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Lix Levels / The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: May 21, 2020, 08:35:56 PM »
Simon, is the current version of Lix still able to import the original lemmings graphic sets and .lvl  files?     
(I tried but couldn't work out where the filetypes needed to go, and just get the black screen on a .lvl file)  So i'm either putting .dat and graphics files in wrong locations, or this is out of scope of the filetypes Lix is designed to read, since its a different engine than l++

I was just talking with my brother about our old days playing lemmings and he asked if your current release has all the original maps, as he only wants to play those maps with me.
Had to ask him why he isn't really interested in the other multiplayer stuff.    His reasoning is actually very understanding.

He likes that Lix can do more than 2 players, but wants to be able to jump straight into gameplay that he is highly familiar with and there is the nostalgic feel too from those maps.
He joined us once in a multiplayer game about 6 years ago (with his girlfriend)   Just found it way too much to dive into,  too many skills and keys to try get a hang of and just overwhelming.  (we all know this though, that can be said for any strategy type game)   Takes a lot of practice.

So I want to create a pack consisting of remakes of the 30 multiplayer amiga maps:     Lemmings (20 maps)    ONML (10 maps)

I still have an old LPP version that has all the 2player maps in it, but it would be much more pleasing to recreate in Lix with the nicer looking terrain, than play the old LPP.
So I want to load the old data in Lix, then replace terrain with new blocks as close to the original as possible, deleting old terrain as I go, then saving as a file in Lix.

Then I would give the maps just the original 8 skills (I guess only difference being the instant exploders) from lemmings/onml,  so it gives the old authentic feel only.   
[Additionally I would place only the original lemmings & ONML OGG's in the music directory, zip it all up and send to my brother so we can play them and surely have it feel very similar to how we used to 1v1 on those maps.]

Having these maps as a downloadable map pack could be something other people who grew up on lemmings 2-player may also be looking for, as people can dive right into Lix and start playing 2-player maps they are already familiar with, before exploring the world of new and often confusing multiplayer maps.

Lix Main / Ping button (highlight own hatches & exits)
« on: September 03, 2017, 11:53:24 PM »
Not sure where to put this, its just a suggestion that I thought of while we were playing today.

It can be chaotic and a real time-sink at the start, trying to work out where you are and where you are going to.

Proposal is a ping button:
You can keep track of where you are easily during gameplay with PING!

Lemmings Main / .MOD to .XM music conversion?
« on: May 12, 2017, 02:32:02 PM »
Hey guys, wondering if anyone knows a way to convert mod files to xm files? Not finding any converter online, maybe this is an impossible conversion situation with the way its tracked. 
Basically im trying to get the L2 music tracks to play on my lemmings DS, which seems to only read .xm files

Or if anyone has L2 music in xm format already, that would be awsome if you could share it.

Lix Levels / Rubix's puzzles (D Lix)
« on: October 02, 2016, 01:28:34 AM »
And here is my singleplayer stuff all solved in D-Lix !  About 20 maps needed modifications due to using timers as the puzzle, so I redesigned some of those, otherwise the physics were completely fine for everything else and worked well.   

So there are 2 downloads
-Version5:  Singleplayer Epic Adventure+Parallel Universe
-Replays for all those maps

Community Collab Project #1 is now (2018) also included in the main D Lix download.

Lost: I've kept out the last bonus pack called 'LOST' for now, a 16 level bonus. I want to change quite a few things to it.

HI.   Here is the final piece of the puzzle to my single-player project that will be (later) included in the download of LIX with the rest of Epic Adventure
ALSO, I am currently working on polishing the rest of the game once again, to keep it in top shape, adding hints and such where I feel necessary.

Epic Adventure
Aftermath - Parallel Universe
Lost - Final Chapter

For anyone who is looking for something to do.. if you feel up to it, please beta test these maps whenever you have some free time.
Try to find backroutes etc.  A couple maps have timers.   
Timers can be a big help to fixing backroutes, as the timer becomes part of the puzzle, so this is why some of my maps will have them.

Let me know which map you think is the best puzzle.
Please dont post your solutions here, to try keep the integrity of the puzzles secret for those who want to really solve them without temptations.
(send on IRC                 or  email              rubix01   @ )


The story continues from the 'Parallel Universe aftermath'  After exiting the 8th portal, you are transported to what appears to be home..... or is it.
Basically it is like the singleplayer lix game 'reloaded' where new puzzles have been designed on some previously played maps.   

15 new puzzles :  Taxing to Mayhem difficulties.   
Read the first page in the Final Chapter folder, then follow the story through the hints button on each level.
















