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Non-Lemmings Gaming / Super Mario Maker Level Sharing Thread
« on: July 05, 2019, 06:54:23 pm »
I just picked up Super Mario Maker 2 for the Switch and have been fiddling around with the editor. I thought I should start a thread where anyone who has the game can share their levels here to get feedback and have fun!

Here is the first level I made; I worked pretty hard on it over the last few days, and am very happy with how it turned out!

The Fort of the Pendulum Chomp

Live Event Scheduling / Ocarina of Time Randomizer Race/Co-op
« on: March 24, 2019, 11:11:54 pm »
I want to try doing a co-op or casual race of the Ocarina of Time Randomizer. I figure if people are interested, we select a date, we each get a game with the same seed, and we all play it at the same time. We could either do a casual race, or a friendly cooperation where we each look for the items and let each other know where the key items are.

Let me know if you are interested in this. It wouldn't be for a couple of weeks in all likeliness.

Live Event Scheduling / Ocarina of Time Race
« on: September 10, 2018, 10:06:06 pm »
This is an idea I had today that I would really like to try out. Would anyone be interested in doing a race to see who can complete The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time first? My idea is that we set up a session where we all play the game while talking with each other, we each record our own game footage, and then once it's over, I take all of the footage, put it on one screen, and upload it to Youtube.

This could be myself and 1-3 others trying to beat the game as fast as possible, or alternatively, I would also be interested in racing someone who hasn't beaten it before to see if they can beat the game before I can beat it 100%. If anyone is interested in this, PLEASE let me know, and I'd love to set up a session; I think it would be a ton of fun! :thumbsup:

Also, I'm not talking about a hardcore speedrun exploiting crazy glitches like the Door of Time Skip or Wrong Warping; I'm thinking of a very casual race between people who aren't experts, but have beaten the game at least once before.

Live Event Scheduling / Ultimate Chicken Horse Multiplayer
« on: April 02, 2018, 07:47:39 pm »
I had an absolute blast playing Ultimate Chicken Horse several weeks ago with Flopsy, mobius, and geoo! I know quite a few people own the game now, so I wonder how many people would be interested in playing some multiplayer this Saturday at 18:00 UTC? Only 4 can play in a server just FYI. I'll record the session and upload videos periodically as I edit them. Just let me know if this is a good time for people; if not, we can schedule it for a different day.

In Development / Reverse Lemmings Version 2 Development Topic
« on: February 24, 2018, 05:22:40 am »
Way back in early 2016, I joined this forum by invitation of IchoTolot so I could show off my custom levels. Among these first custom levels was my very first levelpack: Reverse Lemmings. For those of you not familiar with the pack, it was all of the original Lemmings levels with the entrance and exits swapped, as well as the skill counts, time limit, number of lemmings, save requirement, and possibly release rate changed if necessary.

The pack sucked. I'll be the first to say it. It had few real puzzles, and most of them weren't too special or challenging. I've been meaning to update it for a while now, and with the introduction of the 9 new NeoLemmix only skills, I figure I'd just start from scratch and make a sequel of sorts. It will still be the same levels as in Reverse Lemmings, but with mostly different solutions. My goal is to give each level a unique solution with few X-of-everything levels. I'll also fix a lot of the issues Flopsy pointed out in his LP of it, namely many objects no being set to no overwrite, excessive builder fests, missing liquid at the bottom of many levels, and some very wonky steel areas.

This should be a relatively simple pack to make, but if anyone has any ideas for solutions for these Reverse levels, please PM me about them and they might be included in the pack! There are tons of duplicate levels, so any unique solution is welcome!

NeoLemmix Main / Backroute Checker Program
« on: February 19, 2018, 08:31:12 pm »
I've had this idea for a while now. I want to make a program for NeoLemmix that essentially finds all possible solutions in a level. You would run this program, input a level file, and it would essentially brute-force its way to find all possible solutions, running in the background so the user can perform other tasks on their computer. When the program finishes, it would save every working replay it found for the level.

