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Okay, so, I'd say we can close this one at this point - looks like all is well. (Of course, if any bugs are found later, report them!)

Given that the original poster here has not replied as to whether this helps with his issue, and that other people have reported new issues arising from the fix, I have reverted the fix in commit 2fb5e08. As this counts as a styles update, this does not need to wait for a new version of NL; it's already live, just redownload the default style.

Okay so, this was changed because while looking into a sound-related bug report, I noticed these files had weird frequencies, so I re-saved them all with standard ones. Obviously this has caused issues for some people; on the other hand, the person who reported that bug (who is the only one to report the issue they had) never responded as to whether it helped.

So - I'll put a style update that reverts the sounds.

Also, a related idea - would it be possible for the skill select button sounds to also increase/decrease in pitch when scrolling left and right through the skills?

This one is not going to happen. While the underlying audio library probably has support for such a feature, the code NL uses to manage / play sounds does not, and that'd be a major thing to add at this point. I could make it quieter / louder, or pan from left to right, within what existing code supports, but that's about it.

This is still on the cards.

how about being able to continuously scroll through the skills, so that when pressing "next skill" once it reaches whichever skill is furthest to the right on the panel, it scrolls back to the skill furthest on the left (and vice versa)?
Implemented in commit db95d23. There's really no reason this shouldn't have been the case.

Is this on 12.12.5 or the new-objects exp (or both)?

I will note that if you enter a custom pattern that exactly matches one of the presets, ie:

NeoLemmix will display your setting as the relevant human-friendly preset name, not as the actual pattern. This is purely a cosmetic thing in the config menu. This is not the issue here (as your pattern does not match any of these presets) - although it may be related; there's a possibility NL is incorrectly detecting your pattern as a match - but I just thought I'd mention it in case you run into this while investigating.

Can you also confirm - does the setting:
a) get applied correctly, ie: if you enter this setting, then immediately play a level and save a replay, does it use your setting?
b) get preserved between sessions, ie: if you enter this setting, then exit and re-start NL (without going into the config menu), then play a level and save a replay, does it use your setting?

This will narrow down whether it's an issue with the config menu (and to some extent, where the issue is within it) or with the underlying settings themselves.

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Lemmings Plus Series
« on: January 22, 2023, 07:20:28 PM »
They work fine for me - must be something on your end.

You mention having to specifically set your software to allow downloads from the forums - do note that these downloads come from, not, if that helps. (However, Lemmings Plus VI is no exception to that...)

Moved this to the general board as I've confirmed it happens in the latest source code even without the new-objects code merged in. Didn't want to look at 5 13 (as I haven't solved it - or even seen it - myself yet), but I checked the 2 11 replay and was able to reproduce the behavior on the current master branch (and that it does not occur on 12.12.5).

I tracked the breakage down to commit a326cc8. This commit fixes a bug in the blocker field overlap detection code that resulted in the checked pixels being 1 pixel off from where they should be (on both sides) for a lemming who was facing right. So, this is an intentional change.

Has anyone checked out this behavior in the new-objects experimentals? Thoughts?

Given the data loss aspect, I can justify making some alterations to address this, but I'd rather keep it fairly simple.

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: Lemmings Plus Series
« on: January 16, 2023, 04:22:57 AM »
I tried a couple and they're fine; which one specifically are you having issue with?

Fixed in commit b7560ec. For some reason, the line to save this setting was erased (or possibly, was never implemented in the first place).

New Objects / Re: New objects general discussion
« on: January 01, 2023, 07:37:08 PM »
While feedback has been limited compared to the new skills proposals, I do feel this has been open a long time and decisions need to start getting made.

At this stage, I am going to confirm all new object types will go ahead, subject to not running into major technical issues while testing / fixing them (but there will be no further "is it popular?" or "is it useful?" discussion factored in).

Given that I've also implemented a lot of other (general) improvements to NL, but done very little work on replay editor / manager, I'm also considering whether to go back to having 12.13 as the new objects version and then 12.14 for the replay stuff. This is not a definite decision yet, though. With this being said, these definitely need more testing before they're ready to include in a stable build.

New Objects / Re: New objects experimental build. [Exp V5 released!]
« on: January 01, 2023, 04:02:45 AM »
Uploaded V5. This no longer has any killswitch / custom object restrictions; it also incorporates many improvements that have been implemented for V12.13.X. There are no new features directly related to the new objects.

Modifying the earlier proposal based on feedback:

Firstly, prevent any further frame advancement once all lemmings, including zombies, have died or exited. (For aesthetic purposes, if the lemming is killed by a triggered trap, this would take effect from the frame the trap's animation finishes. The current "exit on no lemmings remain" behavior already takes this into account, so the support is already there for detecting the condition.)

Secondly, allow two options, set seperately for each condition, for what occurs when running out of lemmings or running out of time - either "pause the game" or "do nothing" (or more accurately, "play a sound but otherwise do nothing"). The former (ie: pause the game) would be the default setting. I expect most people would change to use "do nothing", but (especially in light of the next point) this would be a more newcomer-friendly default.

Thirdly, if the user has the "pause the game" setting, then when such a pause is activated, flash a message saying "No lemmings left - Nuke to exit" or "Time is up - Nuke to exit" in place of the usual data above the skill panel. This could also be intermittent, ie: alternate every few seconds whether this message or the usual stats are displayed. Only activate this message once per play attempt (the primary purpose would be to help new players figure out how to exit). This message disappears when the game is unpaused, rewound, or advanced via framesteps / skips.

Fourthly, add another option - wording needs improvement, but "automatically exit if save requirement is met and time is up or no lemmings remain". Not certain that this needs to be two seperate options for each condition.

Some finer points need to be considered here. For example - let's say that a user who has the "pause" setting, activates the nuke, then the time runs out or the last lemming dies while the nuke is counting down. Do we still want to pause in this case, or just immediately exit? Another case to come to mind - let's say the user (who still has the pause setting) triggers such a pause, then framesteps backwards, then does something else and runs out of lemmings/time again, do we want to pause a second time? (Perhaps a workaround for this latter case is to provide a way to change the option while in-game.)

I would also consider whether "every lemming has been saved" (ie: 100% has been achieved, including cloners if applicable) should perhaps be a special case where the game would just exit regardless of settings. I'm leaning against it, but feel it's worthy of consideration.

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