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No exact time yet - I'll likely wait until the boards and Discord are both fairly inactive.

The server is frequently maxing out the available RAM, so I'm going to upgrade it to a higher-tier plan. This will not involve moving to a new server - just an upgrade on the existing one (but it does require downtime) - nor does it involve any changes to the forum software, so it should not result in any wider issues.

NeoLemmix Main / NL installer is considered deprecated.
« on: July 27, 2021, 07:04:55 PM »
For those who don't know what I'm talking about, you can simply ignore this post.

For the others - especially given that NL no longer requires downloading the styles seperately from the game itself, there is little purpose to the installer anymore. Yes, it's convenient for packs, but this relies on me manually updating links, which in turn generally relied on people informing me when the links change - which very few people actually bothered to do (or perhaps, did not realise that eg. if you replace an attachment on a post, the new file has a new link).

I have unstickied the installer a long time ago now, and to be honest I'm not sure how people are still finding it. I have still been receiving occasional requests to add / update packs in it, so I'm making this post to make two things clear to everyone - firstly, that said list is no longer being updated, and secondly, that the installer may stop working altogether at any time.

To download NeoLemmix itself, download the ZIP and extract. The editor is a single EXE file that should go in the same folder as NeoLemmix. You can use the in-game style manager for any styles you want (or else, the all-styles ZIP is still available for those who prefer it - though do keep in mind it may be slightly out-of-date compared to the style manager, usually only by a couple of weeks at most). As for packs, that does have to be done manually - but if creators are following recommendations, the ZIP file will also be set up so you can extract it directly to your NL base directory.

I might look at reviving the installer in some form once NL reaches a final version, or at least very close to it - likely without the pack downloading feature for the most part, though possibly with an option as to whether or not Redux and/or Intro Pack are downloaded. (I could also include Lemmings Plus without the technical issues, but I feel that would be giving special status to my own packs without good reason, whereas Redux and Intro can be justified as special cases.)

(Yes, it does pick up the newer versions of NL itself - this is because when it connects to the server to check what downloads are available, the server is configured to always give it the newest NL version, not a specific exact version.)


In short:
- Actual footage of both L1 and L2's editors. We've seen some footage of L1's editor before in a presentation by Mike a while back, but I think this is the first time L2's editor has been seen publicly?
- The disks have now been backed up in disk image format, meaning they're pretty much preserved for good. This is something Mike was previously unable to do.
- At this point they can't be released due to NDAs, but it's not impossible that that'll change in the future or that they'll get leaked wink wink.
- Mike has previously confirmed he had a disk containing the levels that were made for L1 (and OhNo?) but didn't make the cut, but no way to read it. The video makes no reference to these, unfortunately.

This proposal is considered a strong contender.

This proposal is for an object which, when a lemming enters the trigger area of, the lemming loses one/all of their permanent skills.

- Should it be simply a "removes all permanent skills" object, or should it instead be that each individual instance removes one particular skill? (So for example, you could place two removers in a level, and set it so that one removes climbers while the other removes swimmers.)
- Should they be single-use or infinite-use?
- If infinite-use, should they be one-at-a-time (like traps) or constant (like fire / water / exits)?

Other notes:
- Adders / state changers (ie: to/from Zombie and Neutral) exist as seperate suggestions and are not part of this one.

New Objects / [DISC][PLAYER] Potential new object - Portals
« on: July 15, 2021, 08:48:17 PM »
This proposal is considered a strong contender.

This proposal is for an object similar to teleporters, but that operates constantly (similar to fire / water / exits) instead of on a one-lemming-at-a-time basis (like existing teleporters, or traps).

- Where should the warping lemming graphic come from? The lemming sprites? A universal default? Or should there be no warp graphic, with simply a sound and an instant movement to the new position?
- For that matter, what should the warping lemming graphic look like? (For reference, Lemmings 3D's teleporter uses sparkles with no visual trace of the actual lemming. A similar animation could easily be universal and work with all spritesets.)
- The portal could be further distinguished from the teleporter by being two-way. What do people think of this idea?
- What kind of visual guideline should be used for portal design, in particular to distinguish them from regular teleporters?

This proposal is for objects that turn a regular lemming into a neutral lemming (or vice versa). This could be single-shot or infinite-use.

