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Edit Simon: This issue (others' replays should not overwrite own records) was a sidetrack by Simon in Record "Fewest Skills Used" and "Largest Excess Saved", but it's really a standalone issue. Thus here is its own topic.

Related issue:

Quote from: Simon
Trophy management ideally should detect when we run other people's replays and not update trophies for those results.

Unless Nepster has added something, NeoLemmix has no way to differentiate between "replay created by this user" and "replay created by another user". It could fairly easily detect "was any replay used?", and wouldn't be much harder to add "...excluding replaying an attempt the user has just made", but beyond that it wouldn't be able to tell, other than by relying on an honesty system which would be both unreliable and annoying to the user.

The problem isn't honesty (or worrying about possible lack thereof); it's that the user has to take extra steps to avoid overwriting their own records; after forgetting this just once, or not knowing about it, one's own records are gone with no warning and can't be retrieved. This is already a problem with NL's tracking of lemmings saved records, and would just get worse if we add skills and time records to the mix.

Contests / Level solving contest #2
« on: January 07, 2019, 11:34:45 pm »
So, it's time we had another of these :P

To give the contests a bit of variety, I've made a Lix level this time; it's a bit smaller, and the skillset is a more restrictive 5 of everything.

The rules are pretty much the same as last time, except that because this is Lix, there's no "time taken" tiebreaker.

In short: try to save as many lix as you can (but at least 12), with a secondary goal of maximising the skills left over. Send replays to me by 12 noon GMT, 19 January. The winner has the right (but no obligation) to create the level for round #3.

Good luck!

* * *

Entries received so far:

Simon / Forestidia

Non-Lemmings Projects / Adventure School: my RPGMaker project
« on: December 07, 2018, 05:06:29 pm »
19 December 2018: Updated to version 0.1.5!

So a long time ago, inspired by the fun I was having playing namida's RPGMaker game, I decided to have a go at a project of my own, and ccexplore asked me, when I'd got far enough, to post a demo of my project. Well, I've now finished the first dungeon. I'd hoped to get further than this before posting a "demo", but given how long it's taken even to get this far, I feel I may as well post what I have so that you can see what I'm working on. It should take around half an hour to reach the end of currently playable content.

Adventure School is a not-very-serious game set in a school where young people train to be adventurers. In the playable content so far, you go through a couple of training dungeons, and there's some interaction between the characters, but not much in the way of plot. It won't stay like that for the whole game -- the plot is planned to get much more intense and intricate -- but only faint glimpses of it are visible as yet.

As with namida's game, you will need to get the VX Ace RTP from here.

And finally, the download link for the game itself: right here.

Contests / List of contest rules
« on: November 09, 2018, 08:45:36 pm »
We've had so many contests now, it's about time someone compiled a list of all the rules that have been thought up. This may be inspiration for anyone thinking of rules for future contests. Of course, it's okay to repeat a rule from an old contest -- that will give people who missed out on the old contest another chance to come up with something.

There were three unofficial contests, before the numbered official contests started. Lemmix was used for these, so the first contest refers to the original 8 skills.

1 - Make a level with one of each skill
2 - Make a level in the crystal style with no builders
3 - Make a level with 5 or fewer lemmings

The first eight official contests only had a single rule each:

1 - Make a level using an unofficial tileset
2 - Make a Fun/Tame level
3 - Tag Team (one person designs the terrain, the other places objects and assigns stats)
4 - Make a level with exactly 5 total skills
5 - Make a level with a save requirement at most 10%
6 - Make a level with no constructive skills
7 - Make a level with at least 4 exits
8 - Make a level with a L2 or L3 style

Contest #9 was the abortive "here are three rules, try to loophole one of them", which attracted no entries, but led to the three-rule format followed by all subsequent contests. (Note that this contest was ignored in the numbering, so the next contest is also numberered 9.) An asterisk before a rule indicates a repeat of a rule from an earlier contest.

