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SuperLemmini / Re: Feature requests for next version of SuperLemmini
« on: April 04, 2020, 09:20:38 pm »
Ideally, I would prefer SuperLemmini to promote general inclusion: so, there'd be no reason a relatively even-minded player who may prefer NeoLemmix couldn't also play and enjoy a pack of levels in SuperLemmini occasionally

Jacks of all trades are generally masters of none. This would result in an engine not ideal for anyone, in a landscape where most preferences do already have an ideal engine.

Me and my gf recently grabbed a couple of Worms games off Steam. We're already familiar with the series in general (we've got Battlegrounds on PS4 via PS Plus and we play it every now and then), but we grabbed two - the newest one (Worms WMD), and the newest 3D one (I forget the exact name but it had "Mayhem" in it).

WMD is very good - it seems to take the general gameplay of Battlegrounds and improve on it well; although I do have to say I much prefer Battlegrounds' UI. On the other hand, I wasn't so impressed by the 3D one - definitely got to give them credit for trying, and some impressive technical achievements to make it work, but ultimately I just feel Worms doesn't translate very well to 3D in practice - as much as it sounds like "Worms 3D" would be an awesome idea in theory.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Hidden objects in NL, part 2
« on: April 04, 2020, 07:34:09 pm »
I'd generalize people's philosophy around no hidden stuff as more an express desire to not be visually misled or surprised.  Perhaps you don't agree or don't feel as strongly about it as others, sure that's understandable.  Clear physics mode will definitely take away the lie or the surprise, but then whatever you wanted to accomplish by hiding the thing, you are not accomplishing it anymore since it isn't hidden anymore.  So what exactly did you accomplish?

One case here can be where hiding is a side effect of something else - perhaps for example, the level creator wants a setup where you must dig a tunnel to the exit. However, in such cases, usually you can make the exit (or other object) at least partially visible, enough that its presence will be noticed (but the trigger area itself remains buried). For example, LPIII's once-per-rank level - the exit is buried in terrain, but the top of it sticks out so you can see where it is.

(Ironically, this level also gives an example of bad use of hidden objects which is preserved for historical reasons - it contains a hidden teleporter, hinted at only by the existance of a not-hidden-but-VERY-hard-to-spot receiver).

Level Design / Re: Splat and danger hatches: yay or nay?
« on: April 04, 2020, 07:06:49 pm »
I don't see them as an "avoid at all costs" thing, although they can be annoying.

The "no issue" type can also be combined - perhaps you need to let the first lemming go ahead as a floater, then the second one becomes a stoner, so that the third doesn't walk off a bridge before the first one finishes building it (which if there wasn't that gap via the 2nd being the stoner, he would). This could turn into a larger puzzle because the next question is how to get that floater to somewhere (maybe near another entrance) where it looks like the floater would be needed. etc.

"Floater frenzy" type levels should be avoided as much as possible, or if they can't be avoided or turned into a "low save" (because the "floater frenzy" setup is also important to the level in other ways - as in, important to the puzzle working, not just "I feel this should be part of the level just because I say so"), the lemming count should be kept to to the minimum that makes it still work. Alternatively, if the only reason is "I want to force all lemmings to be floaters / gliders from the start", just pre-assign the skill in question.

If dealing with the fatal fall is limited to "assign floater to first lemming (or first two lemmings, one blocks), and build", outside of easy open-ended levels, it's pointless - not to mention potentially a backroute risk due to the extra skills - and the entrance should be lowered. The fatal fall should in some way play into the overall puzzle (or alternatively, dealing with it - in and of itself - should be a puzzle) rather than just being there "for the sake of it".

Open-ended levels that include a splat / danger start as one of their obstacles is fine, IMO.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Hidden objects in NL, part 2
« on: April 03, 2020, 07:13:47 pm »
precise skill placement [...] a complete non-issue, and yet it still vehemently rejects these things as being an occasionally valid part of the game.

When a design absolutely requires precision, well, let the solution be precise.

When a design doesn't need precision, why force the player to be overly precise?

and hidden objects

The puzzle will never gain anything from hiding, thus don't hide.

-- Simon

WillLem is coming from a different position here: One where he's interested more in the action / exploration aspect, rather than the puzzle.

In that context, while it doesn't appeal to me, and doesn't fit NL's (or for that matter, Lix's) philosophy; it's not impossible to see where he's coming from.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: 3 things I don't like about neolemmix
« on: April 03, 2020, 05:22:34 am »
For #1, the sides used to be solid (and steel), but it was decided, after much debate among the community, that this should change. IIRC, for a while this was even a mixed case, where the top of the level was solid, but the left and right were not, but eventually it was decided that no - it's preferable that all four edges work the same way. The conversions of the official levels generally add terrain at the edges in cases where it was critical to the solution, though not in cases where it wasn't (such as that one, where you can easily use a blocker or just go left). I'll definitely concede that there are valid arguments for either behaviour, but ultimately, this is just what was decided for NeoLemmix. FWIW - I'll note that "the edges are solid" is not true for every original version of Lemmings. On DOS, the left and top are solid but the right is not (but the left also behaves a bit differently to a normal wall). On Amiga, the left and right are both solid. On Win95, the edges are nonsolid.

For #2, NeoLemmix's design philosophy is that the difficulty should come from the puzzle, not from execution. SuperLemming mode is not consistent with that; as it only adds fake difficulty by speeding up the gameplay; there's nothing new you can do, or anything normal you can't do, as a result of it. Therefore, SuperLemming mode has no reason to exist in NeoLemmix. (In the past, SuperLemming mode - along with several other, NeoLemmix-specific, gimmicks, did exist, but it was decided not to keep them.) EDIT: And regarding your note about timed bombers, exactly the same thing applies there too. It's just execution difficulty, it doesn't add anything to the puzzle (in fact, it takes one possibility away: with timed bombers, you cannot explode a lemming in the first 5 seconds after he spawns; which you can do with instant ones). It should also be noted - I'm not particularly worried if it harms the experience of playing the original levels, because NeoLemmix's focus is on custom content; being able to play the official levels on it is just a bonus.

