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Lix Levels / Old Version Levels
« on: February 15, 2023, 02:31:10 AM »
There's this level I made long ago that I'd like to see again but is not viewable at all on current versions. I have a version from 2014; it can view the level but something's missing, I don't remember what. Also it would be nice to view replays from that time as well. Anyone have older versions so I could see this? I didn't see old versions on github.

Lix Levels / Lemforum outtakes/replacements, 0.10.x
« on: December 03, 2022, 05:09:26 PM »
Edit Simon: I've split outtakes/replacements off the lemforum backroute fixes.

thinking/rethinking what levels of mine I'm not pleased with. I think these are my top contenders:

Babylon Fading
6 Gaps 5 Builders
Passing Engagement
The Last Laugh
The Great Escape

Here are four new (old) levels for consideration/testing. I have a couple more I want to make before I'm done.

Niche by Yawg:
has many solutions. All exits might be reachable, only one I have not reached is the bottom left. but none should be trivial.
When putting together Revenge of the Lemmings I removed some of the exits but I think that was a mistake, imo it's pretty interesting with so many solutions. Another one from Yawg's excellent pack 6, where Duality came from.

Try Climbing That! by Shvegait.
An old level that I only recently solved and added to the update to Revenge of the Lemmings. This could possibly work in favor of the Gr8 Escape; which is also a builder exercise but this one's bit better imho, or maybe it's not. (Or any other level, doesn't matter that much to me which this replaces) It also got favorable comments from Armani and Turrican.

Leave No Lix Behind, by Ben Bryant
Some of Ben's levels are already in the pack; he was an excellent designer for Cheapo back in the day, made some unique levels. This is one of my favorites.

Locked and Loaded by Ben Bryant
This is my personal favorite of his and imo his hardest level. At least it took me the longest to solve. Fortunately, while lack of arrows is annoying the fling bombers may actually easily remove one of the annoying backroutes. I'd highly recommend this one. Was very satisfying to solve.

Lemmings Main / thoughts on Lemmings game design
« on: August 05, 2022, 07:37:17 PM »
If I ever made my own Lemmings game..... this is how it would be!

Feel free to suggest your own ideas or disagree and argue or whatever!

1) Block based physics/non-pixel based.

This essentially means that the "pixels" or every place a lemming can be assigned a skill will be larger than the actual graphical pixels. The game's definition will be high so as to be beautiful but they'll be no more "pixel precision" in skill assignment (at least to the degree of classic L1). Though I don't think I want anything as extreme as Lemmings 3D or even L3, unsure I don't have much experience with L3.

2) Logic based puzzles instead of "trick" based puzzles

I consider there to be 2 (maybe more but I won't discuss them here) basic types of Lemming puzzles. A "trick" level is one that requires use of some type of features or mechanic of some skill or object or gameplay itself, that may or may not be intuitive. I don't mean to say that these levels are bad (some of my favorites are these type) but they have faults: Often, a level like this may appear very difficult at first, if one does not know the trick involved. However, once one is made aware of the trick it can becomes trivial. They often can be solved quickly and easily the second time around or quickly at first if one knows the trick from the start.
A pure logic level on the other hand relies on no such trick but rather simple reasoning; timing, order of skill assignments etc. These levels may not rely on any intuitive or non-intuitive knowledge of the mechanics. They may remain difficult even after solving as the number of steps required to remember may be large (or not they could be very easy as well).
Now, it's probably fair to say that most levels don't strictly fall into one or another category but are a mix of the two. And based on all the custom levels I've played over the years it seems logical puzzles are more difficult to create. In any case, I'd like to focus on the latter.

This means some core concepts of L1 will be changed such as; builders will not longer always turn around. If a builder hits an obstacle and could keep walking onward; they will. Almost everyone gets stumped at Postcard from Lemmingland during their first playthrough of that game. Why? I think it's fair to say because the fact that a builder always turns around when being stopped prematurely is not an intuitive design. Why should they turn around? It was an arbitrary design choice. It seems natural to us; only because we're used to it. Of course there are solutions that don't require that trick, but most people seem to resort to that one. At least one solution I know is more clever and also more difficult to see and arguably doesn't rely on any such tricks.

3) Ease of Use/intuitiveness

The sign of a good game imo is when the player starts it up, begins playing and feels like it makes sense from the very beginning. It may take a while or may not be easy for example the player may get stumped at something for a while but when they finally figure it out the reaction should be: "Oh! of course, why didn't I think of that! Or that's clever or elegant!" NOT: "how would I have ever known to do that???"

see #2; level design should not come down to obscure mechanics that don't seem to  propagate naturally from the rules.

Graphics are big thing for me here; there will be no "true physics mode" in my game because it won't be necessary. Terrain should always look like terrain, a button should look like a button, steel.. etc. Background images/colors should not be confused with foreground.

(to be continued......)

