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This session is about to kick off over on Discord ;)

See you all there!

4 years ago today I released a pack called SEB Lems after making 175 levels in a little over 18 months with a lot of help from Wafflem.
Now I present to you after 4 whole years since SEB Lems.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, I am releasing a Lemmings pack entirely made of Sonic the Hedgehog tilesets.
Help guide the Sonic Lemmings to the exits in 189 levels across 9 ranks!
Help Sonic overcome Eggman's plans to take control of these mindless Sonic Lemmings and use them for his evil plans.

1. This pack uses a lot of custom animations, and uses no effect trigger objects. These have been added for nostalgia purposes for the sake of trying to make the tilesets look as much like a Sonic game as possible. If you don't like this, please disable the background images in the config menu.
2. Most levels have 10 minute time limits by default, I discussed this with a few people before deciding on whether to implement this or not and I got all kinds of responses to this so my gut feeling was to just implement this feature. I am not going to have this pack topic descend into discussion about the time limits being unnecessary, this was also added for nostalgic purposes (Sonic would die if the time limit reached 10:00 on most Sonic games). I have added this to the levels where it is possible to solve the level significantly under the time limit (ie. you have at least 3 mins left) so I have added these time limits appropriately and not just to every single level.

This pack is deemed to be mostly on par with the difficulty of SEB Lems, however some testers have said that this pack is a little harder than SEB Lems even.

This pack is made up of 9 ranks, the first 7 of which are the main difficulty ranks and the last 2 are bonus ranks.
The pack also features custom sprites made to look like Sonic (thanks to Nessy for making these).
Each rank contains 21 levels, the final level in each rank is a boss stage and features a unique music track.
The first 7 ranks contain one level from each of the 21 main tilesets used in the pack.

With Special Thanks to
Nessy - for being the sole tester for this entire 4 year development cycle, helping me with making backgrounds and the lemming sprites. Such a great person to work with, always willing to help!
Also for providing the Hydrocity tileset for the pack.
Wafflem - "We've finally done it, the pack is finished. I wish you could be here to see it finished, please come back soon". For being a second tester when he was not away and being the pure inspiration behind this pack.
Lucia - Love Always xxxx
namida - for always being there to assist at the odd hours of the night when I would be cursing about why a certain new NL feature wasn't working or an update had broke the pack or tilesets! XD
WillLem - for testing/improvements on the 1st rank and providing an animation for the Scrap Brain buzzsaw, it looks great!
kaywhyn - for the patrotic-ness of LPing MegSEGAbytes on the week leading up to the release of this pack! Awesome timing! Look forward to you eventually playing this pack, will it be longer than the SEB Lems LP? :lem-mindblown:
GigaLem - for the work you have done on making the Sonic tilesets look great.
Plom - for the Metro, Studiopolis and Press Garden tilesets
and anyone else who has been supportive of this pack over the years!

ROSE - Named after the stalker Amy Rose, this rank starts out with nice X of everything levels and a few other kinds of levels designed to ease you into the pack.

SHIELD - The 2nd rank, named after the Shield power up that Sonic collects on his travels. Still X of everythings in this rank but the difficulty is higher.

RING - The 3rd rank, named after those golden rings which Sonic collects on his travels. We now shift towards Puzzle style levels and the X of everything levels become much less common, unless X=1 of course :P.

SNEAKER - The 4th rank, named after Sonic's very speed shoes. The speed is largely getting up to running speed by this point, we are truely into the meat of the pack now and the difficulty is ramping up.

EMERALD - The 5th rank, named after those collectable jewels in the bonus stages of Sonic. Now we are truely heading into the harder levels in the pack, they are hard just like collecting the emeralds in the Sonic games!

SUPER SONIC - The 6th rank, named after Sonic's powerful form after collecting all the emeralds. Now the levels are getting larger and much more complex, a lot more abstract thinking required here.

CHILLI DOG - The 7th and final difficulty rank. Here we are, the last hurrah! The pack doesn't get any harder than this! Can you get to the coveted Chilli Dog at the end of the pack?

ENCORE - An overflow rank of levels which didn't fit into the main ranks but were still awesome enough to include in the pack. Including a few collabs with other level creators!

TOOLKIT - This rank is a certain type of level which I felt belonged in its own rank so that if you don't want to play these types, just stay out of this rank. These are levels with large skillsets and require a large amount of thinking and resources to solve. I know some people don't like this level type so I chose to separate them out (That's not to say the rest of the pack is entirely free of these "toolkit" type levels though!).

