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I'm kind of surprised none of the math guys didn't figure this out before. Considering that is an odd skill set. :-\

General Discussion / Re: Dreams
« on: June 06, 2019, 01:13:23 am »
Recently had a few interesting (well maybe not that interesting but memorable) ones.

I was on a boat on a river; possibly in autumn, in a rural place. Another boat was ahead of us on the river and this other boat was either our enemy somehow or being captained by some evil man whom I could hear talking as if in my head.* He said something about a plan to thwart us. I don't know why we were fighting in the first place; but anyway I saw the boat ahead swerve a few times and spill something shimmering like seeds or something into the water, then continue ahead. The water remained shimmering. I got a freighting feeling. Then as we approached the area I could clearly see the water boiling. I became very scared and somehow knew this meant we were in trouble. As the water was boiling I felt myself spiraling around down to the water; the boat now was gone and I was alone floating or flying.
Then I don't remember if immediately next or if other events occurred that I don't remember but I heard the evil captain (speaking in a high pitched voice and laughing insanely) now speaking of some new plan and saying "I wouldn't want to be in that river now!" I was still scared yet I was no longer in the river. I was in a building of some kind; a long hallway, fairly well lit, perhaps partially outside. The walls were white, or maybe metal. There was a large tall cylinder thing like a silo and four men came out of a door on it and huddled around it like they were sort of hiding or something, some looked around the corner. They were looking away from me and I don't think they saw me. I believed one of them was the captain.
These were very brief because they occurred while I was dozing off and out after pressing the "snooze" button...

Woopie Goldberg and me was inside a large strange feeling green walled room with doors. She was talking (like from her 80's standup, so not like you're probably thinking of her) and opened a door to look inside.
I was watching a car from a distance high above barrel down a highway and go down an enormous hill. It was going so fast it got air born then flew down the hill flying above the road. I was very scared; as if I was inside the car even though I wasn't from my visual view; yet I felt like I was in it. I was terrified and felt like I was flying at high speed. Eventually the car touched back down to the ground.

*I mentioned long ago that I often hear voices coming from inside my head in my dreams and only recently; I attribute this to listening to talk shows all day at work with headphones.

General Discussion / Re: Dreams
« on: May 30, 2019, 11:03:45 pm »
The most notable/fun example is when I have a dream that I'm falling, sometimes I wake up and still feel the feeling of movement or falling for a second or two after waking. And I can feel the shift in my body/mind from the "fake" falling state to being still in my bed.
That sounds like hypnic jerk, to be honest, but I can imagine that you have dreams of falling! I don't think I've had many myself though, and I do experience hypnic jerk a few times a month.

I'm pretty confident these aren't hypnic jerks because I have those too, somewhat often. A hypnic jerk, as I understand it, is when you're in a state of half sleep (like when falling asleep) and a muscle twitches violently, often scaring you wide awake.
What I'm describing with my dreams has to do with specific illusory (for lack of a better word) feelings that are felt when dreaming. Like if you dream of flying (which I've never done btw :( ) you have a physical sensation of flying. Occasionally this feeling of movement carries over for a split second or two when I wake up (especially if I wake up during a dream) into the waking world.

Just as further interesting study: last year two separate times when meditating while also being sleep deprived (which I don't recommend btw) I experienced this exact dream-like illusory sensation of movement while sitting, still, up straight.  It was like my body was spinning around smoothly but it was only mental, as I didn't get sick or have any feeling in my stomach as one often does when actually spinning.

Live Event Scheduling / Re: Ultimate Chicken Horse Multiplayer
« on: May 30, 2019, 10:19:41 pm »
Three people so far expressed interest; (SQRon, Nessy me and 607) so if all play we have four [the limit for one game]. But if you're interested there still may be room if someone quits early.

General Discussion / Re: Dreams
« on: May 28, 2019, 11:46:33 pm »
its' quite common for me to have a "repeat dream". As usual I cannot recall any offhand atm, but often I'll wake up remembering fragments and also feel strongly like I had that dream before; perhaps many times.

