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SuperLemmini / Turrican's Superlemmini projects
« on: September 21, 2020, 11:55:01 PM »
Hi! Today I have tried Superlemmini for the first time!

So I've decided to start testing levels that I have originally made for Lemmix , and whatever of these will be proved to be possible in Superlemmini , to post them here, with the replay of their solution! Also if at the future , I will make more multiplatform levels , or Superlemmini specific levels , I will post them here!

So for the first level of the thread , here is "The Crystal Coves"! I have attached the level and the replay of its solution!

Link for the music track of the level:

EDIT : For the music track , create a folder , called "Turrican projects" in your music folder , and put the music track  inside that folder.

Lemmings Main / My new video - Exploring a vey exotic glitch
« on: July 16, 2020, 08:17:59 PM »
As my new project ,  I have made a video that contains solutions for eight custom levels ,  that require one of the most exotic glitches , ever existed in any Lemmings game!  ( or maybe the most exotic ? ) . As you can see in the video that glitch due to it's nature , can have several different uses/applications. Prepare for eight levels that push the physics of the game to their limits!

Levels in the video :

The entire geooPkG pack ( by Geoo ) :

(Un)pleasant side effect
One Step Ahead
Reverse effect
Steel in Motion
Feet on Fire

"Don't Stop Me Now!" by Geoo ( from the geooPk1 pack )

My level , "Unreachable Heights"

As for the solutions , Geoo has provided me the solution for Cascade. All other solutions are mine!

Many thanks to Geoo who's help , made this video possible! :thumbsup:

Link for the video:

Links for the packs/levels:



"Unreachable Heights":

Hi! Recently , I have made a youtube channel . I have also made some levels for Neolemmix and Lemmix. I would like to record the solutions for these levels (and from whatever other level , I will make in the future), and put them on my channel.

So which program or programs should I use for that?  The program should work well with WIndows 10, should be free, easy to use for someone who is not tech savvy like me,  not have large requirements in terms of system power (unfortunately my laptop is very weak) , and it needs to be able to capture gameplay from Neolemmix, all Lemmix programs and Superlemmini.

Other Projects / Issues with Custlemmix
« on: April 22, 2020, 09:34:13 PM »
Hi! Recently , I have posted some levels in the ''Lemmix level pack topic" . Some of these have issues in Custlemmix ( owws and water appear misplaced ) . In the ''playtest mode'' of the old Lemmix editor (where I usually play Lemmix levels ) , they appear in their normal position ( as shown in the pictures , I have posted ). For two of my levels ( ''The Crystal Coves'' and ''Now you're stuck (part2)" ) , I had promised when I posted them , that the following days , I will try to release fixed versions of them. So I tried to fix them today , starting with  ''The Crystal Coves''. I fixed easily the water, but I couldn't get the position of the owws right. So I gave up for today.

This is not a large issue for my levels , because it's only aesthetic ( Their gameplay and solutions are not affected ) , but for other levels , it may cause problems in their gameplay . One example is ''Mont Blanc Tunnel" by Clam ( In the Clamspam04 pack ) . That level is impossible in Custlemmix.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Also one thing that didn't help , is that I have the "search for lvl files" option on , but for some reason , the program allows me to serch , only for dat files , something that makes playtesting levels in Custlemmix after small changes , difficult.


In Development / Levels by Turrican
« on: March 29, 2020, 11:05:34 PM »
Hi! Now that my second level for Neolemmix is ready I've decided to create this thread. I will not make any levelpack ( I will always post only single levels ) ,so everything I will make for Neolemmix will be in this thread . In this post I will post my second Neolemmix level , and in the following posts , I will put links for my first Neolemmix level and a "Lemmix to Neolemmix" conversion I have made in the past ( I have posted both in the "Random level sharing" topic ).

My second Neolemmix level is called "Shadows in the sky"

I have attached in this post both the level , and the replay of the solution of the level.

The music track for this level is "The moria labyrinth" by D Lusion .
Link fot the track : ( )

EDIT : For the music track , create a folder , called "Turrican projects" in your music folder , and put the music track  inside that folder.

General Discussion / The general football thread
« on: March 05, 2020, 01:38:09 PM »
Hi! Now that the second leg matches of the Champions League matches come close , I've decided to make a thread about my favourite sport , football.

I watch a lot of football the last decade , and I watch several teams . The teams I support is Olympiakos on the league of my country ( Greece ) , and Bayern Munich on the Champions League.

Matches I watch the most are Olympiakos matches for the Greek league ( of course ) , Bayern matches on Bundesliga ( and more ocasionaly , matches from Dortmund and Leipzig ) , Premier league ( I may watch matches from Liverpool ,Tottenham , Arsenal , Manchester City/United and Chelsea ) , and La Liga ( matches from Real/Barcelona/Atletico . My father is a huge Barcelona fan , so we often watch Barca matches together ).

