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New record for Havoc 10 - Flow Control. 15/21 saved.

Lemmings Main / Re: Another old fan comes along
« on: January 21, 2021, 05:35:22 AM »
I was referring more to how there's now an option to disable some player assist tools in NL, skill shadows in particular, when in earlier versions there wasn't :P Can't do the same with directional select, although Lemmini does have an option to disable them.

New Skills / Re: [DISC][PLAYER] Grenader - size and shape of destruction?
« on: January 21, 2021, 02:46:03 AM »
Now imagine if the floor was replaced with solid terrain instead. Then you couldn't use a grenade to one skill the level :crylaugh:

Help & Guides / Re: Run Lemmings "Pixel Perfect" in DosBox?
« on: January 20, 2021, 07:56:19 AM »
O.o you have the CD version of the game? I first started with the floppy disk version for Dos, and then I later had the CD version of both Lemmings and ONML. I wonder if ours have the same image on the CD, being gray in color with the Lemmings logo. While the levels pretty much played out the same, some do end up being easier than intended. For example, in the CD version, you don't have to do anything on the 4 WAFD levels due to the increased splat height. I didn't know about it until I one day decided to let a lemming drop off the platform, only to find to my surprise that they do survive instead of splat. Similarly, there's no need to build a splatform for the entrance for Mayhem 1. The fall is fatal by a single pixel, but with the increased splat height on the CD version they don't splat.

Lemmings Main / Re: Another old fan comes along
« on: January 20, 2021, 06:31:35 AM »
In due course I'll be releasing an updated version of Amiga Lemmings for NeoLemmix (don't download it just yet! ;P). It's an attempt at recreating the Amiga experience within NL, and although the player assists do impact the nature of the game in that platform, it can be a really interesting way to rediscover the game, since it greatly increases the potential for finding lots of new solutions, many of which make light of levels which previously seemed very difficult!

Ah, you apparently forgot that there's now an option to disable skill shadows. And you're the one who suggested it! :P

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [NeoLemmix] SEB Lems [Difficulty: Medium-Hard]
« on: January 20, 2021, 06:29:06 AM »
MegSEBytes rank completed. Replays up through MegSEBytes 20 attached. As you know, I've already played and solved the entire MegSEBytes pack for Old Formats months ago, and so except for the two exclusive MegSEBytes levels found only in the New Formats version, I'm already familiar with all the levels in this rank. Because of this, the rank as a whole was easy for me. The hardest ones for me were MegSEBytes 14, 17, and 19. I was trying very hard to remember the solutions I used in the Old Formats version of these 3 levels. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to use the Old Formats replays, because apparently some of them don't work, like with MegSEBytes 15. I think the only reason it fails is just due to the compatibility going from Old Formats to New Formats. Doesn't matter, because I eventually was able to figure out the levels again myself. However, I show cased my Old Formats solution for MegSEBytes 14 as well, and as you will see in the video I definitely didn't remember that solution before I solved the New Formats version. In this case, I like the new solution I came up with much better. My previous solution is just way too fiddly and very timing heavy and far tighter on time.

AFAIK, the levels were mostly the same, except for MegSEBytes 17 and 19. In the case of MegSEBytes 17, I checked the Old Formats version after solving, and it would appear the New Formats version is significantly harder, due to how you are allowed 1 less loss than the corresponding Old Formats version. The other change is with OWAs. Once again, timing heavy solution galore. :crylaugh:

After solving MegSEBytes 19, I tried to showcase my Old Formats solution, but that one doesn't work. I just checked my Old Formats solution, and now I know why it fails. In that version, I ended up having a miner leftover. However, in the New Formats version all skills are required.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

All rightie, down to the final Unrequited rank and the final 20 levels of the pack. So far, I've only done the first two levels of the rank, but I will post one final time with my replays after I complete the rank. After finishing this rank, I'm still unsure of whether I want to tack on the cut Deep Cuts rank from the Old Formats version. However, since you mentioned that those levels will eventually be released in some form or another, I think I'll just wait and simply not bother with tacking it on at the end.     

Really, what needs to happen is for replays to refer specifically to the level files themselves, rather than their list index. This would likely require some sort of ID system similar to what NeoLemmix has, since levels can be renamed and repositioned in packs at any time.

For now, the fix I described in the OP will work in 99% of situations, providing that the user has not "cleared" or reordered their External Levels list.

Right, because if you have a list of external levels, then you can pretty much give all of them random index numbers so that SL simply ignores it and interprets the level name in the text file, which ideally is what the engine should be doing. It might be the same with levels in level packs, but I haven't tested that.

SuperLemmini / Re: Physics differences between SuperLemmini and NeoLemmix
« on: January 18, 2021, 02:36:56 AM »
Yea I should had waited before commenting on your first one, because I later realized there was no contradiction at all (I edited it) :XD: Anyway eric, your videos demonstrating all 4 cases are very much appreciated :thumbsup:

SuperLemmini / Re: Physics differences between SuperLemmini and NeoLemmix
« on: January 18, 2021, 02:17:08 AM »
As I already mentioned on your videos, many thanks for them. It's a lot clearer this way.