General Discussion / Hundreds of DOS games playable in your browser
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:38:16 AM »

Lix Main / Lix - The Video Thread
« on: December 22, 2014, 12:25:30 AM »
Lix Movie - Full Features & More

You can watch this in up to 1080p setting on youtube
The video demonstrates a lot of the game features,  how-to-play multiplayer, tips/tricks & more.

I hope you enjoy it.

30 second Promotional Video   
(Someone who wants just a quick look at what Lix is about)

Lix Video Replays:
Depending on feedback I may make more of these in the future.

Replay Video 1:  Created December 2013

Map Style : Single Lix Race
Map Name : Marble Run
Players : Simon, geoo, Rubix

Replay Video 2:  Created January 2015 (Viewable perspective from all 4 players)

Map Style : Hoarding/Defensive
Map Name : The Safety Dance
Players : Clam, Rubix, NaOH, Akseli

Replay Video 3:  Created January 2015 (Two video sections combined to make 1 tall video)
Note: Line across the video is unavoidable with how I needed to combine both halves to make 1

Map Style : Tower Defense (Team)
Map Name : Tower Defense Part 22934
Players: NaOH, geoo  VS   Rubix, Akseli

Replay Video 4:  Created January 2015 (Two video sections combined to show all player activity)
Note: Line dividing the video segments is unavoidable with how I needed to combine both to make this.

Map Style : Classic Battle
Map Name : Wise Decisions
Players: NaoH, Simon, Mobius, Clam, Rubix

Replay Video 5:  Created January 2015 (Watch both rounds to see the winner)

Map Style : Two Round Attack & Defense
Map Name : NaOH's Arc
Players : Rubix vs geoo

Replay Video 6:  Created January 2015

Map Style : Platform Defense
Map Name : Ghetto Wars
Players : Naoh, geoo    VS    Clam, Rubix

A good match where we all did a great job of defense (keeping our platforms intact for most the gameplay)

Lix Main / Lix Promo teaser video
« on: July 23, 2014, 11:46:59 PM »

Hi.  I've been working on the updated informational video for Lix over the past couple months. 
Here is part of the intro to that video which gives some people a quick idea about what Lix is.

The full final Lix video will be out sometime in the following months.

Lix Levels / Lix - Time Trials
« on: May 04, 2014, 07:44:06 PM »
So I have been experimenting with something I did on a single player map of mine in the past.

Time Trials:  Objective is to save just 1 Lix, but on a very tight timer

I have modified skills/timer on 5 of my maps for time trial.  I would appreciate whoever has some spare time whenever (pun intended) to give them a shot and leave your thoughts on this style of Lix play.  Would you like to see more?

The maps so far start with 1-4 Lix.   
Which means usually you will be sacrificing Lix in order to save the 1 needed
Puzzles are designed to be completed with almost no time remaining.   
Ones with a trickier control method I give a few seconds of possible grace period (one of these maps does)
Difficulty :  I would consider these quite tricky for the average Lemmings player.   Not too bad for experienced players.

TT1 : The interactive Rodent Simulation : Time given to solve 20 seconds
TT2 : Scared of Heights : Time given to solve 36 seconds
TT3 : All Together Now : Time given to solve 48 seconds
TT4 : Step Over, Step Out : Time given to solve 45 seconds
TT5 : I'll go on ahead.  Wait here! : Time given to solve 30 seconds

Lix Levels / Showcase/Explain your new Lix Multiplayer Maps
« on: April 19, 2014, 09:28:09 PM »
Show an exported screenshot from any new multiplayer maps you create here !
(Only a screenshot thread, not for attaching the actual map file with it)

Maps can be : Serious : Funny/Ridiculous : Artistic : Asymetric :  or and other idea you can possibly think of for multiplayer :)
Just post it if you want to showcase it    :thumbsup:

Lix Levels / Lix 'Epic Adventure' (Puzzle Help/Discussion)
« on: March 01, 2014, 08:26:34 AM »
Epic Adventure   Version 4.0 September 2015
A colorful full featured puzzle game for Lix : Designed and created by Rubix
Note :  This downloadable version (login to download) will be included in the September 2015 release of Lix

Game Info:
Total game is 173 maps
4 Difficulty levels (+two bonus adventures)
Colorized maps
100% fair solution puzzles (Lix doesn't have any known physics 'glitches' !)

Beta backroute testers since first release:    geoo, Sekti, Clam, Proxima, Simon, Akseli, Ramond
Now I feel the game is at a very high quality level.   Thanks for your input & help testing my puzzles!   :thumbsup:

Pleasant: *37 maps*

Sinister: *38 maps*

Perplexing: *38 maps*

Nightmare: *37 maps*

Aftermath: The continued story...    *8 maps*
(Exploring the 8 found portals to parallel Universes)

Lost: And the story continues... *15 maps*
(This isn't home?!?!)