I'm not sure what you mean by #3.

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: genesis megadrive levels for neolemmix
« on: April 03, 2020, 03:30:43 am »
These are already available in the Extra Levels pack:

The Extra Levels pack also includes modifications, where needed, to ensure the levels work properly under NeoLemmix - something a direct conversion from SuperLemmini likely doesn't.

Styles updated since last update of all-styles download:
- proxima_tile

To download all styles at once: (Last updated 2020-04-03; compatible with NL V12.8.X)
Note that this link will always point to the latest styles download, even if this post has not been updated accordingly.

To download any single style manually:
Replace "XXXXXXX" with the style's name. For example, for the "default" style.
Rather than manual downloads, you may want to try using the Style Manager in-game. This can also tell you when your styles need to be updated.

If you have created your own style and want it included in the NeoLemmix download, please PM me either with a copy of the style, or a link to where one can be obtained. Likewise, do the same when updated. Simply posting it in a topic here and/or including it with a download of your pack is NOT enough, as I do not actively monitor this board, nor do I look at every level pack released. Likewise, Discord messages get lost in the crowd of messages too easily, and it is not an appropriate means to inform me of updates. If you have not informed me via PM of a new / updated style, I don't want to hear a word of complaint about it not being included in the download. (If you HAVE informed me that way and I've forgotten, you are welcome to yell at me for it.)

SuperLemmini / Re: Feature requests for next version of SuperLemmini
« on: April 02, 2020, 06:32:10 pm »
(remember that not everyone grew up with a version of Lemmings where DD is possible; in fact it's possible on only a few versions)

And even those who did may not have been aware of it. I grew up mostly playing the DOS version, but I had no idea direct drop was a thing until much later on - even though I did discover several other glitches (such as steel glitches, although I didn't understand exactly how they worked).

However, I would like to know why people are against it as an idea. Like... let's say it was something new that was being suggested as a game mechanic: what would your reasons be for not implementing it? Or - do you like the idea of direct drop? Discuss!

If it hadn't been present at some point as a glitch, I very much doubt it would have ever come up for discussion full stop, unless it was specifically in the context of "what unexpected features can we put in that the player has to discover for themself, rather than figuring out logically?"

Think about it this way: Pretend no existing version of lemmings has / had direct drop. What might cause you to even think of it as a possible change in the first place, let alone to then think it's a worthwhile and logical feature? All arguments for direct drop seem to come from "some versions of the game already have it" and being used to that (aside from those which come from "I want to make levels that use it to obscure the solution", which is an argument that you already know few if any people here will even give consideration to). It's a behaviour resulting from glitches, not one that could possibly result from any (non-trollish) intentional implementation - other than one that's implemented solely "to replicate what another engine already does", which would be inaccurate in SL's case given that it cites Amiga as its primary influence. Lemmix is a case that indeed should (and does) have it - because Lemmix's entire goal is to accurately reproduce the DOS game, glitches and all.

I'd be interested to know your response to this, though. The idea of "exploration" levels is something I'd like to develop further, hence toying with the idea of a pack where every level has infinite skills and encourages player-led navigation. To some extent, hidden objects facilitate and enhance this idea, giving the player something to find within the level. Is there no way to do this fairly and enjoyably?

My suggestion would be a standalone pack, or at least a seperate rank (but honestly I'd lean more towards an entirely seperate pack), that's very clear about the nature of its content. While the pack would still qualify as all of the above; it would be very open about this, and players wouldn't have to worry about which levels are fair vs which ones are not - they can play the whole fair pack, and ignore the whole unfair one (or vice versa).

Replaced with a useable link. Basic Git knowledge (probably) required to get to specifically V1.43n-C's code, rather than the last old-formats editor version (10.13.13).

Also, what program would you recommend for writing in Delphi 7?

My suggestion would be Delphi. In terms of which version, try 7. ;)

This is probably not a good project to start with. The editor is firstly, very complex, and secondly, very poorly written in parts (because I didn't really know what I was doing during the early stages of modifying it from Lemmix, either).

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Plans for V12.9.0
« on: April 01, 2020, 05:16:08 pm »
Also, regarding projection shadows: how do these differ from standard skill shadows?

Projection Shadow lets you hold a hotkey and mouseover a lemming, and see what path it will take for the next 30 seconds or so. This can be either in the form of "if the lemming keeps doing what it's doing now", or "if I assign the currently-selected skill to the lemming".

Some current skill shadows already work like this (except they end after the lemming stops performing the action, rather than ending after a certain time), such as Glider, Shimmier, and (exp build) Jumper. Others do not - eg. the builder shadow shows where the bridge will be built, not the path the lemming will take while building it.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: EXPERIMENTAL BUILD: Jumper
« on: March 31, 2020, 11:07:45 pm »
Uploaded an update that fixes both the shadow bug and the error message.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Plans for V12.9.0
« on: March 31, 2020, 12:07:08 am »
Updated the list in the first post. Let me know if you think anything else should be added to it - keeping in mind that, as an odd-numbered version, 12.9 is more focused on physics features than UI features, so would only introduce minor UI features (projection shadow being an exception as a delayed feature that was meant for 12.8) and would only fix UI bugs if they relate to recent additions / changes.

Jumper can be considered all but confirmed for V12.9.X at this point - it seems to be fairly solid, and it's already showing plenty of potential. The exact details of how it functions are of course still open to change. Resizable terrain is "it still might happen but I'm not promising yet".

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