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General Discussion / Sad news from Minim
« on: June 03, 2022, 08:44:21 PM »
So, I'm back but only to give you some sad news. Minty, my second cat, had died at the vets earlier today. :lix-cry: Now, you may be wondering why I'm posting this in front of you lot. As well as being a lovely gentle cat himself that especially loved going on people's laps, his frightened reaction to one of the old sound effects while I was playing Lix inspired me to write this post on his behalf. Yes, that makes him probably the most unexpected contributor to a lemmings fangame! He will forever remain in my heart, and I hope he will be in your hearts someday too. <3

RIP Minty (2/9/02 - 3/6/22)

EDIT by namida: Fixed the title tags.

This has come moments after I realised something crucially important about the Laserer from a challenge perspective.

Take Fun 23's "I've lost that Lemming feeling" for example, a level with huge walls that sometimes lead up to the top border when fencing. The fencer stays alive and turns the other way as soon as he touches the top edge.

I don't think this is intended, as he should walk up and die instead, :devil: but would anyone else like to share their thoughts on this?

So, I'm thinking about doing a re-run of the new skills challenge thread after the deadline passes. I need to consider one more thing I just stumbled across right now during the level "Patience".

If the lemmings are grouped in a cloned stacker pit, and you use a right-side laserer to set them free, the lemmings will enter out to the left and die. I tried selecting lemmings in the majority AND minority of that pit, and there's no difference, because if a laserer hits terrain in a severely crowded space then it also destroys terrain behind them. This is a nuisance if you're going for 100%, especially if one side's a deadly fall, because there aren't enough stacks to turn those lems into the intended direction.

I've uploaded the level I've modified (which has some new skills added) and the replay. If anyone wants me to draw diagrams then let me know. I'll put it in the OP.

Closed / [BUG] [RC-PLAYER] Nuke (Timer Bypass) function doesn't work
« on: June 06, 2021, 03:58:00 PM »
Simply needs a little fix. The 'Nuke' works as normal because it's a different function and the F12 key works fine too, but the 'Timer Bypass' nuke fails to work.

Hi, namida. I'm just need to mention a few things related to the Configure Hotkeys menu before releasing the final build.

Similar to this thread I made earlier, there's no pre-assigned hot-key for the Jumper, Slider and Laserer skills. For the Traditionalist layout, I have an alternate speech mark ` (currently coded as 00DF) along with - and = as suggestions. As for Functional, we still have F8-12 and 0 as options, but maybe you don't want to use the F keys for skills in that layout, and would rather rearrange other keys.

Also, the ~ (Tilde) and ' (Speech Mark) buttons are swapped around on my laptop keyboard. I think this is probably a bug that needs fixing, or just that we have two different keyboard layouts.

Site Discussion / Tooltip Text for in-game levels
« on: March 29, 2021, 06:17:46 PM »
It's important to be aware that, unlike the original games, [NeoLemmix] packs may be updated by their creators/compilers at any time. To make things run more smoothly, if you have any records to share, please observe the following protocol:

* Refer to levels by name, not just position! Records without level names will not be added to the opening post.

This singular rule has inspired me to come up with a proposal. Currently all Smileys have Tooltip Text when hovered over (Like this one, :)). However, by surrounding the Level's Number or Name in Tooltip Text (TT), users can just hover over the level with the mouse and find out information about this level instantly via a Hint Box.

For example, if a user writes Mayhem 1 in TT (say it's something like [t]Mayhem 1[/t]), a box will show that the level is named "Steel Works", the platform is from Amiga and that the game's from Original Lemmings. As another example, NeoLemmix's Redux pack has a level called "Save Me". This could be written like [t=nl]Save Me[/t] with "[t=nl]" being a NeoLemmix version of the level. Or we could sort it out by difficulty rating, in other words [t=lr5]Save Me[/t] meaning this level is from Redux in the Lunatic difficulty rating, the fifth rating in the pack. Whichever way, the help box would come up with information like "NeoLemmix, Lemmings Redux, Lunatic 29, Save Me".

The majority of users (if not all users) in Challenges refer to a certain level as the level's number. Sometimes the rank is used alongside it. We prefer doing it this way because it's a natural habit of us to cut tedium. Adding TT to them would eliminate all the potential questions that new users (and old) could ask about.

