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here is a attempt to get A Real Breakthrough to be a bit more difficult, this tries to enforce the solution I found earlier. Now with only 4 builders.

Lemmings Main / Re: Secret exits (Amiga)
« on: January 08, 2022, 12:37:19 AM »
interesting! I didn't know about this. So, I'm assuming they got rid of these in DOS for some reason (why?) because none of these seem to be present (I'm looking at the Lemmix version of the DOS levels.

L2Player / Re: Lemmings 2 Data Formats
« on: January 08, 2022, 12:22:14 AM »
first of all; awesome work :thumbsup: It's great to see somebody taking an interest in this after such a long time.

I'm not putting this in the "suggestions" thread because I haven't read through everything so I don't really know what you're plans are.
Just felt like saying that one of the major drawbacks to L2 imo has always been the very rigid game structure; that is; every level must have 60 lems and save them all (or as many as you can) etc. I'd be much more inclined to play the game if it was more like L1 in that reguard; giving more freedom to the level designer. Some puzzles only work with a smaller number of lemmings. And not have the number of lemmings in one level effect another level obviously.

Take the Stairs; ....
wow dumbest oversight on my part ever. That's my fault; the level needed a minor change to accomdate for physics changes]. This level's kind of obvious (For a veteran) anyway, but glad I'm checking it jeesus...

Dangit; Your solution to Pillars of success was similar to mine but once again I overlooked something. I went and checked the Cheapo version (which I already did) but missed that there are some important differences I didn't copy over. I may edit this; not really sure on including this one.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

All others were intended or acceptable!

Working on level order now.

I'm afraid I've not kept a record of all the changes; I decided not to from the beginning cause there's just too many. I kind of wish I did but eh... I will summarize them as best as I can.

I'm forgetting the following levels;

Dual Action (no idea on the solution and Cheapo differences (With bashers) make this problematic)
Short Journey. oops! That's not supposed to work [the ledge should not have extended far enough for them to land there].
This one and "Capturing Difficulties" which I never finished remaking because there are no good terrain pieces to make building it simple. Short Journey also has lots of very precise terrain placement and I have no idea what bearing this has on the solution. All of these come from Cheapo.

Real Breakthrough is not the solution I had in mind, but works I guess. I might mess with it some more.

Your replay for house of the lost staircase failed for me. I uploaded it again in case I had the wrong version in my last post (and changed the save requirement since I realized that was a possibility and backroutes may still very much exist...

the rest were intended or acceptable :thumbsup:

And as promised I have uploaded here what will be the last batch of levels. The pack will have 6 ranks of 35 levels each. [making 210 total], same as before (or in one of the versions at least).

Some of the levels are first or second rank so have multiple solutions and some I'm really not sure about including.

EDIT: Just for kicks I'm throwing this other level in here cause I haven't been able to solve it yet. [may require direct drop glitch, meaning would be impossible]?

Has anyone made any attempts at the previous uploaded levels to test?

Here's one more (possibly my last) upload of levels to test. Hole in the Wall, Short Journey and Dual Action are levels I have not solved.
The rest except for Another Impasse are easy levels (intended for the first or second rank) though some might be a bit harder than they seem at first (I thought this about "Just Old Fasioned Building"

I have only one more level that I'm testing out myself then hoping to wrap this up soon.

Just want to add that this is quite an impressive list of packs you've LPd! I only know of you and Icho to make so many playlist videos of custom Lemmings content. And since I've been away from the forum until recently you've brought some awesome new packs to my attention that I'll have to get around to playing sometime soon :thumbsup:

I voted for Mazulems, cause it is one of my favorites, and surprisingly good (if not the most difficult) for being one of the very first ever created! I'm talking about a different topic, oops!

