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Reviews / Re: Level Review--Lemmings Revolution
« on: Today at 07:36:33 AM »

Lemmings: 50

Save: 50

Time: 3 minutes

Release Rate: From left to right, 1, 39, 18, 5 (none can be changed)

Skills: 50 floaters

Good: The game takes an interesting twist with this level by featuring a unique gimmick in that you cannot pause on this level. If you attempt to do so, you will hear a creepy laugh, though honestly I could had sworn the laugh was much scarier sounding than this. At least, when I first reached this level years ago, I was taken by surprise not only by not being able to pause but by the laugh. It's said to be the laugh of a weasel. Essentially, this level is the equivalent of "Floater Frenzy" that you can find in early versions of namida's Lemmings Plus 2 pack when the frenzy gimmick used to exist in NL, except in his pack you are allowed many losses as I think it would had been way too frustrating otherwise to try and save everyone or as much as you can with quick reflexes.

Bad: Even without the ability to pause, this is still quite an easy level for this late in the game, helped by the fact that the RR of each entrance is different, the highest being 39. However, why those particular RR's? Seems very arbitrary values. If anything, the developers should had made each one with 99RR and adjust the save requirement accordingly, like maybe saving a maximum of half of the 50 with 25? Like make it more challenging in some way. Though keep in mind that unlike NL, in Lemmings Revolution the RR system is different, where each entrance acts independently of one another in relation to the RR's. If there are multiple entrances with each 99RR, then there won't be any spacing in the release of the lemmings from any entrance and all lemmings from each entrance will be released at the exact same time.

Hi CindylemSparks,

Welcome to the Forums! :thumbsup: Sounds like your issue is very similar to this:

Don't worry, Neolemmix is perfectly safe, your antiviruses are incorrectly flagging it as malicious. I don't use the Malwarebytes browser, but I do have Malwarebytes as my main AV. In your case, try opening up MWB and adding NL to the allowed list. It should work without issues after that. The interesting thing is that I could had sworn I didn't need to do that in earlier versions of NL, but it's on the allowed list now and has been for some time. Even more, I would just pick one AV as your main one and disable the other one. Sometimes, problems can arise when you have multiple AV enabled on your system.

If you still require assistance, just post again and let us know! Enjoy your stay and welcome again :) 

In Development / Re: Something in progress - No name yet
« on: November 30, 2022, 11:08:07 PM »
We just do what we can, to the best of our abilities.

When you put your heart into something, it usually shows! :thumbsup:

Definitely! :thumbsup: Thanks again for watching and commenting on my video series on your PimoLems pack. After I finish the rest of the series up, I'll get the Lemmini solutions up too :)

Contests / Re: Level Design Contest #WasteMyTime
« on: November 30, 2022, 11:02:22 PM »
fair enough, I didn't bother to work out the antiderivative so just googled it. Should've been suscpicious that a constant (-1) is added that isn't absorbed into the integration constant. Cursed google just pulled down the exponent -1 that was clearly in the page it links to. Since it was displayed directly outside as a subtraction, I added round brackets to clarify, which now make it horribly incorrect. It's listed as ln∣cosx∣−1. I thought for a simple joke I might not be called out on looking something up. :)
I am fairly ashamed now. :-[

Lemme try to at least rectify why I didn't put an x into the cosine function, as that was done fully intentionally.
To me, the term "∫tan x dx" is a function modulo constants, but it cannot depend on x. It represents the map y |--> ay tan x dx = F(y) - F(a) = F(y) + k where F is an antiderivative of the tangent function. While you can call that variable y or t or basically whatever you want, to me it is nonsensical to call it "x", as the term ax tan x dx doesn't make too much sense (which is easily seen when trying to make take the derivate of ax tan x dx  with respect to x).
Therefore, in a corrected version, I'd be saying -log(|cos|), and as a function, I'd refer to the function that maps y to -log(|cos(y)|).
It would've been clearer to write it as -log(|cos(.)|)

But to be fair, most people (including physicists) use ∫f(x)dx as notation for an antiderivative of f depending on x. Since that is commonpractice notation, I cannot argue against that. Just not the notation I'm used to.

Haven't gotten into that much trouble for integrals in a while :-[

Ah, now I understand where you're coming from. My bad darkshoxx, I didn't intend to shame and call you out on the technicalities. I have a bad tendency to take things so seriously that sometimes I didn't take into consideration that the person might had been joking, though in a way I could had figured you were kind of joking there with your post and that not all of it was intended to be serious. I'm a super detail-oriented person, as I tend to pay a lot of attention to even the minute details of pretty much everything. It's just the way my mind works. Especially in mathematics, I like to be very technical and mathematically correct and precise, as it would be bad if I gave students false info. Mathematicians definitely mean serious business when it comes to defining terms as mathematically precise as possible. Sure, I occasionally let some things slide from time to time and let some students off more easily than others if they get a tiny detail wrong or I catch them on some technicality, but it all depends on the student and the level of math I'm teaching.