The hard part I guess is how (and whether) TT can be implemented into the forums. We may also need to come up with a TT icon that shouldn't be too similar to Teletype, the existing one that uses the ["tt"] function. Another question is how should it look in the preview, One of my suggestions is a superscripted Question Mark on the right side of the level's number, etc. Finally the possibility of a printer friendly version of it? As that last bit is unlikely to happen though, we could make a level list on a separate thread for people to print.

If TT implementation is successful, I'll see if I could apply this to the Challenge board of the Original Lemmings games first, because at least they're guaranteed to be unchanged. Once we're confident with that then we can try other things. Anything that needs clarifying please let me know. Thanks.

Closed / [BUG][QUICKMOD] Set Time Limit function removes time limits
« on: March 09, 2021, 06:50:14 AM »
I'm thinking of taking part in WillLem's 1-minute challenge thread, however, as soon as I apply a time limit to a level pack using QuickMod, all the levels' timers are removed instead.

Fan Corner / "The Structure" level drawing
« on: January 22, 2021, 09:10:04 AM »
Hi, folks.

I created this drawing during an art therapy lesson a long time ago. This was created three days after I uploaded the brick set level pack for Lemmix.

The link for the brick version of this level (though not identical to the drawing) is here, under I think one of the last two level packs. I originally made this level in 2008 under the name "Use the grey matter for this one" while I was motivated after creating my first level for Lemmini.

I'm afraid haven't drawn anything else since lockdown in the UK, but because I'm aware that some people like to draw I thought I'd share mine. Enjoy!

This is the half size file. If anybody wants the full size please let me know. There were also some random pencil marks that I tried to rub off to the best of my ability.

Currently, any terrain piece or object is snapped to a grid which affects the horizontal AND vertical axes. This is fine if a graphic set has square pieces, but not if there are irregular rectangle pieces like the Orig fire tileset and the majority of the Orig's steel blocks.

Challenges / [NeoLemmix] Fastest Time Records
« on: November 16, 2020, 09:25:42 AM »
(DOS counterpart link)
(Latest version of Lemmings Redux)
(Latest version of The NeoLemmix Introduction Pack)

OK, the Time records have been released.

Thanks to namida, Proxima and all others for their earlier contributions to the challenge threads involving Redux. Thanks also to Kaywhyn, DireKrow and Flopsy for replays/LPs to the NeoLemmix Introduction Pack, and to WillLem for uploading the Lemminas results. Any more questions or errors on the table please let me know.

Latest Update: NeoLemmix Introduction Pack updated to V1.5 with new levels and results, plus improvements to older ones. Some Redux replays reuploaded to add nukes to existing solutions. The most recent level improvement is Zany 13: "Don't leave any lemmings" with a time of 0:53.53, though there is room to improve at the start of the solution thanks to the exit facing the opposite way.

Lemmings Redux
Gentle (click to show/hide)

Quirky (click to show/hide)

Zany (click to show/hide)

Manic (click to show/hide)

Lunatic (click to show/hide)

Ichotolot's NeoLemmix Introduction Pack
Skills (click to show/hide)

Objects & Functions (click to show/hide)

Basic Training 1 (click to show/hide)

Basic Training 2 (click to show/hide)

Advanced Training (click to show/hide)

WillLem's Lemminas
Magical (click to show/hide)

Sensational (click to show/hide)

Tricksy (click to show/hide)

Pandemonium (click to show/hide)

Closed / [BUG][RC5-PLAYER] Game crashes during Don't panic level
« on: November 12, 2020, 05:56:27 PM »

I'm trying to speed-solve "DON'T PANIC" from Redux but have encountered a problem. All I did was change the release rate at the start (twice) and dig the pipe with the first lemming. The game crashes as the lemming joins the digger pit.

NeoLemmix has kindly given me a replay after notifying me of this, before restarting the game. I don't understand what seems to be going on. Here's my replay.

Site Discussion / Privacy/security of private messages
« on: October 26, 2020, 10:11:58 AM »
As some people may have noticed I've won a contest, but I haven't sent my PM to the host yet because of a concern about the forum's processes. I'm nervous about sending personal information even through private message, because once I send it through there's nothing as far as I know to stop the user from keeping these messages, apart from whether they will delete it or not. What I'm hoping for is some kind of "automatic deletion over time" option for any secure messages. One week for example would be good.

