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Live Event Scheduling / Re: Ultimate Chicken Horse Multiplayer
« on: July 04, 2020, 09:04:28 am »
I purchased the game today and am hoping to make my first appearance here! I can do both Sunday and Monday. 18:00 UTC sounds fair to me.

Challenges / Re: [NeoLemmix] Skills you can't live without
« on: July 03, 2020, 08:05:34 am »
My zip compressor program expired so I'll just put up my best ones. At least I was able to get the talisman replays. Still, I'll need to find another one, probably PeaZip or something like that. :P

I recommend 7Zip, that one seems to be the most user-friendly of the bunch and allows you to extract directly from context menu to basically wherever you want.

Thanks for the help, but I found PeaZip. :) It might be slow, but at least it gets the job done for me. I might look into 7ZIP if PeaZip starts letting me down.

Meanwhile, WillLem and I started on MiniLems/Taxing:

1 "Watch out, there's traps about" - 1 builder
2 "Heaven can wait (we hope!!!!)" - 4 builders, 1 digger
3 "Lend a helping hand...." - 7 builders
4 "Compression Method 1" - 1 bomber, 1 blocker, 1 basher
5 "The ascending pillar scenario" - 6 builders
6 "Livin' On The Edge" - 5 builders, 1 basher

It's possible that 5 and 6 in particular may be improvable.

Good start. Great job getting Taxing 2 down to 4 builders! Containing the crowd without builders and blockers is always tricky.
I've done all of Taxing before I saw this post, and am currently working through the whole of Mayhem. I have improved Taxing 5 to 5 builders. Replay attached in the bundle containing all the other harder (or longer) challenges. 6 is very annoying indeed, particularly for no bashers so try avoiding improvements to that one. :P

Here are the rest of my results:

7: 1 builder, 1 basher
8: 7 builders
9: 5 builders
10: 7 builders, 2 bashers
11: 16 builders
12: 15 builders
13: 4 builders
14: 6 builders
15: 2 bombers, 6 builders
16: 5 floaters, 5 builders

Because 11 is so long and involves switches, I can't be bothered improving the builder count here. The 16-builder result is in my 0 digger solution. I thought it would be best to try eliminating the other skills first (or at least get everything down to 1, if not, a single digit) before uploading them. 16 is also likely to be improvable.

Nice artwork! :thumbsup: Is that a water and an acid lemming from Lemmings Revolution? Just saw the OP, but it certainly could've been if it wasn't for that spoiler.

General Discussion / Re: Dreams
« on: July 01, 2020, 06:02:53 am »
OK, my turn now, and my first contribution to the Dreams thread. Wow, what a dream this was.

So I put my pizza in the oven and wrote down the time. I had to write the time down using the sensor of my computer mouse, as there were no pens in the kitchen.

I sat down on the kitchen table and decided to watch a film. It was apparently titled "Secret Sounds of the 1970s" but had people that weren't born in the 70s. This film started off weird, it had somebody trying to interview Felipe Massa while he was skydiving into open water. They couldn't manage it. They were calling "Felipe! Felipe!" but never got a response from him. After hitting the water, he soon found the shore and cried for help. Every stranger eventually gathered round him.

A few minutes later the sky outside turned grey and rain started falling so I checked the weather bulletin. Darren Bent was our weather reporter (At first I thought "That's not Darren Bett!" until I noticed the "n" before the "t".) He was very animated and crazy, and he mentioned about Leicester receiving 52mm of rain in a day. (And yes, I thought "My goodness, what a miserable life for a city currently under lockdown.") He was seen wearing my rain mac (with reflectors) during presentation of Scotland and Northern Ireland's weather (rain) and then half naked for England and Wales' weather (Sunny and hot).

As soon as that finished I also decided to try out a quiz which was about paralympians, including Ellie Simmonds, but unlike a typical BBC quiz, this was a half quiz, half platformer; and some of the correct answer boxes were in areas I couldn't reach. I didn't mind touching a wrong answer box so I thought why not explore the rest of the quiz, rather than feel robbed that you've got a question wrong?

After that was done, I looked at the time in comparison to my hand: My pizza had been 22 minutes over cooking time! I panicked and got my pizza out of the oven. Luckily it wasn't burnt. It was a bit wet though, so I drained the juices off into a bowl (Which had a strange black colour after somebody drained all the other vegetables in it) before eating it.

Right, that's all I could remember. Maybe I'll remember this dream more after I've had some breakfast.

Challenges / Re: [NeoLemmix] Skills you can't live without
« on: June 30, 2020, 10:07:01 am »
I had a look at Nightmare On Lem Street III this evening. I've eliminated everything except 1 Floater and 1 Builder (see attached replays). This level hasn't been very popular so far, but it was great to SYCLW, and it's still one of my pack favourites!

