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josh was one of the pre-testers of the pack, and they pretty much just PMed their solutions to Icho. In any case, it's quite easy to see why the update for Neutrality 17 was needed.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

As for your third set of replays, it's likely namida's.

Thanks to Kaywhyn for giving me the zip file for this pack, which includes the styles and levels.

You're welcome.

Finally, the reason I'm doing these conversions is so more packs for Superlemmini will be availiable for people to play as there were only limited amount of ones listed before.

So now we not only have original game packs and extra level ones(see my original game remakes in the "Levels for Other engines" to find them)
but also some more custom ones listed under Superlemmini's board(in addition to the one's that were already for Superlemmini(ie: Sublems, Colorful Arty's Reverse lemming,etc)
there are also now my conversion ones from Lemmini to Superlemmini(ie: Lemmings Reunion, Dovelems, Pimolems, Mobillems, Dodo's Special pack(cachapack, dodopack), and Franlems)

That's why I appreciate all the conversions you've done and so there's way more packs available for Superlemmini now :)

SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« on: September 25, 2020, 10:38:28 am »
The reason that the replay broke in the non-fixed version of the level , is because the opening hatch was 1 pixel higher than it's intended position!

Interesting that that one pixel difference is enough to affect and break the replay. I'm guessing the skill assignments were therefore at least a frame too late then?

Levels for v10 or older / Re: [NeoLemmix] Paralems
« on: September 25, 2020, 10:02:21 am »
All rightie, as promised here is my entire set of replays for Paralems.

Remarks About the Pack

Overall, I didn't really feel any significant challenge with the pack, so it was definitely a nice break from all the very difficult levels I've been playing for the last several months. In particular, I felt no real challenge until I got to the Disgusting rank, although there was one pretty difficult level in the Disturbing rank, Disturbing 12 - We'll have to make up for those. Although the pack mostly strays away from the NL philosophy of being puzzly, there were definitely some really nice puzzles in each rank. I thought it was really cool revisiting some of the levels from the original Lemmings throughout the pack and having to solve them in a slightly different way with NL skills. Some of them were quite enjoyable, but others not so much or they didn't add much more of a challenge. Others I didn't enjoy as much. In particular, I thought I wouldn't mind the levels that had so much repetitive skill assigning. I was wrong. If anything, I found it very annoying to assign 40 or more of the same skill to each individual lemming. Yet, I endured all of these levels and made it through them.

There were some really nice looking levels in this pack. My favorite ones visually were Harmless 19 - Death Titan, Harmless 20 - Treasure Island, Disturbing 24 - Face the Hydra, Disgusting 18 - In Memory of Steve Irwin, and Demented 28 - Dark Fate of Atlantis.

Finally, I don't mind hidden traps in general, although here it was more of didn't mind at first, but after a certain point it was overdone to death and then I started getting annoyed. Even then, I assure you I didn't use CPM on any of the levels of this pack except for Demented 28, but only because I thought the exit trigger was busted when the lemmings wouldn't exit. Of course, you did warn in the release post that with "animals things aren't always what they appear to be," so to experience this and see if it can tick me off, I avoided using CPM in the pack. Luckily, it wasn't too bad, although probably the biggest reason I wasn't as annoyed with them is probably because I ended up backrouting some of them. Having only played through the entire pack once so far, I'll probably won't remember the majority of levels that have them.

Now feedback on the individual ranks. I'm going to follow a similar structure as I did when I gave you feedback for Lemmicks.

Harmless Rank (click to show/hide)

Disturbing Rank (click to show/hide)

Disgusting rank (click to show/hide)

Abhorrent rank (click to show/hide)

Demented rank (click to show/hide)

Wow, it took me a very long time to write all of this feedback, I beliee a total of 6 hours or more. I certainly have my detail-oriented mindset to blame, as well as how I had to take the time to look through the levels in the NL player and let some of the replays play out so that I can remember what I wanted to say/write. Not to mention that I decided to wait until I finished the entire pack before sending replays and my feedback. Well, I think when I do Pit Lems I'm going to avoid this by probably sending feedback after a rank or two rather than complete the pack first and doing what I did with Paralems.

Anyway, if you ever decide to look at my replays and feedback, I hope you find both useful. I'm definitely looking forward to your new packs.

Level Design / Re: [DON'T] Binary win conditions
« on: September 24, 2020, 11:07:11 pm »
I don't necessarily think the first part is particularly special about you; that should be any Lemmings player's default state. :P At least particularly in NeoLemmix, where figuring out the puzzle usually is the sole challenge, and its practical implementation / execution is entirely non-challenging.

Watching replays, from a player's standpoint (not a level creator's standpoint), is really just for when you're absolutely stuck. Even then, I usually just watch up to a point where I can derive a first hint from the replay, and then stop watching so that I can still figure out the rest of it myself.