For those more experienced with programming and the NeoLemmix code itself, please tell me: would such a program be possible? If so, how feasible would it be to make?

Also, is anyone interested in helping me make such a program? I have a lot of other projects I'm working on right now, so help would be very useful.

I think if we could create such a program, it would be an immense help to the community. Not only would it eliminate the need to get testers for a pack, but it could also help you find amazing solutions to your levels even you never thought of.

Lix Levels / Arty's Lix Multiplayer Maps
« on: January 18, 2018, 09:50:12 pm »
Everyone else seems to be making threads like this, so I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon. This also will give me the opportunity to talk about why I made the maps the way they are. :lix-smile:

The individual maps

Playtime! (any number of players except 7)

My first individual multiplayer map! I loved Raymanni's Toy tileset, so I wanted to use it. I also wanted a level where you had enough skills to get the job done, but not enough to let you be wasteful or allow for intense sabotaging. Finally, I wanted each player to get an isolated area to avoid confrontations. This is a good beginner map, but experts can enjoy it as well! (I will not add steel under the entrances nor exits on this level.)

Cowabunga on the beam! (8p)

I really wanted to see if I could make a good 1-of-everything multiplayer level, and I hope I succeeded. The level may be hard to visualize, but it essentially wraps diagonally. This is simultaneously a really hard and pretty easy level. If you just want your lix in the exit, it's quite simple, if a bit daunting at first. If you want to sabotage others to ensure your victory, the difficulty really ramps up. I have updated this level to include many more routes and sabotage opportunities, but remember, you have very few skills, so use them wisely...

Update 1/29/2018 - added extra ramps to the area above yours, creating more sabotage opportunities...

Muder in a minute (8p)

Is it great? Is it terrible? You decide! :lix-wink:
A very, very short level that originally was intended to be a death-match between players. What it ended up being was so entertaining, I kept it and made my death-match a different stage. This level is simple: get to the hatch above you as quickly as possible. You have two lix, but be careful of enemies making splatfalls and batting you into the buzzsaws. The name comes from the name of a band.

Shaft of Chaos (2-8p)

Welcome to the shaft. This is probably the simplest multiplayer level you'll find, making it a very good introduction stage for new people. The route to your exit is very short and easy, but the terrain and excessive skills allow for a good amount of sabotaging. This introduces players to the core mechanics of Lix multiplayer, including getting screwed over by others, but in ways that are easy enough to remedy. Of course, you can expect a lot of chaos in this shaft... :lix-winktongue:

Blow your top! (3-8p)

An especially tricky level designed for advanced players. You have three hatches: one can go to your exit, and the other two are trapped in steel. The idea is to get your main group to the exit while making sure the enemies' saboteurs don't blow them up into the deadly laser ceiling. The idea for a level involving groups of saboteurs blowing themselves up to knock other people into lasers popped into my head one day and I thought it amusing, so the result is this level. No longer can the saboteur lix go through the steel ceiling. :lix-evil:

Pyramid Scheme (6p)

Taken from the Lemmings pack Mobilems. This was one of my favorites from that pack, and I thought it would make an interesting multiplayer map. You have to get over two pyramids to reach your exit. As per players' requests, I added builders to the map. :lix-wink:

Update 1/29/2018 - Two versions of this map are available: one with builders, and one without.

Pandemonium Box (8p)

This one breaks my two biggest rules (avoid player interactions and make it perfectly balanced). This map you may have noticed is not exactly balanced, but since everyone has to go through the same rooms, I think it's still fine. I hope this map is simple for beginners, and as the name implies, is absolute pandemonium. Only time will tell though.

Update 1/29/2018 - The red areas were changed slightly to make it clear whose exit is there. Steel was added under the exits. Also, there are two versions of this map: one with cubers, and one without.

Feaster Islands (2p, 3p, 4p, 6p, or 8p)

A new map. Get ready to eat cake, because this level has many slices! Get your lixes to the slice of cake next to you, but watch out for the eaters; they're carnivorous, so although they won't eat the cake, they will eat YOU!