Now onto the tilesets by Flopsy.
Scrap Brain (Sonic 1) - the old favourite, remastered for GGF. Special thanks to WillLem for helping with the buzzsaw animation.

Happy Hour (Shield 10)

Star Light (Sonic 1) - remastered for GGF, now with added lighting effects.

Do You Believe in Magic? (Super Sonic 10)

Marble Garden (Sonic 3) - remastered for GGF with improved water animations.

Harden The Paint (Emerald 8)

Casino Night (Sonic 2) -  remastered for GGF with significant light effect improvements.

Casino is the Night (Ring 1)

Sandopolis (Sonic & Knuckles) - remastered for GGF with improved updraft symbolising.

Pedalpusher (Chilli Dog 8)

Mystic Cave (Sonic 2) - remastered for GGF with improved trap visibility

Shining Light (Sneaker 16)

Death Egg (Sonic & Knuckles) - remastered for GGF with improved animations

Death and Destruction (Emerald 14)

Labyrinth (Sonic 1) (in collab with GigaLem) - the water labyrinth of Sonic 1, possibly everyone's nightmare when playing Sonic. This tileset will feature water related Swimmer puzzles in most cases.

Let's Ride (Ring 21)

Chemical Plant (Sonic 2) (in collab with GigaLem) - the Chemical Plant from Sonic 2, featuring teleporter tubes and plenty of megamac to swim around in!

Lems at Work (Ring 20)

Lava Reef (NEW) (Sonic & Knuckles) - a new tileset, a cave filled with glorious lava. There is also a colder variant for where the lava has cooled (like Act 2). Needless to say the Lava will kill.

It's Tea and Biscuits Time! (Chilli Dog 19)

Oil Ocean (NEW) (Sonic 2) - the classic zone from Sonic 2 (which recently made an appearance in Sonic Mania, this tileset is based on the Sonic 2 classic zone. A tileset based on pipes and an oil water (can swim in). Similar to Sandopolis, oil slopes act as one way fields.

Past the Point of Delirium (Super Sonic 4)

Spring Yard (NEW) (Sonic 1) - the original pinball zone from Sonic 1, this tileset has a mesh similar to the crystal tileset in standard Lemmings which the Lemmings will be able to traverse.

Whodunnit? (Chilli Dog 5)

Hill Top (NEW) (Sonic 2) - a high altitude zone from Sonic 2, this zone has some grass terrain and even underground terrain. This tileset also features Lava, be very careful.

Down the Hillside (Emerald 16)

Marble Zone (NEW) (Sonic 1) - the original lava zone from Sonic 1, has some resemblances to Marble Garden Zone with the grass however this tileset features Lava, a pillar trap and ruins.

The Big Fat Greek Level (Super Sonic 18)

Metropolis (NEW) (Sonic 2) - the Scrap Brain of Sonic 2, this tileset features conveyor belts, molten lava and teleporters.

This is Lemmings! (Shield 21)

Ice Cap (NEW) (Sonic 3) - the last tileset to be made for the pack, felt like an ice tileset was what the pack needed to round out the variety of environments. Bears some resemblance to L2 Polar and ONML Snow but the crystal lattice pattern brings some uniqueness to this tileset.

The Last Blocker (Ring 11)

Guest Tilesets by other authors

Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1) (by GigaLem) - the original GHZ tileset by GigaLem, a must for a Sonic pack.

69 and OUT! (Sneaker 3)

Launch Base (Sonic 3) (by timfoxxy and GigaLem) - the final zone from Sonic 3, where Eggman originally planned to launch the Death Egg into space.

Geronimo! (Sneaker 15)

Studiopolis (Sonic Mania) (by Plom) - A newer Sonic Mania zone reimagined by Plom, a bit of a studio based zone.

The Cascade Swimathon (Sneaker 14)

Press Garden (Sonic Mania) (by Plom) - A newer Sonic Mania zone reimagined by Plom, a newspaper press mixed with Japanese cultured terrain.

Dawn Treader (by Flopsy/Wafflem) (Sneaker 21)

Hydrocity (Sonic 3) (by Nessy) (NEW) - the water zone from Sonic 3, reimagined by Nessy, a bit of a water rollercoaster!

Detonator (Chilli Dog 12)

plus more special guests!

These styles were all submitted to the styles manager earlier this week and namida has updated all these tilesets so you can either download them from within NeoLemmix's styles manager or alternately, the styles are included in the download anyway.