Along with that, technically tan x's username is an indefinite integral rather than a definite one due to no upper and lower limits and hence it would be correct to put the x in, but after your clarification I totally understand your intentional omission of it! Again, please excuse me for taking things too seriously here, everything you wrote in your clarification makes sense and I perfectly understand where you're coming from!

Anyway, back on topic, nothing yet and I still don't know if I will participate, but I do realize that I technically have up to about a week should I decide to make something for this. I was watching a bit of your stream today, though I wasn't always there due to avoiding potential spoilers for myself   


Uh, I think you linked to the wrong topic for Jeremy to look at for some help on the level he's stuck on ??? The topic is about the new "paint" object :P


I point you to the NL Introduction pack maintained by Icho and suggest you play the new slider levels. Only a guess of mine, but I think the reason for you being stuck on training level 7 is there's an interaction of the slider skill you're not aware of.

WTF rank completed and hence I have solved all of the pack. My entire replay collection is attached.

WTF Rand Feedback

Being the final rank of the pack, the hardest levels that Master88 made are supposedly all here. Just like all the previous ranks, there are a lot of repeats here and only a small handful of unique levels. So, I think the OMG rank actually has the highest amount of unique levels and IMO the best rank of the pack, though there were still some true gems in the WTF rank too. Some weren't to my liking because some being too fiddly or way too much rapid fire skill assignments in a very short amount of time that the level practically has to be done while paused, which IMO disrupts the natural flow of gameplay. Not to mention that some of the ideas have been very overdone to death by this point in my Lemmings solving career, such as basher/digger and basher staircases, though the level which you do the latter requires it so many times that honestly it wasn't that much fun for me to play, though there was the satisfaction of being very quick with it to beat the very tight time limit.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Now that I've gotten through the entire pack, my assessment of the classified difficulty of Easy-Hard still stands. Some levels are much harder than the surrounding ones in each of the ranks, but for the most part the difficulty averages out to be Hard on the high end. In any case, I enjoyed the pack, especially once I got into the OMG rank. Before that point, the pack wasn't much trouble but it's still no pushover. Thank you for this pack that uses only the classic 8 skills, and I will look forward to trying your other two level packs at some point :thumbsup: Hope you're enjoying my LP as well! ;)

OMG rank solved, and so I'm back with more replays and feedback ;)

OMG Rank Feedback

Even though a lot of the levels are repeats and we don't encounter the first unique level of the rank until level 12, I must say this time the repeats are way more interesting and really great challenges! :thumbsup: Then I think starting at level 21, the rest of the rank are unique levels until the rank finisher, which is a repeat. Even the unique levels themselves are interesting and challenging, and so regardless of whether it's a repeat or unique the levels definitely belong in this difficulty. However, just like the previous rank, some of these could even fit the Mayhem difficulty. So, things are definitely getting quite difficult starting in this rank!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the WTF rank now, as the OMG rank has been the most interesting despite all the repeats! :thumbsup: At least this time they were challenging in some way and have far more interesting solutions very different from the original and maybe the first repeat or so. Once again, I'm continuing to enjoy the pack a lot, even more after the OMG rank.

@WillLem - Nice, seems coincidental that we started playing the pack around the same time. Maybe my LP got you to play the pack? :laugh: Just one thing I will add to your post is that this is a classic 8 skills pack, which is sure to be to pretty much everyone's liking here, particularly those who are Superlemmini fans. At least that has been true for the 95 levels of the pack I have played, and so I'm sure this won't be changing with any of the remaining levels not sticking to the classic 8 skills. There are levels that use NL objects though, in particular there are a few levels that use teleporters.

Good luck with the rest of the pack. You're more than welcome to reference my replays/LP for hints if you need any on levels you might get stuck on, but I doubt that won't be necessary, as I have the utmost confidence that you can handle these levels just fine, given that you managed the first two ranks without problems! :)

Hi TheMcPootisGal,

Welcome to the Forums! :thumbsup: It's a really good thing I held off on playing through the pack then, as I remember you briefly discussing this pack on Discord, and I at one point several months ago stumbled upon your website where the pack can be downloaded. I was wondering if you were even still in the process of converting it over to New Formats NL, and this topic confirms that you're still working on it. So, good to know! :thumbsup:

I'm definitely interested in LPing this when it's done! :thumbsup: I will provide you the link so you can watch, of course. Looking forward to the finished product!

