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This has always been possible in new-formats. Put the files in your pack's folder, using the same filename as in gfx/menu or gfx/panel (as applicable).

For high-resolution (panel graphics only), add "-hr" to the end of the filename (before the ".png" extension). High-resolution, of course, requires NeoLemmix V12.8.0 (currently only available as an RC build).

Known bug (that was discovered while double-checking that this works): If a pack provides custom low-res graphics but doesn't provide high-res ones, NeoLemmix falls back to default instead of upscaling.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: NeoLemmix V12.8.0-RC Release
« on: Today at 12:11:47 am »
Well, good time to test out the online feature. Of course, you can download the images manually from WillLem's post, but otherwise - you can also now use the online features in-game to get updated versions of "default" and "xmas" that contain these sprites. :)

I've amended the default blocker because there was a stray pixel (also this sprite appears about 4 or 5 pixels too low in-game - not sure how to fix this)

I can't reproduce this re: appearing too low. Could you confirm you're not using a styles download from elsewhere (such as the styles download for the stable version), either wholly or as a "mix-and-match", or otherwise using any older files? Basically - this experimental should be set up in its own folder, seperate from any existing NeoLemmix installation. If you are, could you explain in more detail what you mean?

I had a look over the levels, though I was only able to solve 3 of them so far. Replays for those + intended solution for my level attached. All three of the ones I solved (Crane's rule 1, and both of WillLem's levels) were quite nice levels.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: NeoLemmix V12.8.0-RC Release
« on: January 17, 2020, 06:59:38 pm »
I'll discuss over the next few days:
- How to make high-res versions of styles
- What the plan is for high-res versions of default styles

Most graphics are currently just running through an upscaler. The lemming sprites (default / xmas), the skill panel, helper icons, and the default Pickup and One-Way Arrow objects are the only things with actual high-res graphics so far.

NeoLemmix Main / NeoLemmix V12.8.0-RC Release
« on: January 17, 2020, 06:59:32 pm »
At this point, the target date for V12.8.0 stable is "sometime in February" - no specific date set yet.

The Release Candidate build for V12.8.0 is now here.

Known issues (click to show/hide)

Download V12.8.0-RC1:

This download does not include any copy of the editor. Please use the stable editor version for now. If levels refuse to open in it, first try running them through Cleanse Levels using V12.8.0 (F8 on title screen of a pack).

This download only includes the Orig and OhNo styles, plus "default", "xmas" and "special". You can use the in-game Style Manager (in the Settings) to download other styles, or you can download styles manually:
- All styles:
- Any individual style: (replace XXXXXXXX with the style's name, eg: for orig_fire)

As always, it is recommended you install the RC build to a new folder, rather than trying to use it in the same folder as your existing version of NeoLemmix.

If you have a custom hotkey setup you'd like to keep, run the new version once, then copy settings/hotkeys.ini across from your V12.7.X folder. Please note that in this case, you will need to manually add keys (if desired) for the new "Projection Shadow" and "Skill Projection Shadow" features.

Changelog from V12.7.4 (click to show/hide)

No change to existing content is required. However, if you have custom lemming sprites, you may want to update them to reflect the recent changes to the Blocker and Digger sprites. You may also, if you have any custom styles, wish to create high-resolution graphics for them - but this is completely optional.

Please report any bugs you find! This update should not break any existing content (at least that I can think of), so if something does break, assume it's a bug and report it rather than trying to update your content to work around it. (This is, of course, assuming the content in question works fine on V12.7.X - there was a lot of potential breakage from V12.6.X to V12.7.X.)

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Lemmings & Lix Fangame List
« on: January 17, 2020, 05:44:51 pm »
At this point I know of several NeoLemmix packs that aren't on here; also, the "Lemmings Redux" (and maybe a few other packs) link takes me to the old format instead of the new one.

WaffLem is no longer active and I don't think anyone else has taken over maintaining this topic. However, the new-formats NL packs are on a seperate board from the old-formats ones, so this should let you quickly find packs that work on new-formats NL.

In Development / Re: Lemmings, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll
« on: January 17, 2020, 04:59:17 am »
FWIW the shade of green in the first picture looks fine to me.  Using the L3 Lab water there may well be too green, for a tileset that seems to have relatively muted colors (it seems mostly gray and white).

For reference, here's how the L3D space style looks in contrast to its slime. It stands out a lot there too.

This image is from a custom level, but it's quite accurate to how the respective tiles are used in official levels.

