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Lemmings Main / Re: [POLL] Your Favourite Lemmings Games [POLL]
« on: September 20, 2021, 09:49:33 PM »
...and AFAIK PS3 Lemmings  (and indeed Lemmings Touch) is identical to PS2 Lemmings...

PS3 Lemmings has entirely new levels with new mechanics and themes. Lemmings Touch has some L1 levels in there, but many are new and have new mechanics. :)

Lemmings Main / Re: [POLL] Your favourite Lemmings (1991) ports [POLL]
« on: September 20, 2021, 12:34:54 AM »
The Sharp X68000 version is my favorite because it's essentially identical to the Amiga version in graphics and gameplay, but it also has fast-forward! :D It has two-player mode like the Amiga and has a charming little credits sequence too. The music isn't spectacular but it sounds fine and it takes a pretty long time for it to get on your nerves.

The PC-98 and FM Towns versions (which aren't up there yet) take a very close second and third, respectively, for similar reasons. They're pretty close to the Amiga version in graphics and to the DOS version in gameplay, and they also have fast-forward, as well as the same credits sequence as the Sharp one. They just don't have two-player mode, the PC-98 version's sampled sounds can be quite grating (thank goodness there's only two of them), and I'm not a big fan of the FM Towns's flat, crusty renditions of the Amiga soundtrack.

Lemmings Main / Re: [POLL] Your Favourite Lemmings Games [POLL]
« on: September 20, 2021, 12:19:45 AM »
PS3 Lemmings (2007), Lemmings Touch (2014), and Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure (2018) are all missing. How many votes are they going to get? Probably 0. But they are Lemmings games. ;)

Tech & Research / Re: Editing Lemmings 2 Sounds?
« on: September 17, 2021, 12:51:48 AM »
The sample rate is absolutely different for each sound. I remember when making my Lemmings voice clips video (before finding that random script) I imported the file at 8000 Hz, since I assumed that would be somewhat close to the actual sample rates, and I had to adjust the frequencies for each one differently. I have the .wavs from that script still, and while many of the sounds are indeed 10101 Hz, they can go from as low as 4032 Hz to as high as 20000 Hz. I'll attach them here so you can see which one is which, though you'll have to bear with my filenames, since I didn't number them in order; I just gave them brief, descriptive names, and frankly I'm too lazy to order them properly. There's a couple missing/bugged that the script just didn't like, so be aware of that as well.

Fun fact: the sound effects in the Atari ST version are these exact sound effects, except they ALL play at 8000 Hz, which is why a lot of them sound off.

Tech & Research / Re: Editing Lemmings 2 Sounds?
« on: September 14, 2021, 09:49:04 PM »
If I understand what you mean by DOS sounds, I think you want the AdLib option, specifically, when you run INSTALL.EXE. The Sound Blaster sounds are supposed to be the same sampled sounds as the Amiga ones (just pitched up or down). I found this video which may be the one you're referring to which is definitely using the AdLib option.

That .voc file you mentioned? It's some really weird nonstandard thing that's almost a regular .voc file but not exactly. I stumbled upon a script online that was able to extract the sound effects (mostly), but I don't there's an easy way to edit them into the game. I think you could edit them if you import the .voc file as raw audio into something like Audacity, but it would be a royal pain and you'd really have to know what you're doing. You'd have to figure out the correct frequencies for each sound, and it would just be a mess. You'd also have to save it as raw audio and change the extension to .voc manually instead of saving it as a .voc which would add an unnecessary header and mess everything up. But, it would technically work I'm pretty sure.

Tech & Research / Re: Glitches in Lemmings
« on: August 23, 2021, 03:40:25 AM »
Alright. Maybe this one doesn't fit with the rest, since it's not really a physics-related glitch, but it's too interesting for me not to share, and after all, it is a glitch in Lemmings.