Update 1/29/2018 - Fixed the cakes so they don't cause terrain errors, also greatly lessened the number of blockers and removed the platformers, while increasing builders.

Team maps

In the attic (2 teams, at least 4 players)

My take on one of my favorite Lemmings levels Lemmings in the Attic, but multiplayer. I tried to stay faithful to the original as close as I could, and the result is a level where one team tends to dominate and the other really can't get anyone in. Honestly, I think Rubix's level "Attic Attack" is a better map than this one, so I may discard this one in the future. :lix-ashamed:

Showdown at Chainsaw Gap (2 teams, 6 players)

This map is what I wanted Murder in a Minute to be. A fight to the death with buzzsaws overhead. You have three lix apiece, and the goal is to knock the enemy lixes into the buzzsaws or make them fall into the water so you can reach their exit (first to get a lix wins). The varying heights of the buzzsaws help balance the map. The highest buzzsaws aren't reachable, the middle ones are reach via a runner-jumper or being batted into them, and the shortest ones are just high enough that any change in height is likely to have deadly results. It's a short level that emphasizes hotkey speed and outsmarting the enemy. The level name comes from the Berenstain Bears Chapter book of the same name (no joke).

Hammerhead Bridge (2 teams, 8 players)

Everyone takes a Lix and either tries to reach their exit (first to get one wins), or make it harder for the enemies to reach theirs. In order to stand a chance, each team needs to have attackers and defenders. This map is a level from Splatoon, converted into a Lix map. I have made the fence steel and changed the central pillar to be harder to get over, which should hopefully make the map longer and better.

Race maps

Heart of a gambler (2-8p)

Three different courses in one. Each ascending course gets progressively faster, but also more difficult and dangerous. The top route in particular is incredibly deadly, but worth it if you succeed...

Update 1/29/2018 - Made the top route even harder and the bottom route slightly longer.

Other Projects / Tech Mechs - Colorful Arty's Senior Project
« on: December 22, 2017, 03:37:12 am »

Hello everyone. I've mentioned this in passing in IRC, and since the winter semester is starting soon, I figured it would be best to make a topic about this now.

I am making a Lemmings-like game for my final college project! :D

The name of the game is Tech Mechs! (tentatively) The game follows the adventures of the Tech Mechs: intergalactic explorers who need your help reaching the end of these planetary obstacles! It plays like Lemmings: the Tech Mechs come out of their base and need to reach their rocketship to blast to another planet. They wander around aimlessly, and you give them the tools they need to succeed.

How will this be different from Lemmings?

Although this game will draw many inspirations from Lemmings, there will be many differences.

First, I want it to be more contained than what we currently have. Ideally, I'd like this game to allow for playing packs/levels, creating levels/packs, creating/modifying graphics sets, and sharing your levels all in the same program. I feel like this will give users a much better, more intuitive, and simpler experience than what we have for NeoLemmix. (Lix does a pretty good job on doing this)

Not only that, but I'd also like to incorporate multiplayer into the game. Not competitive multiplayer like Lix, but cooperative multiplayer, allowing for highly complex puzzles requiring multiple people with different skills working together to solve. Each player would have their own Tech Mechs that only they can assign skills to, as well as a different skillset from the other player(s) and a different entrance. All players would share the same exit though. The idea of multiplayer is to encourage people to cooperate and solve puzzles together. :)

I also think having a level/graphic set database would be really cool, so people could design levels and new graphic sets, post them online, and have other people easily find them, similar to Super Mario Maker. This would negate the need to manually send packs online like we do on the forums, but would also be very complicated!

Finally, a lot of the skills will be different from the ones in Lemmings and Lix. A few skills I feel would have to be brought over from Lemmings, because they are so indispensable.

What will the final product be?

My final project for school will be a beta version of this game. Hopefully, most of the features will be completed in a rather crude manner, and I'd still need to polish it a lot and incorporate new features into it.