There is also the possibility of a "normal to zombie" equivalent, though only for the single-shot version - an infinite version can in most cases be emulated with blocker-on-steel or contained-in-steel preplaced zombie lemmings.

I might split this one into seperate topics later, but for now I think a combined topic is fine.

- Should they be single-use or infinite-use?
- If infinite-use, should they be one-at-a-time (like traps) or constant (like fire / water / exits)?

Ruled out variations:
- Zombie equivalents, except "single shot normal-to-zombie". "Zombie to normal", whether single-shot or infinite, introduces too much complexity when dealing with certain other aspects. "Infinite normal to zombie" is ruled out for the reasons described above.

Other notes:
- Objects that give or remove permanent skills exist as seperate suggestions and are not part of this one.

New Objects / [DISC][PLAYER] Potential new object - Bombproof wall
« on: July 15, 2021, 08:42:03 PM »
This proposal is for a "bombproof wall". This would essentially be like a 5th direction of one-way walls; which can be destroyed by any other destructive skill but not by bombers. As it would operate as a 5th one-way direction, it would be mutually exclusive with regular one-way walls - a single pixel could not be both one-way and bombproof (though the two could be used, in different places, within the same level, much like how a single level can contain multiple directions of one-way wall as long as they don't overlap).

- What would be used as a visual indicator of such walls?
- If the Bombs/Detonators suggestion and this one are both implemented, should the bombproof wall also be indestructible by the detonators?

Ruled out variations:
- Having a version that can overlap with one-way walls.

This proposal is for an object which, when a lemming enters the trigger area of, the lemming gains one (or more?) permanent skills.

- Should a single object be able to grant multiple skills? (How often do situations arise where simply placing two objects - one for each skill - next to each other, wouldn't be suitable?)
- Should they be single-use or infinite-use?
- If infinite-use, should they be one-at-a-time (like traps) or constant (like fire / water / exits)?
- What should occur when a Floater encounters a Glider object, or vice versa? Keep the existing skill, or lose it and gain the new one?

Other notes:
- Removers / state changers (ie: to/from Zombie and Neutral) exist as seperate suggestions and are not part of this one.

This proposal is for a pair of objects, similar to the current Button / Locked Exit setup. A level using these would have at least one "dynamite" and at least one "detonator" placed throughout the level. When all detonators have been pressed, all dynamites explode, with an effect similar to that of the Bomber skill.

- What should the size of the explosion be?
- Should it be harmful to lemmings nearby?
- Alternative possibility: Proxima's thought in Post #2.

Ruled out variations:
- Teleporter-like linking (one-to-one pairs and/or multiple sets). This would get too messy.
- Adding instead of removing terrain. Too much to consider around "what happens if a lemming is there?", and even more so if both adding and removing are possible in the same level.

NeoLemmix Styles / Style updates topic
« on: July 10, 2021, 09:44:43 PM »
Please post in this topic any time you make an update to a style, or release a new style, that you would like added / updated in NeoLemmix's style manager. This may include re-posting if you believe an update request was overlooked. Please do not post in this topic for ANY other reason - it WILL be deleted.

Make sure to include a link (or attachment) to download the newest version of the style. Always make a new post rather than editing your existing one, even if you think we haven't seen it yet.

This topic is here because the whole "who do I PM about it?" question has gotten too messy in the past with changes to who it actually is - having a topic removes the need for that. This topic should not be used for end-users to find style downloads - it is for administrative purposes.

NeoLemmix Main / Plans for V12.13.0
« on: July 08, 2021, 03:23:13 AM »
<placeholder to put a WIP changelog later>

I'm going to learn from what happened with the timeline on the new skills, and not aim for new objects in 12.13. Instead, I'll make 12.14 the target version for those; this gives more time for discussion and evaluation. (With that being said, it'll be time to start looking closer at that now that the new skills are out of the way.)

At this stage - these are features to consider. It may be that others get added, it will likely be that not all of these happen for 12.13. If they don't happen in 12.13, that doesn't necesserially mean they don't happen ever. Feel free to suggest others to add to the list and/or voice opinions on the choices here. Two things to note though - firstly, that (unless they relate to features introduced in 12.11 or 12.12) there shouldn't be any new suggestions, rather, it's "this existing one should be considered for 12.13". Secondly, that I'm trying to prioritize features that either (a) are a gameplay feature, such as talisman conditions; or (b) are going to be widely used / useful (this could include cosmetically). The more niche suggestions that are still open may be better left for later.