Contests / Re: Lemmings Forums Level Contest #26 - Results
« on: November 27, 2022, 10:44:01 PM »
Congrats Niesch on a well-deserved win with both your R1 and R3 levels! :thumbsup: For the record, I voted for your R3 to win the entire contest, and I apparently broke the tie at the time I voted. However, later one someone else came along and voted for your R1 and tied up the result again :laugh: This honestly surprises me a bit, as I thought your R3 would be the clear winner, but nope, it's an even split.

I forgot to put in my vote in the semi-finals, but even then that would not had changed the result of both of your levels advancing to the finals. For that one, my votes would had gone to both Armani's R2 and your R3, but again that wouldn't had been enough to save Armani's R2 from elimination.

As I noted before, you're definitely a fan of 1-of-everything levels, as am I, and your R3 is quite a nice one. Love that red herring that tripped me up for a while with the digger placement! :thumbsup:

As for my own levels, seems like the quality of them suffered quite a bit here. In particular, I was surprised about my R1 not being more well-liked, but I think I know why: It just became a visual mess after a while due to all the backrouting. This would also be one of the few times in which I voted for a level of mine, just because I kind of like the central tricks I sprinkled in there, but other than the visual quality, perhaps it's just how it was likely way too difficult to be a serious contender in the running.

However, nice to know that my R2 was the most popular despite it having gone through more than 20 versions! :thumbsup: I thought that was exactly what was going to really harm it, but looks like not. I think it was simply due to the shimmier concept there! ;)

Anyway, congrats also to Armani for first runner-up and to all the level designers for their levels :)

Hello Master88,

I have solved the first two ranks of the pack. My replays are attached. Also, I have an LP of the pack: Enjoy! :P

General Feedback

Master88 Custom Neolevels is a custom pack by Master88 and the user's first one. It has 4 ranks of 30 levels each, similar to L1's structure. As already mentioned earlier in the thread, some of the rank names are the exact same as that of Pit Lems, a level pack by Strato Incendus. At least with what I've seen up through near the end of the third rank, this pack uses only the classic 8 skills and hence is pretty much the most recent pack to use those skills.

Definitely the one thing I have pointed out repeatedly in my LP is there are way too many repeats! Now, I don't have anything against repeats myself, as I certainly consider those worthwhile if the solution in the repeat is different from the original. Otherwise, if the solution on the original is possible on the repeat, I don't consider it a worthwhile inclusion in the pack. Indeed, there have been plenty such repeats where I can use the exact same solution on both the original and some of the later appearances of the same level. Even more, it seems that every level appears at least 3 or more times! The repeats even happen as early as the first rank. IMO it would had been far better if the repeats were way more spaced out from their original level's appearance rather than just being about after every level or so.

LOL Rank Feedback

Can be considered the Fun rank equivalent of L1, these levels are easy in general, with many of the levels providing a lot of skills such that you're pretty much free to carve any solution you want. The pack starts off very similar to L1, except LOL 1 is a floater tutorial rather than a digger tutorial, but LOL 1 and Fun 1 are similar in that they both give 10 lemmings but you only need to save 1. After that, there's a pretty good assortment of diversity and variety in the skillsets and levels. The LOL rank would probably even be considered easier than the Fun rank overall in many ways, although there's still a few odd levels that can probably be considered a bit difficult for the rank, especially for less experienced players. The ones that come to my mind here are LOL 15 - Twin in Dark Palace and its repeats LOL 22 - Twins back in Dark Palace and LOL 30 - Return back to Dark Palace, LOL 25 - The Cage 2, LOL 26 - Web road, and LOL 29 - All is compression.

My favorites of the rank: LOL 17 - Ironplate part two and LOL 25.

YOLO Rank Feedback

Levels overall are slightly harder in this rank, and I would even say that some go a bit beyond Tricky difficulty and are Taxing difficulty here, especially these in the second half! However, just like the previous rank, so many repeats here which start right away at YOLO 1! Again, repeats aren't bad IMO, they're just really overdone here and are way too close to one another and not spaced out enough from their original appearances.

Levels that I consider hard for casual players: YOLO 2 - Solitary cell lemmings, YOLO 3 - Dinosaurus cementry, YOLO 4 - 4th Saga YOLO, YOLO 7 - All is compression part two, YOLO 8 - Twins last visit in Dark Palace (I consider this the hardest of the rank, maybe it's even early Taxing difficulty), YOLO 10 - Star road, YOLO 15 - The Cage 3 (can probably even be considered Taxing difficulty here), YOLO 18 - Ironplate part 3 (two sets of OWAs pointing in different directions can be confusing to new players, along with a very restricted skillset),  YOLO 19 - Teleporting from home, YOLO 20 - 6 lemming come to Dark palace, YOLO 23 - Three lemming acrobating show, YOLO 24 - Lets turn around, YOLO 26 - Safety drop part two (new players might especially be confused about how they can save enough due to the added trap that wasn't there in previous versions of the level), YOLO 27 - Quick visit in Dark palace (just like YOLO 8, except only 1 lemming and a very tight time limit of 22 seconds), and YOLO 29 - Just a minute falling.

