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This terrain piece in the picture is of 64x12 pixels and has the following nxmt


However it does not display properly in the editor. It is missing the right most 6 pixels. When it loads in the player, it displays correctly.

Purely just a suggestion but I've always noticed that the style names are too wide for the styles dropdown menu and it makes it harder to read the style names.

I'm referring to the style selector which is on the left above the terrain and object tiles themselves, to the left of the "Get Terrain" button.

I noticed that we haven't got a follow up session so this is the next weekend evening I can play Lix (now that I am officially back at work).

How is Sunday 14th March at 6pm UTC? I say 6pm for Simon's benefit.

Let's test some more multiplayer levels from the Lix Multiplayer Level contest :D

Now that the Lix multiplayer level contest is up and official, let's keep up the momentum with the Lix sessions.

Because there's a Jackbox session on Sunday 28th, I've suggested Saturday 27th Feb at the slightly earlier time of 6pm UTC.

Let's get together and test some potential new maps (I've got some new maps still to test if not), or do you think this is too soon after the contest going up?

Flopsy's guide to making Lix multiplayer maps.

Welcome, this is a guide to helping newer players make better multiplayer maps. After making a good amount of maps myself and played in a lot of sessions over the years. I want to share my opinions of what I have learned.

Feel free to disagree with things I say in this guide, I'm interested in listening to feedback on improving this guide. I am open to debate.

The Basics

⦁   Lix is basically the multiplayer of Lemmings but expanded to cater for up to 8 players. It's very like the 2 player mode of Lemmings but with additional skills such as batters, cubers, jumpers, walkers.... etc.

⦁   There are 8 Lix colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Light Gray and Black. You will choose a colour before playing and these are the Lixes you can assign skills to in the game. Note: There can be more than one player assigned to a colour.

⦁   The idea is to save as many Lixes as possible in the exit of your respective colour, it doesn't matter what colour Lixes enter your exit, they will get added to your score. The idea is to use your skillset on your Lixes to guide ALL Lixes (or just your own) on the map to YOUR coloured exit. There is a lot of strategy to cover and I will try and help as much as I can in this guide.

⦁   Lix comes with an editor in the game to make your own multiplayer levels, it's very easy to do if you're already familiar with the NeoLemmix editor (I'll go through the editor a little later).

⦁   Each multiplayer map must specify a number of players the map is designed for. The hatches in the level will display a Letter which corresponds to the exit with the same letter, that means that the Lixes from hatch A will have to go to the exit A. Lix maps can be played by 2-8 players. Sadly that map can only be for that number of players, you'll have to make a separate map for another amount of players (between 2 and 8).

⦁   You can make the same map for more or less players, it will always mean changing the size of the level to cater for the increased/decreased number of players. You will have to save this map separately though.

⦁   Each level must have a name like how levels are named in Lemmings, it may be handy to write in the level field after the name for example "2P" to denote the map is for 2 players and "3P" for 3 players and so on....

⦁   Each level must have a specified number of Lix allocated to each player, a good amount of Lix is generally around 50-60 Lixes if you are keeping the release rate as standard (RR is known as SI in Lix, more on this later).

⦁   It's a good idea to have a value set for overtime as well, a common mistake I see in multiplayer levels is people often leave this at "0:00" and this is bad. I'll cover overtime in detail later but the general idea is any player can choose to nuke if they have saved at least 1 Lix in their exit, when they nuke then this timer will start to countdown and the game will end when this timer has expired.
"1:00" tends to be a standard overtime value to use if you're not sure what will be a good timer.

⦁   Spawn interval can be converted into release rate, and vice versa, by the formula SI + RR = 103. This means that SI 4 corresponds to RR 99, the fastest possible in NL, and SI 1, 2 and 3 are even faster. Since spawn interval is simply the number of frames between successive spawns, SI 2 is twice as fast as SI 4, and SI 1 is four times as fast.

⦁   If you have never played Lix multiplayer before then it's highly recommended that you play it before trying to make maps. Watching videos on it doesn't really prepare you for what the game is like, there is no substitute for experiencing the game for yourself!