Download the music pack for Gotta Go Fast here
(71 tracks, 282MB size)

Optional download
Includes a few custom sounds for the pack - note that this will play on all packs you play and not just this pack. It is optional to download this but it will add a few more sounds which will improve the player experience.
Alternative "Let's Go" - instead of saying "Let's Go", a sound of Sonic saying "HERE WE GO!" will play like he does in Sonic Unleashed when beginning a level.
Success jingle which plays the Japanese version of Sonic CD's post level jingle.
Failure jingle which plays the game over tune for Sonic Spinball.
To download these sounds, download the "" and extract to your NeoLemmix folder. You will have to overwrite existing files.

General Discussion / Re: General Comings and Goings
« on: September 02, 2021, 11:41:14 PM »
I'm going to be away from 3rd-12th September.

Don't forget there's a Jackbox session on 19th September ;)

I'll probably see you all at that!

So sorry to hear about that KingShadow :(

We are here for you at this difficult time.

Ok, sorry for the delay in posting another session.

I've had a complication with when I will be away next month so I wasn't entirely sure when I was able to host another session. And plus I didn't want to post the session too early so I wanted to wait until it was at least in sight potentially.

Anyway, I can do another session on Sunday 19th September at the usual time, I did want to do a session on Sunday 5th Sept but I will be away sadly.

I would like to potentially play some games we haven't played in a while in this session and potentially give some other games a chance which have been poorly received in other sessions. I feel like the sessions recently have fallen into a lull of playing the same games and not really embracing other games into the mix. There is always an option to sit out a game if it's not to your taste anyway.
Since I don't seem to get feedback on the games from anyone, I'm left to decide which games to play before the session begins in pretty much all the sessions, I refer to this shortlist of games whenever there is no preference on what games to play. That's why I did the polls in the discussion topic recently.

Regarding the Jackbox Party Pack 8 release session, there is STILL no release date for the pack at the time of writing. I'll let you know about that when I know more, but this will be the last session before the JPP8 release session which will be sometime in October.
While I know the contents of Jackbox Party Pack 8 and what games are in it, I'm keeping the game spoiler free until the release session for the benefit of those who would rather be kept in suspense.


in the area circled. A swimmer lemming will stop swimming and fall through the water and off the stage entirely.

It is terrain which is 2 pixels wide with water on both sides.

In Development / Re: [NeoLemmix v12] Lemmings: Gotta Go Fast [187/188]
« on: August 05, 2021, 02:01:00 AM »
It might actually end up being 189 levels, I'm planning to make all the ranks 21 levels each now.

In Development / Re: [NeoLemmix v12] Lemmings: Gotta Go Fast [187/188]
« on: August 04, 2021, 01:48:52 AM »
Update 4/8/21

This pack is getting close to release now, all the levels are done, I think there is one more level I want to add to the pack as an ultimate finisher to the Toolkit rank in the pack. Other than that, it's just tileset aesthetics and getting things up to scratch with the recent version of NeoLemmix.

So the pack now has 9 ranks, I have removed the Special Stage, Competition and SEBSegabytes rank and replaced them with one rank called Toolkit.

Each rank has now been increased to 21 levels because I have 21 tilesets which I want to use in the pack now after creating one more which I felt was missing. All will be revealed when the pack releases :)

Rose - Named after Amy Rose, nice and relaxed difficulty level like Team Rose was in Sonic Heroes, mostly X of everything levels but it's not overly generous (first difficulty rank, 21 levels)

Shield - Still shielded from tougher levels and have plentiful skillsets to hand. (second difficulty rank, 21 levels)

Ring - Onto the easier puzzle type levels and earn those rings! (third difficulty rank, 21 levels)

Sneaker - Getting more difficult, get those Super Sneakers on and carry on, Gotta Go FAST! (fourth difficulty rank, 21 levels)

Emerald - About as difficult as getting actual emeralds in the Sonic games (fifth difficulty rank, 21 levels)

Super Sonic - You have all the Emeralds now, time to morph into Super Sonic (sixth difficulty rank, 21 levels)

Chilli Dog - You have fought hard, you have beaten some tough levels to get here, can you finish the job and earn the Chilli Dog! (seventh and final difficulty rank, 21 levels)

Encore - A Flopsy/Wafflem collaboration ENCORE! With some levels from other special guests! (a collaboration rank, 20 levels)

NEW Toolkit - This rank is basically home to a unique level type which I feel some people dislike but for the sake of being fair, I am still including them for those who enjoy them but in a separate rank.
Toolkit basically means that, you have a larger skillset to deal with a more complex level. Some of these levels can be extremely difficult and have high entropy. (toolkit levels, 21 levels)

Ok so I have split the topic to make sure all this discussion is separate to the actual session thread.