General Discussion / Re: Simon blogs
« on: December 21, 2021, 11:45:10 PM »
This stimulates my thought to a question; I wonder if anyone else has these feelings;

When thinking very hard, particularly, or most noticeably for me, at least, on a logical type of problem/puzzle, I know for certain when I'm in a deep state of though/concentration and when there is in fact 'something to' the problem I'm trying to solve. A good example of such a problem here is a puzzle that I don't know is solvable or not like some random Cheapo Level I come across ;P. This is very difficult to describe but I'll try anyways;
Solving a complex logical puzzle requires memory and ordering items around in your mental space. Something I love a lot but always struggled with. But I honestly feel a distinct mental feeling when this takes place. Almost a 'physical' feeling but that word may be misleading here.* And its so satisfying when you figure out something complex like this and see it to completion.

I feel a similar albeit quite different feeling when creating artistically. Though with video games or music the same Eureka feeling can happen, I think the memory part is very different (or non-existent). For me when creating it often involves starting by mushing random things together or going over practice routines and then veering off into randomness or unknown territory. Eventually you hit upon something that strikes your fancy and you follow it to more interesting things. I don't think much memory is required here (at least in the logical sense I use above, different from other types of memory, obviously memory of your routine or skills is needed etc.) But idk; correct me if this is patently wrong.

*The better I get to know my mind and how it words the more I've noticed and have been able to detect these different discrete types of mental feelings. That is when I'm not dead tired, which is most of the time because of my job >_>

some new levels; mostly fixes to previous ones. I'm not real confident in any of them though, heh.

I added 1 builder to A Real Breakthrough and use a solution that has a couple of interesting tricks imo. [and made a few other changes including yours to fit the original better]

Pit of Doom; the solution I found saves more than required and leaves a skill, but it looks like a classic Ben Bryant misdirection level; but I could be wrong.

I think I may leave "Locked and Loaded" open to multiple solutions. [if I include this at all actually] Armani's trick is definitely not an easy one to find. I'm tempted to remove Crane's route yet Armani didn't find that one so easily apparently either...

Great work on Evacuation and Deadly Detour! As for the latter that I would say is a backroute because it doesn't use the one area of the level at all; which Proxima found. And I'd say that's more elegant than digging the exit out. That one was deceptively tricky.

Locked and Loaded:
Gah! your second solution was so close to many things I tried but never succeeded to do earlier. It may be close to intended idk... In the process the solution I came up with imo is beautiful; it's so much more intricate and also fits in the original 7 minute time limit; which is somewhat unusually high for one of his levels. Maybe that's only my biased opinion...

Your first solution :( sadly another needle trap would fix that backroute but also disable my solution... Let me know if you want to see my replay. I'm torn between enforcing your second solution or trying to come up with a better fix.

Manifest. I think I'm gonna leave this open to multiple solutions. It's decently challenging as is imo. I'm guessing as to the original solution;
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I still have to spend more time on Conway's levels. I have maybe two more levels by Bryant I think I want to add.

a couple of notes in response to some comments from the past:
That Freezing Feeling; the time limit must be kept at 3:00 to enforce the intended solution as seen in his video. [you don't need two workers with 4:00]
With Crane's help I've backroute fixed some other levels; "Someone must help us" [I'm changing the title back to its original].
Also "Please Save Us" had an obvious backroute due to NL physics.
I've seen that the special graphics levels have already been redone so my earlier post was moot.

Use Your Tools: after reading your hint I immediately solved this level! [should've solved it sooner as I was trying things similar to this but gave up....] aaaaand I see where another of ISteve's levels was inspired from!

Lets Split:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Can't Find Any Gaps; I don't know either; I'll have to take a closer look at this one.

Breakthrough; Because Cheapo is so annoying to use I have yet to figure out if the gap between the entrance area and the right side platforms is supposed to be two or three bridges wide >_< >_< . But I can say that the ceiling in Cheapo is in fact safe, so I may make that adjustment (Depending on what the solution actually is.)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
But you have no blockers on this version... I'm really curious what your idea is how it's solvable without moving the traps but without deadly ceiling; if that's what you meant.

ah, evacuation was a backroute I can fix easily. The left side obstacle blocking the crowd in was originally steel. In cheapo when a climber bashes into steel; he does not turn around. So that needs to be an obstacle that does not allow a climber to turn around.

awww what a backroute to Locked and Loaded... I have no idea how to fix this atm... :XD:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
EDIT: and once again right after saying that I figure out a way to fix it. But I have several options....
version 3 has my fix plus cutting down the skills I don't use
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
. so version 4 has these remaining skills; in case somebody can find an elegant way to use these.

