Author Topic: [Old Format][Cancelled]Holiday GigaLems 2017 Cancelled Prototype  (Read 426 times)

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[Old Format][Cancelled]Holiday GigaLems 2017 Cancelled Prototype
« on: February 11, 2018, 05:22:30 am »

Yeah, I have several reasons why this happened and I need go on why that is

Why is it "in Development?"
There isn't exactly an "Archived" or "Closed" Project board here, if I could be honest I wish for that to be a thing (Along with Skill emojis for the site) so those who ask with their last post to be sent there.

Why? and why now of all times?
1.I lost all inspiration for this project, I haven't even bothered with the logo or the graphics and music yet
2.Over Ambition, this is something i've ceased in my early years because I did too much at once and boy am I such an idiot for doing that
3.I really want to move on to other projects that need my attention sooner, its been on the back burner for so long that im gonna jump right in with a high head and good mood.

What also stopped me?
I play too much Pokemon XwX'

What did it contain anyway?
It would've had
-6 Ranks with 10 levels each
-Be the debut of my Friend's levels. you may know him as "Plom510" (Please get on the forum soon, you prowess needs to be shown)
-The subtitle "Homeward bound"
-The story was that the lemmings ran out of fuel during their last delivery, and they have to take the long way home, They'll travel forests, snowlands, and old factories.

What did it end up with
-94% Complete in terms of levels with two unfinished wips.
I didn't even get to assemble a .nxp

What's gonna happen with my projects in the future?
I should focus on more Realistic projects, My Milla's project is going slow but its to ensure its quality. I have to if it comes to newer levels.
If I want to make future holiday packs, I'm gonna make em smaller if I can help it. Maybe something called "Winter Festival Millas" which should have less levels with new graphic sets if possible.
have for the "GigaLems" level pack moniker....I have decided to officially Retire it, I may release my other unfinished projects and continue to focus on one big project at a time.

I deeply apologize for not keeping up with it every year but these things just fall out of my control and so does this levels block.

Plom, I thank you for helping me in the long run but it wasn't fully enough

Heres the in-assembled prototype Download

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Re: [Old Format][Cancelled]Holiday GigaLems 2017 Cancelled Prototype
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2018, 04:06:45 pm »
Don't feel bad GigaLem. This kind of stuff happens even to the best of creators. If anything you can always save whatever you have already made and you can always add to it or pick it up later on down the line :)

I am also really looking forward to your Milla's project as just the few levels I saw were really high quality. As mentioned, whenever you are ready to convert those levels I'll be more than happy to help. Also kind of sad that your "GigaLems" pack may be retired. I don't mind helping you convert that as well if that's the only issue.