And I have put up my second poll, this time the subject in question is the games of Jackbox Party Pack 7.
Same as before, only vote for the games you ENJOY playing.
A slight difference here though is one game in this poll has never been played in the LF Jackbox sessions at the time of writing, only vote for it if it's a game concept you think you will enjoy (as you would any game which you haven't played)

I voted in the poll for 3 of the options, but I really don't see it as being completely black-and-white. I voted for Push The Button, Dictionarium and Joke Boat - however, Push The Button is more "I enjoy an occasional game of it" whereas the other two I like a lot. Meanwhile for the two I didn't vote - Role Models I just find really tedious and boring (I do understand how it works, I've played it several times with Bleak's crew) and I'd actively vote against playing it, whereas Trivia Murder Party, I'm never going to actively ask for it and I might not join in if it's the first or especially last game in a session, but I don't dislike it per se, I don't mind playing it as one of the games in the session.

If you are ever in the mindset that you might not join in with the game in question, like with what you said about Trivia Murder Party then that is probably not a game you want to be voting for. You didn't vote for it but I'm just saying you probably don't enjoy TMP in that case.

I'm breaking it down into packs because I felt that is the best way to group them, I know it's not going to be a black and white answer but it's nice to know which games are being enjoyed and which ones aren't.


Jackbox Party Pack 6 opinion poll results.
Please vote for the games you ENJOY playing in Jackbox Party Pack 6. Only vote for the game if you enjoy playing it, if you haven't played it vote for it if you think you would enjoy playing it..

Trivia Murder Party 2 (up to 8 players + audience) - Trivia game with death minigames intertwined.
5 (23.8%)
Role Models (up to 6 players + audience) - Personality analyser game, where other people rate what kind of person you are.
2 (9.5%)
Joke Boat (up to 8 players + audience) - Craft your own jokes and try to improve other people's jokes.
5 (23.8%)
Dictionarium (up to 8 players + audience) - Create your own words and try to make the best definitions for them.
5 (23.8%)
Push The Button (up to 10 players) - Some players are aliens, find out who they are through testing and super sleuthing.
4 (19%)
Total Members Voted: 8

I would like to know what the most enjoyed games are in particular Jackbox Party Packs and I'm starting with Jackbox Party Pack 7. When answering, just tick the games which you enjoy, it's not a tick your most favourite.
If you haven't played a game on the poll, you can vote for it if you would like to play the game if you think you would enjoy it.

Yet again I am working at the time of this session. I do want to play but the session times are not coinciding with my days off.

I've had some time and space to think and going forward, I am not going to host Jackbox more frequently than every 5-6 weeks. I think hosting the sessions more frequently has lead to me being over-anxious and why I had to cancel the last planned session.

Also to echo something I read on the Discord when I was absent
"I think we can all agree that we benefit from the camaraderie, companionship and fun that these game sessions provide, and although they can get a bit competitive, it's far more important that everybody is enjoying themselves. I for one will do my best next time to make sure that I put this at the forefront of my mind. Big love to all of you"

I agree with that statement greatly and I want Jackbox to be enjoyed, hence why I feel that not hosting it as often will help achieve this. I don't want the fun to fizzle out so having it as a once in a while thing (every 6-ish weeks) will help it be more fun when we do play.

However, good news is on the horizon to help keep Jackbox fun, Jackbox Party Pack 8 is coming out this fall (usually October). From what I've seen of the games so far, they seem innovative and fresh compared to the current games in Jackbox Party Packs 1-7.
Each Jackbox Party Pack following Party Pack 1 has always had one game which is a sequel of an existing game and one game is always a drawing game, look at the spoiler tag for details of the current trend.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

So Jackbox Party Pack 8 will be expected to release some time in mid October, I plan on getting the game as soon as it drops and I intend on doing a session that week also where we exclusively play the new games (with maybe some other classics thrown in). So good times ahead :)

General Discussion / Re: General Comings and Goings
« on: June 15, 2021, 12:22:44 PM »
I'm taking some time out from this community due to recent events and personal matters.

I'm sorry it's very sudden but the Jackbox session this Sunday is also cancelled. The way I'm feeling at the moment I just cannot go through with it.

Live Event Scheduling / Re: Among Us
« on: May 19, 2021, 04:25:14 PM »
I can do later on that night at about 11pm UTC

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