This one is on the Amstrad CPC version, and I call it the Cursor Glitch. The setup is rather specific but the execution is simple. Find or make a spot where a lemming is almost at or is going to the top of the level. The terrain can't go to the very top of the level, as it will act as a ceiling when climbing or building; it has to stop just before the top, so the lemming has just enough room to hoist or ascend. If you use the locking feature on this lemming, it should force the cursor out of bounds, or, if you're a couple pixels short, a digger or miner will nudge the cursor upwards (for some reason). Be sure to move your cursor or make sure the lemming dies before coming back onscreen or the glitch will end. You'll notice that the cursor is leaving a trail of ghost images all over the level at this point, and that you can't move it down (or possibly other directions, depending on the circumstances). These ghost images actually act as terrain, by the way. If you move the cursor directly upwards, it will reappear normally at the bottom of the screen and the glitch will be over. If you keep moving your cursor around out of bounds, you may cause some weirdness to happen. Move it in just the right way, mainly at the very top of the screen, and you will utterly break the game. Possible effects include ridiculous lemming counts, teleporting hatches and exits, ridiculously high time limits, missing or incorrect animations, severe graphical glitches, huge surpluses of skills, an infinite loop of binding your keys, and of course, crashing the game.

The effects depend on how you move the cursor, which skill or skills, if any, you assigned to the out of bounds lemming, whether you're playing on disk or tape, what level you're playing, and more. Below is a collection of examples of just what can happen with this glitch. They are all in Mayhem 1, but it looks like there are a few other levels where you can pull this off, one of which being Fun 13, where I got somewhat different results. I would NOT recommend watching the tape version examples if you have photosensitive epilepsy! There are many flashing lights in the form of severe graphical glitches and loading raster bars.

Lemmings Main / Re: Oh No More Lemmings OGG music...
« on: July 12, 2021, 01:26:47 AM »
I think you linked to the wrong file... These are just OGGs of MIDI conversions of the Amiga ONML tracks.

Yes, the MODs contain the actual sampled instruments. Here, I can just share all the Amiga samples then.

I put them in four groups. One for Brian Johnston's samples, one for Tim Wright's samples, one for special level samples, and one for ONML samples, since they're quite distinct from each other with very little overlap. You might wanna finetune some of these, since they're not all tuned to the same standard, especially most of Tim Wright's samples.

Ah, well for the Amiga instruments, I just opened the MODs that came with NeoLemmix in OpenMPT, which let me access each of the samples and save them to my computer. For the DOS instruments, I downloaded the VGMs off, opened them in foobar2000 with the Game Emu Player component, and isolated the channel they were playing in. I then recorded and trimmed them with Audacity. I did a similar procedure with the one C64 instrument I used, just using a dedicated SID player instead of foobar2000. :D

Thank you so much! I will say "personal spin" may be a bit of a stretch since I didn't really add too many of my own ideas except for some embellishments that anyone could come up with; I mainly just combined ideas from existing versions of the song, including the classical composition (or demo tune) they originated from in a couple cases.

For Tim 3, I didn't use MIDI at all, just 7 echo tracks for that intro. :P I primarily based this one off the Puggs in Space demo tune, just with more Lemmings-y instrumentation, for the most part.

For Tim 2, that is indeed an orchestra hit, and that is a fair criticism. I knew if I was going to do anything badly on this endeavor, it would be the mixing. It's definitely a little too loud. I'm glad you liked how I combined the versions though, I thought that would be cool. :)

I totally get what you mean about the Smiling Blues, honestly I'm not sure why I went with the non-Amiga arrangement of this tune since I think the Amiga version sounds a bit better, but I think it turned out really well nonetheless. :D And no, these are definitely not my own titles for the ONML tunes. They come from the developer sound test from the DOS version. They're not supposed to be the actual titles, but since we don't have actual titles for them at all, and the track order differs between versions of the game, they're the best identifiers we have.

NeoLemmix Main / Just another rendition of the Lemmings soundtrack
« on: July 04, 2021, 07:31:45 AM »
This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now, and this summer I decided to do it! I've recreated every original Lemmings tune in Renoise, a very nice tracker program, converted them to OGGs, and set them to loop when appropriate. Some of them may sound a little strange when listening to them standalone, as some of them fade out after the loop point, while others I couldn't be bothered, but they should all sound fine in-game. The tracks are in the default order, so Amiga order for the original game, and DOS order for Oh No!