It's ALWAYS possible to release a blocker on a builder staircase without destroying the bridge so that others can still use it, regardless of whether the bridge is complete or currently in progress


Two possibilities, either the blocker gets bashed free without destroying the builder staircase, or the blocker gets bashed free but in the process the bridge is destroyed so that others cannot use it.

For the former, this can only happen in the very early stages of the bridge being built. The latter happens if too much of the bridge is already built or is complete.

Grand conclusion: No contradiction in anything Turrican said. To be fair, it was a bit unclear what engines the pictures were for, but based on his description it should be possible to figure out.

Done. Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot that I was the one who posted about replays of external levels sometimes crashing Superlemmini :XD:

Glad that I could help and that we could put our heads together to figure all this out based on the info WillLem presented :thumbsup: It's good to know there isn't anything wrong with your Pimolems replays from over the summer at all, and that it was simply due to mismatch identifier information in the replay text file. Once I changed the line at the top to #External Levels, #, #, Single Levels, Level Name, they all worked fine. Of course, this problem would had been solved so much sooner if Tsyu had told us how to fix it.

Confirmed. I did what you described by loading

1) Trading and Cooperation,

2) Rush Hour.

Then put Trading and Cooperation with 1, Rush Hour 0.

Result: Loading Rush Hour's replay will load up the level Trading and Cooperation, and similarly loading Trading and Cooperation's replay will load up the level Rush Hour.

This is expected, as you're telling the Rush Hour's replay text file to load up the first level in the external level list, which is Trading and Cooperation. Similarly, you're telling the Trading and Cooperation replay's text file to load up the level Rush Hour. However, both replays will fail, since they're for the wrong level. So, no problem here.

Next situation: Trading and Cooperation 2, Rush Hour 1.

Result: Loading Rush Hour's replay will load up the level Rush Hour, which is expected, since Rush Hour is the second level in the list.

Loading up Trading and Cooperation's replay will load up the level Trading and Cooperation. This is likely causing confusion, since there's no level in the third position, while the level itself is first on the list. However, there's nothing wrong here either, as in my explanation above if you randomly assign numbers so that they're not referring to any level in the list, then SL simply ignores the index number and reads the level name info instead. That's exactly what's happening here. Since the replay is for Trading and Cooperation, the replay still passes.

However, if you change the level name in the text file to Rush Hour, it will load up the level Rush Hour as expected, since I'm telling the replay file that the replay is for this level. But, the replay will fail because the replay was saved after Turrican passed the level Trading and Cooperation, not Rush Hour.

Next situation: Increase by 1 again, so that Trading and Cooperation is 3, Rush Hour 2.

Result: Loading Rush Hour's replay will load the level Rush Hour, while loading Trading and Cooperation's replay will load the level Trading and Cooperation. Since we don't have any level in the 4th or 3rd position, SL ignores the index number and goes by the level name info in the text file instead. Indeed, this is exactly what is happening, so therefore this is the expected result. Therefore, what WillLem described wouldn't work, even though Trading and Cooperation has the higher index number than Rush Hour. As a result, replays don't load in reverse order.

The replays also pass, because these replays were saved after Turrican passed the level associated with the corresponding replay.

Ultimately, no problem in any of the 3 situations, since as I explained before if you put index numbers that don't refer to any level on the list, then SL ignores the number and goes by the level name info in the text file instead.

ok , again I tested this with 2 of turrican's external levels: Rush hour and Trading and Cooperating. loaded them as external levels. I changed both level position numbers to random numbers
again I can't seem to get any to crash, although when they replay they are unpredictable which one plays. or I can switch the order around, but the replay don't switch either.  Don't  understand
why I can't get it to work as described.

I'm not sure what you mean here by "replays being unpredictable which one plays." I tried the same two levels as you, and I believe I'm seeing the same thing as you. Before I added Rush Hour and Trading and Cooperation in, I had 5 external levels loaded. Rush Hour is the 6th level, while Trading and Cooperation is the 7th one for me. If I change Rush Hour to, say, 3, then when I load Rush Hour's replay, it loads up the 4th level instead, which is expected because I'm telling the replay to load it for that level due to the index number. Of course, the replay will fail since it's for the wrong level.

I tested by changing them to completely random numbers. Indeed, I see the same thing as you, where the replays load perfectly fine for those two levels. So, looks like I'm wrong with having at least two external levels. Therefore, the only time loading a replay will crash is if the text editor identifies the level coming from a level pack but you added it as an external level or vice versa. In that case, you simply need to replace the info at the top with either the line #levelpack, #, #, level name, or with the line #External levels, #, #, Single levels, level name. Then the replays will load without crashing.