Making Multiplayer Maps
The Level

It's a usual convention to make an equal amount of work to get through the level for each player so consistency is an important element in making a good multiplayer level.


Get on the Revolution (2 player map)

This is a 2 player level which is usually referred to as a team map (where you have more than one player on each team). Notice the symmetry and the fact that there is nothing different for each team to navigate.

Along the fabrics of your clothing (6 player map)

This is a 6 player level with horizontal and vertical wrap, note how it gets harder to get the hatch and goal positioning correct in this, but it is consistent that each player has to go down two levels to get to their goal from their hatch.

Downward Reduction (8 player map)

This is a 8 player level with horizontal wrap, each exit is in the same position relative to their hatch.
Notice how this is horizontally aligned? This sort of level is very easy to make a version for any number of players by simply reducing the number of hatches and exits simultaneously.

The point is every player has to do an equal amount of work to get to their exit.
However there are examples of levels which rip up this rule so don't be afraid to experiment.


The Great Lix in the Sky (5 player map)

This level is just an asymmetric level where there is a definite imbalance between players, and there is often controversy on levels like this however, it is still something different to play.

Snatched (5 player map)

This level has symmetry for the 4 players in the middle levels however the player at the top has to go all the way from the top to the bottom of the level. The level has increased overtime to account for this because the player at the top needs a long time to get to their exit.

Levels like this are less regular in the current multiplayer level pool.

It is hard for me to tell you exactly how to make a good Lix level, you need to have ideas of your own but I have hints to make these level ideas be their best potential.

What make good Lix multiplayer levels

⦁   Levels which have lots of crossovers with paths of Lixes of another colour. This encourages sabotage and will always produce different results.

⦁   If you want to make larger levels that is fine but this only really works if you make a level where you are using paths made by other players and not having to entirely craft your own path to the exit which can be very time consuming.

⦁   Levels where the skills given each play a part in the level and are not too plentiful.

⦁   If you must give blockers, give about twice as many batters to balance the game out.

What not to do

⦁   don't make maps which are effectively disjoint unions and each player is playing the same version of a level, the only exception to this I'd say is acceptable is if you are putting a hatch of Lixes of another colour in the same segment.

⦁   be careful when considering the amount of Blockers and Cubers to put in a level, these are very strong skills which can be annoying to counter so as a rule of thumb, you should never have more than 5 of each, or 10 of one of them if you have none of the other. Some might disagree with this but levels with lots of these 2 skills never seem to be popular levels. If you have too many, your level may be subject to having Blocker spam near exits which are very hard to counter.

⦁   Levels where no walkers and jumpers are given in a level which requires a lot of navigation.

⦁   Hard to explain, but levels where there are a lot of builder or miner countering don't tend to be popular with some either. This is where you are in a stalemate situation where you are always building over someone else's exit but someone is always mining through the bridges you just built (usually the player whose exit it belongs to), so you are effectively just infinitely delaying the inevitable.

⦁   don't make maps which don't encourage people to sabotage or steal other players Lixes.

Lix Main / Lix Editor tutorial by Flopsy
« on: February 19, 2021, 07:01:53 PM »
The Editor

You can access the editor by either selecting "Edit" or "Create Level" while in the Lix single player level index

Most of the buttons in this picture can be customised to a hotkey which can be set in the Options on the main menu under "Editor Keys".
The hotkey is displayed on the button for reminder purposes.

You can move tiles using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

1. New: This deletes the entire screen and starts new. It should now ask you whether you want to Save before it completely starts anew.
2. Save: Saves the level in it's assigned location.
3. Quit: Quits the editor and you will be asked to save changes (unlike the New button above).
4. Save As: You choose a location and filename to save the level as. It's recommended that you save it in the network folder if it is a multiplayer level in the folder for the correct number of players.
5-7. Grid 2, Grid 16, Grid 8: these settings set how much the grid size is. You can only have one of these setting activated at once or none at all. If you move tiles using the arrow keys in the editor, this will set how many pixels the tiles move by with each movement.
Lix is high-resolution compared to NeoLemmix: 2 Lix pixels = 1 NL pixel. So the "grid 16" setting is the equivalent of "grid 8" in NL. This applies to splat height as well: 128 in Lix, 64 in NL.
The grid is more useful in Lix than in NL, because more terrain pieces are built with dimensions exactly 8 x 8, 16 x 16 etc.
Basically use Grid 16 if you want to move tiles quite a long way across the map, these settings help you measure pixels on the map as well and help with keeping consistency across the map.
8. Everything: This is basically Select All, use this to select all the tiles at once.