When the game is finished, I'd like to sell it on Steam, provided I think it is high-quality enough. The game would ideally attract both the people who grew up with and loved Lemmings, as well as introduce new players to the genre!

Will every level be outer space themed?

Absolutely not. Like Lemmings, this game will have graphic sets. I consider each graphic set to represent a different planet or celestial body. There might be a planet full of huge trees, a planet with red rocks everywhere, or even a planet with giant video game cartridges everywhere! The possibilities are endless, and are no different than Lemmings graphic sets; the ones I create initially may be more space-themed, but that's mostly just to give my game a "theme" for my project evaluators.

What tool/skills will be in the game to assign to Tech Mechs?

I don't have the list finalized by any means, but I'd personally like to incorporate the following skills:

Yeah, this is one of those skills that really cannot be missing from the game, due to its immense flexibility, power, and overall indispensability in solving puzzles. This will function more or less identically to its Lemmings counterpart.

Make no mistake, this skill is a basher, with its horizontal terrain destruction, but this one will quickly and smoothly carve its way through walls, more similar to the shoveler in Lix.

It's the digger, digging straight down until there is no longer terrain under you.

You know what this does. I may rename it if I can think of a more futuristic thing to accomplish the same task.

Land mine
An interesting take on the bomber. Using this causes the Tech Mech to place a bomb on the ground and continue walking. The bomb blows up a few seconds later taking the nearby terrain with it. This way, it combines the best of both timed and instant bombers! ;)

Caution sign
An alternative to the blocker. This causes a Tech Mech to place a sign right in front of him. Any Tech Mech who reaches the sign will see it says Caution, and will turn around. If you destroy the Terrain under the sign, it will fall down, and Tech Mechs won't be affected by it.

Grappling hook
Like the roper from Lemmings 2, using this allows a Tech Mech to shoot a grappling hook in a direction of your choice, creating a straight line from where they are standing to the first terrain it touches. The game will pause until you select where you want to shoot it, and the range of the grappling hook should be marked by a circle. A much quicker and less tedious alternative to builders.

Laser blaster
Don't get nervous, this tool improves on the Lemmings 2 version by allowing you to shoot it straight up, left, or right. The laser blaster shoots through a single piece of terrain, ending if it breaks though, reaches the border of the level, or hits steel. Like the grappling hook, the game pauses until you choose a direction to shoot. This will allow you to destroy terrain at a distance, and quickly enough that Tech Mechs won't turn around in the tunnel while you're destroying it.

Hover boots
Functions like the floater, slowing a Tech Mech's descent twice as much saving them from fatal falls.

Energy jolt
Using this on a Tech Mech energizes them, making them move and perform skills twice as fast!

Anti-gravity boots
Something I've wanted in Lemmings for a long, long time. This reverses gravity for a Tech Mech, making them walk on the ceilings and perform tasks upside-down, allowing for tons of more puzzle potential! Using another pair of anti-gravity boots brings them back to regular gravity.

Use this on a Tech Mech to freeze them in timespace. They stop WHATEVER they're doing until you click on them again.

Magnet boots
Lets Tech Mechs walk up walls, but not ceilings. (Anti-gravity boots are for putting Tech Mechs on the ceiling) Skills can be assigned to them while they are walking up walls.

Right now, I don't have all of the programming knowledge to implement all of this, specifically the wireless multiplayer and database for level/graphic set creation. My professor has suggested using a Restful API for making the server for multiplayer or even trying to make a serverless cloud for multiplayer, but I have no clue how to do either of those things. If anyone has worked with those or has alternative suggestions for how to send data across computers on different networks, than please let me know! Also, let me know what you think and if you have questions/suggestions! :D

Lemmings Main / If Lemming was a character in Super Smash Bros.
« on: December 21, 2017, 09:42:35 pm »
I've been thinking a lot about what kind of a character Lemming would be if he were to make into the roster in Super Smash Bros. I have developed a pretty thorough analysis of what the Lemming wold be like, his moves, etc. For the curious: this is what I would make Lemmings be like:

