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Forum Games / many words from one
« on: March 03, 2022, 12:17:38 AM »
found this type of puzzle in an old puzzle book; The rules are simple, though not ideal for a forum game but I'll just treat it like a discussion topic and if it catches on and someone else has a better way to format it with rules they may elaborate.

Try to make as many words as you can with the letters from the following word:


-you don't have to use all the letters for a word.
-you may only use the letters that appear in this word and only that many times. In other words you may use 2 E's because there are two Es in Knowledge, but not more. You can only use one K. etc.
-You may mix the letters up; they don't have to be in the order they appear in in Knowledge.
-two letter words are not accepted in this puzzle. Any other number of words is fine.
-Proper nouns are not allowed.
-Hyphenated words are fine.

I have other words for a future challenge, and of course anyone else may post challenges if they wish.

[I hope we can trust each other enough to avoid spoiling the fun and using a website to do all the work :-\ ]

I ended up going through Fleech's whole levelset (which I did long, long ago but couldn't solve any of the levels back then or knew much about them) Now I've solved;
Send in the specialists, How to Kill a Lemming, and hypothermia. I have not solved the other two. Any replays or feedback is appreciated.

quick update: Getting much closer now. Backroute and final testing is almost complete. I have a majority of the replays recorded and I'm currently working on the level order. I'm really hoping to release in just a few more weeks.


ok here's one more random level I could never solve; anyone know a solution?

Great documentary, although it did start to feel more like an advert for the mobile game towards the end. I found it a bit of a ":forehead:" moment when the talking heads were struggling to remember the classic 8 skills, and one of them didn't even know you could rescue Blockers, which betrays that they probably haven't completed L1!

The Amiga editor was a beast, being able to switch between gameplay and editing on the fly must have been excellent.

I'd love to see Steve's rejected levels in some sort of re-release, or maybe we could get in touch and see if he still has them in some format?


@Charles - any chance of this happening in SuperLemminiToo?

:lemming: :lemming: :lemming: :lemming: :lemming:

Lix and Clones already exist :P

I didn't see that part; "not remembering the classic 8 skills" wow :lix-suspicious:

when you say Steve's rejected levels are you talking about something else or the 'missing levels' that were made but didn't make the cut of L1? At one point namida actually contacted Mike Daily about them who responded but seemed to indicate he wasn't very motivated to release them any time soon if at all. Of course its possible somebody else has access to them now after Exient or whatever bought rights (or not rights but whatever the hell it is) to the game and files were exchanged or something or another i don't remember crap.

Honestly it was nice but I wasn't all that crazy about this documentary in general. Reason being it seemed to me like most 'ordinary' game reviews in that the people making it sort of gloss over the game and don't really get into any nerdy details like or JonTron's top 10 and stuff like that. Yes Mike and others told a detailed story but it wasn't much new to me. Most of that I remember hearing at the 25th (I think?) anniversary thing where Mike and all the rest did a thing that was like a press conference like thing. That's the first time we heard about the missing levels by the way.

a fix for Illusive Paths also trying a possible alteration to make the timing easier on the intended solution but its subject to change.

And Pipeworks is a new level that I passed over initially cause I thought it was too easy... but turns out I can't even solve it :( [I may be overlooking something really simple]
So I can solve this level without the 4:00 time limit, but with.


The only serious back route is Illusive Paths; I'll have to take a closer look at that one....

Everyone but the bomber; I solved it a simpler way. That
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Lemmings Main / Re: The Lost Hebrew version of Lemmings for PC (MS-DOS)
« on: February 12, 2022, 04:21:11 PM »
this may be completely dumb and random but anyone notice the odd mark on the right side of the box; in the black/dark area; it looks kind of like a mask/ghost like face.

Also noticed for the first time that there's lemmings near the bottom of the picture with boxing gloves, punching each other.

new set of levels to test; only one I haven't solved is Illusive Paths; I know the intended idea behind the solution but haven't worked out the details yet.

ok several weeks later I decided to change it to 40 levels per rank, much like the Lix community pack, 6 ranks of 40. As there are just too many good ones to leave out imo. I will only be uploaded a couple more levels/folders to test.

Here's some more levels to test; not sure if all of these will go in the pack but some definitely will.
Note a lo of these levels I have not solved here. The ones I know are solvable are Two Teams' Towers, Bad Arrows,
syncronization, Sculptured Maze, Martyrdom, inversive surplus.

Now I'm still hoping this will only take a few more weeks as I promise this is the last time I'll get near the end and decide to go back and make a major change.

I think I used "worker" because that's the term used in the Winlems95 help manual (I think?).  If not its one of the terms listed here but it wasn't hero I'm pretty sure. The help mannual mentions that concept as well as a few others that was very helpful back then I must say. For example; "if you remove the ground beneath a blocker they'll revert to a walking lemming" :lem-mindblown: :D

speaking of the level "its hero time" I always thought that was a really odd title for that level; not only cause I didn't use the term hero back in the day, but because in most of the solutions I have seen for that level; at least two or more separate lemmings do work... ???
Ok on closer thought; there is (or ought to be) at least one solution where only 1 lemmings uses all the skills; but this is also the solution that is most difficult to time correctly. >_>

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [NewFormatNL] Clammings
« on: January 25, 2022, 12:54:42 AM »
Update version 8;  [see first post for downloads]

the level "Mental Block" has been added to the Arcane rank, replacing the level "Get out of the Pool" (which I attached to this post, to save it for posterity.) Get out of the Pool was originally a level featuring a glitch and arguably not that great compared to the rest of the rank.

-This level Mental Block was not with the rest of Clam's Lemmix levels and was overlooked until now.
Thanks to geoo, Pooty and kaywhyn for bringing it to my attention.

welp; scratch my last post, after some more though and discovering yet more interesting levels, I decided, again, why rush to finish when after all, that's sort of what I did the first two times and ended up making some really poor decisions. So I've been going through some more levels to add to the pack and pruning levels. Also thanks to people on discord and on the forum who've been helping me identify levels. :thumbsup:

so just to be clear; are these from those mobile games you recently talked about in video?
Which I never knew *anything* about btw until that; never even heard of those.

These look not too bad actually. Might try using them.

General Discussion / Re: Armani's Blog
« on: January 13, 2022, 02:28:47 AM »
great to see you accomplishing your goals :D

Somehow I actually managed to travel somewhere when I haven't gone on vacation in YEARS (like a big vacation that is) and during covid no less. Don't worry I didn't come into contact with many people. I visited the mid west US for the second time in my life.

A one-month trip alone sound like fun but also scary! I don't know if I could do it alone myself. Also be careful. I wonder if anyone's able to visit Gobekli Tepe; it's a excavation site in Turkey for one of the oldest found ruins in the world; 10,000 years old :D

I plan to check out your levelpack sometime soon. Gotta muscle through finishing ROTL first... Though if you're levels posted in the level sharing topic is any indication I suspect them to be super hard :D

I assume you're talking about spoken English cause your typed English seems fine to me (better than some native speakers actually :P )

ok level selection and order is almost complete. I'm working on the finishing touches now. I'll take any volunteers to test the final version of the pack. Mainly I'm doing this for the purpose of saving replays. Since it's so large; how about anybody *remotely* interested, just work on one rank? There are 6 ranks of 35 levels each. I may ask some people via PM is nobody responds. These levels are all solvable [or supposed to be] and ready for the release. I have only a few issues yet to work out. Namely; moving a few levels around, decided on the order or swapping levels in and out and such.

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