9. Frame: This doesn't actually need to be selected, it auto activates if you drag a box using the left mouse button.
10. Add: With this selected, you can keep selecting tiles to select a subset of tiles.
11. Undo: A new feature, this undoes the last action you took in the editor. You can use this multiple times to go back multiple steps.
12. Redo: The opposite of above, this reverses the undo.
13. Make Group: This allows you to group the selected tiles into a single tile.
14. Ungroup: If you have a grouped tile created using the above feature, you can undo the grouping process and use them again as single tiles using this feature.
15. Copy: Copies and pastes the selected tile offset from the original tile.
16. Delete: Deletes the selected tiles.

17. Background: Puts the selected tiles behind nearby tiles which are not selected.
18. Foreground: Puts the selected tiles in front of nearby tiles which are not selected. This is helpful for making sure steel is on top of other tiles.
19. Mirror: This flips the selected tiles horizontally.
20. Rotate: Rotates the selected tiles 90 degrees clockwise.
21. Dark: This is effectively the erase feature, it makes the selected tiles turn into erase pieces (similar to how it works in NeoLemmix)
22. Zoom: Left clicking zooms in and right clicking zooms out, it would be handy to have this hotkeyed to your mouse rollerwheel if you have one.
23. Terrain: Adds a terrain tile. This takes you to the folders of all the existing tilesets for Lix and you select a terrain piece from there.

24: Steel: Adds a steel piece (number 34 on the level itself).
25: Goal: Adds a Lix exit to the level.
26. Hatch: Adds a Lix trapdoor to the level.
27. Hazard: Adds a trap, water, fire or interactive object to the level.
28. Constants: This brings up the following fields for the level.
Level title
Players (can be set from 1 to 8)
Initial Lix (can be set from 1 to 999)
Overtime (can be set from 0:00 to 9:00)
Spawn Interval (can be set from 1 (high RR) to 96 (low RR))
Spawn interval can be converted into release rate, and vice versa, by the formula SI + RR = 103. This means that SI 4 corresponds to RR 99, the fastest possible in NL, and SI 1, 2 and 3 are even faster. Since spawn interval is simply the number of frames between successive spawns, SI 2 is twice as fast as SI 4, and SI 1 is four times as fast.
29. Map: this brings up the following fields for the level.
Left - moves the left border of the level left or right by the specified amount of pixels.
Right - moves the right border of the level left or right by the specified amount of pixels.
Top - moves the top border of the level up or down by the specified amount of pixels.
Bottom - moves the bottom border of the level up or down by the specified amount of pixels.
Wrap Around Horizontally - tick this to make the level wrap around horizontally.
Wrap Around Vertically - tick this to make the level wrap around vertically.
Background Red, Blue, Green - assign a hex value to these 3 colours to change the background colour of the level.
30. Skills - this is where you specify the skillset for the level (more on these later).
You can set skills to infinite by press down below zero or going up above 999 of the respective skill.
Fling Exploder: Tick this to make exploders have an effect on surrounding Lix by having the explosion fling them.

31. Hatch on the level, the letter on this is its index meaning it relates to the goal which also has that letter (index). In this case it is up and left from it.
32. Goal on the level, the letter on this is its index meaning it relates to the hatch which also has that letter (index).
33. Terrain piece, this is a normal terrain piece which can be burrowed through by Lixes.
34. Steel piece, this is a steel piece which cannot be burrowed through by Lixes.


