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Lemmings Main / The Lemmings Iceberg
« on: December 29, 2020, 02:19:56 AM »
Loads of other game communities have been making these so I thought it'd be fun to do one for lemmings (and it was), got plenty of suggestions from the discord group too. If you want any explained I can.

If there is an exit that only allows a limited number of lemmings, the number showing how many can be covered by terrain in both normal play and CPM. This makes it impossible to know the needed number if the level is designed where terrain appears over the top of an exit.

Closed / [BUG][PLAYER] Pre-placed gliders differ slightly in replay mode
« on: December 23, 2020, 01:10:08 PM »
Using player V12.10.1

Pre-placed gliders seem to start 1 pixel lower in replays than when playing. I created a situation where this is shown, the result in a replay is completely different to what happens in regular play for me. The same doesn't happen for floaters.

Welcome to Gronkling's Animal Pack: #1 - RODENTS EDITION, my first actually released pack in at least 5 years!

My small, rodent-themed pack! There are 20 levels, that appear twice each in a bonus EASY mode and the main HARD mode (there is no middle). The hard rank is sorted roughly by difficulty, and the easy rank has a more consistent difficulty.
Each level is tied into a specific rodent, with some fun decoration for each, and each has a specially selected tracker music piece. The levels here are a mix of newly created levels that use modern NeoLemmix skills, and classic levels I made 2016-2018 using only the original skills.

People who have beaten it, with intended solutions:
No one yet!

People who have beaten it, with backroutes:
2020/12/12 - Armani - 11 backroutes first solve on V1, 52 backroutes total
2021/01/09 - IchoTolot - 10 backroutes first solve on V4.2

2021/01/14 - V6.2, 5 more Armani backroute fixes
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

You can find it attached to this post! Have fun! :lemcat::thumbsup::8():

Lemmings Main / Original lemmings height finally discovered
« on: December 09, 2020, 01:10:26 PM »
Based on years of research I can finally reveal the height of a lemming in the original game

However by Oh-No, it seems the shrunk, being smaller than a chameleon, then by lemmings 2, they were even smaller than things like a toy spade, and about the same size as a bee.

Working on a large-scale project doesn't agree with me, so instead I'll be releasing my levels 10 at a time just like the old days. :D This way I can focus on getting a batch of a few levels perfect at a time, instead of dealing with over 100 levels which stressed me out.

Introducing Gronkling's animal packs :8:()[::lemcat:
  • Each will have 10 20 levels, the standard number of a classic pack before big game-sized projects became the standard
  • There will be 2 versions of each pack! The standard version with my set solutions, and an easy version with extra skills and open-ended solutions for beginners, or people who like looking for challenge solutions. Both versions will share the same terrain.
  • Each pack is themed after a different family of animals, because who doesn't like those cool critters :8():. There's a fun sculpture of an animal hanging around at the sides of each level
  • I'll keep a 'compilation pack' going where you can find each mini-pack bundled together in one easy mega-pack (only applicable when I release more than 1 pack)
  • The levels will be a mix of levels I liked from my old unreleased game-sized pack, and newly created levels using new neolemmix skills.


Animal pack 1: Rodents! :lemming:
Here's a squirrel


Setup: Mine through a one-way wall, then build up the miners shaft, only leaving a few pixels of air between the bridge and floor. If you bash through this, the basher will move upwards fairly unexpectedly


Is this behaviour intended? It's odd enough that even I would feel unfair using it in a level right now.

I downloaded the latest version of neolemmix from the website, by clicking on "Latest stable NeoLemmix Player: V12.2.0"
It had the editor included in the file, and I had installed it in a brand new folder.
I open the editor and this unhelpful error message, with Dutch in it shows up:

Selecting yes doesn't open the editor.
This seems to have been fixed by downloading the seperate styles folder from the website and merging it with the one that had been included.
The error message here says nothing to indicate that would fix it.

Closed / [BUG][FLEXI] Issue checker doesn't show levels with same ID
« on: April 10, 2017, 01:08:05 PM »
When trying to build my nxp file, or use replay manager, flexi toolkit throws this error
"This pack has multiple levels with the same Level ID. Please fix this. The issue checker can tell you which levels have issues"

I look at issue checker, click "Error check", issue checker responds with "No issues identified"

Resetting ID on repeat levels, or one random level does not fix this problem.


Is this a bug? It's quite an odd behaviour, though it was present a in a lot of lemmings ports from what I remember. I've used it in a few backroutes before but I've avoided making a level using it.

Closed / [suggest[player]] Rewind to last assignment
« on: February 21, 2017, 08:11:25 PM »
At the moment we have rewinds for constant amounts of time, but maybe it would be good to have a key that rewinds to the frame of the previous skill assignment.

This is SUPER minor, but the end of level jingle is counted as a sound effect in terms of muting rather than music. I think it's more suited to counting as music because it's longer that other sfx and a tune. I always have my own music on (I listen to A LOT) when I play lemmings so I keep music muted and the end of level music tends to disrupt it.

1: You can't copy/paste text to input boxes such as the title / author field. No regular text hotkeys work in fact.
>>> BitBucket:

2: If you change info in an input box, then do not exit out of the input box and save the level, the info in that box will not be saved.
>>> BitBucket:

BitBucket: (For Editor issue; game issue is fixed in latest experimental code.)

Just what it says on the title, if you try using only-on-terrain objects on terrain where one-way is not enabled it is both invisible in game and in editor.

Closed / [SUGGESTION][EDITOR] Rotate objects
« on: April 15, 2016, 01:54:12 PM »

Right now you can flip, invert and rotate terrain. However you can only flip and invert objects, you can't rotate. Is there a reason for this? Assuming the trigger area would also be rotated this allows for some interesting things like vertical flamethrowers and water walls.

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