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Some more replays! These ones had me stumped for a while. :forehead:

Armani's "Underwater Hijackers" (click to show/hide)

4 more levels solved + a re-solve! I don't smell any backroutes here. :D

Apjjm's "Roiling Clouds" (click to show/hide)

Armani's "Tightrope Planet" (click to show/hide)

DireKrow's "Ancient Lemmarine" (click to show/hide)

@The Tomato Watcher

I think you're on an old version. V3 has been released which automatically breaks your solution! :P

I realized that, but I checked the version numbers on page 1 of this thread and it matched the version I had. But uh... that was pretty dumb and lazy of me... oops. :(

A hodgepodge of replays; a couple of them are most definitely backroutes.

DireKrow's "Infiltration" (click to show/hide)

@Apjjm Perfectly acceptable, and actually decently close to my original solution. :thumbsup:

I'm pretty happy with this level being somewhat open-ended, especially since (so far) it seems that no matter the route, all skills must be used; it's just where they're used that changes. And I think that's pretty cool. ;)

Tech & Research / Re: graphics from the PSP and Vita Lemmings?
« on: April 17, 2022, 09:26:53 PM »
Here's the folder where all the level images are stored in PS3 Lemmings. They are still in their original format because, well, I don't know what I'm doing. If anyone here does know what they're doing or if you think you can figure it out, here you go.

And, even though you can find them online already, here are the PSP Lemmings voice clips (and other SFX too), except these are taken from the PlayStation Mobile release of L1. Why? Because the voice clips, as they are stored in the PlayStation games, are a little messed up, with some very noticeable pops and cracks in a few of them. The PSM Lemmings files are completely clean. Plus, the PSM files are in CD quality, while the PSP clips are stored at half of that. I don't really care about that part, but there are certainly people who do. So here you go. (PS3 Lemmings has no unique voice clips, just a few additional sound effects, which aren't included here because I'm lazy.)

@Armani Second replay is indeed intended. Apparently I didn't test every possible pixel to assign the Builder on. V5 is out and should hopefully enforce all the tricks I want. :evil:

Contests / Re: Level Design Contest #25 - Playing Phase (Update Topic)
« on: April 14, 2022, 12:33:26 PM »

V2 - Terrain changes to prevent a somewhat precise backroute.


V2 - Upper terrain lowered to block a cheeky Platformer. :P

V3 - Terrain nudged around slightly to enforce use of all needed skills, and water cleaned up a bit for aesthetic purposes.

V4 - Starting terrain moved upwards to prevent bashing through it, terrain piece swapped for another, traps added, and a superfluous Climber removed.

V5 - Starting terrain moved upwards a bit more because I didn't test every single pixel. :forehead:

@Armani Still not quite. Your solution misses a few of the things I wanted you to do, and as a whole, it stems from a dumb oversight on my part. :forehead:

V4 is out now. I shifted and swapped some terrain around, and I removed one of the Climbers. My original intended solution used both, but I now realize that from V1, the second Climber is completely unnecessary, and there's no good way to enforce its usage without drastically modifying the level or adding an unnecessarily strict time limit. So it's gone! This was a much less easy fix than V2, let me tell you. :P

Tech & Research / Re: graphics from the PSP and Vita Lemmings?
« on: April 10, 2022, 09:04:38 PM »
Sorry for not putting these here sooner GigaLem! I hadn't seen this topic until literally today, and your comment on an earlier version of my Lemmings Voice Clips video had slipped my mind. I know whatever you were going to use them for has probably long since passed, but maybe you'll still find them useful. I went ahead and extracted all the sound effects from the game, which includes all the normal and mischievous lemming voices. Well, looking at the big container file in Notepad, I think there's like 3 or 4 missing because the program I used is far from perfect, but none of them are voice clips and two of them are reused from PSP Lemmings, so it's not a big deal.

@Apjjm As much as I hate to be "that guy," I made a V3 for my R2. I spent quite a while debating over whether to accept your solution or not, because it's really not that far off, but while it is decently clever in its own right, it misses just enough of the tricks I intended that I decided to update the level. Sorry :(

Great job to both Armani and Apjjm!

Armani, your solution to my R3 isn't what I had in mind, but since it uses all (non-decorative) skills, accomplishes most of the same tasks as I intended, just in different ways, and is overall clever in its own right, it's a perfectly acceptable alternate solution! :thumbsup: (Also, it's supposed to depict two claw machines, but I definitely didn't do the best job with that.)

Apjjm, your solution to my R1 is spot on! And thanks for the couple nice things you had to say; my R1's definitely the level I'm most proud of this contest. :D

Cheeky backroute there Armani, but luckily it was a very easy fix. And yeah, I'm glad I dug up these last few official styles from Lemmings Tribes, as they have some real potential, certainly more than can be showcased by 10 terrain pieces. ;P

Spot on, Armani! Very nicely done! :thumbsup:

@Armani Welp, that's frustrating.

Here's Why (click to show/hide)

V2 is out now and should hopefully render that route impossible.

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