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Armani's "Insert Coin, Choose Lemming" (11 votes)

Dire Krow's "Ancient Lemmarine" (5 votes)

IchoTolot's "Decent Default Design" (7 votes)

Apjjm's "Roiling Clouds" (6 votes)

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Armani's "Help Yourself" (1 vote)

Armani's "Prerequisite: Advanced Fluid Mechanics" (3 votes)

IchoTolot's "Retspen's Tomb" (7 votes)

Flopsy's "14 Hour Supernova" (2 votes)

tan x dx's "Measure once, build twice" (3 votes)

NieSch's "Spoilt for Choice" (2 votes)

92Dexter11's "Catch my drift" (2 votes)

Turrican's "Outside the Control Room" (1 vote)

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [NL] Mobilems (2022)
« on: June 25, 2022, 11:53:40 AM »
Brouhaha rank completely solved, so I'm back with more replays and feedback.

Brouhaha Rank Feedback

Some hard levels here and there, but still some pretty good ones too! As usual, I'm continuing to enjoy this pack.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Only the Heinous rank left. I've already solved the first 8, so making good progress there. Probably will finish the pack in a day or so! ;)

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [NL] Mobilems (2022)
« on: June 24, 2022, 12:00:11 PM »
Hello mobius,

I have solved the first two ranks. Here are my replays and feedback. Also, link to my LP for anyone who wants to watch: Enjoy! :P

General Feedback

Mobilems 2022, formally called Mobilems 3: The Lemmings Strike Back!, is a level pack by mobius which consists mostly of levels from his Mobilems and Mobilems 2 packs. I have had the pleasure of playing his Mobilems on Lemmini years ago, but I have not played any of Mobilems 2 due to how the pack isn't available to download anywhere on the Forums. I would love to play through that pack if mobius is able to find the files and send a download link.

As it's been years since I've played Mobilems, I will most likely not recognize too many levels from that pack during my LP. Some I definitely remember, though! Here, those levels seem to be more patched up than in the Lemmini version. Also, the pack tends to the easier side than most other custom level packs, so if you're looking for something that's not too difficult, this pack is for you! Despite the lower difficulty, I remember enjoying Mobilems a lot when I played through it back in the days!

Friendly Rank Feedback

Those levels were for the most part not too hard, although I admit the very limited skillset levels in this rank are harder than I thought they be. I would even say some are a step up in difficulty after some of the X-of-everythings levels, but there are also some not so easy ones, most particularly those which provide 3-of-everything or less.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Flapdoodle Rank Feedback

In contrast to the previous rank, this rank immediately starts off with puzzly levels through very limited skillsets and just the bare minimum which increases the difficulty, significantly in some cases. There's still the rare X-of-everythings from time to time, but don't expect them to be abundant like they were in the Friendly rank. You can pretty much expect the pack to have essentially stopped playing around once you enter this rank.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

As mentioned before, I'm immensely enjoying this pack! :thumbsup: I'm almost through the Brouhaha rank, so I think I will do a post each time I complete another rank from here on out. 

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Kingshadow3's "No Other Lemming's Gonna Do That!" (2 votes)

IchoTolot's "Decent Default Design" (6 votes)

kaywhyn's "The 10 Piece Puzzle Rush" (1 vote)

Armani's "Underwater Hijackers" (4 votes)

Apjjm's "Roiling Clouds" (7 votes)

Results, bolded levels move on.

Armani's "Forbidden Knowledge (Part 1)" (3 votes)

IchoTolot's "Violent Changes" (5 votes)

Flopsy's "Whodunnit?" (4 votes)

Apjjm's "The n-body problem" (1 vote)

tan x dx's "EMERGENCY EVACUATION" (5 votes)

Kingshadow3's "Straight And Curved" (3 votes)
NieSch's "Mission Unreachable" (3 votes)

GigaLem's "What are those puppies doing up there?!" (2 votes)

Results, bolded levels move on.

Armani's "Crossover" (3 votes)

Armani's "Santa Training Center" (4 votes)

Flopsy's "Can't Stop Partying" (3 votes)

Apjjm's "Can't stand the heat?" (3 votes)

tan x dx's "A caelo usque ad centrum" (3 votes)

Kingshadow3's "The Monkey Cave" (4 votes)

92Dexter11's "Lem Ninja" (5 votes)

Zanzindorf's "Rising Stream" (6 votes)

Results, bolded levels move on.
Kingshadow3's "Mad Dad's Chemical Research Dept." (2 votes)

IchoTolot's "Starlight Pinball Zone" (3 votes)

kaywhyn's "The Lemming Calculator" (3 votes)

Armani's "Insert Coin, Choose Lemming" (10 votes)

Dire Krow's "Ancient Lemmarine" (5 votes)

SuperLemmini / Re: [SuperLemmini] WillLem's SUPERLEMMINAS [UPDATED]
« on: June 17, 2022, 08:39:23 AM »
Hello WillLem,

I have also solved all of SUPERLEMMINAS pause free. Replays attached, and feedback incoming. Also, link to my LP: Enjoy! :P

General Feedback

This is another Superlemmini pack where the main gimmick active is Superlemming, where the game speed is sped up. Another difference is that this pack features Lemminas, female lemmings, instead of the normal blue outfit, green hair ones. Being a sequel to SUPERLEMMINGS, this pack was a tad bit harder, but not a whole lot harder. Level 4 was by far the hardest one to do pause free despite it just being a 1 Lemmina level. Level 5 can also be hard, but if you know a neat trick to it then it's quite easy. The rest after that weren't too hard at all.