Darn. I did this earlier this morning and forgot to check the forum. I've ended up with the same result too. Your Gold Talisman replay certainly came in handy. ;)

12 "Erm..." - 1 miner, 1 basher, 2 fencers, 1 builder, 2 walkers, 1 stacker
13 "Constellations II" - 19 builders, 2 climbers, 2 gliders, 10 platformers, 4 stackers, 4 bashers, 5 walkers

I made improvements to both these levels. My results are below. My zip compressor program expired so I'll just put up my best ones. At least I was able to get the talisman replays. Still, I'll need to find another one, probably PeaZip or something like that. :P

12: 1 miner, 1 fencer, 1 builder, 1 walker.
13: 8 builders, 1 stacker, 2 bashers.

1 walker replay attached for 12.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Several replays for 13, including a no platformer solution. 8) I've had no luck on levels 1 and 4 I'm afraid.

Challenges / Re: [NeoLemmix] Skills you can't live without
« on: June 29, 2020, 09:47:33 am »
I thought I might download Lemminas again and have a go at these too.

I'm pleased to announce that Lemminas' largest level, Pandemonium 16 (Rendezvous at the Mountain Part II) can be confirmed as None. The quantity of Cloner Pickups and the save requirement are a big giveaway here. Another big giveaway can be seen in my no disarmers replay to save the cloners. I did forget to attach the replay for no stacker/no basher, but hey, this is so easy to work round right?

This just leaves 1, 3, 4, 12, and 13. I've looked at WillLem's solutions from the download and have recorded his results. Here they are for reference.

1: 1 glider, 5 platformers, 3 bashers, 1 climber, 4 builders, 1 cloner, 1 digger
3: 2 diggers, 2 climbers, 2 floaters, 4 builders, 2 miners, 4 bashers, 4 platformers, 4 walkers, 4 fencers.
4: 2 basher, 2 fencer, 1 stacker, 1 blocker, 1 builder, 3 walkers, 1 miner, 1 digger.
12: 1 miner, 1 basher, 2 fencers, 1 builder, 2 walkers, 1 stacker
13: 19 builders, 2 climbers, 2 gliders, 10 platformers, 4 stackers, 4 bashers, 5 walkers.

Challenges / Re: What skills can't you live without?
« on: June 24, 2020, 03:17:33 pm »
Some more Hail improvements with replays attached (I'm afraid. :P)

7: 13 builders
8: No bashers (5 builders still needed)

And also attached, a solution I've always wanted to find a replay of but never did: The 4 builder solution to Fun 16.

@Minim:  can you remind me where you are downloading the NeoLemmix conversion you looked at, so I can check things out for myself?  Also, do you think your post above (and then my reply here) might be better suited moved to Proxima's "NeoLemmix versions of original levels for challenges" topic?

It's the OP from this thread.

As for Taxing 21, I can't find what steel you are referring to?  The visible ones forming the walls of the "pit" where the exit lies, I don't see any overlaps with terrain?

It is one of the long pieces on the exit platform overlapping the middle steel block on the left side. Given that access is mostly blocked by the fire's trigger area, leaving as is isn't a bad idea.

Looking at the version you created a while back for the "new skills" challenge, it looks like you did fix the positions of the spike traps?  However, I also noticed you replaced the spike traps with the smaller versions.  While that would match the abnormally small trigger areas in DOS version, it should be noted that on SNES (and therefore probably Amiga, though I haven't tested yet), the regular "big" spike traps do have larger trigger areas that are more in line visually with the spikes.  It seems NeoLemmix had also fixed the large spike traps so their trigger areas basically match Amiga versions.  So I'd say we shouldn't replace the spike traps with the "small" versions.  The abnormally small trigger area in DOS is arguably a bug, it's certainly misleading relative to the visuals of the spikes.

I don't remember myself modifying the spike traps. ??? This might be a case of two users downloading different versions of these levels.

I can gladly announce that all official levels have been confirmed possible. The "outdated" PSP levels in the attached file is primarily because of the name change to one of the levels. As for the case of "don't have weird overlaps of steel and non-steel", that hasn't been checked properly yet.

* Sunsoft 16 "Here is Mr. Lemming's House" is one example off the top of my head. The steel bits look like circles. The "New Skills" Challenge will be impossible if the steel blocks overwrite the terrain.
* Mayhem 2 "The Boiler Room" is another annoying example. It has steel pixels guarding the exit pillar and inside the blue wall.