Ok, I agree with you about players using replays when they're stuck. However, what sets us even further apart is this: I don't watch replays, even when I'm stuck :P I only watch after I solve the level myself first, and so really at that point I'm simply comparing my solution to that of another player(s) or, if available, the intended solution from the pack author. Also, I prefer to not ask for hints if I can, but I have done that plenty of times for United. Even then, this is different, as the hints I've been given are vague enough so that they allow me to think and still allow me to figure out the solution for myself. This is exactly what I appreciate, as my system of giving hints to help other players is the same, as my goal is to help players improve their critical thinking and solving ability while preventing spoiling of one's enjoyment of figuring out the solution. With a replay, however, I can simply interrupt it or imitate where to place the skills to solve the level, which in my opinion isn't fun for me at all, as the solution has now been spoiled but in visual form, and I prefer the satisfaction of figuring out the solutions for myself. Thus, I don't ever watch replays to levels, even when I'm stuck. I only watch after I have solved the level to compare solutions.

It's like you said in your Paralems topic: "You can't un-see what you have seen."

SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« on: September 24, 2020, 08:17:44 pm »
I wasn't concerned about the ini file vs lvl file. Rather, what I was curious about was why the replay broke for you while it was fine for Turrican and me, especially since there seems to be no real reason that it should due to the levels looking exactly the same. It's probably due to assignments being assigned just a frame or a few too early or a frame or a few too late, or just how SL seems to interpret the files differently from one another and so it gets confused or something. In any case, my point about interrupting the replay to fix it still stands. You can let it run up to the the points where the replay appears to have messed up and then interrupt it so you can take control to fix it. The intended solution is still the same, as it's the exact same level regardless of file extension name.

Level Design / Re: [DON'T] Binary win conditions
« on: September 24, 2020, 07:06:35 pm »
I've been noticing a pattern recently across various games that seems to spark frustration in players, both in me and others. Once I had become aware of this, I started thinking back whether I had encountered it in Lemmings level as well - and yes, I did. It just didn't occur to me back then that this design choice might be a general flaw, if not to say a cardinal sin of game design, instead of something specific to (custom) Lemmings packs.

Thus, most of my "ranting" in this thread will refer to other games than Lemmings ;) . And I'm not planning to hit on any specific custom level pack here. I'm just sure that we all can think of levels where we encountered this type of obstacle.

I'm talking about what I've heard being described as "binary win conditions".
A case in which the difference between success and failure comes down to a single aspect that also happens to be hard to control.
Consequently, the chance of hit or miss basically amounts to the toss of a coin. In other words: It's random. ;) As a result, frustration arises with both outcomes.
- In case of failure, the player is frustrated because they feel there is little they can control to improve the outcome. All they can do is try again and hope for the best.
- In case of success, the player can't really attribute it to their own skill, because (unless they're extremely lucky and succeed on the first attempt) through the previous failures they know the outcome is basically random. Meaning, they externalise their success as "I've just been lucky this time". They will be glad it's over, yes, but it's not something they will enjoy looking back on as a proud achievement.

This is interesting. Certainly I myself can think of several examples from video games other than Lemmings. The biggest offender to me that I'm also currently playing myself is Candy Crush Saga. Yes, I'm still playing it and I'm all caught up with the most recent episode releases. In the very recent episode releases, the levels themselves have been beyond frustrating due to absurdly low number of moves AND the random candy generator, where you have absolutely no control over what color candy will spawn to take the place of the candies that got removed through matching and setting off of special candies and hence the levels have felt extremely luck based rather than the player needs to rely on skill to pass them. Consequently, I think what King is really trying to do is make people buy boosters to pass the levels, but the thing about them is that even when you do have them, they're still no guarantee that you'll win the level. As a result, I have plenty of boosters all stocked up, mainly because I refuse to use any to pass them and will still sit through each level and fail them repeatedly until the game decides to be nice enough and allow me to pass.

Sounds just like how I am with Lemmings, where I'm willing to sit through long and difficult levels and solve them. Now you know why I don't like viewing solutions before I have solved the level myself first and how I just have a high level of patience when it comes to solving levels in Lemmings. ;)


In original Lemmings, the classical example of a binary win condition is the aptly named Mayhem level "All or nothing":

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Partly correct. In Dos, it's not possible to select skills with the mouse while the game is paused, but you can still select skills via the F3 - F9 keys. Although, as you correctly stated, in this level you're only given bashers AND the RR is already 99, and so it's not possible to select anything else in the skill panel even with the Fn keys. And yea, at least much of the rage in the level is eliminated by how it's a very short level and is over quickly despite having to bash in the correct direction 3 times in a row.

