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That was good fun, its been ages since my last game.   Nice new maps! I'll keep an eye on future games still :)

Well done!

I wrote it on my whiteboard , and will try join in if i'm not busy!

Lix Main / Re: Lix 0.9.32 released
« on: August 05, 2020, 04:11:24 AM »
Thank you for another great update Simon!

That crab is amazing, Raymanni.       Seriously epic  :thumbsup:

Lix Levels / Re: The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: June 19, 2020, 02:17:39 PM »
Oh nice.   Just saw this.
Yea I would have done the remake on the weekend as it goes with the other official maps, so thanks for getting it done, Minim :)

Lix Levels / Re: The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: June 14, 2020, 01:08:08 AM »
DanielC - I'm up for playing 2 player on them some time if you need to find someone to play against! 

Lix Levels / Re: The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: June 14, 2020, 01:06:20 AM »
Ok, here are my recent remakes attached in a zip:

Lemmings Amiga 2 player remakes
ONML Amiga 2 player remakes

Right on ^

I've just uploaded my 2player Lemmings/ONML remakes on the other thread.

Lix Levels / Re: The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: May 26, 2020, 03:03:59 AM »
Ok, so I spent hours over the past days remaking the Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings 2player maps in Lix.
I mentioned the reasons on another thread,  its mainly about true nostalgia in the original maps and also in the original style of 2man playability.

Some of these I was able to use Proxima's work on the lemmings maps that he did with modifications/expansions closer to the originals, and others I completely remade.     
I also re-made the 10 ONML maps from scratch.

So Thanks Proxima for having some of the work that I was able to use.    Especially Pipe dream, that certainly saved me time on that one, you had the main area already sorted out :thumbsup:

I wanted to get these remakes as close to the original maps in feel / playability & visual themes/colors as possible.
Also the maps use only the original 8 abilities (only difference being the bomber change in lix)   

Steel is placed only in the original locations also.    Hatch digging was actually a LOT of fun if you could get away with it when there's only 2 players.   Its always a good strategy to be checking on incoming attackers moving towards your entrance,   we always felt it's easily preventative if you are paying attention.  Yet always hillarious if you actually pull it off without the other realizing.   

Ive played against my brother while he was here yesterday, and he feels the maps seem as good to play as the originals,   so i'm glad they have worked out as planned.

I would say the hardest to recreate were:   
Lemmings - Crystal Cavern Mark II        Visually and Playability is not too close to the original unfortunately due to trying to replicate the spiderweb mess.     
Lemmings - Graffiti                               The way I recreated some of the 'graffiti' is obviously visually different, but map plays just as good.
ONML - The only way out                       Trying to find a way to recreate the 'bubble visuals'  that onml has was challenging, but I came up with weird solutions.  Not the best, but its ok.

Also, trying to recreate the 'crystal' look was hard.    As you will notice, I mainly used snow in those maps.   That is all I could think that looked decent enough.

Here's a link to my hidden imgur page showing the remakes next to the originals:

If people are interested in playing these in their 'original nostalgic' way in Lix i'll add a download link for them.    Otherwise this is just something me and my brother really wanted :)


Lix Levels / Re: The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: May 22, 2020, 12:06:52 AM »
Yea NP,  Proxima already done the L1 maps anyway, so thats great.
I can do a side by side copy of the ONML maps into LIX , its only 10 maps.   No big deal now  :)

Lix Levels / Re: The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: May 21, 2020, 09:09:34 PM »
oh yea!  I have even posted in that thread a long time ago, just completely forgot you did this.

I still need to try get the ONML ones converted, but thats  2/3rds the battle already done at least :)

Lix Levels / The original Lemmings 2-player maps
« on: May 21, 2020, 08:35:56 PM »
Simon, is the current version of Lix still able to import the original lemmings graphic sets and .lvl  files?     
(I tried but couldn't work out where the filetypes needed to go, and just get the black screen on a .lvl file)  So i'm either putting .dat and graphics files in wrong locations, or this is out of scope of the filetypes Lix is designed to read, since its a different engine than l++

I was just talking with my brother about our old days playing lemmings and he asked if your current release has all the original maps, as he only wants to play those maps with me.
Had to ask him why he isn't really interested in the other multiplayer stuff.    His reasoning is actually very understanding.

He likes that Lix can do more than 2 players, but wants to be able to jump straight into gameplay that he is highly familiar with and there is the nostalgic feel too from those maps.
He joined us once in a multiplayer game about 6 years ago (with his girlfriend)   Just found it way too much to dive into,  too many skills and keys to try get a hang of and just overwhelming.  (we all know this though, that can be said for any strategy type game)   Takes a lot of practice.

