Author Topic: New Neolemmix pack is Ready 120 orginal lemmings levels (UPDATE 20.12.21)  (Read 2536 times)

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BTW. New pack is good progress rightnow.  I am did over 100 levels rightnow. I think this pack will contains at least over 120 unique levels.

At this point this pack is much harder than my first one. Its mostly, because i am better with neolemmix mechanism and learn use tools better and also this pack will includes all new skills and many other new stuffs, buttons, splitters, zombies and etc...... My first pack contains only orginal lemmings levels and skills.

Spending good 6-12 hours per days building that pack. (started make few demo levels in year 2021)

New Pack will run through next difficulty 30 levels per each one:
1: Simple Cakewalk (Done 30 levels)
2: Easy Road Trip (Done 30 levels
3: Tricky Boardwalk (Done 30 Levels
4: Suffering Hellroad (Done 15 levels)
5: Millenium Mayhem (Im not are make any levels in this difficulty, so its probably not contains all 30 levels) But this will be definitely one super hard mode and contains at least some levels. Hope i can learn game even better and make even more harder levels.

Two first difficulty is mostly practice. First one learn you use new skills. 2nd one learns you make tricks with new skills and when you reach 3rd difficulty, your game will goes really hard one and there is not easy way out.

However im not never are find any drive with neutral lemmings? Those are like zombies but no kill you. So that only one i never used my pack. Zombies is available by many later levels.

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Okay new lemmings pack is done. I decide make only 120 levels as well like my first pack. I still keep my door open and might make few special levels if i got fresh ideas.

So its 4 difficult settings. 30 level per each difficult.
This pack will be a lot harder overall than my first one. Also less remake levels and more unique levels.

Next i´ll play it through and check out things (traps, metals, stuffs, etc.....) and later post it. I´ll create new topic when i´ll post my pack.

For sure its will be some serious fun try playthrough my harder levels. Last 30 levels are really hard ones. You really have to handled all your new skills. I liked my last level. Its might be some serious fun if you loved hard lemmings levels.:devil:

I´ll Be back later and with new topic.:P
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where can I find links to both of your level packs?
...Jeremy Kapp

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I fixed his 1st pack to play in the latest neolemmix player as the pack needed to be packed correctly.

just install it to the levels folder