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Level Review - Lemmings Plus I (formerly LPDOS)

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This Level Review game will be for namida's Lemmings Plus I, formerly known as Lemmings Plus DOS Project.

Download link: http://www.neolemmix.com/old/lpi.zip
Level maps: http://www.neolemmix.com/old/lpi.html (make sure you copy the image link from the image)

NOTE: If a person doesn't review within 48 hours of the last reviewer's post, then double-posting is allowed.

Here we go!

Mild 1 - Just Walk!
10 Lemmings,, save 10%
Release Rate 50
5 Minutes
0 of each skill

Good: An interesting, simple and amusing way to begin the level pack - the lemmings just simply walk into the exit. 
Bad: This level could be seen as a filler level, but not for me. If this level were placed in any other position, then it would really be a filler level.

Mild 2: Be Careful

Lemmings: 80
Save: 20%
Release Rate: 20
Time: 5 minutes
Skills: 30 each

Good: At least it's in the right difficulty area. Nice-looking design.
Bad: As all the skills are there, it should really be the opportunity for the player to practise each skill, therefore the floaters and bashers are not necessary in this case.

Edit: Tried to add image, but I can't see it on my browser. Got it now. Thanks namida!

I don't see it either. Where did you get the image from? Did you use the one from Lemmings Level Database? You can use the images that namida provided me in the link on the first post.

Mild 3: Heading on in...

50 Lemmings, 50% to save
Release Rate 50
5 minutes
20 of each skill

Good: Despite the simple layout, the release rate actually adds a slight challenge to it. Unlike the previous level, you have the opportunity to use all the skills, and there are multiple approaches to the level. The level also works very well as an early Mild level.
Bad: Not enough decoration? I'm not sure, there are many great levels without the need for decoration. Maybe that the level does not have a repeat?

Looks like you guys have decided what we're doing. I'll probably get around to a review later today.

Gosh, I somehow totally forgot about this. Sorry.

Okay, here's a simple way to do the images:

--- Code: ---[img]http://www.neolemmix.com/old/levelimg/lpi/XXXX.png[/img]
--- End code ---

Where XXXX is the level rank and position. EG: For Wimpy 20, you'd put 0220. For PSYCHO 7, 0507. Etc.

It has all the images, so you don't have to worry about if the level's a repeat or anything like that.
(Just as a point of interest, this works for the other Lemmings Plus packs too except LPIII Bonus (I'll do those once the levels are finalised), just change "lpi" to any of "lpii", "lpiibonus" or "lpiii".)


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