Walker - this pretty much works how it does in NeoLemmix, it changes the direction of a Lix not performing a skill or it stops the Lix performing a skill if it is performing a skill.
Jumper - also works very similarly to how it works in NeoLemmix, the Lix will jump up with forward motion, like a projectile. This can be used to reach higher ledges and saves you having to use a builder or climber to do so.
Runner - a skill which is not in NeoLemmix but it was in Lemmings 2 The Tribes. This makes a Lix run faster across the level, this can be handy for getting a Lix up ahead to fix the road up ahead and make it safe. Note that if you use a jumper on a runner, you will jump much further (the Lix will somersault instead). However the runner does not increase the speed of any other skill which will be performed at the normal speed.
Climber - works pretty much how it does in NeoLemmix/Lemmings
Floater - works pretty much how it does in NeoLemmix/Lemmings
Batter - a unique skill to Lix, this was created as a counter to Blockers. When assigned, the Lix will swing a bat immediately in front of her and any other Lixes hit by this swinging bat will be launched in the direction of the swing. Any Lix can be affected by this swing, including fallers and blockers.
Exploder - it leaves a hole like it does in NeoLemmix/Lemmings however rather than being egg shaped, it is perfectly circular. There are 2 types of Exploder, fling and non-fling. They both leave holes behind but the fling exploders will make a blast which will affect other Lixes in the vicinity of the explosion. Non-fling Exploders (Imploders) omit this blast effect and no other Lixes will be affected by it. Imploders (i.e. non-fling bombers) leave an egg-shaped crater. Exploders (fling bombers) leave a circular one.
Blocker - works very much like it does in NeoLemmix/Lemmings. A Blocker can freed by having another Lix use a batter on it.
Cuber - the other skill unique to Lix, however if you are familiar with the stoner in NeoLemmix, it's a similar concept. The differences are, you can only assign a cuber when the Lix is on the ground and the Lix will turn into a cube.
⦁   This skill will permanently kill the Lix it is used on.
⦁   The cube is too high for a Lix to walk up and over.
⦁   This cube is effectively terrain which can be penetrated through.
⦁   It is handy for making a wall quickly to stop Lixes walking a certain way.
⦁   Putting multiple cubers on top of each other will make a wall which a climber could climb up.
Builder - this works very similar to how it does in NeoLemmix/Lemmings. You can assign multiple builders to a single Lix and this Lix will carry out these builder tasks one after another, very handy for when you are building a long bridge and you don't want to keep going back and assigning the next builder. Note that this will remove the skill from your skill count for each builder you queue up to Lixes which are building, however if something happens which results in the Lix not using those skills, they will be added back into your skill count.
Platformer - this works very similar to how it does in NeoLemmix/Lemmings 2 except hitting terrain does not turn the Lix around, it will continue in the direction it is facing. Similar to builders above, the platformer skill can be queued. You can assign multiple platformers to a single Lix and this Lix will carry out these platformer tasks one after another, very handy for when you are building a long platform and you don't want to keep going back and assigning the next platformer. Note that this will remove the skill from your skill count for each platformer you queue up to Lixes which are platforming, however if something happens which results in the Lix not using those skills, they will be added back into your skill count.
Basher - works slightly different to NeoLemmix/Lemmings bashers. The basher burrows from bottom to top which makes it impossible to use the walker stepping method from NeoLemmix.
Miner - works very similar to NeoLemmix/Lemmings miners except if the pickaxe touches steel, the Lix will immediately stop. You can assign miners while standing on Steel to turn the Lix around.
Digger - works very similar to NeoLemmix/Lemmings diggers.

Lix Main / Lix contest for multiplayer levels?
« on: February 04, 2021, 04:37:32 AM »
Edit Simon: The idea is good, here's the new main topic:
Topic: Multiplayer Map-Making Contest

I remember this being mentioned in the Lix sessions we just had but it seems like nothing has emerged.

I know there's a NeoLemmix contest going on and it's about to enter the playing phase in the next few days. I think once the playing phase has been in effect for long enough such that everyone has played the levels, it might be a good time to start this contest.

I'm not sure how this multiplayer contest will be conducted, would we have set criteria like how the NL contests are conducted? And also how would the playing phase be done, would we all get together to play the multiplayer levels and someone would record them being played for everyone to see?