Challenges / Re: Challenges board: How it works
« on: January 17, 2020, 03:57:19 am »
Also, now that new-formats is out, mechanics are pretty much stable and I don't think there should be too much worry about results being obsoleted.

The only physics changes in the foreseeable future are:
1. Fixing the "survive ridiculously long fall" bug that would not be possible to set up in any official level anyway
2. Adding the Jumper, which is again irrelevant to official levels

So indeed, it's safe to make this assumption. Keep replays of any that aren't trivial, of course. ;)

Tech & Research / Lemmings Revolution concept demo
« on: January 16, 2020, 09:17:34 pm »
This was posted on the Lemmings Forums Discord by a user named Hallfiry (not a forum member).

I'm not sure if this is well know, but Lemmings Revolution had a very early demo in 1999. traces can be found on, but I couldn't find a working download link. so here is an upload:
** file was attached here on Discord**


posted it at tcrf discord already. I did indeed find it by accident looking for the game "Revolution" (a 2002 shooter or something), when looking through my CD catalog. a single disc had this demo, namely one of italian PC Gamer (issue 46 CD2) that I got from
(but it being available there doesn't mean anyone has noticed it in recent times)

Disclaimer: I have not in any way examined the attached ZIP file; just reposted it here directly from the Discord. Download / open at your own risk. Other posters have indicated they believe it's safe.

NeoLemmix Graphic Sets / Re: NeoLemmix 24-bit/Hi-Res Graphics & Sprites
« on: January 16, 2020, 12:39:38 am »
I made some slight tweaks (positioning / the exact shades of red) to both resolution xmas diggers and the high-resolution xmas blocker. Here's the modified versions.

I think this is all - these should be good to go now!

In terms of high-res graphics for normal styles - the upscaler does a pretty good job, so I'm in no particular rush to get these done. However, Nessy will be in charge of collecting / selecting submissions for this, we'll go into more detail about this once the RC build is out.

NeoLemmix Graphic Sets / Re: NeoLemmix 24-bit/Hi-Res Graphics & Sprites
« on: January 15, 2020, 08:23:38 pm »
Low-res platfomer / stacker look mostly good to me. The only thing that doesn't is the green pixel in the low-res platformer at the front of the hat; I think that should stay in one place, or at least not be as bouncy.

High-res glider and miner are great now!

5th frame in the high-res digger animation doesn't fit well - try it in-game using the high-res experimental and you'll see what I mean. Basically, it looks like the lemming's left arm* (or right arm, in the left-facing animation) suddenly jumps to a different position for one frame. Also, the positioning in the PNG is slightly off, and the destruction particles should be RGB 255, 0, 255 (they'll then be recolored by NeoLemmix during gameplay to the appropriate color for the style). These things aside, looks good!

* from the lemming's point of view, not the player's

I've attached a version that fixes the positioning and the particle color, but it doesn't fix the 5th frame - that's something that you'll do a much better job of than I could.

We also need Xmas versions of both resolutions - and then I think that's the high-res / directional sprites finished (pending feedback during the RC phase, of course).

This will be fixed with the next styles update.

NeoLemmix Graphic Sets / Re: NeoLemmix 24-bit/Hi-Res Graphics & Sprites
« on: January 15, 2020, 06:39:45 pm »
Here's how the existing xmas Disarmer sprite (with the PNG file having a green hat and vest) ends up looking in-game with the recoloring bug fixed, due to the fact that a Disarmer always has athlete coloring. Not bad, I reckon.

I did have to make a few further touchups to the exact shades used, as well as a slight tweak to scheme.nxmi to properly recolor the dark green. No point attaching these though as the existing experimental for high-res has the recoloring bug - instead, we'll look at any further touchups (perhaps with some feedback from the general userbase) once the RC build is out.

Regarding the new low-res Xmas sprites - do you think you could adjust the Platformer and Stacker to look more like their non-Xmas equivalents too, specifically in terms of pose / movement? See:
(This is NOT a problem unique to your new sprites; the existing low-res Xmas sprites have this issue too.)

After taking another look at this, I feel that Pillar's change to blue is a good idea, but that Bubble is better off remaining as-is.

I think that wraps this up, then?

NeoLemmix Main / Re: NeoLemmix V12.7.4, Editor V1.18 Release
« on: January 15, 2020, 06:01:53 pm »
V12.7.4 update released.

Fixes a bug with the save requirement on levels with Cloner pickup skills (especially if they provide multiple Cloners). See here for more info:

Attached ZIP can be used to update from any previous stable V12.7.X release.

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