Also attached these others also by Bryant I made a while back but forgot about. Still a few more of his to remake; almost all of his 20-30 level pack imo is excellent. [One is renamed because *yet again* it had similar title as another level]

A fix for Locked and Loaded, and another new Bryant level "Evacuation"
note; this is actually his level "Barricaded" which is a repeat of "Evactuation" the only difference is the save req. The harder solution is also possible in the first. I picked the title "Evacuation" cause I like it better; but I'm open to disagreement.

I found Conway remade a selection of his LemEdit levels in Cheapo and got to thinking there is only one of his many levels in the pack... [and it happens to be an excellently puzzling level]

"Conways_unsolved" are levels I have not solved [and cannot guarantee are solvable in their current state] Like the previous levels I posted; they almost certainty are, it's just a question of are they compatible with NeoLemmix.  To be clear; And I know I'm repeated myself; its just so I don't get yelled at (or when I do I can point to this post). All the levels I upload are solvable unless stated otherwise; like in this case right here.
3 are Lemmix conversions, the other is a Cheapo remake (and a combination of "A Real Breakthrough and 5,4,3,2,1 Uh Oh! BOP!" a level that some may remember was in the first version of ROTL

I've also *finally* gone through this entire thread and collected all the updates/levels/replays and notes on feedback.

I kept forgetting to say this but when discussing solutions to levels openly here; please use the spoiler tag. It's the nuclear symbol button on the middle-right.

Non-Lemmings Gaming / Re: Baba is You (puzzle game)
« on: December 08, 2021, 11:19:03 PM »
No, haven't looked at Baba ever since the first rotated level. >_>

-- Simon

can someone please explain this to me; as I have this game; got stumped at a level (don't remember where) and I have a  feeling I'm in the same boat as Simon >_>

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

:thumbsup: brilliant! thanks! Ugh I spent a decent amount of time on that one and couldn't see that; so clear in hindsight! Another well done puzzle imo.

Yeah Tilt does seem cheeky imo; took me a while to see that that was a possibility. [I kept trying to go up the left side and use the decoration to get up].

I think I can take at least those two levels [Wall to Wall and Stranger than Fiction] out of the "mysterious" category :laugh:

I'm very glad I decided to put in the extra work to take this on again; turns out I've found a lot of good levels I didn't know about before. I'm feeling like this will be the best version of the pack yet.

nice job on Niche. I have to make the final decision on this level.

Locked and Loaded; I have three backroutes including yours that I must remove. I found what I'm 95% sure is the intended or close to the intended solution; imo this is one of my favorite levels I've ever played actually.

tilt was intended.

Stop Drop and Blow; interesting different solution. [only possible of course because of instant bombers]

Farewell to Kings; backroute, because of the edit I had to make on the right pillar. I like this level; it's simple yet is a puzzle but originally utilizes climbers falling away from the wall; a glitch which does not happen on NL, but is not part of the solution...

For the mysterious levels; I'm less interested in replays and more interested in discussion around the level; if there's anything that stands out to you, to try and figure out the intended solution, or just any ideas you might have. But I must say your solutions to Vaccuum and Stranger than friction were actually interesting and stimulating.

for Stranger Than Friction; at least this solution wasn't hackish. This is actually the sort of thing I was going for for a long time but for some reason couldn't figure that out. Looking at the replay though makes it look not all that difficult although there is some tight timing. Obviously there are skills leftover, something unlike Yawg to allow. How difficult would you say that was?

Wall to Wall: I got excited when you didn't pin them in at the start but then... eh

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