Edit: This has been an enjoyable observation game. :P I've investigated the rest of the Original levels. Here's what I found for the following:

* Fun 24/Mayhem 3 is an unusual one. It has a steel "Tongue" lurking beneath the floating platform near the bottom. However, because there is steel already on top, and that all players will not use this part of the level at all, maybe we should leave this as is?
* Fun 27/Taxing 22: The steel beneath the starting platform is overwritten by slime.
* Fun 29/Mayhem 9 & Mayhem 28: Steel overlapped diagonally by the pyramid and past the exit platform respectively, but because it's so visually obvious, we should leave these ones.
* Mayhem 8: Steel bits lurking right above and to the right of the exit platform, but it's a clear path to the exit so.
* Tricky 9/Mayhem 6: Steel overlapped on the left edge.
* Mayhem 12 & Taxing 21: Left sides particularly.
* Mayhem 15/Tricky 10: A few pixels from the left steel block are overlapped, but lemmings can't access this thanks to the fire's trigger area.
* Taxing 16 & 24: Some of the steel on the ramp is overwritten. Also for 24: The water beneath the chains is off-centre by a pixel to the left.
* Tricky 28: Right side "platform".
* Fun 21/Mayhem 26
* Mayhem 18
* Tricky 4/Taxing 7
* Taxing 2

Completely irrelevant to this, but on Taxing 4 the trigger area for the right spikes trap doesn't overlap the wall unlike the one on the left, allowing climbers to climb all the way up. However, there are no climbers in this level anyway so not sure.

Lix Levels / Re: The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: June 16, 2020, 06:10:54 am »
Saw this post this morning. Here you go. :lix-wink: Having not made a lix level for 6 months I thought I might create a level today and do this level for Rubix. How's this?

As a general rule of thumb though, asking other people to do your work is generally frowned upon.

Hey, Proxima. Are you still thinking of updating the pack?

Seriously? I started less than a week ago and you're on my case because I haven't finished yet. I have a life outside Lemmings. It will take as long as it takes.

Just saw this reply today. Sorry. I didn't mean to word that like it was a pressure post. I tried to introduce it as best as I could, but wasn't aware that first sentence came out short-temepered. I've changed this now.

I know we're still undecided on Holiday, but I'm putting my comments on Original and OhNo out there as reserved. I thought it'd be a good idea for me to check through all of these, while still trying to lean my points towards the lenient side of gameplay changes. I also had a look at the whole thread, and I'll hopefully try and help contribute to one of Proxima's earlier posts (About the Genesis Ceiling category) after I finish checking OhNo. I've already been through it once, but haven't tried all the routes yet.

So, here are my comments for Original, which happen to be concerning the Mayhem levels.

Mayhem 4: Skill selection is always set to bombers when the level starts, but a 100% requirement means it automatically makes them useless. It's annoying having to change to the basher every time I play. So, which shall we go for: Removing the bombers, or lowering the save requirement?

Mayhem 26: This level has one terrain piece in a position which is awkward for the lems about half way through the level. (See attachment below) I placed my bomber as far right as I could after building over the water, but the lems turn when touching that left branch. Adjusting my bomber position one pixel to the left seems to be fine. I propose this little branch either be moved accordingly, or delete it. I realise Fun 21 would be left unchanged but shouldn't be too bad.

23, 28, 29, and 30 are now more interesting under NeoLemmix in different ways. 29 is just about still possible building left of the starting platform, but the exact method without diggers cannot be copied on DOS thanks to left-builder mechanics.

And now the OhNo levels. (Edit: Solved all of them now.) The ones I like to see modified are:

Tame 11: Restore the full width. Looks pretty bad on a 4x zoom with 1366x768 res.
Crazy 7: The screen start should be moved to the left a little bit.
Crazy 11: The screen should be all the way to the right edge where the solvable puzzle is visible.
Wicked 3: The width should be expanded on the left to reveal the full length of the chains at the top.
Havoc 20: The left set of lemmings are exposed, so the screen start should be moved to the left entrance.

That's good to see. :) Despite the fact I don't have SuperLemmini I do hope all the levels work, particularly Blizzard 11, as the only way to get to the exit on this level is some builder stretching.

Lix Multiplayer Dates / Re: Lix Multiplayer June 13 or 14
« on: June 05, 2020, 05:37:51 am »
Only Sunday for me, as I cannot do Saturday thanks to work commitments.

* Hail 12 "Merry Christmaze" is harder (but still possible) due to the deadly ceiling.

Speaking of harder but still possible levels, Frost 12 is also possible with the original layout; However namida already fixed the level by adding an icicle in the top-left hand corner. I was able to resolve it again; attached below is the new NeoLemmix replay file for those interested. Should we stick with the current layout, or revert back to the original?

Changes that I am considering or intend to make:

* Should we combine this and Xmas 91/92 into a single pack?
* On Frost 13 "2 minutes before midnight", I should restore the original level width, since the abrupt cut-off doesn't look good. There may be other cases, but this is the only one that stood out on a quick skim through the pack.

* I agree with this combination. Go for it. :thumbsup:
* I think Blizzard 7's width should be restored as well. Some players like to solve the level by bashing into the side wall. Instead they have to try breaking through the ceiling.

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