Matches I am looking forward the most the upcoming weeks are ( from the Champions league ) Bayern - Chelsea , PSG - Dortmund , Liverpool - Atletico  , Leipzig - Spurs , Manchester City - Real , Juve - Lyon , Barca - Napoli and from the Europa league , Olympiakos - Wolves .

Which is the team you support ? Which impression it gives you this year , and what are your expectations from your team for this year?

Hi! This post was inspired by a groupie level on Strato Incendus lemmings world tour levelpack. The level in question was inspired by Clam , and it inspired me to put some thoughts about Clam's level design philosophy, chalenge solutions in general , and how Clam was influenced by the challenges board. Originally I had posted this post in the world tour thread , but it was way off topic so I instead , decided to put it here.

 Original post:

Hi Strato! After seeing the description for the groupie level for Clam, I decided to put here some thoughts about the author, and more importantly to put here a small piece of the lemmingsforums history , back in the beginning of the decade. Personally I joined the forum in 2013. There were several authors whose packs made me solving custom packs , but Clam was the main one and he is still my favourite level designer. This post is not a critique for the groupie level . Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to try the pack , very probably I will try it next month. This post is just an opportunity to put here some small pieces of the history of the forum.

Clam's main characteristic is that he liked small levels. I remember him saying that he liked to see what you can fit in one screen in terms of level size. Now for the exact quote I need to dig older threads but that's I remember him saying (another older user can correct me if I am wrong here). In any case he seemed fan of the idea that "less is more".

Also the way he designed his level had influences from challenge solutions in the challenges board ( ther were also other authors that had the same phlosophy like Geoo and Tseug). Back in the day almost every old member were participating in the challenges board. Clam was one of the most regular members there. There are still a lot of members here that were regulars in the challenges board, but unfortunately that board is not visited often nowadays because almost everything in terms of records has already been achieved. But you can still have a thread like the "oh!no more challenges" one and you can even make it Neolemmix exclusive if you want.

The vast majority of the challenge solutions were the several records that we have now, but you could setup a challenge solution with adittional requirements if you wanted ( for example: save 100% in the "what an awesome level" without the use of builders ). One characteristic of the challenge solutions is that the concept of a backroute was nonexistent for them . You needed to achieve the record period. For example Alfonz1986 , a regular of the challenge board achieved the world record for Wicked 9 by using a not known before builder trick that took his name afterwards. Ccexplore achieved the same record but with a different method. Both the solutions were legit.

And you could find other stories like this from that board. A newcomer back then named Fernito was browsing the max savings thread and he was stunned because of the "save me" record (78/80 lemmings saved). He was like " save me Is my favourite level and I was proud of my 95% solution . How the 78/80 solution is possible? " And then a regular of the challenges board , Lemsteven, guided him step by step and gave him all the hints needed. Fernito then managed and completed his favourite level with the world record solution. Here is the link for his awesome solution:

Also I can't leave a post talking about challenges without posting Geoo's legendary Tame 13 , 1 bulder , save 100% .

Clam not only had been influenced by the challenges board for his design philosophy, but released two packs that were practically challenge solutions.
These were called cstame 1 and 2. These were practically the onml tame levels "challenge edition" . Instead of describing how the challenges are setup he made two packs with challenge levels. There were some easy levels there , but most were pretty challenging. Several of the levels had very strict time limits (because there were practically speedrun challenges) , with most characteristic the final level called "speedrun challenge" and it was tame 20 , but you had to complete it in less than 30 seconds ( and things like framestepping and rewind didn't exist back then ).The pack also had some levels that required the use of glitches in order to be solved. That's was because using glitches was pretty common in challenge and world record solutions back then , and the cstame packs as I said, were challenge solutions. Two examples of glitch levels from these packs were " now you are struck" and "the squares fight back"

Lemmings Main / Some good lemmings TAS videos I have found
« on: June 13, 2019, 07:04:55 AM »
I made this thread to post some very good lemmings TAS videos I have found. There are already some very good TAS videos that have been discussed in the forum ( by Lord Tom and Gronkling ) , but these are very good too imo , so I decided to post them . These have been made by the youtube users Snc76976 and Yoko ma. Both have made their videos on the snes version , the first one for several levels on the Mayhem and Sunsoft rating and the the second one for the Fun rating and for Tricky 1 - 15 until now.

links for the videos:


Mayhem 1:
Mayhem 12:
Mayhem 14:
Mayhem 18:
Mayhem 28:
Mayhem 28 second solution:
Sunsoft 2:
Sunsoft 4:

Yoko ma:

Fun 1-15:
Fun 16-30:
Tricky 1-15:
Tricky 16-30:

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