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Future of NeoLemmix development
« on: August 30, 2023, 04:11:59 AM »
So, I haven't really been getting much work done on NeoLemmix in the past year and a half or so. A bit here and there, but not nearly enough to really keep the project going.

NeoLemmix is, overall, in a good state. Sure, there are some UI bugs that would be nice to get rid of, some room for better QOL features, etc, but overall, it's the most popular engine for a reason - because it's in good shape, it does what's needed, it isn't overly bloated with features, etc.

I had already decided to work towards a final version as a vague goal, but I have made the decision that I'm going to move very quickly towards that now. Most proposed features / suggestions are not going to happen, and likewise for minor fixes.

I do intend to do one more major update in the traditional sense (ie: an update that brings significant new features), with possibly one more "major" version after that for bugfixing purposes, in particular for any bugs that are introduced in the next update. This is because of the new objects - they are very close to ready, and it doesn't make sense to throw that work away at this point when not much further effort is needed to get it ready for release.

However, other proposed features - such as an improved replay editor - are going to be discarded, so that things can be wrapped up. I am also going to discontinue any further work on the editor, except for what is necessary to properly support the new objects (most of which is already implemented in the codebase and released in experimental form alongside the new objects experimental player).

I realise this might not be the news some people wanted to hear, but it had pretty much de-facto become the situation anyway - all I'm really doing here is making it official.

To address this before anyone suggests it - no, I do not want to hand further development of the game over to someone else. With that being said, NeoLemmix is open source, and anyone who wants to do so is welcome to fork it to create a new engine - SuperLemmix is already a case of this, though it may be that someone wants to create a fork that retains the NeoLemmix philosophies but continues to add / improve new features within that. It would then be for content creators and players to decide whether to adopt the fork or stick with NL's final version. Likewise, anyone who wants to create their own editor (either using the existing one as a basis, or an entirely new one) is of course free to do so. NeoLemmix and its tools will remain open source and free for anyone who wishes to fork, to do so.
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