I didn't use the MIDIs directly, but I did use them as reference, along with the Amiga MODs and occasionally the DOS VGMs. I tried to include the best parts of every version of each song, as well as slightly extend each track if possible. For example, the first half of "Can-Can" is based on the MIDI and the Amiga version, while the second half is based off the Archimedes version, with my own embellishment at the end. For several tunes, I didn't have much to work with and/or anything I tried to add to it or change just didn't sound good, so I was mostly faithful to the Amiga version, DOS version, or MIDI in those cases. My top priority was to make sure the tunes sounded pleasant enough, and I think I accomplished that decently well.

Huge thanks to, which provided the vast majority of the instruments I used to make this. I sampled a few instruments that I really like from a few versions of the original game, such as the brass section from the Amiga version and the synth bass from the DOS version. The rest just came with Renoise, with the exception of the stock dog bark sound effect I used in "Doggie."

And of course, this wouldn't be possible without all of these wonderful composers: Brian Johnston, Tim Wright, Justin Scharvona, Tony Williams, Matt Furniss, Tomomi Hatekeyama, Jeroen Tel, Colin Andersen, and Phil Stringer. :thumbsup:

This rendition isn't anything too special, but I don't think it sounds too bad. If you simply want to hear another version of the soundtrack, you might enjoy this. :) Feel free to use these tracks for whatever you want if you wish, be it level packs, a video, or anything else. Just be sure to credit me in some way. ;)

Download link:

Lemmings Main / Lemmings 2: the Tribes Sound Effects
« on: June 23, 2021, 03:51:59 AM »
I've noticed that there aren't any Lemmings 2 sound sets to download anywhere, so I decided I'd fix that! Maybe these could be useful for traps or other objects, but maybe that's not practical? I don't know, but they're here now! Hope you can find some uses for these. Taken from the PC version.

I want to note that this collection is by no means perfect. Instead of opening the raw sound data in Sound Forge, slicing it up and pitch-shifting the individual clips appropriately like I did for my Lemmings Voices video (because apparently, the .VOC file for Lemmings 2 isn't a regular one), I somehow happened upon a program whose sole purpose was to turn that one file into a bunch of regular .VOCs for me. It did a decent job, and the pitches are perfect, but it seemed to cut a tiny bit off the end of each sound. On some sounds, it was basically unnoticeable, but on others, there was a pronounced pop or click at the end. One sound might have been reduced to nothing but a click (unless that's what it was supposed to be, haven't played in a long time), and a couple frog-croaking sounds didn't get converted at all for whatever reason. I tried to convert them to a more popular sound format with VLC, but it did an awful job. It cut EVEN MORE off the ends and the clips just sounded like crap. So I ended up switching between various online converters (because I'm a freeloader that doesn't like paying for things), and the results were much better. I then applied a very short fade out to the clips that ended in clicks or pops (though, depending on the audio player, you might still hear one) and gave them somewhat fitting names.

If you all really want the frog-croak sound effects, I'll get them from the raw sound data and add them here.

Contests / Re: Level Design Contest #22 - Playing Phase (Discussion Topic)
« on: February 09, 2021, 01:46:44 AM »
Spheres N' Cubes solved.  This one feels very traditional, like something you'd see in the original game.  Also, if you want a talisman idea...

All those builders can go a long way, it seems. ;)

Live Event Scheduling / Re: Among Us
« on: February 04, 2021, 11:01:05 PM »
I can certainly play.

You may also want to mention that the game is completely free on mobile. ;)

Non-Lemmings Gaming / Re: What video game(s) are you playing at the moment?
« on: December 13, 2020, 10:19:58 PM »
Hey, NieSch, I just started playing Fall Guys :D Popular or not, I think it's still super fun! I'm very excited for season 3, and it definitely looks like more of a substantial update than season 2! That Tundra Run level they revealed looks so cool!

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