I've not seen any topic about this so if there is already one, I apologise :lix-blush:

Anyone up for Lix on both of these days, I can play both anyway, I have 2 Sundays off in a row (technically 3 since I was off Sunday 31st for Jackbox as well!)

There is an Among us session also on Sunday 7th Feb so that will most likely result in a much smaller session so that is why I'm suggesting both dates.
7th can be the smaller session (for those who don't play Among Us) and 14th can be the session where everyone plays perhaps :)

What do you lot think?

I sadly missed the session which happened on the 3rd of this month so I'm proposing a follow-up session 2 weeks later.

So I'm proposing one on 17th January at 7pm UTC which I believe is the same time as the one on the 3rd began or was supposed to begin.

To clear up confusion, UTC is effectively GMT without taking daylight savings into account. So at the time this message is time stamped, it is about 22:30 (10:30pm) in UTC time.
So most of Europe will have the session starting about 1 hour later if they are usually GMT+1 for example.

So who is interested?

Here I am with an unexpected release :)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Modular Lems is a 10 level pack which is themed around Toys and LEGO, these levels kind of got made along the way of my ongoing development on Lemmings: Gotta Go Fast, I was originally going to include these levels in a bonus rank of GGF but I thought they were better off broken off into their own mini pack since they are about as far as you are going to get from being Sonic themed levels!

It is very unusual that I am releasing a level pack this small which is practically unheard of for me :)

One benefit of doing this I thought would be to get some early feedback on my newer style of making levels since I haven't really released any solo levels since SEB Lems in 2017 (outside of contest levels).

I also thought this pack is also nice to play around Christmas time, even though there isn't a Xmas theme to the pack at all, it's more about the Toy theme but Toys are part of Christmas right? :)

This pack varies from an Easy difficulty to start out with up to a Hard difficulty towards the tail end of the pack.
There are 10 levels in this pack in one single difficulty rank.

Modular Delight (Level 3)

The Birth of Creativity (Level 7)

Special thanks to Nessy for being the sole tester of this pack, he did a great job.
Also special thanks to Lucia, Nessy and Wafflem, without their help and support this pack would not have been possible!

The music pack can be downloaded here, each level has a unique track

All 10 of these levels have never been seen before publicly on the forums, none of them have been entered in contests :)

Please post your replays in this topic and share your feedback on these levels, I am very interested in hearing what you like or dislike about them. Catching things I am doing wrong now will only help other packs I release such as Lemmings: Gotta Go Fast be much better in the long run.

EDIT: flopsy_special needs updating in order to play Level 4 in this pack, I'm working on getting this added to the styles download. In the meantime, it can be downloaded below.
EDIT2: The styles download has been confirmed to contain the up-to-date version of flopsy_special, I'll still leave it here in the topic for now but you can also just get it in the styles download now

Fan Corner / Official UK Lemmings postage stamp
« on: January 22, 2020, 12:45:58 AM »
Just discovered today that a Lemmings postage stamp has been released by Royal Mail (the main UK postage service).

I went out and bought one immediately needless to say, I'm not really a stamp collector personally but I'm a sucker for anything that is rare and Lemmings related ;P

Anyway, it was released as part of a special set of 8 commemorating older video games. It's interesting to see the games that made the cut alongside Lemmings

I bought this entire set along with the Lemmings stamp, featuring 4 Tomb Raider stamps, Wipeout, Worms and Micro Machines. The other ones aren't very familiar to me personally.

The set I bought also comes with small descriptions of what the games are, here's the Lemmings one. Sorry about the small text size :(

Anyway I got the stamps here if anyone else is interested :)


So for those who have not been aware, I have returned to LPing Lemmings packs again after a positive response to my Xmas Day upload of Part 1 of WillLem's Xmas Lemmings 2019 pack.

I will be uploading a Lemmings video of about 15-30 mins in length every Wednesday for the foreseeable future.

The pack I am currently playing is WillLem's Xmas Lemmings 2019, and I will be playing Festival Millas 2018 after the end of the Xmas Lemmings LP.