I've also occasionally had feelings that seemed to linger after waking, idk about for hours though.. but certainty in other terms. For example I felt weird all day after a night of not sleeping properly then with little sleep and bizarre dreams.

The most notable/fun example is when I have a dream that I'm falling, sometimes I wake up and still feel the feeling of movement or falling for a second or two after waking. And I can feel the shift in my body/mind from the "fake" falling state to being still in my bed.

Live Event Scheduling / Re: Ultimate Chicken Horse Multiplayer
« on: May 28, 2019, 12:42:31 am »
How about a game of UCH this Sunday June 2 around 18:00 UTC?

what about vertically stacking the RR buttons as well?

I almost never use the "non-compact skill panel" btw, since I'm used to the old one I found no need for the the other buttons. Admittedly I forgot about how many buttons there are now. Considering all these buttons maybe double stacking the panel would be best. In other words have two layers: one for the skill and one for the other buttons. As long as a compact option is still available I won't complain; as I intend to keep using that. The non-compact is not necessary for me; too complicated, and the buttons themselves are too small.
About new players: as pointed out by others they may likely not understand what they do even having them there to see and use. So I don't think it's wholly a matter of ease for new players. For new players simpler is better.

Shrinking the minimap: this would just make the problems I pointed out with it even worse; making it even more useless. Why not just get rid of it?

Hard-binding Esc is conceivable, I have no opinion on this.

Removing dir select buttons: Careful. What you remove from the UI, the new player will not try. People will not read manuals. Level designers get crazy about making their own skill tutorials (unnecessary, skills are in the panel, tutorial pack exist for skill subtleties that level designers can miss anyway) but haven't/won't make directional select tutorials (with good reason, it's the job of the engine to explain it). Also people won't play tutorials; people play packs, and not every pack has that; if every pack had that, people would skip it. Lix has tooltips for dir select whenever two opposing lixes are under the cursor, but I haven't user-tested those tooltips.

Splat ruler should get a button?

I feel it important to point out that people have been using the directional select literally years (it first existed in the windows port? so 1996ish) before it ever gotten buttons on the skill panel in NL. Again I point out that many games nowadays features so-called hotkeys and no buttons. Pressing keys without any kind of visual button the screen is very common.

Tooltips is an excellent device for new players. I usually find them very helpful in any game/program.

Since everybody is in disagreement over the skill panel maybe making the whole game size bigger as namida suggests in the best solution.

another idea on 'removing' a button is to place the release rate change function up to overtop of entrances (this is how Revolution worked--you left or right clicked the entrances and the number appeared temporarily above it). That would free up one more space.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / Re: Wrap? [DISCUSSION] [PLAYER]
« on: May 17, 2019, 12:15:41 am »
oh yes, sorry I forgot about this. Just to clarify (not that I expect this will be implanted anytime soon anyway) I would be strongly against this [wrapping not visible via scrolling]. If there's going to be wrapping; it should be done like Lix; with infinite scrolling possible.

Engine Bugs / Suggestions / Re: Wrap? [DISCUSSION] [PLAYER]
« on: May 16, 2019, 10:42:20 pm »
Then we would need another way to tell the player that wrap is active though. ???

Sorry but if a player cannot tell the level wraps around... are they dumb? you scroll and it never stops, how long can it take someone to figure out what's going on? When they play for the first time sure, it takes some getting used to like everything but not after that. I never had a problem like this when playing lix. (single or multiplayer).

In any case if this was a feature I'd be okay with (but still not prefer) a rectangle to indicate boundaries but definitely insist this option (in one or any direction).

You can definitely do some interesting things with it, just look at some Lix levels or some from Revolution (bounce around the world, turn on tune in switch on). But I also agree it's not the biggest thing on my list at least that could add fun stuff to the game.

