouse moves barely cause a rotation, but when I cap the framerate to 120 using the nvidia control panel, the sensitivity feels much more normal. Doesn't seem intended.

2. The game hitches for about an eighth of a second every 2-3 seconds, but inconsistently. I thought maybe it was doing it when it reads and prints the FPS reading to the console, but it doesn't always line up with that. If the camera is moving or rotating during the moment a hitch happens, it 'keeps its momentum' during that moment, causing the camera to suddenly jump. The effect is greatly exaggerated (multiplied?) at high FPSes, causing such hitches and jumps to be extremely noticeable. Hitches can be observed just by waiting on the level selection screen or level preview too, but seem to be much more infrequent compared to active gameplay. Reduced, but not completely resolved.

6. Related to #5, if a lemming is between two blockers on the same square (e.g. by assigning a blocker either side of the starting hatch), then Loap lets you attempt to assign the trapped lemming as a blocker and consumes the skill, but they'll never actually become one.

Loap / Remaining physics issues from DireKrow's posts
« on: January 26, 2022, 07:28:12 PM »
Copy/pasted from Discord for reference here. Based on the release build (or more specifically, the commit immediately after it that only changes the version number).

- Blockers at the top of slopes are ignored by lemmings walking up the slope. Turners work.
- If a second builder starts building in the same place as a previous builder, they'll build an overlapping bridge. In L3D, they give up after one tile.
- If a walker encounters a stack of builder tiles, they'll be boosted up to the top of them. Happens in L3D too.
- If a builder builds into any existing builder bridge tiles, they'll be boosted up on top of them and continuing building uninterrupted. Happens in L3D, but causes them to give up.
- If a builder is mid-build and mid-block, assigning them as a blocker/turner will interrupt their build and make them into a walker. In L3D it doesn't let you do this.

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