I thought I'd make a separate topic for feedback on what I should play next, I've posted a poll in the topic and I'll use the results to accordingly see what is more of a priority.
Note: I have not included very difficult packs as a poll option, I've only included what I could comfortably handle. Also I cannot LP Lemmings Destination because I was a tester for that pack.

Going forward, I will approach the packs where I will use the Flopsy clause (if a level cannot be solved in a decent timeframe, I will return to the level in a later video, this clause is in place to prevent me getting so overcritical of the level or pack) to keep the LPs less of having a swipe at the fact I cannot solve the levels.
Part of me taking a break from LPs was due to the fact that I was making too many videos of overly difficult packs at the same time. I will now only do one pack LP at a time and I will not let difficult levels get the better of me.

Regarding my non Lemmings LPs, I will be uploading Tropico 3 videos for the foreseeable future weekly on a Saturday.

Closed / [Suggestion] Shimmier usage limitations
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:47:36 AM »
I'm wondering if there is a way to limit the usage of the shimmier like how a platformer is limited.

I just feel the shimmier is almost as broken as a walker when it comes to back routing levels.

1. It can stop bashers, miners, diggers, fencers, builders, platformers etc by jumping up in the air and obviously the actual shimmier animation will not be very useful in these instances. This is pretty much identical to what a walker does.

2. I have had an instance in one of my recent levels where someone actually used the jumping up in the air and not grabbing a ceiling to initiate a glider earlier off an edge by using the shimmer near the edge.

3. I'm not even sure if this is supposed to be intended behaviour but a climber can become a shimmier before if hits its head on the ceiling, just want to clarify this also.

I would like there to be a check if there is a ceiling above the lemming when assigned a shimmier otherwise the shimmier cannot be assigned. It probably won't prevent number 1 from occurring but I know there will be more strange instances like number 2 otherwise.

I don't think the shimmier helps with level stability and keeping back routes at bay because people are simply using it as a jumping up in the air action and nothing else. It's surprisingly stronger than people think I feel.


So here it is, my attempt at converting this pack.
This is still a work in progress so I have posted this in "In Development" for now.

I have worked off what was sent to me by mobius and I have not changed any of what was sent to me content wise.

So what I did was I converted all of the levels one by one by loading and saving in the v1.17 editor, I then looked at the levels and saw which ones already exist in new formats and proceeded to replace those levels with the up-to-date versions which already existed (in this case, I took the levels from Clammings, Insane Steve World and MazuLems)

I need help from others at this point though because the following problems exist
1. I have no ordering whatsoever in this pack because the level list is significantly different to any level lists I have seen for RotL.
2. I have no replays whatsoever, I have asked namida if he has his replays from his LP from years back but he does not.
3. Because there are nearly 200 levels which have been converted to new formats, I need help testing these levels to see if they are still as robust as they are for back routes. This is technically a playable pack but I am trying to get it back to how it would have been in the old formats so I encourage anyone (even if you've never played this pack) to help test the levels :)
4. I have no idea what is going on with the music in this pack, there is a music folder in what I was given which I will post below.

I wasn't able to convert the following levels (only a few!)
land nightmares.lvl
supaplex tricks.lvl

I'm sorry if this is a poor show because it feels like I have just converted the levels to new format and not really done anything else but I feel I don't know enough about this pack to be able to make "executive decisions" on how it should turn out so I'm asking for help especially from those who were involved with the original pack!

I've also posted the original pack executable I was given, this is a very old version of NeoLemmix but gives an idea of how the original RotL used to look.

So anyway, any help you can give in this topic will be appreciated, even if you have never seen this pack before then you are welcome to come and help out with this gargantuan task!

Fan Corner / Lemmings Comic strip
« on: December 23, 2019, 04:06:26 PM »
Someone posted this comic strip on the Facebook group I frequent on where people mainly talk about the Lemmings mobile game.

I thought I'd share this comic strip here, it's from a magazine called "Max Overload" according to Miche Edwards who posted this comic strip online, credit to her for posting it by the way :)

Happy Christmas Everyone :)

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