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Contests / Re: Level Design Contest #18
« on: July 17, 2019, 11:00:36 am »
Rule 2 - Subset

    - Take a pre-existing level from the original Lemmings, Oh No! More Lemmings, Genesis Lemmings, SNES Lemmings or any of the official Holiday Lemmings games

I like this rule for the contest! And I'm looking forward to see what I can come up with. I don't remember seeing one before where levels must be submitted out of a pre-created template from the official games.  Hopefully my laptop will be fixed before the deadline.

Contests / Re: Level Solving Contest #4
« on: July 08, 2019, 04:25:26 am »
Sure, Nessy. Go for it! Looking forward to it. 8-)

Contests / Re: Level Solving Contest #4
« on: June 27, 2019, 01:56:14 pm »
No problem, Simon. I'm calling for the open floor here. 8-) However, if I do happen to think of something I'll let everyone know. Attention seems to be turning to 3D Lemmings at the moment.

Contests / Re: Level Solving Contest #4
« on: June 14, 2019, 05:36:11 am »
Well, good game, Simon. 8-) I've been on 94 lemmings for a long while but when I got to 95, I was so pleased I stopped.

I enjoyed everyone else's replays. Crane's one pretty much combines the best bits between Simon's solution and mine.

With a game that's not so popular these days, I'm not surprised that we saw only two entries. I agree that we should pause this, or try a different approach: PM other people for a private duel contest?

Yep. I have Windows 10 too. Sadly, I can't get the taskbar off by closing explorer.exe. Fortunately, I found one way to circumvent the problem. Turning on the "Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode" button can help, even though I prefer the idea of seeing the taskbar when I'm off the level tester.

Hi again. Sorry to report another bug (that I probably should've posted a long time ago) but when testing tall levels on fullscreen my taskbar gets in the way of the skillset, and I have no idea which skill I'm selecting next. ??? Here's what I'm getting at the moment in the attachment below.

Good solid list. I think it would be useful to distinguish them in a way so that all the NeoLemmix objects that don't appear on all graphic sets (Such as Locked Exits, Splitters, Teleporters and Single-use traps) can be searched for easily. We could do this either on this thread or on a separate resource thread.

Compiling separate lists is probably the easier way.  If the separate lists thing gets too long, styling the text in different ways or colours is another way.

Well done, that's fantastic! :thumbsup: Oh and also...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Challenges / Re: What skills can't you live without?
« on: May 25, 2019, 09:07:33 am »
So, I decided to take a look at the last level that hasn't been looked at at all: Prima Mayhem 2: "Which way do we go?".

My first result so far is 5 builders. I was able to navigate round the level saving all the other skills apart from builders, replays attached. The real question is whether it can be done with just 1 builder. The 100% requirement, the land being littered with traps and the turnaround needed to use the left exit makes this more challenging.

Edit: Now down to 4. Didn't realise I had a basher left over in the 5 builder solution to bash underneath the first left trap.

So then, I thought I might look over my levels here. It turns out that only two out of my four are still possible under NeoLemmix, both being OhNo remakes, and the rest may need to be dumped into this thread. Both levels and solutions attached.

Although not many people would probably want to use the smaller zoom settings anyway, :-\ hopefully this bug would provoke a decision whether the lower zooms should be kept or not.

On the interface, when changing from full screen to windowed mode, turning the Compact Skill Panel button off and simultaneously changing the zoom to 1x or 2x, OR if you've started up Neolemmix with these settings, the enhanced skill panel completely disappears, presumably because the window is too small to contain them. The problem also occurs with the Compact Skill Panel on 1x zoom. Fortunately the smaller Skill Panel does appear on the 2x zoom windowed interface.

Here are some of the interfaces I've been given below. May I also mention that on windowed mode, the window's size doesn't change when changing zooms, unless you exit the game and start it up again.

I pretty much like all of them, but the ones I voted for are the top two. I remember a couple of Lemmings Revolution levels that have a certain lemming limit for entrances, such as Tanks a Lot and Feeling Gravity's Pull. The limit for multiple exits idea should hopefully test the player to see if they can cross two or more separate routes with different groups of lemmings. Looking forward to that challenge.

The Neutral lemmings idea reminds me of the old Steam game called Clones. The capture the clone challenge was quite good fun back then, particularly the one in the demo where it was oversized compared to the rest of them.

I voted for all the skills on the panel, but I don't mind 10. I'm starting to agree that that's a reasonable enough amount.

Going for one of namida's plans of removing any of the functional buttons, I'd keep the minimap's size as it is, and remove the frame step buttons. I think these icons will cause new players the most confusion, as they might assume that these are directional buttons. I also realise that some of the other functional buttons will need to be moved to make sure the skills work properly.

I might have a method of making this plan work, but it'll need some more icons, hotkeys and programming to pull this off. How about we replace the third and tenth tabs (i.e. where the climber and digger icons are traditionally placed) with a previous/next page button. So when the player clicks one of these two buttons the six skill types shown on the screen are replaced by the next six and so on.

If that can be pulled off, you can have up to 12 or 18 skills at once. In the classic skillset, the seventh and eighth skill won't be lost, it would appear on the next "page".

Contests / Re: Level Solving Contest #4
« on: May 10, 2019, 12:10:23 pm »
I might also mention this: I found out on the editor that this level is accompanied by the music track "dos mashup 1", which I can't find the download for. Does anyone know where that is? Looking forward to hearing that instead of "Doggie in the window". :XD:

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