Author Topic: [SLX] Lemmings World Tour SLX Edition - 320 Levels (Difficulty: Extreme)  (Read 980 times)

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With the blessing from Strato Incendus I have converted his World Tour Level pack for the Super Lemmix player.

This has been updated since I first shared it a few days ago.

Most replays are from the NeoLemmix post, many are new.

The Music Pack can be found here...

(6/3/2023) Already had one small update... 1.2 now!
(6/7/2023) Two Freezer levels fixed and three replays updated. 1.3 now!
(7/6/2023) With SLX2.4 we can now use the original replay for nm39 and the styles are now in the styles pack.
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Re: [SLX][UNOFFICIAL] Lemmings World Tour for SLX (320 Levels)
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Just a quick remark that I am still planning to do an official conversion eventually - I've merely halted that process somewhere in the Professional rank, until WillLem officially announces the first "stable version" of SuperLemmix (SLX 3.0), so that I know the physics will no longer change in any fundamental way in the near future. For example, things like being able to assign Blockers to Swimmers. Even though World Tour doesn't feature any of the newer skills (Shimmiers, Jumpers, Sliders, Laserers etc.), new interactions of older skills like Blocker and Swimmer may still create new solutions - or backroutes.

Simultaneously, the reintroduction of radiation and slowfreeze has allowed me to bring back some of my old original solutions from Old-Formats Lemmings World Tour.
I assume @jkapp76 might not necessarily know what these are intended to look like, given that most people nowadays probably play Lemmings World Tour in New-Formats NeoLemmix. ;)

In the meantime, feel free to play this version. :D Just be aware that I can't really say anything about the intended solutions in this one, since some modifications may have been made by jkapp76 in order to make the levels playable in SuperLemmix (specifically, on any level that requires Stoners in NeoLemmix, and therefore requires Freezers in SuperLemmix).
My packs so far:
Lemmings World Tour (New & Old Formats), my music-themed flagship pack, 320 levels - Let's Played by Colorful Arty
Lemmings Open Air, my newest release and follow-up to World Tour, 120 levels
Paralems (Old Formats), a more flavour-driven one, 150 levels
Pit Lems (Old Formats), a more puzzly one, 100 levels - Let's Played by nin10doadict
Lemmicks, a pack for (very old) NeoLemmix 1.43 full of gimmicks, 170 levels