"I have a cunning plan" is the worse offender here, because it's really just about knowing or not knowing the trick. There is an alternative solution, the one that I've been using at a kid. But it basically just requires you to have knowledge of the "No added colours or Lemmings" trick at this earlier level, plus it's much harder to execute:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I too also used this solution as a kid. I don't think I used a pass-through blocker, though. Instead, I blocked the first lemming that came back to the left and then did the exact same thing as you did in releasing it, except this time I now have two lemmings to contend with to build and make them turn back towards to the exit. Also, from what I understand, the last lemming out is the one that gets prioritized when it comes to assigning a skill in the crowd, and so I think assigning a miner to release the blocker is all down to luck because there's still a lot of lemmings that need to come out of the entrance by the time it comes to releasing the blocker. Of course, nowadays you can make it easier by simply waiting for all lemmings to come out and then build with one of the last few lemmings to turn around. Or, just delay a few lemmings and simply let the first two bash. As others have mentioned, this level does a very poor job of requiring the builder wall, as well as no level in the game requires this trick. Now that I mentioned it, I'm not sure how I found out about this builder wall trick. Might had been a video I saw on Youtube, or, more likely, I probably just stumbled upon it by accident in a custom level by experimenting.

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [NeoLemmix] Lemmings Halloween 2017
« on: September 24, 2020, 01:53:25 pm »
Hey Ryemanni, I've noticed that the download link for this pack in the OP is broken. Would you by any chance have a working download link for it? I would like to download and play this pack, as it looks nice and pretty cool. If not, no worries.

In Development / Re: Lemmings Open Air [111/120 levels completed]
« on: September 24, 2020, 10:37:05 am »
Oh, really? ;) Thanks, maybe I've overread that. Especially because I didn't put too much effort into those particular levels ("Nuclear waste disposal" and "Reach for the stars"). Maybe the solutions you found to them were much better than the intended ones? :D

Just really good, easy puzzles with really nice solutions! Although, the former has a very precise stacker assignment, and the area around the exit can be quite fiddly as well.

So you and kaywhyn are definitely going to be the first ones to receive the complete first draft of 120 levels once they are ready! :thumbsup: Let's see how far I can get this weekend...

Sounds good! :thumbsup:

However, for you, "completionist" actually seems to mean "play all the packs", whereas for eric it just means collecting the replays.

Precisely! At least in the context of lemmings, being a completionist means I want to play and complete every pack ;) As you might have guessed, I love solving levels, and if me having completed United is any indication, the community probably considers me one of the better solvers.

In other games, like Starcraft or Warcraft, for example, by me being a completionist, it means I like to raze and total every enemy base even if the campaign objective does not require such.


Once you get to Lemmings World Tour, i.e. become a Lemmings musician, I guess that would make ericderkovits your hardcore fan who travels around with you and picks up everything you drop... :P And who collects all of your releases, including special re-issues and such. 8-) And then he places them all in a museum and starts writing your biography...

Haha, nice! I kind of am a musician in a way, but my talent lies in singing for fun, not mixing music, so it's kind of like eric is a paparazzi haha. Also, eric has stated that he admires my perseverance and how I just have so much patience for being able to sit through levels and solve them. Just so you know, I do prefer that he actually plays and solves the levels himself rather than just watch replays, as in my opinion they simply spoil one's enjoyment of figuring out the solutions for him or herself if the level hasn't been solved yet. However, like Icho, I have made it known that I don't mind eric collecting the replays, just that he can definitely improve his solving ability by playing the actual levels before viewing any video solutions. He says he's lousy at solving, but here I think he's selling himself short, and I think he's much better at solving than he claims to be. I've seen him perfectly capable of it. 

SuperLemmini / Re: Conversion of Lemmini Mobillems V6 to Superlemmini
« on: September 24, 2020, 07:23:43 am »
hey mobilems level 15 in the OhNoMoreLevels rank is the level from Genesis' Present rank(level 19-Acrophobia).

O.o, you're right. I never ever noticed this.

ok level 18-OhNoMoreLevels(Occam's Razor). I don't like this level because the exit is invisible just left of hatch. Here I thought the level was impossible. Neolemmix wouldn't like this kind of trickery, but at least in NL, one can find it anyways by hitting the physics mode icon. Had to see Icho's solution to notice that the exit was invisible left of hatch.

Haha you clearly didn't spend enough time on this level. After a couple of attempts, it should had been very obvious that you will never solve the level by using the visible exit on the very far right. There's just not enough time and there's nothing you can do to speed up the lemmings to get there faster. Also, if you're aware that Occam's razor refers to the principle that when there's multiple explanations for the same thing, the simplest one is the most likely one to be right. However, in this level it is a bit ironic in that you have to apply some logic to deduce that something else must be going on besides the visible exit you see. Then you'll see that the level title is indeed appropriate after all, because the invisible exit to the left of the entrance is even simpler than the visible one.

