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Re: Dreams
« Reply #60 on: May 31, 2020, 02:05:50 pm »
Geez Louise, Dream Arty scares me a lot. :lem-shocked:

The mere concept of torturing another human seems unthinkable to me, so I wonder what life events if any I would have to undergo in order to turn into a being capable of such malevolence.

Indeed. :P I love that it seemed to start with a discussion on Lemmings Forums (possibly inspired by this Dreams thread) about pain... I wonder what that would be like. :P
Was dream Arty an actual human, or were you being tortured by my 2D ink blot avatar? If the former, what did I look like?
The former, but I can't remember what you looked like. I didn't really recognise you anyway, I think the only reason that I could say it was you was that I apparently remembered agreeing to join in on the 'experiment' in reply to a Lemmings Forums post by you.

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Re: Dreams
« Reply #61 on: June 26, 2020, 01:26:44 am »
I had this dream a few days ago and forgot to write it down here so some details have become even more fuzzy but here we go :8():

I don't remember why but I went with someone to the store but I don't remember who I went with or what store we went to. The weather was getting ugly with dark clouds overhead ready to start sending rain down. In the area that I live this is pretty much a common occurrence during the summer-ish time so I didn't think much of it at the time. We finished shopping and went back to the car (which was a pickup truck) and the rain and wind started to pick up. Once we got into the car suddenly a HUGE gust of wind passed through. Even though I had no conclusive evidence, in my dream in my mind at that moment I knew that the gust that passed by was almost equivalent to a gust of wind in a category 5 hurricane! During that gust the back side of the pickup truck moved so that the car was now 45 degree to the parking space, and as easy as the gust passed it was gone and the weather continued with normal rain and wind conditions. Me and whoever I was with got out of the car to go around inspecting the damage caused by what I nicknamed at the time "The Gust" (not creative at all, I know). The only damage I remember seeing was an empty wheelchair made of glass (for some reason) that shattered up against a wall and other people were already inspecting it. Afterwards me and the person I was with decided to take shelter in someone else's home... which was filled with other people trying to take shelter as well just in case another "Gust" passed by.

Later on in the dream I found myself in the very back row of a stage theater about to watch... something. I don't know and I don't think the dream ever specified what it was. The person I was with was gone and instead I found my old boss there sitting close to me. I asked him what he did during "The Gust" and he sat up, looked at me, and was ready to tell me an entire story about what happened to him. Unfortunately that's when the dream ended.

Even if no one reads them I find it quite enjoyable to write down these dreams :)

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Re: Dreams
« Reply #62 on: July 01, 2020, 06:02:53 am »
OK, my turn now, and my first contribution to the Dreams thread. Wow, what a dream this was.

So I put my pizza in the oven and wrote down the time. I had to write the time down using the sensor of my computer mouse, as there were no pens in the kitchen.

I sat down on the kitchen table and decided to watch a film. It was apparently titled "Secret Sounds of the 1970s" but had people that weren't born in the 70s. This film started off weird, it had somebody trying to interview Felipe Massa while he was skydiving into open water. They couldn't manage it. They were calling "Felipe! Felipe!" but never got a response from him. After hitting the water, he soon found the shore and cried for help. Every stranger eventually gathered round him.

A few minutes later the sky outside turned grey and rain started falling so I checked the weather bulletin. Darren Bent was our weather reporter (At first I thought "That's not Darren Bett!" until I noticed the "n" before the "t".) He was very animated and crazy, and he mentioned about Leicester receiving 52mm of rain in a day. (And yes, I thought "My goodness, what a miserable life for a city currently under lockdown.") He was seen wearing my rain mac (with reflectors) during presentation of Scotland and Northern Ireland's weather (rain) and then half naked for England and Wales' weather (Sunny and hot).

As soon as that finished I also decided to try out a quiz which was about paralympians, including Ellie Simmonds, but unlike a typical BBC quiz, this was a half quiz, half platformer; and some of the correct answer boxes were in areas I couldn't reach. I didn't mind touching a wrong answer box so I thought why not explore the rest of the quiz, rather than feel robbed that you've got a question wrong?

After that was done, I looked at the time in comparison to my hand: My pizza had been 22 minutes over cooking time! I panicked and got my pizza out of the oven. Luckily it wasn't burnt. It was a bit wet though, so I drained the juices off into a bowl (Which had a strange black colour after somebody drained all the other vegetables in it) before eating it.

Right, that's all I could remember. Maybe I'll remember this dream more after I've had some breakfast.
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