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With this challenge being too similar to a few past threads but allowing permission of both sets of skills, the only level I'm really interested in doing is Crazy 11, the only level still impossible to get 100% with unlimited DOS skills. (Or to put it another way, prove that this level is impossible using several different replays :sick:) I agree with Proxima that using 10 different choices of skills is better than 8, because with a level as mentally exhausting as Crazy 11, you might need this wide range to make a solution possible. Plus, along with Wild 8, you have already proved that all levels are doable with 0 losses with new skills. As far as it stands this is only going to be a records breaking thread.

My first attempt to get across the long gap (193 pixels long by 103 high to be exact) with 100% is to set the rate to 99, let everyone glide down to the edge of the starting platform and start building on the rightmost pixel of each step. Unfortunately with this method I ran into an invisible stumbling block. Every glider takes 6 frames and every speed builder is assigned every 11 frames. At frame 109 the two skills clash, ruining my method really early. With every speed builder creating 5 pixels across I'm hoping that within the 1020 frame limit that these lemmings will at least make it across a 193 pixel gap using just builders.

Frame No. of first 4 glider assignments

Frame No. of first 4 builder assignments

With one person improving on the other solutions and vice versa I have to admit this really is a never ending rivalry between the two of us. For some reason I forgot to upload my Holiday replay bundle! I've put it up at the bottom of this post.

My Comments on WillLem's Frost and Hail solutions

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Thanks for the praise. 8-)

For Blitz 14, can you attach the replay for the failed attempt?  It's still a good place to start tweaking from.

Ah, just saw this now. I went back and solved it. I'll show the failed replay anyway, and attach the solved replays in a zip file.
My result is 50 of each, lost 35.

Just letting everyone know that I solved almost all the nuke levels from Holiday Lemmings (but not optimised), upping the total to 60. Replays attached. The only nuke solution still left to find is Blitz 14. It is literally a "catastrophic anomaly" in comparison to the rest. Because we're bombing through all terrain, after the nukers land on the first pixel of terrain, they "drift off". In other words they move a pixel every time they land, making the predicted landing place too far away from the exit trigger. Here's a diagram that explains the problem. Theoretically it is still doable, but where to start clone-stacking will unfortunately take a bit of experimenting. :XD:

Lix Multiplayer Dates / Re: Lix Multiplayer: December Poll
« on: December 12, 2019, 07:20:59 am »
OK, we'll do 29th then. BTW I've just updated my vote to remove the 15th. I'm worried that my cold would last to this Sunday evening. :sick:

NeoLemmix Main / Re: Plans for V12.8.0
« on: December 07, 2019, 06:47:03 am »
- "Overtime" mode. When the time limit runs out, instead of gameplay terminating, you can keep playing - the only catch is that exiters no longer do anything (they just stand there, in front of the exit, frozen), so you can't actually save any more lemmings. This could be useful if you want to see how far you fell short by, or try things out without worrying about the time limit while you're just experimenting.

I like this overtime idea. I think Lix incorporated this too until they scrapped times altogether.

A feature I thought of just came to me about highlit: Two hotkeys that can navigate the highlighter between the previous and next lemming ID. One example where this technique is especially useful is in a tight space where you need certain lemmings to assign skills to guarantee a possible nuke solution. CCX's solution to the Tame 1 new skills challenge comes to mind.

Contests / The Level Solving Contest #7
« on: December 06, 2019, 12:37:34 pm »
Hello everyone, and welcome to the final Level Solving Contest of 2019. (Sorry, Nessy. I just remembered you hadn't had a chance to comment on that previous LSC. Hope that's okay.)

We have been playing NeoLemmix for a little too long now. So instead I have gone ahead and created a custom built Lix level for you to play with.

Here's the order of criteria below. If anyone is not happy with this order please let me know, and I can create a separate ordering just like Crane did for his most recent LSC:

1. Most Lix saved
2. Fewest number of skills used
3. Fewest skills given to busiest Lix

One of the tiebreaking criteria I've chosen for this challenge is unusual and complicated. Basically, the player that selects the fewest skills with the "busiest" lix will win the tiebreak. The "busiest" meaning the Lix given more skills than any other lix. The link to the retrospective challenge that I got it from is here. I haven't done this sort of challenge for a while, but it's out there because my belief is that if you can assign skills to multiple lix you are a good multitasker, and multitasking is one of the key attributes to being good at multiplayer. Initially I put it at first priority, but after extensive testing decided to put it third instead.

The rules are similar to before: The players will play individually for this contest. Solve the level, and then upload a replay of your submission to my Personal Messages box by 23:00 UTC on December 31, 2019. This I hope should allow enough time for anyone who may be taking time off for Christmas but still wish to take part. You can submit more than one replay if you want to if you think you've made an improvement, but only the best replay will be selected as the final result.

SU: Skills used
Lix: Lix saved
SAOBL: Skills assigned on busiest Lix.

The winner of LSC #7 will not only be allowed to choose a level for the next contest, but also be given a MIDI copy of one of the tracks I've remixed from another game similar to Lemmings. (Not this level sadly, a mystery one! Also, apologies that I'm unable to convert MIDI to ogg, but that's a matter that should be discussed elsewhere)

Now here's a basic description of the level posted in the attachment below: It has four entrances, three inside the arena and one outside. While not an exact replica, some players may remember this level template from that other game, but I've tweaked it slightly to add a feature not yet seen in LSC: Infinite fallers! Don't worry, they're not all gonna be spread out. The Spawn rate was cleverly calculated so that they all fall in one place. You might also be wondering why that block on the right is out there in the open.

