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One thing to be aware of that I've discovered - L3D seems to have a limit on how many block faces it can render. Now, I don't know exactly what does or doesn't count towards this - I've seen a level where this kicks in at around 500 blocks, but there are some official levels with more than that.

One thing I have noticed is - any face touching a block #3, doesn't get rendered - and thus, using block 3 on areas the user will never be able to see, can help avoid this limit. The highest block count is 1227, on Lemlab, a level that very extensively uses block #3. However, the highest block count on a level that doesn't use block 3 at all, which is "A Head Above The Rest", is 825 - well above the 500 that I've seen this effect kick in at.

Anyway, it's probably best to avoid particularly huge levels due to this, at least until we understand exactly how this glitch works.

Uploaded V0.28. Changes:
- Metablock shading can be edited.
- Added a "Clear" button when editing metablock data.
- Shortcut keys have been completely revised, see spoiler tag in first post.
- The "Do you want to save?" check pops up when quitting L3DEdit; previously it only came up when opening a level or creating a new level

Uploaded V0.27. Changes:
- Special properties of blocks are now displayed at the bottom of the block selection form (mouseover a block to see details about it).
- Metablocks can now be edited. Right click on a metablock to edit it. Shading can't be edited yet - this was an oversight I only realised after uploading, but won't be difficult at all to implement.
- Bug fix: The 3D-effect shading of block faces stopped working at some point; it's been reimplemented now.
- Bug fix: Negative values for sea movement weren't being accepted; they do now.
- Bug fix: The blue Lemgo sea (and theoretically, any custom seas that share its attributes) did not render correctly; it does now.

Pretty much, the only things remaining now that aren't supported are a few obscure flags (and some unknowns), and land areas, as far as I can think of right now. In particular - you can now create a level truly from scratch, you don't have to import a block setup from another level (though it's still probably easier to do that).

Uploaded V0.05. This adds a feature to auto-save replays when you reach the save requirement on any level you're playing. This feature must be specifically turned on each time you run L3DReplay!

Uploaded V0.26. The only change from V0.25, is that instead of the weird-looking filter effects, it uses an outline to indicate the currently selected layer and block.

Uploaded V0.25. Changes:
- You can now edit objects. This is still not tested super-intensively, so please report any bugs. HOWEVER - "lemmings walk through them" is NOT a bug, objects are not inherently solid, you must place an invisible (and preferably, indestructible) block in the same place.
- The options for a solid level floor and a slippery level floor are now supported.

Tech & Research / Re: 3D Lemmings file formats
« on: June 18, 2019, 09:19:16 am »
I've looked at the remaining unknown bytes (or bit flags, in some cases). Some of them really have no pattern, and we might have to observe closer. However, there's a lot that seem to be the same on all but a few levels.

I'm going to list a few groups of levels, that share currently-unknown values in the data with each other, but different from all levels outside the group. To be very clear - each group is independent. And I realise this is a long shot, but also figured it doesn't hurt to ask.

And just to be clear - it's entirely possible some (or even all) of these are just huge nothingburgers, possibly remnants from the official editor or of features that were removed in the final game, or something like that. So please don't spend too much effort on thinking of it - this is more a "if anything comes to mind, let me know".

Group 1: "Bounce Bounce", "Play Time"
Group 2: "A Shortcut Through The Forest", "Play Time", and all practice levels
Group 3: "This Is The Army", "Stilt Walkers" and "Let The Race Begin"
Group 4: "Alilemms", "Rescue Team" and "The Hanger"
Group 5: All enclosed levels, plus "The Prisoner" and "Claustrophobic" (these last two still have the cameras in enclosed areas, so perhaps it's some setting that relates to that..)
Group 6: "The Bean Machine", "A Shortcut Through The Forest", "Hole in Ten", "Fore!", "Lemlab", "Spaghetti Junction", "Ricochet", "Motherboard", "Birthday Cake", "Brechin's Staircase", "The Hanger", "The Catacombs", "Hole In One, Two, Three", and all practice levels
Group 7: "The Bean Machine", "Alpine Assault Course", "Alilemms", "Jelly Climber", "Oh No! More Pyramids!", "Garden Maze", "King Coder's Tomb", "Rescue Team", "The Arena", "Snake", "The Five Arches", "Brechin's Staircase", "Ski Jump", "Family Tree", "Raiders of the Lost Lemming", "Jelly Belly Islands", "Castle Peralus"
Group 8: "Attack Of The 50ft Lemmings", "Jelly Climber", "A Head Above The Rest", "Play Time", "The Arena", "T Minus 5 And Counting"
Group 9: "A Shortcut Through The Forest", "Stilt Walkers", and all practice levels
Group 10: "Bounce Bounce", "It's A Classic", "Lemlab", "Rescue Team" and "Tuther Circus Level" (with "Picky Platform" having a unique third value, instead of the same one as all other remaining levels)
Group 11: "The M-A-Z-E", "Rescue Team", "Team Work", "Death Slide" and "Slippery"
Group 12: "Alpine Assault Course", "Slippery Maze", "The M-A-Z-E", "Ski Jump" and "The Hanger"

Additionally, can anyone think of any attributes unique to any of the following levels?
- "Take A Dive"
- "Bounce Bounce"
- "Jelly Climber"
- "Lemlab" (other than the laser trap)

Uploaded V0.04. The "Initialize" button has been removed (it's all automatic now), and L3DReplay should detect if Lemmings 3D is no longer running (previously, it could only detect if DOSBox as a whole was no longer running).

