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All sorted now. :) As mentioned, there should be no issues that arise from this, but let me know if you do encounter any.

We now have double the actual RAM on the server; and additionally, I've increased the swap space to what it actually should be (around double the RAM), rather than what it was (256MB, for some reason, I'm guessing this was a default).

No exact time yet - I'll likely wait until the boards and Discord are both fairly inactive.

The server is frequently maxing out the available RAM, so I'm going to upgrade it to a higher-tier plan. This will not involve moving to a new server - just an upgrade on the existing one (but it does require downtime) - nor does it involve any changes to the forum software, so it should not result in any wider issues.

Site Discussion / Re: Regarding the recent spambots.
« on: July 28, 2021, 05:45:55 AM »
For me, it wasn't hard to find. Of course I know the answer anyway, but I tried to search for it as if I didn't. I entered "lemmings 3D level list" (without quotes, exact capitalization), first result looked useful, clicked it, found the answer.

Nonetheless, yeah, probably not much point in making it a bit more obscure. I'll change it to Mayhem 1.

When you restart a failed level, do you get the very same 80 rodents or do you get 80 new ones?

And, this logic can be extended to other games too. On a technical level, when you die in a platformer, what spawns afterwards is a new (Mario / Crash / Sonic / Samus / ...), not the same one. :P

Quiplash is of course one of the best Jackbox games (and to be honest, I really don't know what the differences between the three versions are, so can't compare them to each other :P ). Champ'd Up and Blather Round are good as occasional games; I wouldn't want to play them all the time, but I like them in small doses. Talking Points, my gut feeling is that I wouldn't enjoy it very much, although of course I'd have to play it to say for sure. And, well, we already know how I feel about Devil And The Details, it's one of the few Jackbox games I'm probably always going to sit out. (Of course, if other people here like it, it should still be included - it's no big deal to sit out one game for me, especially considering sometimes we have so many players that not everyone can play every game anyway.)

Will it be possible to destroy terrains inside the explosion area with any other destructive skills?(other than activating dynamite)
Or is it something like "steel" that can be destroyed by activating dynamite?

The original proposal was simply that this would function like a bomber (except perhaps larger). So, it would remove all normal terrain within range (but not steel, and if accepted, not anti-bomber walls), but you could also destroy that terrain the normal way first.

An alternative proposal was made to have the detonators destroy specific, destructible blocks, that presumably would be impossible to destroy any other way. Under this proposal, nothing else except those blocks would be destroyed by the detonators.

Finally, due to the level-by-level nature of all Lemmings games (including Lemmings Paintball), Lemmings effectively only exist within the confines of a level.

Is this really true for L2 / L3, though?

NeoLemmix Main / NL installer is considered deprecated.
« on: July 27, 2021, 07:04:55 PM »
For those who don't know what I'm talking about, you can simply ignore this post.

For the others - especially given that NL no longer requires downloading the styles seperately from the game itself, there is little purpose to the installer anymore. Yes, it's convenient for packs, but this relies on me manually updating links, which in turn generally relied on people informing me when the links change - which very few people actually bothered to do (or perhaps, did not realise that eg. if you replace an attachment on a post, the new file has a new link).

I have unstickied the installer a long time ago now, and to be honest I'm not sure how people are still finding it. I have still been receiving occasional requests to add / update packs in it, so I'm making this post to make two things clear to everyone - firstly, that said list is no longer being updated, and secondly, that the installer may stop working altogether at any time.

To download NeoLemmix itself, download the ZIP and extract. The editor is a single EXE file that should go in the same folder as NeoLemmix. You can use the in-game style manager for any styles you want (or else, the all-styles ZIP is still available for those who prefer it - though do keep in mind it may be slightly out-of-date compared to the style manager, usually only by a couple of weeks at most). As for packs, that does have to be done manually - but if creators are following recommendations, the ZIP file will also be set up so you can extract it directly to your NL base directory.