So I want to create a pack consisting of remakes of the 30 multiplayer amiga maps:     Lemmings (20 maps)    ONML (10 maps)

I still have an old LPP version that has all the 2player maps in it, but it would be much more pleasing to recreate in Lix with the nicer looking terrain, than play the old LPP.
So I want to load the old data in Lix, then replace terrain with new blocks as close to the original as possible, deleting old terrain as I go, then saving as a file in Lix.

Then I would give the maps just the original 8 skills (I guess only difference being the instant exploders) from lemmings/onml,  so it gives the old authentic feel only.   
[Additionally I would place only the original lemmings & ONML OGG's in the music directory, zip it all up and send to my brother so we can play them and surely have it feel very similar to how we used to 1v1 on those maps.]

Having these maps as a downloadable map pack could be something other people who grew up on lemmings 2-player may also be looking for, as people can dive right into Lix and start playing 2-player maps they are already familiar with, before exploring the world of new and often confusing multiplayer maps.

Lix Main / Re: Progress to next level without getting back to menu
« on: May 21, 2020, 06:38:49 PM »
So after watching Youtube: WillLem plays lemforum/Lovely 6-10, the one key agreement for me here is about the single-player flow.     I really like that Lix did evolve from multiplayer to also having singleplayer capabilities, but I always felt it should be able to flow from one map to the next, but most of all the reason Lemmings was so compelling to me is that I like being 'locked' from just selecting levels at any time until a map is beaten,  and also having no way of cheating myself through it...(For Example: something like editing my profile to cheat my way past a map I might get stuck on.)   I remember getting so stuck on lemmings levels, that 'if' I was given the password to the next map, or some simple-enough way to bypass a level, I bet I would have used it! but instead persistance got me through the entire game, however long it took.  I am so glad I never had any way to pass a map without beating it.
This may all sound wierd, but I like the feeling of 'If I want to progress, the only way is to play.  Does anyone else actually completely understand what I am getting at, or think it's silly?   I know it is easy for someone to reply:  "if you dont want to cheat, then don't cheat"     
Something about having NO way to cheat feels great and the only way a game can really flow and have my pure attention.
(I understand that having a lock/password type system can't be any easy task to do, as it would mean level packs would need to be bundled as its own data file to keep levels hidden from any type of viewing or manipulation from within the directory)

Being 'stuck' on a level is what compelled me as a kid to just keep playing each level until I beat it.     With the ability to just skip ahead or select any other level actually gives me very low enthusiasm to play the communities maps.    (Which is probably really wierd for you guys to read, as most Lix players know I made a big level pack, but a lot of the reason for my map-making in Lix is that I absolutely love the ease and speed of the editor)   IT IS A FUN EDITOR

Me not playing a lot of community maps has nothing to do with 'not wanting to play their levels' but it has everything to do with the real feeling of accomplishment and reward that I spoke of above.

Thiswas not a rant or a way for me to ask to design a lockable singleplayer progression system, this post was just something I've always been wanting to talk about, regarding why lemmings is the most memorable game of my childhood and I know the reason why.   
It all came down to persistance and reward.  THIS kept me playing the game until it was beaten.  Same for ONML and Lemmings2 the tribes in full gold medallion.

Lix Main / Re: WillLem's thoughts about Lix
« on: May 21, 2020, 02:31:21 PM »
I remember stumbling across Lix because of my love for 2-player Amiga lemmings (me and my brother spent so many hours in the 90s side-by-side on the same monitor with 2 mouses connected to the Amiga)

Sooo years ago, I started searching the web to see if anyone had created some kind of lemmings 2player remake playable over the internet.   That is when I found L++ (as Simon first had named it before Lix)

Being able to play a close approximation of lemmings 1v1 with our own PC's on LAN or across the internet was exactly what I was looking for.     Finding you could have even more players than just 1v1 was like icing on the cake!

So with that being said, it is everything I hoped it would be and more, and continues to add more features.    The game was always meant for multiplayer as I remember Simon's early releases,  all the single player stuff  is just how it evolved over time and was not even meant to be in Lix,  and there is now a massive amount of content made for it over the years.    So you are getting much more in this game than was ever meant to be.     

So people looking to get that original multiplayer feel of lemmings are certainly in for a treat when they find out about Lix, just like I was.    Multiplayer is its main target audience still in my opinion.   The way it was initially designed to be :)         :thumbsup:

I remember stumbling across Lix because of my love for 2-player Amiga lemmings (me and my brother spent so many hours in the 90s side-by-side on the same monitor with 2 mouses connected to the Amiga)... Multiplayer is its main target audience still in my opinion. The way it was initially designed to be :)

Reply by WillLem:

It's the same thing that's sparked my interest in Lix as well. Interesting to learn that this was its primary function.

Remainder of WillLem's reply

Good fun.    Long Live Lix!     :lix-grin:  8-)

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