1 - Inroducing SUPERLEMMINA (click to show/hide)

2 - Don't Press Pause! (click to show/hide)

3 - Sprint the Nessy (click to show/hide)

4 - Godspeed, Ms. Lemmina! (click to show/hide)

5 - Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe (click to show/hide)

7 - Carlimeta Jeter (click to show/hide)

8 - Take Another Running Jump (click to show/hide)

I enjoyed all of your SUPERLEMMING packs for Superlemmini! :thumbsup: Thanks for this one, and again I look forward to more content from you in the future! :)

Hello WillLem,

I have also solved all of Xmas SUPERLEMMINGS pause free, so here are my replays/feedback. Also, the link to the LP is in the previous post, as like you I decided to stick all of the LP of the SUPERLEMMINGS packs in the same playlist ;)

General Feedback

Most of these levels are either from the Holiday Lemmings games or from WillLem's Neolemmix pack FestiveLems. The major difference being that you are playing the levels with the Superlemming speed gimmick on at all times, even with FF not engaged. I think I will have to agree with Forestidia on this one possibly being your easiest of your SUPERLEMMINGS packs. The levels I really struggled with here were levels 4 and 9. They really got my heart racing while making sure I don't press pause at any time. Of course, the WAFD can be too, but if you know the trick behind it it can really make your life much easier :P

3 - Clouds of SUPERLEMMINGS (click to show/hide)

8 - Check Your SUPERHINTS!!! (click to show/hide)

9 - Running Home For Christmas (click to show/hide)

10 - Ready, Set, SNOW!!! (click to show/hide)

Thanks for this pack as well! :)

Hello WillLem,

I accepted your pause free challenge for SUPERLEMMINGS and after plenty of struggling with the no pause rule, I managed success on all 10 levels in a little under 2 hours. My replays are attached. Note that the first 7 of these replays are solutions that are different than the ones you see in my LP, because I forgot to save the replays as I went along. It was only when I got to the 7th level was where I realized I haven't been manually saving them.

You can also see my live LP where I followed the rule of no pause so that you know that I didn't violate anything. I use Charles' SuperlemminiToo. I initially tried the pack with timed bombers, but after a while to prevent the video from dragging out, as well as to reduce frustration, I proceeded to turn them off. You got to give me props for at least trying with timed bombers while under the no pause rule :P

Link to my LP: Enjoy! :P

General Feedback

WillLem's SUPERLEMMINGS pack is a pack for Superlemmini where the challenge is to complete all levels without using pause. That being said, with pause all these levels are very easy due to extremely generous skillsets on all levels. Therefore, there's generally no worry that you'll run out of skills at any time while attempting the pause free challenge, although I think the only time the skillset would be a problem is on the very first level, but even then there's still some spare if you manage to misplace/misassign a skill or two.

Most of the levels in this pack are remixes of OL and ONML levels. I certainly don't mind them at all, especially if they manage to do more than just be a mere repeat in terms of level layout. At the same time, it's generally WillLem's style when it comes to level designing, as he's huge on remixes. Every level designer has his/her preferences, and there's nothing wrong with doing the occasional remix pack, where the content is mostly or completely all remixes.

I got to say I really enjoyed this challenge! It should be clear that my natural reflexes aren't as quick as they used to be (I'm an old man, although perhaps I shouldn't be saying that as I'm still not as old as some others, but I'm definitely up there with them :8():), but it's still a lot of fun to at least challenge oneself and satisfy certain goals while playing. It's also a very short pack, 10 levels just like the various 10-level Dos packs for Custlemm.

Of these levels, I would have to say that both SUPERLEMMINGS 2 and SUPERLEMMINGS 6 both gave me a lot of problems. However, I am in agreement that the former is quite a challenge when attempting the level pause free. In the latter, the part in the middle with the bear traps was pretty difficult to do, although that's because I avoided mining and then simply bashing for a while and instead attempted to simply build over the triggers.

Also, for SUPERLMMINGS 7 it's not so bad once you 're able to do the start successfully, but the very thick wall to bomb through is way too repetitive for my liking. I guess the same can be said about SUPERLEMMINGS 4, but that's just me, as I personally am not a fan of levels where you have to repeatedly spam the same skill in a very short amount of time. That doesn't mean those levels are bad. Quite the contrary. Rather, levels with excessive and repetitive skill assignments tend to be quite dull and boring for me.