NeoLemmix Styles / [PROPOSAL] Wall buttons in default style
« on: September 10, 2020, 07:57:24 AM »
So after looking at climbers and fallers through Clear Physics Mode I've thought of a new object which behaves just like normal buttons: Wall buttons! These are graphically redesigned to look like they're attached to a wall, but they do have advantages: It can prevent backroutes because some solutions may involve climbing up (or falling down) a certain wall, and that's where these buttons come in to play.

I've thought of two different ideas for trigger area placements: One outside the wall (Where climbers will not trigger it but usually possible otherwise) and one inside the wall (where it can only be triggered with climbers). Of course, the length of the area should be no less than two pixels if we want to allow both. I changed the colour of the latter's socket to purple to disguise the two.

It might be a bit late to suggest object ideas, and they technically are redundant to the normal button but I hope these are popular enough to be worth including. I also don't have the trigger areas's coordinates for its nxmo file yet. Thoughts?

Lemmini / Proposal: Level Solving Contest for SuperLemmini
« on: August 24, 2020, 12:21:28 PM »
Hello everyone.

I've noticed SuperLemmini has received some significant activity within the past few weeks. 8-) Well, there are certainly more available levels now than last year! I wonder if there is enough interest to revive the Level Solving Contest? I haven't downloaded this engine for a long time. Post your thoughts below!

The rules as to how this competition is planned to work have been modified specifically for this engine. I've also decided to add geoo's original suggestion for multi- level packs if we need to.

* The engine that must be used is SuperLemmini, because some of its mechanics are noticeably different to NeoLemmix and Lix.
* The aim is simple: Just solve the level; or if there are multiple levels in a pack, solve as many as you can.
* The competitive part is to try and solve it/them within either the fastest time, or the fewest skills. The total Lemmings saved factor could also be prioritised depending on competitive viability. Would a maximum requirement reduce the number of viable solutions to a level?
* I'm not sure if SuperLemmini has an "auto-save level solutions" kind of button, so make sure you save some replays of your efforts!
* The process to submit results is similar to Family Feud. Upload your best replay to the host's personal messages box, not on the thread. Just to remind the guests that you need to be logged in to send PMs.
* The competition's playing phase will be open for let's say two weeks. After a fortnight expires the user's best result will be displayed on a leaderboard.
* If the revival gains popularity the winner of the tournament gets to choose the next level for a competition, or nominate someone else to. Otherwise this would be just for bragging rights.

Below are some example levels off the top of my head which I think are not too hard but have enough variety in the skillset to deserve competition. Once I get SL working then I'll have a look at other packs and expand this list. I also wonder that because this engine doesn't have a related editor, what does everyone use to edit levels in SL?

* Fun 29: Worra lorra lemmings
* Tricky 10: There's a lot of them about
* Tricky 11: Lemmings in the attic

Lemmings Main / Who designed which levels in the Original game?
« on: August 12, 2020, 09:12:15 AM »
Hi. According to Mike Dailly's blog, it turns out there were four designers involved in designing levels for the game. I'm trying to work out who designed what level. While I might get some of these wrong, having a long detailed look at the blog, there are clues that I'm able to spot in designers' behaviours.

* Mike mentioned that he created the special graphics levels. Also, he sometimes like to make titles of levels that give clues for the player and also some recognisable pictures (Anyone fancy inviting him to this month's Level Design Contest? :P).

* Gary created the tutorial levels, but beforehand often use just one terrain piece to create the entire level, and are so minimalist that he was told by his boss to decorate them; the only exception is likely to be "Tightrope City" (Strange, decoration for this level must have been forgotten about entirely). They're so recognisable that I usually remove all the terrain after the exit terrrain piece in the .nxlv file to see if I'm correct. ;P

* Scott's levels aren't recognisable pictures but are generally neatly put together, sometimes with some interesting sounding names in the titles.

* Dave might not have created too many levels, but I notice that there's one designer that doesn't fit into any of these categories. These levels are generally long, loose and quite generic with some kind of obvious challenge and usually have all eight skills involved. The time is usually tight as well. I'm guessing this is a connection between the observations and that Dave created these levels.

Out of the 79 levels introduced in the game, (WAFD I think appears twice in the original packs) here are my predictions, hidden in spoiler tags.

Dave Jones (click to show/hide)

Gary Timmons (click to show/hide)

Mike Dailly (click to show/hide)

Scott Johnston (click to show/hide)

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