Uploaded V0.03. This update removes the need to initialize by loading a known replay.

Next on the todo list is find a way to have automatic saving of replays upon completing a level. At least in theory this should be possible, though I still need to figure out exactly how to best go about detecting this.

Uploaded V0.24. Changes:
- You can now set a few more options relating to how the sea graphic behaves.
- You can now set the flag that replaces drowning with zapping.
- Fixed a few issues with the preset selections for style-related settings.

I've also updated my levels. Space Station and Acrobatics just have cosmetic updates - preview pivot position adjustments and in the latter case some tweaks to the sea. But I've also added a third level, "Activity Center". Like Space Station, this one assumes you've applied the music patch. This one is much less forgiving than the first two were, so bring your best Lemming-ing (though just to be clear - it isn't that tight just to be annoying; it's necessary to prevent backroutes).

Uploaded V0.23. Changes:
- Huge improvements to rendering speed. It's still not great, but now it's just "not great" instead of "awful". I suspect that resolution-wise most people can go to whatever's higher - Medium, or one step up from what they were already using.
- When you import block data from another level, the input field for the current level's texture set is updated to account for this. (The actual level data was always updated, but the text field wasn't, before.)
- If you select a block from the palette, while your current selection is an empty block (ie: none of the slices are present), your current selection is automatically changed back to a full block.

I've been working on the slow rendering. I think to really get it working at a real-time speed, I'm going to need to completely rewrite the rendering using a GPU-accelerated library, at which point this becomes practically a full rewrite from scratch. The good news - any such rewrite would be much quicker than the original project, as something like 80% of the time spent on this project so far has been figuring out details of how L3D's level files work or how to render the level fairly accurately to what L3D does - effort that won't have to be repeated. And a further 10% or so was figuring out how to produce a good 3Dish render, again, something that now that I know I don't have to figure out again.

However, before I take on such a project, I'd rather have this one working to the point where you can edit everything important - even if it isn't optimal for that. So I'm going to, for now, continue on trying to improve the performance of the current code. So far, I've managed to cut about 20% off the time it takes to render the blocks, which is by far the most time-consuming part of the render (land is a very distant 2nd, and then sky and sea - which get rendered as a combined unit - is close behind in 3rd, for levels that don't have a full-height sky graphic (for ones that do, sky rendering is lightning-fast)).

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Anticipated Jumper behaviour
« on: June 16, 2019, 08:29:17 pm »
Also as a general rule I wouldnt really look to how Lemmings 2 does things as a guideline for how things should work in a Neolemmix implementation.

Our philosophy with that where applicable has always been "do give consideration to what L2 does, but don't by any means treat it as a golden rule". In the case of Fencer, we gave consideration to how L2 fencer works - and clearly decided "that's not different enough from a basher, it needs a much steeper tunnel" (as opposed to just ignoring the L2 Fencer altogether), while still keeping the overall general idea of a fencer.

In the case of jumper-blocker interaction, I again would feel that L2's rule does not fit with how NL handles other skills and how a user would expect NL to handle Jumper + Blocker.

Correct, you need the PC version of 3D Lemmings. If you've ordered a legit copy, I'd argue there's nothing wrong with downloading an abandonware copy to use until it arrives - I justified downloading my copy on much lesser grounds (specifically, I did own a legitimate copy but lost the disc a long time ago). I haven't looked much at the Playstation version at all. I vaguely recall the format of the looking pretty similar at a quick glance a long time ago (but do keep in mind I didn't have a very strong understanding of it then), but no idea if that's also true for the corresponding files, and it almost certianly won't be for the various graphic files - and L3DEdit needs all three.

Otherwise, you can try it with the demos. At this stage, I have no intent to guarantee support for the demos (if it's not too much extra work I'll look into that once it's got full support for the full game), but I did try loading a Lemmings 3D Winterland* level into it at one point and it loaded correctly, at least in terms of what the editor supported at that point. Do be aware that there's an even bigger chance L3DReplay won't work with the demos.

* a Lemmings 3D equivalent to Xmas Lemmings 1991 / 1992. Free, 6 levels, all of which are completely original (not taken from the main game) and have winter-y visuals. Some of them are actually pretty good levels, too.

Awesome, this has progressed really fast.

Sure has. Less than two weeks from announcement to first release and two levels produced, even if that release is somewhat limited. In practice, I had also been working on L3DEdit for about half a week before anyone other than Pooty (who had been helping me figure out details of how L3D works) knew about it, too. So about two weeks all up.

I've now made the first public release of L3DEdit, so I've created a new topic and thus locked this one.

New topic:

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