9R1 - Make a level with only new skills
9R2 - Make a level with only one lemming
9R3 - Make a level with exactly two types of skill
10R1 - Make a level with no permanent skills
*10R2 - Make a Fun/Tame level
10R3 - Make a level with at least two new object types
11R1 - Make a level with save 2/2, at most 1 of each permanent skill
11R2 - Make a level with 1 of each provided skill
*11R3 - Make a level with no constructive skills
12R1 - Make a level with a time limit of 1min or less
12R2 - Make a level with no destructive skills
12R3 - Make a VGASPEC level
13R1 - Make a level with tileset mixing
13R2 - Make a level with at least two intended solutions
*13R3 - Make a level without using any official tilesets
14R1 - Make a level with 3 hatches and 3 lemmings
14R2 - Make a level with no steel and 2 hatches
14R3 - Make a level with exactly 2 of any 8 skills
15R1 - Make two levels with the same terrain, but one is flipped
15R2 - Make a minimal-size level with at most 10 lemmings
*15R3 - Make a level with only new skills
16R1 - Make a level with height at least 3 times its width
16R2 - Make a level with at most 2 minutes and hatch-exit distance at least 2 screens
16R3 - Make a level with at least 3 hatches, save requirement (h-1)/h * 100%

NeoLemmix Main / Erroneous folder "orig_brick"
« on: August 26, 2018, 05:39:22 pm »
At the moment, the main NL installer contains a folder "orig_brick" containing the PNG for the brick exit. This should not exist (Brick is an OhNo style, not Orig), so everyone should check whether they have this folder, and if so, delete it. 8-)

Lix Main / Editor music
« on: July 29, 2018, 04:49:31 pm »
The current situation, as I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong): the file "music/menulix" gets played for both menu and editor music, and although you can get different music by saving a different track with this filename, there's no way to have different music in the menu and editor. This is really annoying, because designing a level can take a long time and needs more variety of music; also the default track isn't well-suited to it :lix-tongue:


- In Options, have separate on/off buttons for game (including menu) music and editor music
- Have a subfolder "music/editor" and have editor music randomly select from all tracks in this subfolder

Closed / Fix misleading traps!
« on: July 15, 2018, 05:02:03 pm »
I'm sick of having to design around what is an obvious misdesign in the original graphics sets. Lemmings' "pin" (the pixel that determines where the lemming "really" is) is one pixel below the floor, okay. So traps' trigger areas should extend one pixel below the floor as well. Especially traps that have a visible part to show where the trigger area is. This should sit on the floor; it shouldn't have to be buried. This is 2018 and we do not mislead the player! It is the golden rule of modern level design!

Here's a run-through of all traps in the original and ONML tilesets:

Dirt: Bear trap and rock trap have extended trigger areas. 10-ton weight has a trigger area that stops above ground so it has to be buried 2 pixels :lem-shocked:
Fire: Firepit's trigger area stops above ground.
Pillar: Rope trap has a "blob" of terrain that's meant to be buried, but even the metal support has to be buried to get the trigger area to work.
Crystal: Trap 1 is meant to be buried, enough remains visible. Trap 2 is okay. Trap 3 has to be buried.
Marble: Squisher has to be buried.
Brick: Wheel has an extended trigger area. Squisher has no indicator.
Rock: Weed trap has an extended trigger area.
Snow: Icicle has no indicator. (But note the the trigger area extends below the rectangle of the trap. It's almost as if the designers realised this was a problem and fixed it in the ONML sets! All the more reason we should fix the Orig sets to match.)
Bubble: Suction pipe has no indicator; again trigger area extends below the trap rectangle.

Even more seriously, if the replay saves more than my own record, NL overwrites my record with the number achieved in the replay.

Bugs & Suggestions / [Suggestion] Talisman colours
« on: May 19, 2018, 10:23:00 pm »
The (in-game) talisman colours make it pretty difficult to tell whether a given talisman is bronze or gold. (Somehow, silver is a bit more distinctive :P )

Colours should be more like this, which are easy enough to tell apart: :tal-bronze::tal-silver::tal-gold:

...making it awkward when you're trying to place pieces that go exactly up to the bottom or right edge.

In Development / GemLems (22/80 levels built) (Rank 1 released!)
« on: May 08, 2018, 12:35:06 am »

Amethyst rank
Music pack

Rank 1 is released!

Amethyst 19 - Lemmings All at Sea

It's about time :P I've been a member of this community (on and off) for well over ten years (I know my profile page says I registered in 2014, but I had two previous usernames). I've made a ton of levels for the Lix community set, a few multiplayer levels, and occasional contest entries. Back in the Cheapo days I was working on a huge pack, but my well of ideas started to run dry as soon as I was out of the Fun/Tricky ranks, and use of Cheapo eventually died out. (I still have it installed, and I will remake some of my old levels, but most of them honestly aren't worth keeping.)