"The limit should be slightly increased (~10 or so)" is what I picked as it seems most are in favor of this or at least okay with it. I don't think I'd like to see a major overhaul of the skill bar (other than graphically, possibly with default color scheme but I know this is already customizable).
I wouldn't mind honestly if it didn't change; it's not a priority for me really.

on Lix: in multiplayer I find having more than 5 or so skills problematic. It's just too many variables to keep track of in the heat of battle. For single player that's not an issue however; I think ~8 has always worked for me in puzzle making and playing. It's not restrictive yet not too overwhelming. It feels right, not too much, not too few, but as I said 1 or 2 more wouldn't hurt I don't think. But I don't think I'd really like to see more than that.

on button arrangement:
1) how about moving or getting rid of the nuke? I never liked it next to pause anyway; chance of accidentally clicking that instead of pause (even though it must be double-pressed) and we have F12.

2) how about merging the two release rate buttons into one. left click could go down and right click could go up or visa versa.

-the pause is another option to remove/letting players know about a hotkey. Many games I've seen in the past (including Lemmings revolution) have no button but a hotkey for pause. Many steam games these days have escape as a default pause button.

on the minimap: now that we have the zoom feature I stopped using the mini map a lot less. Although the zoom feature apparently can't go all the way out (I learned this just last weekend), it would be really nice if it could. Also the minimap now not showing the entire screen lessened it's useful for me as well. The whole point I liked about the original L1 minimap was it let you see lemmings everywhere and let you quickly get to anywhere in the level. That use is almost totally negated these days by these factors.

I agree with Nepster that things should be kept as simple as possible so they can be finished quickly and done in a neat matter and not become too convoluted.

-Locked exits: I have not seriously looked into this so forgive me if I'm misunderstanding here but why do we need idling animations for locked exits? Isn't it enough that a door is over the exit signifying that it's locked and when it unlocks the door opens (goes away)?

-I don't care if multiple secondary animations are implemented. One idle animation per trap seems enough for me. Again, I'm only saying this because I'd rather see more work go into other features which is just a personal wish of mine.
But the 3 different states as they are seems pretty good to me: idle, working, disarmed. (disarmed having no animation). When things are more uniform they are easier to understand.

-Question to Nepster: Why is it bad that you must have an exe next to your editor? Why would you want/need to have it anywhere else? Or are you simply saying that it's bad that the editor depend upon the exe?

Lemmings Main / Re: GDC Post-Mortem on Lemmings
« on: May 12, 2019, 01:46:03 am »
wow thanks so much for trying. At least you asked and he actually responded! 8-) At least we know now.

I don't care what they say about Twitter, that's awesome :P

Another interesting thing he mentions around 15:00 is changing tough levels to make them easier... He talks about copy/making the repeats for introductory levels separately. He mentions adding 1 or 2 builders etc. I think he's implying here that some of the hard levels (like maybe Pillar of Hercules etc) were more stringent originally then they made them a little easier. I can't think of any good examples atm but maybe this accounts for some of the late game levels having 'backroutes' or seeming easier then they should (for experienced players now-a-days). Maybe this occurred in ONML as well (this kind of thing seems more prominent in that game)
nevermind I just understood now that he says at the end of this "so the levels could appear twice" So I guess he's referring to the repeats after all... but they added 20 of everything, not 1 or 2 builders??

At least he admits here the steel detection was crap :D

Live Event Scheduling / Re: mobius' videos/streams
« on: May 11, 2019, 12:00:27 am »
tomorrow around 17:00 UTC I'd like to stream the contest (17) levels. All are welcome to watch (and help!!)

Lix Multiplayer Dates / Re: lix-May 11th & or 18
« on: May 10, 2019, 11:57:55 pm »
Well, sorry but  I'm going to cancel (this week at least). There didn't seem to be a ton of interest atm; I don't like playing with 3 or less people. And people were in favor of me doing something else anyway.

Option is still open for next week if anyone wants to play please post and let me know.

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