Author Topic: How to play Lemmings (1991) on a modern PC  (Read 25178 times)

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SNES Lemmings with mouse / Maybe a new experience for someone ?
« Reply #15 on: November 24, 2022, 10:32:42 PM »
Hello together,

this forum is awesome and it showed me some ways to play Lemmings. Thank you all, to keep Lemmings alive !
My favorite is SuperLemminiToo, especially because of all the available levels and it's easy/fast way to get it running.
Nevertheless... I'm also used to use my favorite controlls and the look and feel (sound, animation sequences)
of emulated SNES Lemmings on a modern PC (it's not that special, but I really like it).
The only drawback of the original game was the missing mouse support, so I added mouse support.
I want to share this with you, maybe someone will give it a try.

You need gocha's snes9x or maybe another emulator with lua support,
the Lemmings ROM and the according lua script
Lemmings 2

Right mouse button is the Start/Pause button,
Left mouse button is the main button.
Fast forward is the TAB key.

1. Run gocha snes9x and load the lemmings rom
2. Load the according lua script
3. hide the lua script window (move it to the edge, or to the second monitor)
4. goto fullscreen
5. have fun

It is very cool to click the right mouse button to have a thinking break.

Keep playing :lemming:, have fun !