With 30 Lix - 7 of them being infinite fallers - and 100 skills provided, you must rescue at least one infinite faller for your result to count. Hopefully with this many skills you will also get a chance to practice assigning Lix in more areas than one so you can get to grips with multiplayer. I wish you good luck and have fun! Oh, and Merry Christmas.

NeoLemmix Main / Re: EXPERIMENTAL BUILD: High-Resolution Mode
« on: December 05, 2019, 07:31:05 pm »
As I'm pasting all these downloaded experimental files onto the same folder and overwriting the corresponding folders every time, I want to keep the stable player. I've been changing the title of the EXP player to "NeoLemmixHighRes.exe" every time I download its zip folder. It will still work perfectly after this change.

Lemmings Main / Re: Joke ideas for skills and objects
« on: December 05, 2019, 07:22:04 pm »
I remember that an older thread had a similar concept. Even I contributed back then. I hope the ones listed over there are still worthy enough to be discussed about!

Lix Multiplayer Dates / Lix Multiplayer: Sun, Dec 29th, 18:00 UTC
« on: December 05, 2019, 08:56:56 am »
I'm hoping that I (or someone else) can organise a multiplayer session sometime in December. I will be busy on Saturday evenings and will not make it home until around 20:30 but Sundays should be OK for me.

Contests / Re: Level Solving Contest #6
« on: December 05, 2019, 08:47:42 am »
Well, thanks to everyone who had a go. I have to say it was an incredibly annoying level, so very well done to everyone who made it, and commiserations to everyone who didn't. Also gotta congratulate the zombies; They gave it their all to give every innocent lemming a hard time here. >:(

I'm switching over to Lix for the next contest level. There is one aspect I found that we haven't covered yet. I'm also hoping that I can tie in a multiplayer session in between dates as a way to encourage more players to take part.

The main trickiness with realizing this solution is that NeoLemmix doesn't allow multiple (simultaneous) skill assignments to different lemmings on same frame.  In order to have enough frames to assign skills to all affected lemmings, you have to start assigning a bit further back from when the first lemming explodes.  And it turns out it's not easy to keep a lemming doing stacker, platformer or fencer for that long.  In my solution I had to carefully control how the lemmings overlap in position so the stacking doesn't stop prematurely, and also need to use bashers to extend their mid-air stance until they can oh-no.  (When you have multiple stackers at exact same position and facing direction, it seems that after the second stack brick has been laid down, the game will inevitably stop all but one stacker.)

Or, you could try typing in the solution on Notepad and hope it works. :sick:

Saw this replay. Insanely cool indeed. :o This method harks back to one of namida's LPIII levels. I'm sure Hail 6 would work in similar fashion too. The fall might be greater but at least the platform below the exit is steel.

I hadn't tested Blitz 14 there. Good point. Having now investigated this level, and to make this possible with the high requirement, I'll re-upload this level by adding 40 of each. I'll also take a look at the others and do the same if need be.

Also, I quickly improved Hail 6 to 1x, lose 18 using the cloned stacker technique.

Nice work, ccexplore! I also tried to reduce it too by counting the frames and knew that theoretically once the shimmier exploded the first fifteen would die and the stxteenth onwards would be able to reach the exit. At that time I forgot that the nuke can bomb below the exit trigger. That was until I saw that Prima replay you've uploaded a few days ago.

I thought I might upload my results for Holiday Lemmings. This pack seems to be more problematic than the others, as I discovered 9 levels so far which are impossible, with 5 of them potentially requiring a nuke solution. Looks like more frame counting needs to be done to take care of those pukes of levels. >:( Replays to some of the levels attached in a bundle. Any questions please ask. Thanks.

1: 2 of each, lost 1 OR 3 of each
2: 1 of each
3: 2 of each
4: 1 of each
5: 2 of each
6: 1 of each, lost 1 OR 2 of each
7: 3 of each
8: 1 of each
9: 1 of each
10: No solutions Found
11: 1 of each
12: No solutions Found
13: 1 of each
14: 3 of each
15: 2 of each
16: 1 of each

1: 8 of each
2: 2 of each
3: 11 of each
4: 4 of each
5: 3 of each
6: 0 of each, lost 41 OR 5 of each, lost 27
7: 9 of each
8: 6 of each
9: No Solutions Found
10: 3 of each
11: 4 of each
12: 2 of each
13: 3 of each
14: 9 of each
15: 3 of each
16: 1 of each, lost 1 OR 10 of each

1: 3 of each
2: 2 of each
3: 1 of each
4: 2 of each
5: No Solutions Found (Nuke?)
6: 6 of each
7: 6 of each
8: 7 of each
9: 2 of each
10: 6 of each
11: No Solutions Found (Nuke?)
12: 1 of each
13: 1 of each
14: 2 of each
15: 1 of each
16: 6 of each, lost 1

1: 6 of each
2: 6 of each
3: No Solutions Found (Nuke?)
4: 4 of each
5: 4 of each
6: 3 of each
7: 5 of each
8: 1 of each
9: 7 of each
10: 2 of each
11: 7 of each
12: No Solutions Found (Nuke?)
13: 6 of each
14: No Solutions Found (Nuke?)
15: 5 of each
16: No Solutions Found (Nuke?)

Using High Resolution, I checked the automatic replay button but unchecked the timestamp replay checkbox. As soon as the replay file came out the timestamp is still there.

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