Lix Main / trampoline bug? unexpected behavoir?
« on: July 10, 2022, 01:11:15 AM »
it's been a while since I've played Lix so I have no idea if what I encountered here is a bug or just expected behavior I'm not familiar with. I'm using 0.9.41. I attached a replay from the level "Recycling Plant" from the community pack. Near the end when the pack of lix are going into the trampoline toward the exit; around 90% or more of them (all coming from the same direction and no runners or anything) land precisely in the same spot, as expected, but for some reason several of them hit a different spot and subsequently get turned around.

Lemmings Main / Everything by mobius
« on: April 10, 2022, 12:05:10 AM »
after maybe 10 actual years I finally got around to making one of these topics for myself :forehead:

my own levelpack, mobilems;
first version released around 2013; updated 2022:

Clammings; levelpack compiling levels by Clam in Neolemmix; updated 2022:

InsaneSteve's World; levelpack compiling levels by InsaneSteve in Neolemmix; updated 2021

Revenge of the Lemmings; a massive community driven compiliation levelpack of many different authors:

NeoLemmix Levels / Revenge of the Lemmings 2022
« on: March 20, 2022, 02:34:24 AM »


levelpack :
music :
solutions :

Back in September; what began as an update that was going to focus on bringing the pack up to date with current NeoLemmix and fix just minor issues, turned into a very major overhaul of the entire pack. When I started looking through old levels from various sources I had saved from years ago I realized how much good material existed that deserved to be in the pack. This version of the pack is much more balanced and showcases even more content creators from the past. In the end I think this will turn out to be the best version of the pack yet. Huge praise and thanks to everyone who helped make it possible! I hope you enjoy it! And may it bring many hours of loss of sanity, hair and sleep!

since 2006 (the early days of the custom level scene) there were plans to make a community made L1 sequel game.
There have been a few attempts at this but one was finally finished in 2013;
Since then a lot of people played the pack and gave feedback and it's underwent several major changes.

Finally; an update for Revenge of the Lemmings is here for NeoLemmix version 12.12.4 as of March 2022.

::::::::::::::CHANGEES from previous version:::::::::::::::

A number of levels have been altered to fix backroutes or physics changes in NL.
Some levels have been renamed.

Most levels by InsaneSteve, Clam, and Martin Zurlinden were removed. All of these levels [and more] can be found in up-to-date versions here;

MazuLems (by Martin Zurlinden)

Clammings (by Clam (formerly Clam Spammer)

Insane Steve's World (by InsaneSteve aka Chaos Defrost)

Any levels credited to them here were taken from the "Level Design Game" these levels are not present in the above packs.

Some levels were removed based on feedback or backroute/physics issues. A handful of levels from the first (Lemmini) version that had been removed from version 2 and 3 were brought back.

***Over 60 new levels have been added to the pack since the previous version.***

...making the grand total now 240 over 6 ranks.

Many of these levels have been altered from their original versions (found from various sources) to fix backroutes and other issues.

attached is a small sample of some of the levels added.

The newest level in the pack is probably "Lemming Sold Separately" by grentiie20 uploaded to the archive in 2014.

The oldest level in the pack is probably "Someone must help us" by Matthias Witt; which was the "level of the month winner" in April of 2000 from this website:

Please note: I consider other versions of this pack to be outdated. I make no plans to update a Lemmini or any other version. Anyone else is welcome to do whatever they want with those versions; I am not in charge there. I also needed to remove copies of those versions from my mediafire account which is where they were hosted, so links to those elsewhere on this forum (if they still existed) have broke).

A little bit later I will release the pack of levels that didn't make it in or got removed from the pack for various reasons.

many thanks to all those who helped in a large way on this enormous project. These people are responsible for recommending levels, play testing, fixing levels and other help:

gigalem for logo and artwork

special thanks to Armani, Turrican and Willem for doing a huge amount of testing for this latest update.

The Readme file contains all the designers and people who helped put the pack together.

This is a humongous pack and I'm sure there are at least a few mistakes or issues I've missed. Let me know here or wherever if there are any problems.

*If anyone plans to do videos of this pack and has any copyright issues with the music used let me know, and I can potentially change it. I used tracks from quite a few different games and sources.

Forum Games / many words from one
« on: March 03, 2022, 12:17:38 AM »
found this type of puzzle in an old puzzle book; The rules are simple, though not ideal for a forum game but I'll just treat it like a discussion topic and if it catches on and someone else has a better way to format it with rules they may elaborate.

Try to make as many words as you can with the letters from the following word:


-you don't have to use all the letters for a word.
-you may only use the letters that appear in this word and only that many times. In other words you may use 2 E's because there are two Es in Knowledge, but not more. You can only use one K. etc.
-You may mix the letters up; they don't have to be in the order they appear in in Knowledge.
-two letter words are not accepted in this puzzle. Any other number of words is fine.
-Proper nouns are not allowed.
-Hyphenated words are fine.

I have other words for a future challenge, and of course anyone else may post challenges if they wish.

[I hope we can trust each other enough to avoid spoiling the fun and using a website to do all the work :-\ ]

Lix Levels / Cornerstone, backroutes
« on: November 23, 2021, 11:01:57 PM »
I did just a quick search and didn't see any mention of the level cornerstone. I solved it pretty quickly and easily imho with builders left over. My solution is just a bit simpler than the solution from the proof archive, which also has builders leftover. Is this a backroute?? Level seems easy for it's place to me.