I might look at reviving the installer in some form once NL reaches a final version, or at least very close to it - likely without the pack downloading feature for the most part, though possibly with an option as to whether or not Redux and/or Intro Pack are downloaded. (I could also include Lemmings Plus without the technical issues, but I feel that would be giving special status to my own packs without good reason, whereas Redux and Intro can be justified as special cases.)

(Yes, it does pick up the newer versions of NL itself - this is because when it connects to the server to check what downloads are available, the server is configured to always give it the newest NL version, not a specific exact version.)

Bomb-proof walls are a good idea because all other skills except Bombers would be able to destroy the wall. This currently does not exist, nor can it be simulated.

It exists in the form of making a wall too large for a bomber to get through. There is the thin wall designed for diggers counterexample, but that's the only one, and even that can be worked around in many cases.

Here's an alternate Quit sign.

The quit sign should always be red, right? It was always red, not green.

At a quick look via Google Images, the only version I notice with a red quit sign is the Amiga version of Holiday Lemmings.


In short:
- Actual footage of both L1 and L2's editors. We've seen some footage of L1's editor before in a presentation by Mike a while back, but I think this is the first time L2's editor has been seen publicly?
- The disks have now been backed up in disk image format, meaning they're pretty much preserved for good. This is something Mike was previously unable to do.
- At this point they can't be released due to NDAs, but it's not impossible that that'll change in the future or that they'll get leaked wink wink.
- Mike has previously confirmed he had a disk containing the levels that were made for L1 (and OhNo?) but didn't make the cut, but no way to read it. The video makes no reference to these, unfortunately.

One possible random thought of an idea (it might be a bad idea, tbh, but I'm just throwing it out there): perhaps the object could provide its own explosion mask to allow different shapes and sizes. Of course, this would rely on style creators to make fair designs and would need to be displayed somehow in clear physics.

I don't know that I like the idea of outright custom masks. Perhaps simply allowing objects (on the metaobject level, not the instance level) to specify a size is a bit more reasonable, though even that I wonder if it's too complex...

Removing steel is a bit of a tough one, you'd have to require users to add visual indicators for super steel and I'm not sure if I want to have two sets of steel pieces for nearly every set. If its just to remove terrain, it probably shouldn't remove steel

"Supersteel" is not under consideration. I mentioned it only to compare to a steel-removing skill, which could lead to the need for "supersteel" to define places even that skill couldn't destroy. With a pre-placed dynamite object, the level creator would have full control over what could or couldn't be removed by it, because they could simply not place it near stuff they don't want removed - therefore, "supersteel" would not be necessary.

If bomb proof walls existed, why not settings for Basher proof, Miner proof, fencer proof, or laserer proof? I apologize if it seems off topic, but this thought occurred as I was writing this.

Maybe a bit better suited for the general ideas topic than this one, but it's no biggie. In general - I absolutely get where you're coming from, but the reason I specifically have given consideration to bomber-proof is because there's currently no other way (other than outright steel) to prevent a bomber destroying a wall. By comparison, one-way down arrows defeat the basher, laserer and fencer; one-way up arrows defeat the miner and digger; and of course right and left can be added to that (not on the same pixel, but "as overall considerations", or even in practice as a wall where one half is up/down and the other is left/right or similar). I would note that by extension, had the Grenader made the cut, I'd expect the bomber-proof wall to also be grenader-proof. And this line of thought in turn makes me realise: Absolutely, these walls should also be dynamite-proof, if that object makes the cut - more on principle than anything else, as of course a dynamite object is unlikely to be in a location the level creator doesn't want it to be. :P

I voted in the poll for 3 of the options, but I really don't see it as being completely black-and-white. I voted for Push The Button, Dictionarium and Joke Boat - however, Push The Button is more "I enjoy an occasional game of it" whereas the other two I like a lot. Meanwhile for the two I didn't vote - Role Models I just find really tedious and boring (I do understand how it works, I've played it several times with Bleak's crew) and I'd actively vote against playing it, whereas Trivia Murder Party, I'm never going to actively ask for it and I might not join in if it's the first or especially last game in a session, but I don't dislike it per se, I don't mind playing it as one of the games in the session.

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