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[Lemmings 3] Quest From Kieran 3
« on: December 24, 2018, 04:05:36 pm »
Welcome to my level pack, Quest From Kieran 3! It's a pack for Lemmings 3 aka The All New World of Lemmings aka The Lemmings Chronicles.

Lemmings 3 is the black sheep of the original trilogy, and for good reason. The gameplay is very different and the responsiveness of the controls are terrible. But hiding underneath the bad level design of the original game is a puzzle engine with a lot of potential. I hope to unlock that potential in this pack.

In this pack the aim is to save everybody and restore the tribe back to the 60 lemmings they started as in Lemmings 2. Some levels have very easy solutions if you choose to ignore the stragglers. Don't do this! The real puzzle is to save everyone! Remember: 2nd place is just 1st place loser!

This pack is designed for Adults mode, don't play it in Kids mode!

Each tribe starts off easy but gets a lot harder in a hurry. The top-end difficulty of this pack is extremely hard.

It's probably been a very long time since you last played Lemmings 3, or maybe you've never played it at all. There's a number of things you should know:
  • The candle on the main menu screen is where you load and save the game. This game does not autosave.
  • If you right-click on a lemming, you will highlight it, which makes it easy to select in a crowd. If you right-click anywhere else, you will cycle through highlighting all lemmings that have tools. Highlighting is vital to master for this pack.
  • Jumpers are ridiculously unresponsive. Click furiously on the lemming so that it works.
  • If a blocker is on flat ground, another lemming can jump over him. Use this to separate out a single lemming without having to juggle everyone.
  • Each tribe starts with 20 lemmings, and some lemmings exist on the level already as "stragglers", trapped in ridiculous locations. If you save these stragglers, you add them to your total count.
  • As long as the number of lemmings you have is 10 or more, only 10 lemmings will drop form the trapdoor at the start of the level, with the rest held in reserve. If a lemming dies, one of these reserve lemmings will drop from the trapdoor. As the aim of this pack is to save everyone, this doesn't really matter.
  • You can cancel blockers with walkers. If they are on flat ground, they will carry on walking in the direction they were originally facing. If the ground is not flat, the blocker will balance over the edge, and will always return to a walker facing away from the drop.
  • You can cancel shimmiers with the walker skill.
  • You do not have to activate floaters and swimmers, they deploy automatically.
  • Climbers can be activated very far in advance, as long as the lemming does not drop or do something else the lemming will store the command until he reaches the next wall.
  • If you try to build straight down or dig straight up, the lemming will turn around. Often this is easier than trying to assign a walker, but you can only do it if there is at least one valid digging or building direction.
  • If you are digging towards a cliff edge and will run out of spades when you reach the end, it might be safer to assign a blocker rather than a walker.
  • Sometimes, for whatever reason, a lemming digging diagonally up or down will turn around when he can't dig any more. Usually you will try to turn him around thinking he will walk off the cliff, causing him to turn around again back towards the cliff. Very annoying. Be aware of this, maybe assign a blocker so you can more easily respond.
  • The usual Lemmings advice of always having your finger over the P key on your keyboard applies as always. When paused the game will unpause on any click or button press, so you want to be pausing constantly.

An enormous thank you to Carl Reinke aka Mindless, for open sourcing lem3edit, so I could update and improve it, without which this level pack might not have happened.

Meet the Tribes!


Tool focus: Bricks, Spades

Stuck in their ways for so long, the Classic tribe have been forced to adapt to the new world, but old habits die hard. These guys maintain their expertise at building and digging.


Tool focus: Suckers, Shimmiers

You can't spend years building large tombs and pyramids and not become adapt at scaling large terrain and crossing large gaps.


Tool focus: Umbrellas, Swimmers, Bombs, Hadokens

The masters of traveling where you least expect them, the Shadow tribe love nothing more than sneaking behind dangerous areas unnoticed and then dropping loud explosives. Hey, you can't be quiet all the time.

How to use level replays
Lemmings 3 will automatically record your moves, and let you play them back by pressing R. This will play back your previous attempt and you can cancel it and intervene at any time by doing something other than pause or fast-forward. Problem: in Adults mode, solving the level in this way refuses to let you progress, which is really dumb. Good news, attached to this post you will find a save file, which you can use to unlock all levels, therefore being blocked from making progress doesn't matter! When you solve the level, press the Replay Save button on the map screen and the level will get a red R symbol on it, you can use this to keep track of which levels you've 100%ed. Replays can be saved even if you solved them using the replay feature.

To watch a replay you saved, right-click on the level.

How to Install
1) Backup the contents of the LEVELS folder of your Lemmings 3 data directory (where you extracted the contents of the CD) and then extract the contents of the zip file into there, overwriting the existing files.
2) Duplicate your Lemmings 3 data directory, extract the contents of the zip file into the LEVELS folder, overwriting the existing levels, then point your DosBox instance to mount this new data directory as the D drive.

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Re: [Lemmings 3] Quest From Kieran 3
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2018, 05:44:15 pm »
I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Boy I sure am interested in this pack but I really don't want to play Lemmings 3 myself because I don't have it installed / can't be bothered / don't like it because it's a bad game (delete as applicable)"

Then I've still got you covered, because you can watch it instead.

Here's a playlist with all of the official solutions. They are scheduled to release once per day, so you can subscribe until all the videos all released and then you can unsubscribe again because odds are good that other videos I make won't interest you.

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Re: [Lemmings 3] Quest From Kieran 3
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2018, 06:13:05 pm »
Merry Christmas!

I've played about 30 % of the maps when Kieran released test versions. The lovely puzzle design in QFK3 blasts everything in vanilla L3 out of the water. Warmly recommended to everybody who can get over the quirks in the L3 engine!

Busy with work <_< and then family dinner later. Have a great holiday season. Happy to have heard from you again!

-- Simon