Potential major features
- Proper replay editor
- Replay manager

Other features to consider
- "All zombies killed" talisman condition
- Apply lemming recoloring to trap animations
- Builder queueing
- Button count indicator
- Faster progress loading
- Frame offset for animated objects
- Hotkeys for specific panel positions
- In-level talisman display
- Less-strict culling of nonsolid pixels in high res mode
- Max X skill types talisman condition
- Preassigned skills indicator in preview and/or level select

NeoLemmix Main / NeoLemmix V12.12.0, Editor V1.40 Released
« on: July 08, 2021, 01:34:28 AM »
It's finally here! As most of you will know, the main drawcard of this update is that it brings the final two new skills to the table - the Slider, who can slide down walls / off overhangs, and the Laserer, who destroys terrain at range with a laser beam.

There's a few smaller but nice features too for content designers - we now have a dedicated object type for only-on-terrain decorations, the triggered animation objects are back (now also with a single-use variant - and for those of you who don't like these, hiding backgrounds will also hide these), and it's now possible for a level to specify that the screen start position should be determined automatically. A few more small but nice tweaks too, and as (almost) always some bugfixes; check the changelog for the full list.

Changelog, V12.11.3 -> V12.12.0 (click to show/hide)

Download: (permalink to V12.12.0)
Styles: (link will always download latest styles download)
Editor: (permalink to V1.40)

You no longer need to download the styles; this is just provided for if you want to quickly grab all of them in one go. You can instead download styles as needed in-game, which is the recommended way to obtain styles and may be more up-to-date than the all styles ZIP.

If you are upgrading from V12.11.X or earlier, please set up in a new folder (you can copy over your Levels and Settings folders). If you are upgrading from V12.12.0-RC builds, you can just extract over the top of it.

It will be no less than two hours from the time of this post, and I will give notice on the Discord closer to the time.

This is to do two things:
1. Upgrade the forum software to SMF 2.0.18
2. Replace the SMF CAPTCHA + security questions with reCAPTCHA

As a precaution, an out-of-schedule backup will be taken after putting the forum into maintenance mode but before any further action is taken.

All going well, the downtime will last perhaps 10 - 15 minutes, though may be longer if I run into any snags. In a worst case scenario, I'll have the backup and can simply roll back to the current software.

To reproduce: Play attached level. Assign diggers such that they take away the full 9 pixels at the edge. Notice the 3rd Slider from the left does not slide at all. (The other three display varying-length finite variations of the Slider-Digger infinite loop.)

On the surface, this seems awkward. However, it actually makes sense to some extent if viewed in the context of "what would happen if a more significant amount of terrain were removed, instead of just 1 pixel" - it's just that doing this with a digger is a really, really precise setup compared to, say, a bomber. Although even in these other cases, the destruction would have to occur exactly as the lemming walks off the edge - but there's no logical other behavior if, say, a bomber takes out a huge chunk at that exact time; the digger is a weird case where you could argue there's a logical behavior.

My preference overall is to leave this as-is, but I feel it does need to be put up for discussion at least. An alternative could be to have a 1px tolerance, but if more than 1px of terrain has been removed, this behavior continues - however, that's an edge case that's pretty much specific to the digger (and a few pixel-precise setups with other skills), so I'm not sure how justifiable it is. This is why I prefer the "do nothing" approach personally.

Site Discussion / Regarding the recent spambots.
« on: June 16, 2021, 03:32:34 AM »
They've been dealt with. I've also modified the security question - usually this is enough to shut down a wave of spambots (it's likely they've been manually given the answer to the question at some point, though it could be an AI thing).

In the future - please don't give them "attention". This means don't reply to their posts / quote them / mention their username / etc. If you'd like to bring it to our attention, use the "Report to moderator". I do understand that the responses some people made were well-intentioned, but at best it achieves nothing, and at worst it might report back "hey, our bots get attention on this site, we should push harder at it" to the developers of the spambots (unlikely, but not out of the question).

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