Upon further testing, it appears that if the index number is random, then it simply ignores that part of the identifier line. Instead, it tries to read the level name info. Indeed, I changed Trading and Cooperation to the name of another level on my external list while keeping the random index number. Sure enough, it loads up the other level instead. In this case, the Trading and Cooperation replay will fail since it's not a replay for the other level on my external level list. Otherwise, the level that the replay is supposed to be for it seems to not matter what the index number is. As long as it matches or is some random number that doesn't refer to any level in the list, then it simply ignores the index number and goes by the level name info instead.

Here, I think it's analogous to NL's replay structure as well. I think it might be possible to change the level name to something else so that the replay refers to another level instead of the one it's supposed to be for, but I'm not sure.

Wow, thanks for this WillLem! :thumbsup: With this information, you have helped me to discover why eric's Pimolems replays he sent me over the summer weren't loading correctly when he was in the process of converting the pack to Superlemmini. The reason for this was due to the identifier information. When you open the replays I PMed you, it will say that the replay is from the pack Pimolems instead of having the line #External levels, #, #, Single Levels, Level Title at the top. Therefore, there is a mismatch in the information between the level and the identifier in the replay text file. When I replace the line at the top with #External levels, #, #, Single Levels, Level Title at the top instead, replacing the second # with the position of the level in the list, as well as Level Title with the level name of course, his replays now load correctly. This therefore confirms there's nothing wrong with Superlemmini itself and that it's simply a mismatch between the level loaded as an external level and the replay text file saying it came from a level pack rather than specifying it is an external level.

Upon further testing, I loaded up an external level, solved the level, and saved the replay. When I opened up the replay with a text editor, it does have the #External levels, #, #, Single Levels, Level Title line at the top correctly. I'm not sure how eric loaded the levels up, but I'm thinking that when loading the levels up in the editor and then saving the file, then when you go to load it as an external level, test, then save the replay, SL thought it came from a levelpack rather than be an external level. Perhaps he can describe what he did if he happens to remember. In any case, it goes both ways. If coming from a level pack, make sure it has that info at the top in the replay text file. If loading a replay for an external level, make sure it has the external level line information instead and if it doesn't, simply put it in.

I guess this is analogous to different NL levels having the same ID, which therefore confuses the replays and can sometimes say they fail when in fact there's nothing wrong with them and all it is is that the replay matches up to the wrong level.

@eric yup I see the same thing as you. The reason why it works is because you need to have at least 2 external levels loaded. Then you will need to put in the right number for the position, as then a random number won't work in this case. If you put in a number for a different level, then whatever replay you load will load for the wrong level.

Example: Level A is level 1 (0), Level B is level 2 (1), and Level C is level 3 (2). If I change C's replay position to 0, then when I load the replay for C it will load up Level A instead, because 0 is Level A's position. Obviously when you go into the level, the replay will fail because it's for the wrong level.

General Discussion / Re: kaywhyn's Blog
« on: January 17, 2021, 05:28:32 AM »
If you're concerned about it, it wouldn't hurt to talk to a doctor just in case there might be a medical reason for it... well, except for the cost if you're in the US.

It's not too concerning, as I simply wonder why I haven't been able to sleep through the night without waking up. I doubt it's any medical condition that I might have, although I'll keep this in mind for the next time I get a check up. At least I'm not aware of anything that I might be suffering from that would cause all these sleep disruptions. Better to be safe than sorry, though. You'll see when you get to my age how things quickly change :P For example, I tire out far more easily than I did 5-7 years ago.

From writing the dissertation, I remember this kind of mental block that prevents one from sleeping. Basic ideas:
  • No caffeine a few hours before sleep; also reduce caffeine if you're on unholy amounts like 3 liters of Pepsi Max Lemon per day. (Complete caffeine abstinence is also possible, but might be not even necessary.)
  • Physical exercise during the day, or in the hours before bed. There is no day job to get you tired yet, so replace it with some exercise. It needn't be much.
  • Some recommend no electronics half an hour before bedtime, but I never stuck to this.
  • Once the rhythm is roughly where you want it, add routine, and rise every day at the same time.
Fixing a rhythm is hard, at least you have no pressure to fix it within N days, but can fix it gradually.

Naps are fine and will recude the duration of the core sleep. It's your choice if you want that.

-- Simon

I don't drink caffeine, so that's out. The only thing that could interfere with that is alcohol, which I occasionally do, mostly the weekends only in the evenings. I could definitely get more exercise in, as I'm constantly at my desk/laptop throughout the entire day. Unfortunately, my local gym is closed, and I've been patiently waiting for it to reopen. So, the best I've done here is by taking walks with my mom. I'm the same way as you in regards to electronics, so I don't see me breaking away from it half an hour before bed anytime soon.

Regarding naps, I think I've fought the urge to not nap during the day a few times, and it seems to not work so well, as I still end up waking during the middle of the night. I might just have to hit the hay earlier, although it's extremely difficult to do, especially since I've been so bad with being on my phone for a long time at night while lying in bed. Really this bad habit of mine is far too developed :XD: Hence it makes me wonder if anyone really ever sleeps these days :crylaugh:

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