Level Design / list of level titles for taking
« on: November 09, 2021, 12:50:57 AM »
Here is a list of level titles I compiled over years. Most of which I will likely never use, as if I ever make more levels it won't be this many... (over 300). Feel free to use them. Only catch is I reserve the right to use any of them as well since I thought of them first :P [many of these are references or taken from other games actually].

Lemmings Main / Info regard old custom levels
« on: November 02, 2021, 01:29:25 AM »
I'm looking for anybody who has been around this forum for many years or who knows anything about old Lemmix level packs. In particular I'm looking for replays or records of intended solutions to people's custom levels like the ones uploaded to;

or on Cheapo. I don't even know if such records exist or ever existed anywhere; they probably didn't.

In particular I'm curious about Yawg (his 5th pack especially) and Emerich (Ellischant)'s levels and their intended solutions. If anyone knows anything please let me know.
I know both of these people have youtube channels featuring some of their levels but not all.

Closed / [BUG] PLAYER -- division by zero error when dowload styles
« on: September 09, 2021, 01:20:17 AM »
It simply says; "failed to download/// or / cannot read nxmo file etc. Attempted to divide by zero"

this error occurs for me a number of ways;

-When I try to 'update all styles'
-when I tried to download all styles at once
-when trying to load this level here:
    the second level in question would get an error in the player saying some terrain pieces are missing; attempt to download missing styles? If clicked yes; this error appears. Some (most if not all, judging by the preview image, which seemed to work correctly??) of the terrain pieces load correctly.

-As in the attached error it seems to happen when there is a problem with nxmo (or nxmt) text file. Proxima confirmed that the issue with that particular file was a text error; a line was missing from the file. Maybe this occurred because of a recent update to how the text files should read?

When I have time (tomorrow hopefully) I will try to look at some of the files from L2 space and Raymanni's Toy set to see if there are similar text issues there as well, but I'm not sure if these two separate bugs I reported are related at all. It'll be really annoying if there's like one or a few text files out of the entire set that are an issue. Or is there some easy way to check for these type of issues?

EDIT by namida: Struck-out some of the text that is more to do with the bug reported in mobius's other topic, rather than this bug.

Closed / [BUG???] Engine&Editor failing to load terrain pieces
« on: September 09, 2021, 01:13:43 AM »
I have the latest NL 12.12.1 I've recently downloaded and installed all the current styles. (confirmed the files are there). I can create a brand new level using terrain from L2 Space. I've cleansed the attached levels yet I am unable load them correctly in the editor or player. The placeholder pieces are there instead.

The second level Toy Story Returns has a slightly different issue. Some errors say 'some terrain pieces are missing' and fails to load at all. Or sometimes the editor loads the level but cuts part of it off and the editor usually crashes after this. The last attachment is the error message that appears with this level.

This could be the graphic set(s) changed recently? But the Toy set was Raymanni's; unless someone else altered the set I don't think it's changed recently.

I have a number of other levels/sets which fail to load as well should I list all of them here? Jarv's Future set also does this (the first bug, just loads placeholder pieces). So far only the Toy Story level has this more extreme error.

Lix Multiplayer Dates / Lix Multiplayer Sunday July 11th 18:00 UTC
« on: July 04, 2021, 11:32:45 PM »
how about a game the following Sunday usual time [6:00 PM or 14:00 18:00 UTC]. If this doesn't work we can try Saturday or some other week?

[I don't have any other plans atm so I won't be leaving suddenly like last time]

Live Event Scheduling / minigolf
« on: April 15, 2021, 11:36:37 PM »
Any interest here in playing a multiplayer mini golf game?

There's a good steam game which is about 15$ (same price as UCH).

There may be free or cheaper games out there if anyone is willing to look. I've looked a bit but haven't found anything yet. There was something called "Playforia minigolf" but that sadly shut down in 2019..

Github has something relating to this, but only somebody who actually understands github could make heads or tails of it;

General Discussion / 2020 Positives
« on: March 22, 2021, 09:44:02 PM »
At least to everyone in our generation 2020 will likely go down as the worst year in our personal history. But for a moment, instead of focusing on all the awful things that happened in this year; let's focus on the good stuff. Share anything positive that happened in 2020.

-Back in March, before Covid hit my area; I performed live, on stage, in front of an audience for the first time ever and I did great! I mean, I wasn't Grammy award winning or anything, far from it obviously, but for what I was expecting; I did amazing. I far surpassed my own expectations. Part of me fully expected to piss my pants on stage and run off crying like a pathetic baby. Not only did it go well; with few mistakes, but I actually enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun and wanted to do it again. One of my biggest let downs of 2020 and the virus was not being able to perform again soon!

-In October I finally got the courage to contact a real estate agent and start looking to move to a new house. I haven't found anything yet, but it's a major step.

-All thhe downtime during quarantine allowed me to focus on some things I had been neglecting for some time, like teaching myself some useful skills.

-Met some new fun people in the gaming community :D And had lots of hilarity.

-roundthewheel came back to youtube! :D

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