Possible Lemming Colors

1. Normal lemming color
2. Athlete color (green shirt, blue hair)
3. Water lemming (blue hair, white shirt)
4. Acid lemming (green shirt, orange hair)
5. Highland lemming (blue shirt, orange hair)
6. Shadow lemming (dark blue shirt, dark blue hair, orangeish skin)
7. XMAS lemming (cute little Santa outfit)

Move set

Entrance into level: hatch appears, which the lemming pops out of in typical Lemmings fashion

Walk: normal lemming walk
Run: runner animation
Duck: normal duck - not from any Lemmings game
Crawl: normal crawl - not from any Lemmings game

Jump: jumper animation
Double jump: runner-jumper animation
Prolonged jump: glider - pulls out glider and slowly descends, like in NeoLemmix
Hit wall: Lemming becomes a climber and can climb up and down the wall at ease, as well as jump off of it

Swimming: swimmer from NeoLemmix

Neutral A: basher - repeatedly punch an enemy
Walking A: club basher - swing a large club, has high knockback and power for a tilt move
Running A: skier - skies into enemies, damaging and knocking them back a bit
Up tilt: fencer - fence with a rapier in an upward direction
Down tilt: scooper - scoop an enemy and buries them in dirt

Side smash: miner - hit an enemy with your pickax, very powerful
Up smash: laser blaster - shoot a laser blast upwards, has a large hitbox, but is much smaller than in L2
Down smash: blocker - push hands outwards to knockback enemies who get too close

Neutral air: twister - spin around several times, sucking enemies in, damaging them, and knocking them away
Forward air: spearer - thrusts an enemy with a spear
Back air: planter - pull out a plant from L2 and knock enemies back with it
Up air: floater - open your umbrella, knocking upward enemies away
Down air: diver - dive straight down to the ground, reaching the ground quickly and hitting enemies in your path

Grab: normal grab - not from any Lemmings games
Pummel: punch/bash - repeatedly punch the enemy you are grabbing
Forward throw: throw - the enemy forwards, similar to the rock thrower animation from L2
Backward throw: roller throw - rolls like in L2, then throws the enemy backwards
Up throw: floater throw - throw enemy up, then knock them farther up by opening your umbrella
Down throw: stomper - repeatedly stomp on the enemy before they break free

Shield: normal Smash Bros. shield
Forward roll: roller - from L2
Backward roll: roller - from L2

Neutral special 1: bomber - throw a bomb at the enemies, similar to Mega Man's hyper bomb move
Neutral special 2: archer - shoot an arrow with your bow, similar to Link's bow move or Pit's bow move
Neutral special 3: flame-thrower - torch enemies who get close to you, similar to Bowser's fire move

Side special 1: rock thrower - throw a rock at enemies; rock is fast and has decent knockback
Side special 2: bazooka - shoot a bazooka, enemies next to it will receive great damage and knockback
Side special 3: pole vaulter - smashes enemy with pole and leaps gracefully over them

Up special 1: builder - builds a bridge like in Lemmings. It can be destroyed and only lasts for a short time. Only one on screen at a time.
Up special 2: SuperLemming - blasts straight up, knocking away enemies in your path
Up special 3: Icarus wings - flaps wings thee times, each time gaining more height and hitting nearby enemies

Down special 1: digger - digs into the ground, rapidly damaging enemies and cutting clean through to a lower level of the course
Down special 2: stoner - throws a NeoLemmix stoner downward, hitting enemies it touches
Down special 3: sand pourer - dumps sand everywhere, racking up a good amount of damage to nearby enemies

Taunt 1: Oh no! - Makes the Oh no! animation but doesn't blow up
Taunt 2: Shrug - shrugs like builders do at the end of their building animation
Taunt 3: Attractor - plays music like in L2, changes music/animation depending on the Lemming's costume

Final smash: Nuke - summons a ton of Lemmings out of hatches who all blow up after 5 seconds, damaging and knocking back enemies. If enemies are caught in the middle of lots of lemmings, they will suffer heavy damage and likely be KOed.

