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Live Event Scheduling / Re: Poker Tournament (not for real money)
« on: April 03, 2021, 12:07:43 PM »
I'm in :)

Live Event Scheduling / Re: The Jackbox Thread - The Audience
« on: March 29, 2021, 01:09:12 AM »
Just a reminder that this is still going on in about 3 weeks time. We're up to 6 people in the session now :)

Just to clear a few things up about this game that numerous people have asked me over the weeks.

Jackbox is not a game that needs to be purchased by yourself, I own the game myself and I'm providing the game feed via screenshare in the Pillar Room, everyone else just participates on a browser at

There is essentially no limit on how many people can play. Almost all of the Jackbox games have an audience which everyone in excess of the player number will go into once enough people have joined the game. These players in the audience will still play but there will be less participation.
If we have more than 8 players, we'll play each game multiple times if required to make sure everyone gets a turn and keep things fair.

How the audience works in the more popular games we play

Note that the following games do not support audience: Bidiots and Push the Button

Drawful 2 - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
Sadly the audience in this game will not draw anything but they are able to vote in the round where everyone votes on what they think is the original prompt. The audience will have an effect on the scoring of the game overall based on how they vote.

TKO - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
Again no drawing for the audience, however the audience can suggest things to draw or write which will appear in the background briefly during the creation phases. Also the audience vote in the voting phases.

Quiplash (XL, 2 and 3) - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience sit out the actual creation of the answers to the prompts but will be voting on the voting phases of the game.

Trivia Murder Party (1 and 2) - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience will answer the questions like the other players do, they can't be killed though so won't be participants on the Killing Floor, they can be called upon to be a decider in the minigame though. In Trivia Murder Party 2, the audience can WIN the game.

Guesspionage - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
A more interest use of the audience, if there is enough people in the audience, the audience will effective create the statistic for the question before the actual players answer the question. Increases replay value for this game :)

Fibbage (2 and 3) - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience don't enter lies but does vote on the entered lies trying to find the truth.
(In addition, in at least one of them (3, I think?), the audience doesn't directly write their own lies, but they do get presented with a multiple choice selection for a lie, which the audience votes on and is displayed alongside the other lies.)

Survive the Internet - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience vote on their favourite answer in each round.

Split the Room - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
Participating player (according to the wiki)

Mad Verse City - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience vote on their favourite player in each rap battle.

The Devils and the Details - 8 players (anything over this will join the audience)
The audience take control of the cat and can indirectly affect the game's outcome by creating tasks (which usually involve what the cat did).

I'd definitely support this, too! :thumbsup: Of course, having some systematic order to the styles would also be nice (we've discussed that in another thread already), but just being able to read all the style names in their entirety would already be a huge improvement.

You can order the styles yourself by modifying the "styles.ini" file. I did this to make sure all the styles in GGF appear at the top of the editor dropdown. However, you need to be careful not to overwrite this when you future update the styles.


This terrain piece in the picture is of 64x12 pixels and has the following nxmt


However it does not display properly in the editor. It is missing the right most 6 pixels. When it loads in the player, it displays correctly.

Purely just a suggestion but I've always noticed that the style names are too wide for the styles dropdown menu and it makes it harder to read the style names.

I'm referring to the style selector which is on the left above the terrain and object tiles themselves, to the left of the "Get Terrain" button.

Live Event Scheduling / Re: Among Us
« on: March 23, 2021, 02:05:10 AM »
I should be able to play this time :)

Looking forward to it

Just a note, I have moved the session time slightly. The clocks go forward this week so while the session will still be at 6pm UK time, I have moved the time 1 hour forward UTC.

Apologies for this error

I know it is early to announce it but the next Jackbox session will be on Sunday 18th April at 5pm UTC.

I wanted to wait a bit longer before hosting another and avoiding Easter weekend (for obvious reasons).
Still hoping to try some games we haven't touched before in this upcoming session.

Going forward, we will be hosting the sessions in the Pillar room after the success of the last session (thanks for the great suggestion Pooty!).

Although there is not a limit on the session itself, please let me know in this thread if you're planning to play so I have an idea of how many players to expect (it will have a massive effect on what we end up playing so it's good to know :) )

Hope to see you there and I'm looking forward to it greatly!

Just a reminder that this is starting in an hour (for those who have had clocks change) ;)

I noticed that we haven't got a follow up session so this is the next weekend evening I can play Lix (now that I am officially back at work).

How is Sunday 14th March at 6pm UTC? I say 6pm for Simon's benefit.

Let's test some more multiplayer levels from the Lix Multiplayer Level contest :D

Let's Play Some Games V3 after kaywhyn's back route on his video.

- added more steel above the disarmer preplaced lemming.

Sorry I've only just got round to watching it.

kaywhyn's solution to my R2 level "Let's Play Some Games" on his video is a back route sadly.

I've uploaded an update to this level in the update topic.

Live Event Scheduling / Re: Among Us
« on: February 22, 2021, 06:54:23 AM »
Annoying as it sounds, I'm actually working both of those days.

It sucks because I was available for the session just gone. Hope you manage to get enough players.

On the subject of times though which you brought up last night in the discord chat room, if you were to arrange sessions after 8pm EST in the future then I would be able to play no matter what day it is because it is after 1am my time. Since someone said that this game has more US players than European.

Lix Levels / Re: Multiplayer Map-Making Contest
« on: February 20, 2021, 02:44:33 PM »
I have 2 maps which have existed in the last Lix multiplayer session but were not played.

First up, Run the Gauntlet. I'm showing the 4 player version of this map, it has vertical wrap only. I have circled the hatches and their respective exit in the same colour to show the extent of how the map will play out. I have this in 3-8 player versions.
The trapdoor on the left has their exit in the same section as it but they are very big risk of sabotage from the Lixes above the acid pools which cannot get out unless the built bridge exists to free them.
It's like trying to sneak past a bee's nest without disturbing them!
It's optional to try and save all your Lixes from the hatches in the other player's sections, there are ways past the steel borders at the right hand side of the level.

2nd up, Sector 4T Lixes which is something a little less chaotic than the above. This is the 4 player version again and it is also available in 6 player and 8 player, it has horizontal and vertical wrap.
Again I have circled the hatch and exit in the same colour, you are working diagonally down and right past a few frogs to get to your exit. This map is a little more relaxed and it is unlikely you will meet other colour Lixes on this map if you're careful.

Now that the Lix multiplayer level contest is up and official, let's keep up the momentum with the Lix sessions.

Because there's a Jackbox session on Sunday 28th, I've suggested Saturday 27th Feb at the slightly earlier time of 6pm UTC.

Let's get together and test some potential new maps (I've got some new maps still to test if not), or do you think this is too soon after the contest going up?

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