Lix Levels / Rubix - All multiplayer maps
« on: February 15, 2014, 08:09:47 PM »
Here is the complete collection of all my multiplayer maps.  (updated Feb 2015) 
zip files contain:

Lix Terrain Multi zip -  Multiplayer maps  I have made from Lix terrain over the past few years.
Lem Terrain Multi zip -requires you have the original terrains.  These maps were created years ago by me in L++ but now very up to date for Lix.     ALL reworked/better skillsets

Current Count: 354 multiplayer maps total by me  (between 2-8 player versions)

Lix Levels / Race Results: Clam WINS! (5 map speedsolve comp)
« on: February 11, 2014, 02:55:25 AM »
Doing a puzzle solve race for 5 of my 10 new maps
edit:  Added the 5 maps as an attachment now that the race on first 5 has been played.

clam       :    36m 42s     Speedsolve champion pack #1   
proxima  :    39m 02s     
geoo      :     42m56s
Akseli    :     56m 22s
Simon    :    66m  (day after competition solve time)

geoo had a very fast 4 maps done, but caught up on the last map, unlucky!
Grats too all , solving all 5 under my pre-estimated time of 68minutes.

When:  Saturday 22nd Febuary at 9PM UTC
Where: BE ON IRC  #lix
What Game:  Lix of course!
How : A link to the map pack will be released in IRC when everyone's there and ready, and the race to solve all 5 maps will start.

The first person to send me the 5 replays by email rubix01(at)
The first person to pastebin the 5 replays on IRC in a private message
(And I check for completion /  even if you find a backroute.   Still accepted)

wins the title of 'Speedsolve champion pack #1'

GMT/UTC Clock:

-The maps are about mayhem difficulty, but surely easier than the parallel universe maps.
-No maps have a timer
-No maps have any possibility of flinging (sorry Clam)
-All are just staight up clean puzzles.

Here is a look at the 10 maps.  First 5 are 'pack #1'
If this works out, we can do the other 5 as a solve race competition on another weekend.

Pack #1


Let My People Go

The Art Of Misdirection


Unstable Experiment

Pack #2

Hunt the....Polarbear?

Central Cavern

Make Haste

Sending Our Love Down The Well

Bangarang Peter!

Lix Levels / The Collab Lix puzzle #1
« on: February 08, 2014, 12:07:42 AM »
* THE MAP IS NOW FULLY DESIGNED!   Looks nice, thanks for your area contributions *

Video Example: 

Now for the Rules for puzzle building on this map:

FIRST (watch the example puzzle video I made ^)   
-As you can see, the possibilities of unique puzzles are endless.

Things to consider when you build a puzzle using our map:

-You can wrap Horizontally, Vertically, Horizontally+Vertically or No-Wrap

-Difficulty?  Well that is up to you.  A good puzzle doesn't have to be the hardest puzzle.   Uniqueness can do well.

-You can give your background its own color if you like.

-You cannot modify/add terrain (except the borders mentioned below)

-You can delete any of the light steel which was used to border areas.

-You can TURN pieces of the light steel border, but NOT move it AWAY from where it came from
(I point to where I did this in the video example)

-If you like, you can REPLACE light steel that you removed from a border with the same size piece of terrain that would match the style of the area that you removed it from.

-You decide where the Hatch or Hatches and exit is placed.  The amount of Lix and spawn rates etc.

-Consider Making use of opening borders to other areas, even if your puzzle has nothing to do with certain areas  (notice this in my video)
This will increase the difficulty to solve it, as the route won't look as obvious.
Careful opening yourself up for a bad backroute if you remove massive amounts of steel borders.


Visual map design by:

Area 3 by Rubix
Area 2 by Mobius
Area 5 by Proxima
Area 4 by Clam
Area 1 by Akseli
Area 6 by Aidan

And remember, you can always JOIN IRC if you would like to join our fun discussions and ideas!

Anyone can create a puzzle, lets see what interesting things you come up with.

Mod Edit: Restored attachments.

Lix Levels / Parallel Universe - A Lix Story
« on: January 31, 2014, 08:02:17 PM »
Parallel Universe

The 'epic adventure' continued story..

During your adventure (Rubix's level set) you discovered 8 maps with blocked portals and after completing the maps, they have opened!
You decide to explore them in groups of six Lix and packing many abilities for safety.  Unfortunately the abilities somehow became split when the groups entered the portals!

Unknowingly, each group have materialized in a cave with identical landscape.

Getting home will now prove to be a difficult challenge.  Regrettably some friends will need to be sacrificed to let others make it back home!

Released in collaboration with Rubix's 'Epic Adventure' in the next update.
(Thanks IRC folks for all the play testing!)

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