Winner jingle: Level compete - Lemmings Revolution


The Crankshaft from Lemmings 1, the reason being it is iconic, and is one of the few stages that could function well as a Smash Bros. course.

Music for the level:
Amiga Lemmings compilation
DOS Lemmings compilation
SNES Lemmings compilation
Genesis or Master System Lemmings compilation
Medieval theme - L2
Highland theme - L2

Some tracks from Paintball and Revolution and Touch? I am less familiar with those though.

Levels for v10 or older / [NeoLemmix] ArtLems Lost Art Pieces
« on: December 09, 2017, 01:45:55 am »
I had more than a few levels that did not make the cut for ArtLems that were still pretty fun, so I decided to compile them into this small 12 level pack. It should give you a small glimpse of what ArtLems might be like, so I hope you all enjoy! Comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated, just know that these levels were cut for a variety of reasons, whether it because of their difficulty (or lack thereof), their architecture, or just their nature as levels.

The music for the levels can be downloaded here:

'Twas a cold winter's night

Closed / [Suggestion] Re-orient certain one-way arrows
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:13:35 am »
This is something that has bothered me for a long time now. Lots of one-way arrows (especially the ones in the Fire tileset) move left regardless of their actual alignment. I propose we update the graphic sets where this anomaly occurs so that one-way arrows always move in the direction they are facing. I'm really annoyed when I see one-way arrows moving in the wrong direction.

Lix Main / [Suggestion] Allow multiple hotkeys for skill shortcuts
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:33:56 am »
I really wish you could have two different keys (such as F1 and Q) map to the same skill selection hotkey. This would really help in multiplayer, since different maps require to be fast with different skill. Toying Around for example really helps to have you walker and shoveler hotkeys right next to each other, when you wouldn't want that on other maps.

NeoLemmix Graphic Sets / [New format only] Silhouette tileset
« on: November 17, 2017, 07:27:51 pm »
At long last, I can finally release this tileset!

The silhouette features a whole lot of black, and boy does it look cool! The reason this tileset took so long to release was because of the need for custom lemming sprites. Now that the new format supports them, the set is complete and ready to go!

This tileset contains a handful of pieces that are pitch black to allow you to create many different structures. The terrain list will be expanded in the future. The Lemmings are also pure black to match the environment, but the objects are a dark grey, to help distinguish them from everything else. These include an entrance, exit, shredder, water, flag, and a very fast teleporter/receiver.

Sunset Lemmings

A sneak peak at an ArtLems level, For Elise

General Discussion / Post some good recipes here!
« on: November 15, 2017, 06:14:18 pm »
I thought it would be interesting to start a recipe thread for people to share their favorite meals and for people to get some new recipe ideas if they want to diversify their culinary prowess. I'll start...

Shredded chicken for wraps, tacos, burritos, etc.
One of the easiest and most delicious recipes you could ask for.

2 frozen, boneless chicken breasts
1/2 of a jar of salsa
2.5 tbl. taco seasoning

Put all of the ingredients in a slow cooker or crockpot and let it cook on low heat all day. When you're ready to serve, scoop out the contents, and shred the chicken with two forks and stir until the juices/seasonings have been evenly spread.

This chicken makes an amazing filling for tacos, wraps, burritos, or almost anything Mexican! It's a favorite of mine, because you can quickly throw all the ingredients in the cooker, and just let it cook itself while you're gone all day. The chicken to so tender, and there's little excess juice.

The chicken when it is done being shredded.

My favorite use for the chicken: in a burrito with rice, spinach, sharp cheddar, and some crushed Fritos.

Site Discussion / Creating a new post marks said post as unread
« on: October 30, 2017, 01:59:13 pm »
I've noticed something a bit annoying. Whenever I make a post in a topic, going back to the main forum menu, it says there is a new, unread post in that topic: my own post. Is there a way to change it so the site doesn't mark your own posts as unread?

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