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Even more replays. :)

Resolved rank 2+6 and solved rank 5.


- It seems like 100 metres 17 and  Marathon_14 still got the same level ID.

- 6 20 is fine now! :thumbsup: Thanks for the alteration!
- 2 06 + 6 16 The fix idea is fine, but I would move the steel more inwards about 5 pixels on each side. Right now it isn't really recognisable as steel as it's grey on grey.

- 5 12 (+ 5 09)  It is a really bad idea to take already existing and well known objects and suddenly give them another function! You can just use your custom Ankh button instead of an edited decoration object. The rule is applicable in general: Do not simply take already existing objects and give them another function that then holds true just in one pack. Otherwise it will be chaos!

- 5 17 + 5 19 + 5 23 You know what I'm about to say here. ;)   Shorten the gaps, reduce the castle by 1 or 2 floors to reduce the builderfests.

My favorites of the rank were: 5 04, 5 11, 5 20 and 5 23! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

More replays. :)

Resolved rank 1+6 and solved rank 2


2 04: Another unnessesary timer.

2 20: I would make the gaps smaller so that the builder ammount can be brought down. As you might suspect, I am not the biggest fan of builderfests. ;)

My favorites were 2 14 and 2 21. :thumbsup:

6 20:
Nobody knows egyptian numbers and will look those up. You've got 2 most likely scenarios now when people come to this level:

- People will simply play the level in clear physics mode to see the button+trap trigger areas (as I did) and be annoyed with it and in this mode all your custom graphics aren't even shown. Your puzzle is therefore nullified and your custom graphics remain without an effect.
- People will simply skip it as they don't want to deal with hidden stuff.

I would still advice to make the buttons + pick-ups visible, keep the custom graphics around them so that they can still be seen and the level will still play out the same, just without hiding stuff away from the player to mess with them. ;)

Contests / Re: Level Design Contest #22
« on: January 01, 2021, 11:59:09 AM »
Entries beginning to come in. :) Keep them coming!

In Development / Re: [NeoLemmix] The new NeoLemmix Community Pack Topic
« on: January 01, 2021, 02:26:45 AM »
You can add also my levels : "FC Lems screwed by the refs - VAR edition" , and "Dockside Warehouse" ( from the "levels by Turrican" thread ) , in the Community pack , if you want.

Simply pm me the levels + a solving replay to each of them and after that I'll add them. :)

More replays! ;)

I resolved morning walk and completed marathon. :)

What came to my eyes:

6 11: I really don't see the need for the timer here.
6 19: Why does it need to be ~20 builders to get up there ??? Most of the level is just building a giant bridge. You can cull most builders with some tweaks. It should need at most 5 builders to get up to the action.
6 20: Do not hide buttons, pick-up skills and traps behind terrain, period. :devil:

From the new levels my favorite was 6 10. :thumbsup:

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Laserer range / etc
« on: December 27, 2020, 04:31:00 PM »
There is still the thing with the cloned laserer now.

Currently it seems whenever a laserer is getting cloned the cloned lemming is a fresh laserer with the full 112 pixel range.

I would expect that he only gets the leftover range of the original laserer.


A laserer is getting cloned. The original laserer already pierced 22 pixels of its range. As a result the cloned laserer only gets a 90 pixels range and not the full 112 pixel.

The other option would be:

A slider always goes into a gap inside the wall even if the gap is on floor level.

Lix Multiplayer Dates / Re: Lix Multiplayer, Sunday, Jan 3, 2021
« on: December 27, 2020, 01:47:01 PM »
I would be available. :)

Ok, a thing that confuses me now:

If a slider shall stop and not turn when there is only a small gap in the wall he is sliding down, then why does he turn and go inside a small crack in the wall like at 37:14 in WillLems video:

With the previous explanation I would exapect him to not turn and simply fall down as he cannot dangle here.

Now the floor case seems to be a complete exception from the rule as a slider does indeed fit into small holes in a wall, but not into a small hole near a floor.

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Laserer range / etc
« on: December 25, 2020, 01:07:19 PM »
I rather block more backroutes/get creative with blocking backroutes than having a more limited skill. :8():

I am still for a range limit, but with the current 112 pixels I think it's at the absolute minimun it should be and would rather increase it by another 32 pixels than decrease it further.

I would be ok with that as well.

If he cannot dangle he doesn't turn and just walks along.

Be reminded though: Then you could make narrow horizontal passsges into a slider wall where the slider won't go into. As a result the lemming would then just fall after he doesn't "fit" into the passage.

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Laserer range / etc
« on: December 24, 2020, 03:04:01 PM »
I can only really test the new range after I came back from my hometown.

But I really wouldn't go lower than 112.

Currently the laserer has the following things distinguishing it from the fencer:

- Double the elevation.
- Speed.
- Range to the point it can go through multiple floors / Independance from the terrain in the middle.

Limiting the range to 80 or even around 40 as Gronkling suggested would nearly completely take out the 3rd point as it would being to struggle to go through a wall and its main selkling point the range would fall away. I think this is missing the main point of the skill!

It and the projectile skills provide a new feature all the other skills don't really have until now: Range. We should rather adding more than less of it.

If we take it away we will inevitably go close to the existing stuff again and that's why I'm very much against larger range/arc reductions to these skills.

We should be a bit bolder in terms of range/arc and go a bit out of the box if we want something different from the existing skills. Otherwise we just end upwith another fencer/bomber/builder.

112 seems good for the next test. I highly would advocate against a further reduction and rather go upwards by 16 pixels or so if a change is happening, but I still think there should be a limit.

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] New skills general discussion
« on: December 23, 2020, 01:34:34 PM »

We just had the new release and still need to adjust/try out some alternative set-ups of the skills.

For example we are still discussing the range of the laser and that needs to be tested as well.

But at the moment (not just right now before Christmas, but also in the last 1-2 weeks), the opposite seems to be the case: The discussion has become rather quiet.

Take a guess on why. :8():

People are working on christmas packs, traveling home, or have other things to do.

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Laserer range / etc
« on: December 23, 2020, 01:31:10 PM »
A 128 pixel range leads to it being easier to measure in most cases as it confirms to the 16x16 block grid.

So I think 128 pxels would be a good range to try out. :)

Also for any terrain that is being created inside the beam while the laser is still going on, I would say it gets destroyed immediately with no effect on the laser beam.

General Discussion / Re: General Comings and Goings
« on: December 22, 2020, 12:53:02 AM »
As always, I am at my hometown for christmas, so less activity during that timeframe and further contest entries will be verified when I'm back again. :)

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