1 - SUPERLEMMING Returns (click to show/hide)

2 - The Bubble Run (click to show/hide)

4 - IcE PoPs! (click to show/hide)

5 - Cristiano Lemnaldo (click to show/hide)

6 - The SUPERLEMMING Lovers (click to show/hide)

7 - Scary Poppins Land (click to show/hide)

8 - Mind The Soup(ERLEMMING (click to show/hide)

9 - GERONIMO!!! (click to show/hide)

Thank you for this pack WillLem, and next up will be your SUPERLEMMINAS pack! :) 

Results, bolded levels move on.
Apjjm's "A Digital Switchover" (3 votes)

Armani's "Underwater Hijackers" (8 votes)

Dire Krow's "Ancient Lemmarine" (4 votes)

IchoTolot's "Starlight Pinball Zone" (5 votes)

Kingshadow3's "Mad Dad's Chemical Research Dept." (4 votes)

tan x dx's "The Treachery of Lemmings" (1 vote)
The Tomato Watcher's "The Claaaaaw..." (1 vote)

WillLem's "Bosom Buddies" (1 vote)

kaywhyn's "The Lemming Calculator" (4 votes)

Results, bolded levels advance.

Armani's "Childhood Dreams" (2 votes)

Armani's "The Good, The Bad and The Weird" (2 votes)

IchoTolot's "Trinity Of The Crypt" (4 votes)

Apjjm's "A night on the town" (1 vote)

tan x dx's "Thick and Thin" (2 votes)

Kingshadow3's "Silence in the Library" (3 votes)

Nessy's "A Rock And A Hard Place" (8 votes)

Zanzindorf's "Hug the Cloud" (1 vote)

SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Remix Pack
« on: June 14, 2022, 11:17:32 AM »
Hi Turrican,

I have solved all the pack, so my replays are attached! Also, you're already aware, but in case anyone else wants to, link to my LP: Enjoy! :P

General Feedback

Turrican's Remix pack is a pack for Superlemmini where Turrican collects levels from various authors and puts them in this collection. I am familiar with all the authors, except for Wihu61 and Horu5. I have never played levels by them before despite having played many 10-level packs for Dos back in the days. There were also several levels I have played here before, so in those cases it was just a matter of me remembering how to solve it. In any case, the levels pretty much got harder as you got deeper in each rank, although it's different from other packs in that a lot of the levels aren't made by Turrican but rather are levels from various level designers. There's also at least one level that needed to be adapted in order to work on Superlemmini, as some levels were originally Lemmini/Lemmix and whose solution relies on a glitch exclusive to one of those engines, and glitches for the most part got eliminated from Superlemmini and hence needed to change in order to recreate the solution as closely as possible to the intended one.

If you can look past the fact there's no backwards framestepping or rewinding, I can definitely recommend this pack! Even though I'm now very used to NL in playing custom content, I still very much enjoy coming back to both Lemmini and Superlemmini from time to time to play and solve packs on. This is especially the case because of how I'm a diehard traditionalist when it comes to the game: classic 8 skills, time limit on every level, etc. After all, we had to make do without the convenience tools and features of NL when we played the game all those years ago :P

Wild Rank Feedback

Other than Wild 4 and Wild 8, I haven't played any of the levels in this rank before, so they were pretty much all new to me. Very nice assortment of levels in this rank! I found Wild 10 to be the hardest one, although that's likely because I overcomplicated the solution and did some parts suboptimally.

Detailed Feedback on the Levels (click to show/hide)

Wicked Rank Feedback

Like Mike's Lemmings, Turrican's pack for NL, the difficulty pretty much resets with the Wicked rank, although it already starts off pretty hard. This rank was quite slow going, where a lot of the time I could only get one or two levels solved at a time in each video. I have previously played Wicked 2, Wicked 9, and Wicked 10

Detailed Feedback on the Levels (click to show/hide)

Overall, a great pack that I absolutely enjoyed, especially playing levels by authors who I never heard of before, as well as some new levels by some designers I'm familiar or heard by name :thumbsup: Thank you for this pack, Turrican, and I look forward to your second one, if that's being planned! :)

Results, with bolded ones moving on

Apjjm's "Roiling Clouds" (6 votes)

Armani's "Tightrope Planet" (3 votes)

Crane's "Looks simple enough..." (1 vote)
Dire Krow's "Steep Bee-scent" (2 votes)

IchoTolot's "Decent Default Design" (6 votes)

Kingshadow3's "Atmospheric Breach" (3 votes)

tan x dx's "Not much to work with..." (3 votes)

The Tomato Watcher's "A Roundabout Trip" (3 votes)

WillLem's "Minimalemism" (1 vote)

kaywhyn's "The 10 Piece Puzzle Rush" (4 votes)

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