My favorites of the rank: YOLO 14 - Hello John We got New Lemming (just remove the assign 40 floaters akin to Bitter Lemming from L1 part by making the hatches preassigned floater ones instead and this is a great level!), YOLO 16 - You need a cunning plan (ironically the solution reminds me more of "Postcard from Lemmingland" :laugh:), YOLO 18, YOLO 24 (again without the several repeated floater assignments and it's a great level), and YOLO 27.

Will continue with more of the pack when I'm able to! Currently near the end of the OMG rank, and it's very similar to the YOLO rank in that there was no unique level until after the first 11 levels, but I'm finding these repeats are at least way more interesting than the earlier appearances of those levels in the pack! :thumbsup: Also, near the end of the rank it seems to all be unique levels and so at least the pack is going in a more interesting direction. Since the pack now seems very interesting and quite promising, I'm looking forward to the rest of the OMG rank and the final rank after that! ;)     

NeoLemmix Levels / Re: [NeoLemmix] PimoLems [Difficulty: Medium]
« on: November 26, 2022, 12:07:14 AM »
Resolved all updated levels in the previous post :) My entire replay collection is attached, but you just need to check the 20 updated levels from the previous post. Most of these now feel intended, with the only ones I feel that are still a bit hackish being Hurricane 17 and One 15. In the former, I simply used a builder as a delay and hence it might still be acceptable, but I feel as if that builder could be put to better use. The latter is almost the same solution as last time.

The only real backroute left that I still managed to re-backroute I think is Hurricane 13 :P

Reviews / Re: Level Review--Lemmings Revolution
« on: November 25, 2022, 09:23:56 PM »
Nice job gentlemen, we're now on the final column of levels! :thumbsup: 13 levels to go.

12-2: Anger. Love. Hate

Lemmings: 50

Save: 40

Time: 5 minutes

Release Rate: 30

Skills: 20 climbers, 20 floaters, 20 bombers, 20 builders

Good: Nice puzzle with the main challenge figuring out how to get to the lever at the bottom on the other side of the steel wall

Bad: Why the heck are you allowed up to 10 losses here? Other than the most difficult part of the level being to get a lemming to push the lever, it's still easy for this very late in the game despite only 4 skill types available.

Contests / Re: Level Design Contest #WasteMyTime
« on: November 25, 2022, 09:09:40 PM »
I might partake in this, but no guarantees. Honestly, a week's notice is not that much time, but as the size only needs to be 200 x 200, maybe it's not so much of a problem after all.


Nice, however, I'm going to be pedantic here. The variable x with the cos is missing, and I think you meant to put the negative sign right before the log? I think it's clear you meant to write it so that it's being multiplied by negative 1 rather than subtracting 1 from the result :P Admittedly, I was confused why there was a minus 1 to indicate subtracting 1 when there shouldn't be. Math instructor here, for which calculus, along with algebra, is my favorite area of math, and yes, I have marked students down for not writing in the x with the trigonometric function :P

It's the one where sliders should go out in the other direction after every drop, no matter how small. In the replay, you can see the slider doing it's dehoister animation indicating that it will go out to the left but it doesn't in this case

I've watched the replay again carefully and can't see what you mean tbh...

When my worker lemming is done making the path to the exit, he starts the animation to go out to the left, but because the gap is small enough, he doesn't and hence continues towards the exit. The fix from and is supposed to make it so that sliders will always go out in the other direction after any drop, no matter how tiny it is. Apparently there's still some cases where they don't, like for level 5

I'm not sure if the save 50 is supposed to be a silver one, considering that 50 years is a silver jubilee

25 years is the silver jubilee, so that had to be silver, and the save-50 had to be gold. Since there's no platinum talisman, I just did another gold one :lemcat:

Ah, I keep mixing up these anniversaries :XD: Understandable, perhaps there should be a golsilver or silvgold one or something like that. You know, by combining platinum and gold together :laugh: Actually, should be mixing platinum and gold instead, but well, I can't really find a nice and clever term for it.

Thanks! Your gold talisman solution isn't intended, but I like it. However, I'm confused about your silver talisman replay as it does in fact use Walkers... ???

Ah, my bad. I checked and it turns out I mislabeled the replays for level 2. The gold one is actually the silver one while the silver one is the gold one. Oops :XD:

Not to mention that the slider glitch happened here as well.

Which one is that?

It's the one where sliders should go out in the other direction after every drop, no matter how small. In the replay, you can see the slider doing it's dehoister animation indicating that it will go out to the left but it doesn't in this case. Apparently not all slider cases of this have been fixed yet.

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