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This definitely falls under worth fixing, and should be easy enough to achieve.

Loap / Re: General Loap progress discussion topic
« on: June 03, 2024, 11:00:13 AM »
.Net 7.0 should be the one it needs.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: NeoLemmix V12.13.0-RC Released
« on: June 02, 2024, 02:23:49 AM »
Regarding the fullscreen issue - I have confirmed that an additional factor required for this bug to occur is the OS's scaling not being set to 100%. (I have only specifically confirmed that values above 100% will trigger the bug.)

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Crane's ideas about porting NL to Unix-likes
« on: June 02, 2024, 02:13:05 AM »
The GR32 port wouldn't be urgent for me. Everything here runs on x86_64.

x86_64 is included in this case if NeoLemmix is compiled as a 64-bit app. Maybe GR32v3 addresses this; but one of the biggest reasons NL remained a 32-bit app is due to GR32 not having the same optimizations in 64-bit.

Anders submitted a pull request to the NL repo which fixes this.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: NeoLemmix V12.13.0-RC Released
« on: May 23, 2024, 09:50:07 PM »
There's two possible candidates here - although it's very weird that it works for some people and not others. One is the GR32 version update, which should be easy to revert and see if it helps. The other is the upgrade to Delphi 11.3, which is a bit harder to revert as Delphi only make the latest version available for free. (There's always the pirate option, but especially with me wrapping up my own work, it's very preferable if NL can be compiled with legit free tools - which would be a concern even were I to purchase a legit copy of my own, something itself there's no way I'm doing at Delphi's prices for something I likely won't use outside of the last bit of NL work).

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Crane's ideas about porting NL to Unix-likes
« on: May 22, 2024, 03:16:45 AM »
NL is written for and tested on said configuration. I know it doesn't work out of the box with Lazarus / FPC; but there IS a lot of overlap and it is likely realistic to port it to Lazarus. That appears to be what Crane is attempting (and based on what he's said on Discord, making fairly significant progress towards).

The biggest obstacle is GR32 not being optimized on non-x86 hardware (resulting in poor performance), but I believe Crane has been working on that. This is less of a concern for simply "build on/for Windows in Lazarus" or even for "build for Linux".

Removed lemming fixed in commit 0e7ea49. Teleporting lemming fixed in commit 50b52b7.

There is still a slight oddity for one frame with a Laserer who goes through a portal. Given that a very specific and unusual setup in the level design is required to achieve this, and it would be a fair bit of effort to make a fix that doesn't risk breaking other things, I'm leaving that case as-is.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: NeoLemmix V12.13.0-RC Released
« on: May 16, 2024, 03:41:56 AM »
I checked the Lemmings Plus replays. There was one broken replay in VI, I haven't investigated why, it was on an open ended level and multiple other replays for it still passed. Aside from that everything passed.

Loap / Future of Loap
« on: May 16, 2024, 02:20:37 AM »
So, similar to NeoLemmix, I haven't had so much interest in Loap lately. On top of that, unlike NeoLemmix, there's also relatively little community interest in Loap at the moment.

With this in mind, I don't see much point in further development of Loap. The current version, while it does have some minor issues, is completely usable and allows playing all existing L3D content, and is compatible with user-made content via L3DEdit. And it's open source, so if the interest is there, anyone can pick up and take over development of it - and I fully encourage anyone with the interest and skills, to do so.

Otherwise, if remains the "final"version of Loap - then it still means we have a perfectly viable way to play Lemmings 3D on modern hardware and OS, with some modern NL-like features, in higher resolution than the DOS game. That's still a pretty good result.

SuperLemmix / Re: Source Code of SuperLemmix
« on: May 16, 2024, 02:04:11 AM »
The first step is to download and install Embarcardero RAD Studio 10.4.2 from here - compatibility with later versions than this cannot yet be guaranteed/ Please do let me know if you manage to get it working in a later version..

Haven't tried with SuperLemmix; but NeoLemmix compiles in Delphi 11.3 (using the GR32v3 patches) and runs without issue, so SuperLemmix will very likely do the same.

V12.13.0-RC1 has now been released, for anyone else who wants to test this feature out.

NeoLemmix Main / NeoLemmix V12.13.0-RC Released
« on: May 16, 2024, 01:47:58 AM »
The release candidate build for V12.13.0 is here. WIP changelog here:
If you are looking for the stable version of NeoLemmix, you're after 12.12.5:

Known Issues (click to show/hide)

Download (V12.13.0-RC1, editor included):

This download only includes the Orig and OhNo styles, plus "default", "xmas" and "special", as well as "namida_systemtest" for (functional but not ideal visually) objects of the new types. You can use the in-game Style Manager (in the Settings) to download other styles, or you can download styles manually:
- All styles:
- Any individual style: (replace XXXXXXXX with the style's name, eg: for orig_fire - and no, "12.11" in the link is not a typo)

As always, it is recommended you install the RC build to a new folder, rather than trying to use it in the same folder as your existing version of NeoLemmix. You can copy across your hotkeys file (from the Settings folder) after running the RC build for the first time.

You can find some levels using the new objects here: (Please read the rules of that topic before posting in it!)

Please report any bugs relating to the new objects on the New Objects bugs & suggestions board.

NeoLemmix Styles / Re: Style updates topic
« on: May 16, 2024, 01:30:35 AM »
Updated to here in the styles manager and all-styles zip.

Fixed in commit 1570ba8.

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