As for the time I encountered this level years ago, I remember just setting a blocker and seeing what happens after maybe 2 attempts using the right exit and seeing that it will never work no matter what. I kind of vaguely remember thinking, wow, what a cheap trick with the invisible exit, and also I wasn't aware of the meaning of the level title at the time, as I had never heard of it. Then again, there is also another one in a Mazulems level, but the level title at least hints it (Phantom exit) and also you have a lot of skills to mess around in the level to find it, so that one isn't too bad.

In all fairness, at least this one is very short and very easy if you know how ;) 

Lemmings Main / Paralems Done! Pit Lems is Next on My List to Play
« on: September 24, 2020, 07:03:41 am »
Well, that didn't take very long. Paralems is done! Pit Lems is next. I have updated the OP to reflect the changes. Strato, my feedback and replays will be awaiting you in the pack topic.

oh good now maybe I'll save your replays for this too, although Paralems I have replays already and turned green. But I do need replays for Pitlems

You're in luck. The plan was for me to do Pit Lems after I'm done with Paralems anyway. Still, you're more than welcome to collect my Paralems replays too.

but just for your info the 2nd to last level in the last rank(Demented) IT'S FEEDING TIME! the style catrrap.dat was reported missing so here put this in your main Paralems directory

it will just add styles/cattrap.dat into the main drectory. I just grabbed it from the Pitlems pack(had to use Namida NXPextractor on Pitlems to get it.

Ok, thanks a bunch for this! :)

With the current resurging interest in Old-Formats packs, though (as in "actually playing them in the Old-Formats player"), I probably should take a look at Paralems again.

I'm a completionist, so I plan to eventually tackle all the packs that are currently available, including Old Formats. I plan to finish the Old Formats packs first, since I don't have that much left to do, before making my way up to the New Formats packs. Not to mention that the Old Formats packs are generally much older.

Maybe I am just going to watch joshescue's and kaywhyn's replays for it in para-llel (*badumm-tss* :P ).

Haha, I see what you did there with "para-llel."

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [NeoLemmix] DoveLems [Difficulty: Easy-Medium]
« on: September 24, 2020, 03:02:58 am »
Like eric mentioned, are you certain you have the latest version of the pack, Shmolem? I just tried Devilish 25 again, and I cannot backroute it like I previously did before, and I'm very well-known by Icho for backrouting his levels. So, if you think you were able to backroute the level, it probably means you have an outdated version of the pack. As a matter of fact, some time ago, I gave a suggestion that the NL main menu should display what version of the pack players are playing, because sometimes it's the case where you might have downloaded a level pack from a really long time ago, and then sometime down the line, the pack author releases a new update of the pack, but sometimes you might not had downloaded the most recent version at the time. namida did see my suggestion on the suggestions board, and he said that it's on his "to-do list." I think it would be quite helpful so that you can easily check whether you have the most recent version of the pack or not. Some packs already display the pack version in the scroller at the bottom, though, so those aren't a problem. It's the ones that don't that can be problematic in knowing whether you're playing the most up-to-date version.

Anyway, you can still send the replay over and then I can quickly verify. Knowing you, you'll probably do it after you finish the rank, which is perfectly fine, as that's generally what I do as well.   

SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« on: September 23, 2020, 11:22:04 pm »
OK! Now please , download the version that I have attached in this post , and report If it worked correctly!

My thoughts exactly: Just download the up-to-date ini from the OP. Also, if you noticed something wrong with the replay, you could always interrupt it and take over and correct it whenever you feel you need to. In SL, you interrupt by clicking on something in the skill bar that isn't currently selected. Pressing one of the RR buttons is the easiest to do, especially on levels where you only have one skill available. Then again, now that I think about it, I think there will be problems where you only have one skill and a 99 RR and since you can't change anything in this case, there's no way to interrupt the replay. There might be a hotkey you can press to stop the replay, but I'm not sure.

I don't exactly know what went wrong in the replay since I looked away while the replay was going, but I did hear a lemming die. Must had been the worker lemming. I also checked the levels themselves, and visually I don't see any differences between Turrican's and eric's level files, so I can't imagine why the replay would fail for eric's version. In any case, just like Turrican said, the easiest solution is to just download his version in the OP, and everything will be all right, replay included.

SuperLemmini / Re: Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« on: September 23, 2020, 08:46:31 pm »
Just writing to confirm to Turrican that your replay works just fine for me, so I don't know why it's not working for eric. In my case, I started the replay, then I simply turned my head away so that I cannot see what's going on, as I'm one of those people who hasn't solved the level myself yet, and I don't watch replays or a video of the solution until I do. I only watch after I solve just to compare my solution to other players as well as the intended solution from the creator. Needless to say, I prefer the satisfaction of figuring out levels myself.

As for the Crystal Coves level, I tried this on Superlemmini several months ago. I know the general outline of the solution, I just haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

With this outline in mind, I will report back later if I'm successful in solving it ;)

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