Anyway, it's about time I made my own level pack.

GemLems will contain four ranks: Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire and Diamond (in increasing order of hardness) and 20 levels per rank.

Every level will be exactly 720 x 160 (default height; 2ΒΌ times default width). I toyed with the idea of a pack of singlescreen levels, but I'm too fond of decorative terrain for that.

Most levels will stick to the original and ONML tilesets, but instead of a once-per-rank VGASPEC like the original games, I will have two levels per rank in Flopsy's Sonic tilesets, one using proxima/tile, and one level per rank using another tileset.

I'm building the levels strictly in the order they will appear in the pack. At the time of writing this post, I've built the first seven levels of Amethyst.

Thanks to Nessy and mobius for testing, and Flopsy for showcasing "We Must Cultivate Our Garden" (Amethyst 3) on stream.

To reproduce:

* Start a new level in the Rock tileset. Place some terrain.
* Attempt to place one-way walls from the Snow tileset. Instead of Snow's red one-way walls, the editor will place Rock's pink ones.
* Change the Theme of the level to Snow. There is no change immediately, but if you click "Get Terrain" and then "Get Objects", the already placed arrows will still be pink, but now the object selection scroll will have red ones.
* Place a new (red) one-way wall object. The already placed pink arrows now change to red as well. Alternatively, playtest the level, which will also suddenly change them to red.

I'm not sure what the intended behaviour is here, but certainly the editor is not being very honest about what options are available to the designer.

I would certainly like, in some cases, to be able to place one-way walls from a tileset that doesn't match the main "theme". For instance, Rock's pink arrows look fine on the green crystals, but are horrible on the rocky terrain -- and Snow's red arrows would be perfect.

Closed / [EDITOR] Dragging pieces beyond level edge
« on: April 25, 2018, 08:48:11 pm »
Drag a piece from the selection bar onto the level area, and position it partly off the edge of the level. The piece will be rejected and disappear entirely if the mouse coordinate is off the edge, i.e. the piece is more than halfway off, even though it's entirely reasonable to want to place pieces so that only a small part of them is on the level.

Firstly, if the grid is on, then clicking on a piece to select it makes it jump to the grid. This is bad because the user may want to select the piece to make copies of it without changing its current position; and if they do want to adjust it to the grid they have the option of dragging it a short way and then back to its original position.

Secondly, again only if the grid is on, clicking on a piece with a negative X- or Y-coordinate, even if it is aligned with the grid, makes it jump by one grid-tile. This part is definitely a bug :P

Lix Levels / Memorandum: Levels in lemforum with known backroutes
« on: March 11, 2018, 02:52:02 pm »
There are quite a few backroutes at the moment, largely arising from Forestidia's replays and feedback, but some from Wafflem's streams or other sources, that I haven't had time to have a proper look at fixing yet. This topic is for me to list them so I don't forget any. Everyone is welcome to contribute replays or discussion of any levels mentioned here.

Note that the following levels have two different intended solutions, but are not "anything goes" so backroutes are still a possibility:
C - Come on Down to My Place
V - Buridan's Lix
H - Close to the Edge

The following levels have two (or more) different known solutions, but we don't know the author's intention:
C - Need a Boost?
D - Alternative Route Required

I will distinguish backroutes as "major" and "minor" according to whether they are a completely different route from the intended, or a slight variation. I don't mind leaving minor backroutes unfixed, if it would be difficult to fix them or if doing so would harm the level in aesthetic or other ways.

Known major backroutes:
C - Lix Cannon (probably unfixable)
D - Gomen ne sunao ja nakute
D - Segmentation Fault (proposed fix by requiring 21 or 22/40)
V - Low Profile
V - Dream the Impossible Dream (level has always been backroute-ridden, might be unfixable)
V - Triangle Inequality
H - Bipolar Maniac

Known minor backroutes:
V - Betcha Can't Save Just One! (backroutes exist in Lemmix original, probably will not fix)
V - Buridan's Lix (left solution)
H - Close to the Edge (right solution)

The following levels have recently had backroutes fixed, and need further testing:

The following levels have replays that may be backroutes, but I can't look at yet as I haven't solved the level:
H - Crown Jewel Heist

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